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Alan Turing, World War Two codebreaker and mathematician, will be the face of new Bank of England £50 note ~ World News

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Not to mention the government chemically castrated him and he committed suicide because of how poorly treated he was. But hey thanks for helping the Allies defeat the Nazis old chap!


Always makes me feel a bit sad knowing that great people like Turing will never know how highly praised they’ve become in the future.


His honour long denied. This is a poor consolation for the disrespect he was shown, but it is one anyway.


if anyone deserves it, its that poor poor man. and according to experts, he near singly handedly cut the duration of the war down by 2 years due to his code breaking of the German enigma machine. ​ he saved millions of lives doing so, perhaps another 10 million more. ​ and how did the UK government thank him? once it was revealed that he was gay. ​ they forced him to either choose imprisonment or chemical castration due to his homosexuality. he could not take any of it anymore, and committed suicide. ​ only in 2009 after a petition did PM Brown issue a formal apology to the dead man. one of the greatest minds of the 20th century, and he was tortured for who he was. ​ not to mention the fact that Turing is the father of computer. his contributions to mankind are numerous. ​ and it is a massive shame he isnt honoured and remembered more often.


Finally some recognition for this brilliant man!


Amazon warehouse workers around the world are striking for Prime Day – Thousands of workers at Amazon fulfillment centers and warehouses around the globe are going on strike today to bring attention to the working conditions they endure ~ World News

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Didn't they get caught jacking up the prices just before prime day a couple of years ago? Also i worked at Amazon as a picker for just a couple of weeks last Christmas for some extra money..worst job ever.


And the net result? "Its Prime day? I better go see what's on sale..."


Isn't Amazon in the midst of trying to fully automate their warehouses?


If you think Amazon is doing something wrong, be like me and don't use it. Edit: somehow, the story is about workers in warehouses and ppl reply about Web services, as if me proxy using aws through reddit gives more work in the warehouses? Also, ppl mentioning they stand to lose on products are missing the point.


Support the workers. Don’t cross the picket line. Don’t buy from Amazon.


James Alex Fields Jr. sentenced: Man gets life plus 419 years in deadly Charlottesville car attack – CBS News ~ News

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> Fields, an avowed white supremacist who kept a photo of Adolf Hitler on his bedside table Buh bye.


Didn’t see it here in the thread, and wanted to say: Her name was Heather Heyer.


Good riddance to a racist scumbag


I’ll bet he cried his little racist eyes out.


This is satisfying. My only hope is the Jeff Epstein and everyone involved get even MORE years than this guy. Heres hoping he breaks the 4 figures club for the first time in history! ^(Won't happen, one can dream though...)


We have been catching fish using the same trick for centuries and they never learned their lesson. ~ Shower Thoughts

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They’re just playing the long game. They’ll get us eventually.


Maybe a bunch of them HAVE learned their lesson but we'll never know because they're not getting caught.


We've known about how cigarettes are nothing but bad for you for many generations now. Yet many people still do it. We like to think we learn but just like fish, some of us never adapt


At the same time, there's probably a bunch of fish who know what's what.. Maybe they see the lure and then dares one of their fish buddies to take the bait and then have a good laugh about it!


"How many times do we have to teach you this lesson old man!"


Sexual images are just as arousing for women as they are for men, suggests new brain scan research (n=1,850), which found that women’s brains react to pornography just as much as men’s, challenging the widespread belief that men get more turned on by visual stimuli. ~ Science

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Most common complaint I've heard is that mainstream porn is... bad, and directed at men. Not that women just don't like porn.


From my own tiny sample size of watching porn with girlfriends, it's mostly because most porn is purely focused on the visuals of genitals smashing together than the mental or sensual aspects of sex. This makes sense because it seems most porn is made by Ken, for men. Edit: *men, obviously. But it's too funny to edit now.


To me, (a woman) most straight porn looks physically painful. There's good videos too but most of what's out there honestly grosses me out with the vagina stretching, slapping, and spitting. Shoving giant objects aggressively into different orfices sets off some empathetic pain when I see it and I can't click away fast enough. I think we'd have to know what kinds of videos were shown to the subjects, because a lot of regular porn looks borderline violent towards the woman and no, not in a fun way. That's why people think women don't like it, cause most of it looks painful to us.


Since men make up 80% of the traffic to porn sites, where are women finding their content, or is the difference that they don’t pursue the images that equally turn them on?


Porn, being primarily made by and targeted towards men, is of course not going to be as actively sought out by women. In the same way as movies that target men are different than those who target a woman's demographic. However if the visual medium is made for and targeted towards women, there is no reason they would not enjoy it as much as men.


TIL in 1964, when Bob Dylan first met The Beatles, he had misheard the lyrics to “I Want to Hold Your Hand” as “I get high” instead of “I can’t hide”, and showed up to meet them ready to smoke. He gave a joint to Ringo, who didn’t realize he was supposed to pass it and smoked the whole thing himself ~ Today I Learned

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"Don't Ringo that joint." - Humphrey Bogart


Oh Ringo knew what he was doing...


Today I learned that the lyrics aren't "I get high"


> Bob Dylan on the opposite end of misunderstood lyrics.


How do 4 other people just stand there and watch someone smoke an entire joint without saying anything?


The 1950s must have smelled SO BAD: Everyone smoked indoors, terrible car exhaust, coal smog clouds, hotdog jello salads… ~ Shower Thoughts

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Fairly relative.. - Garbage collection was common. - Sewers were common. - Bathing was common. Go back another 50 years and.. Then go back another 50..


hotdog... jello... salads?


I can imagine it because I grew up in the 80s and people still smoked almost everywhere. When you visited older relatives it would be awful. Mix smoke with super strong home cleaning chemicals that probably aren’t sold anymore for causing cancer or whatever and there you go.


I'm old enough to remember going to restaurants and being asked "smoking or non-smoking section." Then, when we asked for the non-smoking section you had to either walk THROUGH the smoking section to get to it or the non-smoking section was right next to the smoking section - and that invisible line between them did nothing to stop the smoke from coming over.


Grew up in the 1950s. Can confirm all of that stink. As a kid, I suffered with frequent respiratory problems (5-6 colds a year, pneumonia, severe bronchitis, etc.) which was severely aggravated by both parents smoking in the home and car. Long trips were the worst. I remember hating it and trying to cover my head with anything nearby (blanket, jacket, etc.) so I wouldn’t have to breathe the choking fumes. My folks and all the neighbors regularly burned their trash in burning barrels which coated the neighborhood in a cloud of acrid smoke several times a week. And then there were the County Health Dept. trucks spraying DDT gas every summer to control the mosquitoes. Gagging fumes you couldn’t escape. We bathed once a week whether we needed it or not, and the house smelled of Pine Sol. I must’ve been an environmentally-conscious kid before my time. I hated it all. Worse, my parents never made the connection between my health problems and their habits. God, I’m amazed I’m still alive. And healthy!


TIL that in Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, certain scenes such as the forest swinging scene, Miles was animated a 12 frames a second while Peter was animated at 24 frames a second, making Miles look less smooth. This was done to show Miles’ inexperience at being Spiderman compared to Peter. ~ Today I Learned

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I just learned about this yesterday thanks to Corridor Digital! I love the way they did the entire movie. It’s a beautiful piece of work, and I’m always learning new things about it


And later in the movie when Miles was more proficient at being a Spider-Man, he was animated at 24 fps. Thanks Corridor Crew


The framerates changed in action sequences too. Plus animations were more lifelike for background than characters. Added a sense of "cartoon people in a real world." The physics for each spiderman were treated differently. This movie was astonishing.


I normally hate cgi-based animated films but they did an amazing job blending so many different art styles together without the whole looking clunky unless it was done on purpose. It's influential as well. The new Godeater series on Netflix adopts a lot of the blending techniques used in the film. Edit: There's a lot of cheaply made stuff out there that to me, doesn't have heart or soul. When I say I hate cgi, it's because so much of it disappoints me, and I imagine what that film would feel or look like if it had been hand drawn. Certainly there are exceptions; Pixar of course being the prime example. But as far as instilling emotion in me, nothing really quite gets it done like good, fluid hand drawn animation. Maybe its because I'm a child of the 80's and grew up on old school Disney, Don Bluth, and the slow transition of classic anime to our shores like Vampire Hunter D, Ninja Scroll, and Akira. Maybe its just a preference. The difference to me is that when I watch a (to be fair) excellent cgi film like Ratatouille or Up I can watch it once or twice and never feel the need to pick the movie up again. But I can watch Aladdin or Redline over and over and over. There is a feel to hand drawn animation, a timeless quality, a sense of earnestness or honesty, innocence or nostalgia that calls me to it every single time over rendered graphics. I just wanted to say that Spiderman felt different and I was impressed. It wasn't my intention to be an atavistic contrairian yelling at the new. As a final thought, I do hope we don't give up on the old school here in America. I would love to show my (theoretical) children something that shaped and shocked me now as much as it did when I was a kid. Disney for example, hasn't made a hand drawn film since The Princess and the Frog in 2011. I do hope trends change.




People who commute short distances, walk or cycle to work, are more likely to be happy commuters, which makes them more productive at work, suggests a new Australian study (n=1,121). However, long commutes and driving to work are associated with negative work performance and productivity. ~ Science

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I read something like this years ago, can’t give a source but it was something like “is it better to live in a nice big house and have a long commute, or a smaller place with a short commute?” IIRC the result was that people with a short commute were significantly happier than those who had a nicer place further away.


I’m curious how traffic was factored into this. I’d happily drive an hour in the country with no traffic but I’d be perma-angry if I had to spend thirty minutes dealing with traffic.


Australia is an interesting place to do this study due to low density housing (similar to US suburbs) creating a very large suburban sprawl. There's a huge stigma against "dogboxes" (apartments) following a decade of extremely low quality, cheap developments in the apartment space. Also low investment in public transport in these sprawling development areas (at most a bus service which is horrendously unreliable in several states) means that many people are left with no choice but to drive, as it's too far for an alternative like cycling. So a lot of the time for these people, cycling or PT isn't a viable option.


Of course you'll be happier and more productive if you don't waste another 3 (or however many) hours of your day going to and from work. ​ If you can get to work in 20 minutes and get back just as quickly you'll have more time for other stuff during the day. Which in turn will make you happier.


You only have so much free time in a day. A lot of us are at work for 9 hours to begin with. You need to sleep of course. We also have to take care if a house and such, like cleaning, mowing a law and so on. All of these things take away from your actual fun time. If you have just a 30 minute commute you are losing an hour if this time every day. 9 hours of work. 8 hours for sleep. 1 hour drive. 1 hour to get self ready, drop off and pick up kids. 1 hour to cook and eat. 1 hour to clean up, do laundry, pack lunches, and so on. Well that is 21 hours. If your commute is longer, like my wife's, you can erase another 2 hours per day. She gets one hour, but even that hour is working from home anyway. So yes, having an hour commute is a big deal. In reality an hour is 25% of your extra time in a day. For me the only option is to give up sleep. If I had no commute I would get about 1.5 hours back per day.


Theresa May condemns Donald Trump over racist tweet in unprecedented attack: ‘Completely unacceptable’ ~ Politics

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Literally the British caring more about American equality and freedom than the Republicans. Is there a limit the amount of times you can bring up impeachment to a vote? Does it have to be a separate reason each time? Because at this stage we have dozens. Bring it up for a vote and have Mitch block every one, but push it and push it hard for every unacceptable offense to have Republicans on record that they hate American ideals.


Wow, when even the UK Conservative Party says, “alright lads that’s pretty racist,” you know you’ve said something terribly, terribly racist.


Brit here- this is an easy win for May, resigning as she is. She gets points for standing up to the big bully and some 'special relationship' points with the jingoiists and Trump-critics alike, and then Boris Johnson becomes PM most likely. He's a total snake and will happily distance himself from Trump's remarks (while sucking up to him on the side) until either Trump's fall in or around 2020, or... inevitable global catastrophe I guess?


> **Asked** about Ms May's views on the comments, her official **spokesman** said: "The prime minister's **view** is that the **language** used to refer to these women was completely unacceptable." Pretty strong stuff. Someone got an extra PG Tip in their beaker this morning.


Everything Trump has done so far is completely unacceptable. What has she been waiting for??


TIL That women are better at discerning shades of colours, while men are better at tracking fast-moving objects and discerning detail from a distance. These are evolutionary details linked to a hunter-gatherer past. ~ Today I Learned

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"Ugg, can you pick me some of the mauve berries on your way home.." Ugg "...the purple ones?" "No silly, the purple ones are deadly poisonous.. pick the mauve ones that grow from the taupe colored flowers."


As a real life example of this, I was working at a convention that was popular enough that people were counterfeiting badges for it. About half of the women could easily identify the counterfeit badges on sight due to a slightly different shade of color from the differing printing process, whereas none of the men could.


Neat little facts, but be wary when assigning evolutionary causality. There's a big trend in pop evolutionary biology to immediately infer some causality based on stereotypes and assumptions. It's very easy to observe some differing feature between men and women (or anything and anything else, for that matter) but to actually know why/how it happened is usually an order of magnitude harder.


"Woah, did you see that purple S2K?" "The Premium Sunset Mauve? Yeah, rare sight."


Wait, are you saying that men and women are biologically different? Preposterous! /s


A Mexican drug lord offers you $50million to let him hide out at your house for 3 months. Do you take it or turn him in? Why or why not? ~ AskReddit

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I don't see much of a choice. if you turn him in, you absolutely have the cartel on your ass. if you don't turn him in, it's only probable that you'll have the cartel on your ass.


Yes because he's probably just gonna kill me and live in my house anyway if I say no.


For $50 million i'll even service him with a daily sponge bath if he wants.


If the police question me. I would just say, he asked to rent a room for 50 mil in cash, contingent on me not asking any questions and giving 100 percent privacy.


The seconds he starts leaving dishes in the sink too long, I'm calling the police. Don Miguel! I'm not telling you again, bowls go on the top rack. Edit: omg I'm like having a mini anxiety attack. Thanks whoever gave me my first silver thing. Omg


The Lack Of Any Market For Whale Meat Has Prompted Iceland’s Whalers To Forego The Hunt This Season ~ Uplifting News

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Only because Japan has resumed whaling where Iceland exported their catch to.


Icelander here. The only reason we keep hunting whales is literally because of one dude, Kristján Loftsson, a man that became wealthy through ownership of HB Grandi, the largest fishing company in Iceland. Because of their wealth and importance to the economy, the fishing industry has a large influence over some political parties and they pushed through legislation that allowed commercial whaling back in 2006, basically because Kristján wanted to do it. Icelanders are actually split in half when it come to the opinion of whaling in the latest polls and almost nobody eats whale meat regularly. Kristján's whaling company, Hvalur hf., has never even made a profit so yeah, this is pretty much a one man's hobby that drags down the reputation of an entire nation.


Someone from Japan: Is whale meat delicious? What does it taste like? Is it on the menu at a lot of restaurants?


If there's no demand, why does Japan hunt whales?


Next time someone tells you deplatforming doesn't work, this is what it's about. EDIT: Deplatforming makes an idea less marketable. You're essentially creating an environment where people don't want to spend money on a particular idea or service or whatever because it's no longer profitable or useful. It's a function of the free market, and it's equivalent to this.


Al Green to force impeachment vote following incendiary Trump tweets ~ Politics

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Fucking love this guy. He's been harping on impeachment, I think, the longest with respects to Trump. Dude fucking gets it.


If he doesnt stop he'll become my favorite Al Green


Several days of televised impeachment hearings laying out the evidence in simple terms to the voting public will be the best thing the Democrats could do to solidify their winnings in the next election.


Finally, someone who understands the stakes. We're not out to look good for the elections. We're out to ensure that meaningful elections continue at all.


The problem is, no matter how revealing the impeachment would be, Trump will just do **crazy crazy crazy** shit daily to distract from the hearings. He is most likely a pedophile, and look how fast that went out of the news. Last week he was credibly accused of rape by a famous person. NOTHING HAPPENS TO HIM because the media can't stop covering him like flies on shit.


Social media, but not video games, linked to depression in teens, according to landmark Montreal study ~ Technology

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>... increased symptoms of depression are linked to being active on platforms such as Instagram, where teens are more likely to compare their lives to the glitzy images in their feed. > >"It exposes young people to images that promote upward social comparison and makes them feel bad about themselves" It's going to be interesting to watch how society adapts to social media. I suspect there are going to be a lot more studies that confirm the basic idea that social media is a major contributor to depression and suicide. I also suspect absolutely nothing will be done and plenty of "sponsored" studies will reach the opposite conclusion.


It probably causes depression in everyone, not just teens. I feel my life is better after deleting my fb


I've noticed that video games feel much better to consume than social media. Even the most violent offensive mainstream games have at least a baseline level of intelligence and class, i.e. you can tell intelligent people put work into it, there's a sense of order and coherence. Whereas forums and social media kind of melt your brain with its chaos and mindlessness.


I truly don't know how teens do it. Bring back phpbb forums


Social media was a mistake.


Trump’s ‘Go Back’ Tweets Leave No Room for Doubt – The president has ripped the band-aid off any reassuring notions the U.S. had about the progress of civil rights and the withering of racism. ~ Politics

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The GOP is turning in their dog whistles and openly establishing itself as the party of racism, bigotry, and intolerance.


DJT is instigating a civil war. He's a clear and present danger to the Union.


And conservatives do nothing. They don’t give a fuck. His support hovers near 90% with them. Don’t forget that.


Did no one notice Trump's racism when he led the charge calling Obama a foreigner just for being black? Trump couldn't accept a black man as president and has made it his mission to destroy his legacy, even if it blows up the Middle East.


Donald Trump is a racist rapist. Say that ten times fast.


Kellyanne Conway defies subpoena, skips Oversight hearing ~ Politics

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They aren't going to stop ignoring subpoenas until someone gets thrown behind bars for it. Might as well start with Conway.


*Republican lawmakers, too, have rushed to Conway’s defense, claiming that the Hatch Act unfairly restricts Conway’s free speech rights.* No. She is not allowed to use her role to campaign for Trump. It's that simple. She would be a good person to make an example of.


>the President has directed Ms. Conway not to appear at the Committee's scheduled hearing probably the most important bit. This isn't die-hard supporters doing this on their own. It's the current president ordering people to break the law.


She is accused of illegal behavior. She received a subpoena to appear and explain herself. She didn't. It's time to initiate criminal proceedings against her. No one is above the law. When people mention "illegals", remember that Kellyanne is an "illegal" who is employed by the president.


I don't care if I get heat for this. Democrats need to spine the fuck up and actually do something otherwise Republicans will just continue to trample them. Republicans are calling your bluff dems, you gunna fold yet again? Fines and Jail right goddamn now! I'm sick of this banana republic behavior!


Britons believe far-right groups a greater threat to society than Islamist extremism, poll says ~ World News

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Oh, this should be a fun thread!


Those Islamic extremists are actually far-right themselves.


Any type of extremist group should be feared and fought against. I don’t care what book or belief system they’re hiding behind. Edit: Well, this is fun....


I know far right isn't perceived to be the same as Islamic extremism these days, but their motives are broadly the same. Both groups are basically extreme conservatives who align on a lot of the same things. This perception that Islamic terrorism is somehow leftist is bullshit. Leftist terrorism would be something like eco-terrorism (like blowing up oil tankers).


Gaslighting media is a greater threat to society than Islamist extremism and Far-right groups combined.


U.S. Suicide Rates Are the Highest They’ve Been Since World War II ~ News

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American life is unfulfilling and the only escape is intoxication or death. Especially for those who don't take solace in religion. I never thought going in to my 30's that I'd feel more lost and depressed than I was as a teenager. Can hardly afford to live, so what is really the point? Movies, music, politics, art, trying to find love...its all a distraction for how inadequate you really feel at the end of the day when you're alone in the dark.


I had a friend just commit suicide. Totally unexpected. I’m looking at each of my friends more closely now. I’m 31 and it seems to be everywhere I look.


wake up at some ungodly early hour sit in an ever lengthening commute be at work for ever lengthening hours for pay that doesn't rise with inflation go home be too tired to do anything don't get enough sleep becuase you're too anxious over the fact you know you'll be doing the same thing tomorrow repeat edit: I'm getting so many responses to this that I Have to disable my inbox messages for this. That's sad.


Jesus Christ turn back now if you're already depressed. This entire comment section is an echo chamber of sad


We are all alone, together.


Are you OK with a racist president, Republicans? ~ Politics

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Okay with it? It’s exactly what they wanted. This is exactly what Trump told them he was while running. They knew he was a racist and voted for him because of it. It certainly wasn’t about policy. Edit: There was some policy. Racist policy. Edit #2: The racists and racist apologists are using such pathetic arguments. It would be funny if they weren’t racists. Edit #3: Twice idiots have used the “You’re the real bigot for not being tolerant of Trumps intolerance. Let’s see how many more times it happens. Edit #4: Two more times, one right after the other, of using the “You’re the real racists.....” I love it! Keep ‘em coming!!


Funny. First read the title as "_Are you OK with a **rapist** president, Republicans?_" Strange to be in a timeline where that seemed likely. And yeah, I'd guess many republicans are OK with it, and likely a majority don't consider it racism, just preserving our WASP culture out of irrational fears.


Without the racism, bigotry and xenophobia, what would Republicans have to run on....their trillion dollar hand outs to billionaires?


We're not making any progress because these people insist on STILL asking these dumbass questions and refusing to accept what is patently obvious.


Its the main feature of their party.


Why are people attracted to you? ~ AskReddit

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I had people who were attracted to me, until I gained a bunch of weight. So by process of elimination, I can determine that it was my body.


My mom says it’s because I’m handsome


Hey <SOs Name>, why are you attracted to me? > Fuck if I know, I try not to think about it. I love her 🙂


I deliver pizzas Edit: Wow! This blew up! Thank you so much for everything and the silver and gold award! This means a lot! Have a nice day people and kick some ass today! 👍


I am a girl - some guys like sex with girls. it's that simple for sure


‘1950s racism straight from the White House’: Trump’s tweets revolt politicians around the world ~ Politics

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I mean, this *is* what they meant by Make America Great *Again*...


The thing that gets me, the thought that continues to twirl through my head, is why, WHY, among all of this other shit, is it so easy for us to move from atrocity to atrocity? As someone who has been following the news daily since before the election, I still have a hard time gathering my thoughts about all of the shitty things this man has done. Like we’re here talking about racist comments, and it’s terrible, just not anywhere close to where we thought we’d be as a country in this day and age. But the dude is still roaming around influencing people. Like wtf, are we ever going to do anything about this? I mean it seems pretty fucking straightforward, who do I blame? How can we let this go on?


I always feel worse about trump when I remember that the whole world is watching us. It’s kinda of like having an alcoholic dad. It’s horrible at home but it’s worse when he comes to parent/teacher conferences drunk.


Let's not forget that besides being a daily racist hatemonger, he's a daily pathological liar and a moron who can't spell simple words, doesn't read, brags about sexual assault, spends charity money on a giant portrait of himself, constantly attacks all of our precious democratic checks and balances, especially the fifth estate, but also the judiciary and congress. Let's not forget he was a global laughingstock on the world stage, along with his moron daugher and moron son-in-law who is somehow supposed to achieve peace in the middle east. Let's not forget that he is a millionaire* genius* president* who is hiding his taxes and his grades and lost by 3 million votes. He is illegitimate as fuck due to hiding his taxes and has no mandate to lead us due to losing by 3 million votes. Not our president. We will be lining up to literally shit on his grave.


He's plunged your country so far into disgrace.


TIL About Draco, an Athenian lawyer who gave the city its first written code. The word Draconian originated from his name as his laws were so brutal. According to legend, he died due to his popularity; after giving a speech at a theatre, he was smothered when the audience threw their cloaks at him. ~ Today I Learned

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Basically, if you committed any crime other than murder (and thus got executed), you got enslaved instead!


How do you throw a cloak all the way from the tenth row? Put a brick in it.


lil thing i learnt about him in school ( i live in greece) : he was once asked, do you think murder and stealing bread should have the same punishment? he answered "no, murder is much worse, but i cant give a punishment bigger than death" of course there are many interpretations and the words are off the top of my head, but you get it


Sounds like the Ancient Greek version of women throwing their bras on stage at concerts.


Many think his death was one big cover-up


How do you make a water bed more bouncy? ~ Jokes You use spring water.

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How do you make your water bed less bouncy? Use deuterium.


Imma shoot you with an orange arrow.


BOOOO! ^(Have an upvote)


i giggled but please show yourself out.


New Jersey cop who overdosed on heroin in patrol car while on duty loses job ~ News

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Seems like a good call.


Unpopular opinion in comparison to the other comments but I hope he gets help and overcomes his addiction. Not saying he should keep his job. Just saying hope he gets help and can fight to become healthy.


Loses job? Isn’t heroin fucking illegal? Shouldn’t he be arrested like any other heroin addict?


Is this the line? Have we finally found it? -Rape? Nope -Unloading dozens of bullet into mentally ill unarmed man lying on the ground? Nope -Racial slurs? Nope -Using service weapon as intimidation tool off-duty? Nope -OD on smack? Ding ding ding ding you're fired!


I wish we lived in a world where the response to this were: "Shit a cop overdosed on heroin while he was on duty?! That's crazy!!" Rather than, "Shit, they actually fired a cop?! That's crazy!!"


Girls of reddit, what’s something guys see done in porn that you wish they would stop trying to do in real life? ~ AskReddit

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Rubbing my clit like it's a burnt piece of food stuck to a pan


I hate when guys stick it in fast and just start pumping away. Go slow, let me feel the stretch. And when you are all the way in pause for a second, maybe kiss me, possibly pull halfway back out and then slam it back in and go to town if ya want. That initial entry is one of the best parts of sex. Please don't ruin it for me.


Finger agressively


This goes for that fake lesbian porn too, quit rubbing pussy like it's a stain on a carpet 😒


When they grab both sides of my thong and pull it up like that will feel good instead of giving me a massive cooch wedgie


Divers and people who spend a lot of time underwater, what’s the creepiest/ most unexplainable thing you’ve seen while in the depths? ~ AskReddit

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I'm a commercial diver, and was once on a job cleaning a potable water reservoir. I'd been in other reservoirs before, but this was by far the biggest, at 40x80 metres. To get in you had to open a hatch in the ground (the whole reservoir was underground) and climb down a ladder. The hatch was in a corner, so when you were in the far corner of the reservoir, it was completely pitch black, and you just had to hope your light didn't go out. I was about half way through a three hour dive when the batteries in my torch started going flat. I watched the beam get narrower and dimmer until it cut out completely. It's not a huge problem if you lose light, as you can just follow your umbilical back to the hatch. Just as I started walking back, some obnoxiously loud banging started somewhere in the reservoir. I was the only diver in there, so it both confused and scared the shit out of me. Needless to say I ran back to the hatch as fast as I could. I ended up getting my torch changed out and doing another hour in the water, but didn't hear the noise again. I still have no idea what it was, but the combination of my torch going out and loud banging coming from somewhere gave me a hell of a fright.


I’ve done a number of dives, and the strangest thing I ever saw was a large deep freezer with a heavy industrial chain wrapped around multiple times with about 5 cinder blocks attached. It was very very rusted and the deep freezer itself had to have been 30+ years old, probably more. This was about 90 feet deep just off Vancouver Island, Canada. The situation gave myself and the other divers the newbie jeebies. Logged the gps and depth co-ordinates and notified the police. We were able to find out what was inside, since one of the divers had friends with local police. 10 porcelain dolls.... Edit: wording and typos


You can dive in man made lakes and check out what's left of old flooded homes and communities. It's pretty dark and spooky down there no matter what, especially when you think of all the big fish swimming around that are barely silhouettes until they're close. My buddy likes to dive in lakes. He said the creepiest thing, by far, is finding cemeteries 100 ft + beneath the water in the dark, eerie quiet.


I dive myself but heard this story from a garda diver. In 2010 a man took a test drive in a car with the salesman and in a suicide attempt he drove the car off the pier into the sea and drowned. The salesman managed to escape my breaking the window and swimming to the surface. The divers were dispatched to retrieve the other man's body. This isn't in the news report which I have a link to below for anyone interested. Simply through working in marinas at the time I was able to be part of the conversation with the diver in question. When he got to the car, he said, the man was still facing forward, hands on the steering wheel, eyes wide. He'd been there a couple of hours now, where it gets creepy is when the diver opened the driver door, this combined with the smashed window caused the currents to flow through the car and the man's wide eyed head turned around slowly with the force of it to face the diver.


I dropped my goggles and was trying to reach down in the river and grab it but I pulled out a sheep skull by its sockets. Wasn’t as creepy in hindsight but 10 year old me was scared.


Trump complains about being called racist after posting racist tweets. ~ Politics

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> Despite the widespread outrage Mr Trump’s tweets have provoked online, many Republican politicians have refused to condemn his remarks. Par for the course then


The kicker? He was (ostensibly) upset about the kind of language that was used- forgetting, apparently, that there is footage of him using nearly every expletive in the book. The language is fine, until a couple of women aim it at him.


Focus on the Epstein case. Trumps racism would have sank him years ago if it actually mattered. Focus on the Epstein case.


They also complain about calling concentration camps concentration camps. They call peoples taxes benefiting them, or anything they don't like socialism. A republicans greatest enemy is the dictionary.


When your distraction from the Mueller testimony / Epstein charges / Census question goes TOO well.


A policeman stops a car… ~ Jokes Policeman: Whose car is this, where are you taking it and what do you do for a living? Miner: Mine

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*Inserts Finding Nemo Seagull meme*


Judge: please state your name, race, and occupation Lizardman: Lizardman, Lizardman, and Lizardman


*writes out a ticket* "What's this for???" "Driving the car as a minor" "Oh for f-"


What did the Redditor say when he saw a good, repostable joke that could get him lots of karma? MINE!




By 2050, Maersk – the world’s largest container shipping company vows to send goods — everything from electronics to soybeans to sneakers — around the world with zero carbon emissions. ~ Futurology

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maybe they will figure out a way to harness the power of the winds. Some sort of high-area device which can be angled and warped for best results.


I see this as a pretty safe bet for Maersk. They get headlines praising their commitment to the environment, and when they inevitably fail to deliver, the public will have forgotten and/or they can blame scientists for not suddenly inventing a miracle fuel that nobody had thought of before. The only technology that could currently fit the bill is nuclear power, and it is far too expensive (not to mention the Navy has a hard time finding enough nuclear engineers as it is). I hope I'm wrong, of course.


That's nice. Now do it faster because this is waaay too late. Sorry, but there is no room for compromise in this. Zero by 2030 or game over. Edit: To everyone saying that we don't have the technology for 2030 or even 2050 and that we would need to make extreme changes fast: Yeah, that's the point. It's not looking good. Also "game over" means we can't control climate change anymore. Like a snowball that's getting bigger and bigger, faster than we can shovel the snow back. Africa will become uninhabitable with a massive refugee crisis of unimaginable magnitude. Ressource wars, droughts, food shortages. And that's not even thinking of biodiversity that's shrinking at an alarming rate. The planet will survive of course, and maybe even humanity but my generation and our kids and our grandkids are so so so royally fucked.


They probably just assume that Civilization will crash by then.


Should have gone nuclear in the 70's. We'd be in a far better place. Nuclear and green technologies would be so much more advanced.


What is something you really don’t like, but wished you did? ~ AskReddit

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Running. I'm even fairly decent at it and try to run at least 30 mpw, but I hate every second of it. I've never experienced the runners high that seemingly everyone else gets.




Getting out. My gf is the kind of person who aways says "yes" when her family is planning a trip or a party over the weekend. Over the course of our relationship i tried to enjoy these sudden appointments, but they still stress the shit out of me.


Healthy food.


Dancing. I fucking HATE it. When I go to a wedding, I always dance with my wife and pretend I'm having fun because I know she really loves it, but I'm dying inside. I wish I didn't feel that way, but I do.


Stephen King slams President Trump in scathing tweet: ‘The armbands come next right?’ ~ Politics

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> First, you stoke hatred and fear of minorities. Then you round them up and put them in camps. Next, you send out raiding parties to get those who have been driven into hiding. The armbands come next right? —Stephen King It is chilling to think he may be right.


Armbands are passe. They use hats now.


This is the good Stephen King, not that idiot one who is probably applauding the direction Trump is taking the country.


The hats act as the armbands.


I've been told in no uncertain terms that we cannot call them Nazis until they do start wearing the armbands, goose stepping in the street, and actually putting people in ovens. I'm also pretty sure they won't let us call them Nazis after that, either.


So, President Trump, Should Your Wife “Go Back” to Her Country, Too? ~ Politics

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2 of the 3, Melania's parents as well. Elaine Chao as well, Robert Wilkie in his Cabinet.


What on earth can an immigrant woman see in *him*? I know the answer money. Somebody congratulate her, because she played herself. I hope it was worth it.


She definitely hates Trump, which to him means "hating America." So I guess so.


And her parents that came through chain migration?


She’s got Barron as an anchor baby.


Clashes break out as Hong Kong protesters escalate fight in suburbs ~ News

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Important to note: most of the Tienamen Square deaths didn't happen in the square.


God i can't imagine what's it like to live in hong kong and enjoy certain fundamental freedoms only to know that something in the far future you were already aprehensive about is happening even sooner than expected. And i literally do not see a way hong kong makes out of this, who's gonna stand up to China? Even worse is if China reintegrates hong kong by force and the international community just has their hands tied on regards of doing anything about it, it probably emboldens China to forcefully take back Taiwan


God bless these protesters.


I watched a video of a Hong Kong police officer break a person wrist who was already subdued. Break your heart to watch it.


Sorry i’m so out of the loop. can someone eli5 why these protests have been going on?


Alan Turing revealed as new face on £50 bank note ~ Uplifting News

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Sorry about ruining your life and career because you were gay!


Just noticed that the binary on the note is Turing's birthday, how cool is that! 1010111111110010110011000 = 23061912 (June 23rd, 1912)


Sad that I recognise his name but associate it with Benedict Cumberbatch's face.


About time he was recognized for his contribution instead of being hated and tormented for being gay


Is there anyone alive who knew him well, I'd be interested in hearing how he might actually feel about this considering his life


Jews against ICE: We’re doing what the gentiles of Europe should have done ~ Politics

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Republicans really flip out when people compare them to nazis


Jews, it turns out, are better Christians than many of America's Christians. Not a surprise since Jesus was a Jew, but still.


I'm not Jewish, but my husband is ethnically Jewish (though not religious). I just emailed the local synagogue to see how I could help if they are organizing on this front! I encourage anyone else who is sick of this mess to do the same! ETA: Bellingham / Everett / Seattle WA here. Please message if you are in this area and need some help.


There will come a day, when the word "Republican", will bring forth disgust and revulsion just as the word Nazi does today.


I wish my fellow natives would be a little more involved, we survived the same shit like the jews and we have shared this land for hundred of years with our southern brothers and sisters...


The universal head shake for “No” probably comes from babies avoiding food they didn’t want. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Bulgarian babies must be weird then, because it’s backwards there.


It's not universal there are countries where it's reversed.


"get that nasty ass titty out of my face" - baby who invented shaking your head to say no, probably


Seen a lot of "everywhere is like here" posts today. Like a disproportionate amount.


It is not universal. Some countries do it the "way arround". I believe Hungarians do it. Someone can check?


BBC Inside Out – the hidden scandal of sexual grooming of young Sikh girls by Muslim men (2013) ~ Documentaries

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I've heard of this. Please tell me this has stopped and something horrible has happened to these scumbags.


This has been going on for DECADES. I'm 43 and I remember being 10 and hearing stories from friends who were Sikh about what was going on (usually stories of their cousins or distant relatives being targeted). In the Midlands, I was told, their was an unwritten agreement between police and local sikh gangs that the sikhs could "go after" Muslims doing this. Not sure if true but the grape vine as a teen was always bringing up scary stories like this.


Why is it documentary a like this come out then jack shit is done to stop it, the problem exists and there's proof, so why the hell are they ignoring it


The World wide pedo ring scandal goes so far reaching and so deep into circles of power and influence that it will never be rooted out or punished


Mohammed married a 7 year old girl, stop being islamophobic!


Omar: President is ‘openly violating the oath he took to the Constitution’ ~ Politics

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He also rapes women and children.


Trump doesn’t stick to oaths.. he’s had 3 weddings and broke them all..


I miss the days when the only weird cult coming in and out of the white house was 'Skull and Bones' Now we have something far worse. The cult of corruption in every member of the ~~reptilian~~ republican party


The Republicans know and they don't care


" the what now?" -Trump


Craigslist’s Craig Newmark: ‘Outrage is profitable. Most online outrage is faked for profit’ ~ Technology

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Wait wait wait... You mean to tell me that those guys on YouTube weren’t actually outraged or shocked when random 14 year old teenage girls said something stupid on Tumblr?!? You’re trying to tell me they were just generating outrage for clicks and patreon donations? That’s ridiculous.. What’s next? Are you going to try to convince me the world is round?


You don't have to go far to see this fake outrage in action. Half of reddit is outrage subs these days (everything from r/iamatotalpieceofshit to r/IDontWorkHereLady to r/ChoosingBeggars to r/SelfAwarewolves ... etc) and even the people who enjoy those subs the most acknowledge that a great deal of the content is faked for karma / lulz. And yes, I spend time on those subs. And I'm as disturbed by my own propensity to seek the feeling of outrage as entertainment as I am by everyone else's. It's clearly not good for us. It makes us misanthropic, depressed, irritable and touchy. Seriously, why do we do this and how do we stop? &#x200B; e: A lot of people mentioned political subs as outrage subs, of course I consider them part of this category, but too obvious to mention, hence the etc.


Anthony Cumia figured this out ages ago. CEO Drops a N bomb and the stocks tank? BUY OPTIONS. Then wait for everyone to forget about it, and the stocks go back to where they were. PROFIT.


Like when "journalists" write articles that say people are outraged about something and link to two tweets from nobodies. The article gets posted on Reddit with 20k upvotes and nobody reads the article.


I mean yeah, look at what happened with Ghostbusters(2016), media outlets pretty much faked or exaggerated lots of criticism against the movie in order to rile up the SJW-types and get them to support it more even though it was awful. James Rolfe for example gave a very calm and reasonable explanation as to why he didn't like it and wasn't going to see it, and was subsequently labeled all sorts of nasty things because of that.


TIL Since 1900 a London park has a Memorial to those that have died in heroic acts of self sacrifice and who might otherwise be forgotten. Each heroic act is listed such as, “Drowned in attempting to save a poor girl who had thrown herself into the canal”. ~ Today I Learned

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>Mrs Yarman wife of George Yarman Labourer at Bermondsey Refusing to be deterred from making three attempts to climb a burning staircase to save her aged mother Died of the effects March 26, 1900 Damn, Mrs Yarman, that's persistence.


This articles makes it very clear that swim lessons are a necessary part of a public school curriculum.


John Clinton Aged 10 Who was drowned near London Bridge in trying to save a companion younger than himself &#x200B; Wow.


Well that rabbit hole led me to realising that I don't particularly want to see the movie, "Closer". Thanks.


More places should have memorials like this. A tribute to the greatest act of love possible to our fellow humans.


Trump and Pence’s racist weekend spectacle was no accident: It’s the re-election plan | What we saw over the weekend was dreadful. But it’s only the beginning: The GOP truly believes this will work ~ Politics

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I predict many “problems” with voting machines. The 2020 elections are going to be an epic shitshow


Shore up their base and then work on trying to make the Dem nominee completely toxic to the middle. The media is already falling in line, just like they did in 2016.


They are not trying to win the popular vote they are trying to win the electoral college.


I thought it was too distract from Trump raping a 13 year old child. He is a child molester.


I was just telling myself this. That this is the Repub strategy for the presidential election. They are doubling down on their base so that they will turn up. It's truly dumb. I'd say at least go with the unemployment stats if you're gonna have a strategy. But the racist shit?


TIL that originally (up until 1804) electors could cast two votes for two different U.S. candidates for President, and the first runner-up presidential candidate became Vice President to guard against electoral gamesmanship. ~ Today I Learned

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The system changed because the president and Vice President despised each other so much that actual governance was unworkable. Plus keep in mind this sets up a system where the Vice President would be incentivized to assassinate the President to get him out of the way.


I'm not sure I can even imagine how bizarre it would be to have President Trump and Vice President Clinton.


>"You hear this guy? Man openly campaigns against me, talkin' bout "I look forward to our partnership"


Question: Why do public entities (states and their subdivisions) expend public resources (money and manpower) to conduct 'primary' elections for private entity political parties?


It may blow your mind to know that Senators were not originally elected by popular vote, but instead were elected by the members of each state's legislature. The Senate was supposed to represent interests of the States, and the House was supposed to represent the interest of the people. The Senate being voted in by the people has single-handly resulted in the consolidation of power in the federal government and pretty much erasing power at the State level. Having two houses of congress elected by the people makes zero sense and the 17th Amendment of the Constitution should be repealed.


TIL – A man in Vermont, upset with local officials for denying a building permit for his proposed business, paid $4,000 to build a giant illuminated middle finger statue on his property. “If you don’t want to look at the building, look at this.” He said to the Development Review Board. ~ Today I Learned

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I’ve driven past this more than once. It’s kinda funny.


There’s nothing I like more than seeing people go to extraordinary lengths for petty revenge.


There was a building owner in a charming part of Old Town Alexandria, VA who got initial approval from the city to renovate his building, which at the time was a very quaint little business located among little restaurants, toy stores, etc. Again, charming area. Well after spending huge amounts of money on the initial stages of the renovation, the city changed its mind and rescinded the permit. Well, in anger he turned his store became a sex shop with scantily clad lingerie models in the window. Almost everyone hates it until they hear why he did it - then they love it.


God bless America.


You'd think city officials everywhere would've learned about the dangers of this sort of thing from the Killdozer incident


Gravitational slingshot trajectory to accelerate a spacecraft adopted by the Apollo-11 program to reach the Moon is named after a self-educated Ukrainian who made calculations 50 years before the lunar flight ~ Space

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Wikipedia suggests that he developed the LOR concept *and* that he explored gravitational slingshots, but describing the Apollo 11 trajectory as a slingshot one is something I've not yet encountered. The book title of *The Conquest of Interplanetary Space* is awfully familiar to me for some reason. Either I've seen the book of I've seen it referenced somewhere. Now this is going to bug me for sure...


You can't slingshot to the moon, that would require another moon to slingshot around...


WTF yeah dont mention him in the title or anything?


Another thing that the HBO series From the Earth to the Moon taught me. The “Spider” episode starts with engineers in Texas talking about Yuri’s work.


Didn't Buzz Aldrin write his PHD thesis on Orital Mechanics from M.I.T ? It's good to know the guy flying the ship has the brains to figure out trajectory calculations


A wife decides to take her husband, Dave, to a strip club for his birthday ~ Jokes They arrive at the club and the doorman says, “Hey, Dave! How ya doin’?” His wife is puzzled and asks if he’s been to this club before. “Oh no,” says Dave. “He’s on my bowling team.” When they are seated… A waitress asks Dave if he’d like his usual and brings over a Budweiser. His wife is becoming increasingly uncomfortable and says… “How did she know that you drink Budweiser?” “She’s in the Ladies Bowling League, honey. We share lanes with them.” A stripper then comes over to their table, throws her arms around Dave, and says:… “Hi Davey. Want your usual table dance, big boy?” Dave’s wife, now furious, grabs her purse and storms out of the club. Dave follows and spots her getting into a cab. Before she can slam the door, he jumps in beside her. He tries desperately to explain how the stripper must have mistaken him for someone else… But his wife is having none of it. She is screaming at him at the top of her lungs,… Calling him every name in the book. The cabby turns his head and says, “Looks like you picked up a real bitch tonight, Dave.”

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Well everyone knows Dave


It’s not her fault everyone knows Dave!


My dads name is Dave and I’ve never met him but he has 8 kids and 6 baby mamas


Alternative punchline: The cab driver said "Mary, you picked a real asshole tonight."


Repost but a good one.


Psychedelic mental health treatment expected to be approved in Australia within five years. Victorian government urged to help fund and establish psychedelic medicine centre ~ Futurology

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Australia is a weird ass place. fucking up the great barrier reef, more anti pot than america, but wanting to do this psychadelic experiment


For those of you who know chime in. Psychedelics have proven very effective at dealing with PSTD and other mental conditions. That the medical industry in the US is lobbying against them says everything. That they are a Schedule 1 drug is ridiculous. Psychedelics should be available to all who can benefit from them.


I take shrooms/acid once a year along with MDMA once or twice. I usually do this alone. All the bullshit is unpacked and dispensed with afterwards. Everyone should do psychedelics. Don't use them as a party drug. Don't do them when you are 14 or 15. Treat them with respect they deserve. They are powerful. Our brains are designed to block out the mass of information and data impacting and penetrating our bodies at every moment of our life. If we felt it all without a filter for our entire lives we would simply be incapable of even tying our shoes. These sorts of drugs lift the filter and you can feel the entirety of everything all at once. It is extraordinary, and from this perspective you realize everything you actually thought mattered or was important (including yourself) is insignificant and nothing. Humility follows. After humility then comes a new sense of engagement.


here in Brazil our laws are not up to date with science. I think that in 10 years we'll arrive in 1959


I used psychedelics to cure my alcoholism and suicidal ideations. It worked 100% and fundamentally changed my mental health for the better.


Tibetan Nuns Beaten by Chinese Guards For ‘Weeping’ in Detention ~ World News

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Beatings will continue until the morale improves


And yet China claims "No oppression of religion".


It could very well be true, but you'll excuse me for not taking Radio Free Asia as a source of objective truth. > Radio Free Asia (RFA) is a private, nonprofit international broadcasting agency of the **United States government** that broadcasts and publishes online news, information, and commentary to listeners in East Asia while **“advancing the goals of U.S. foreign policy.”** RFA is funded by the Broadcasting Board of Governors (BBG), an **independent agency of the United States government** responsible for all non-military, international broadcasting **sponsored by the U.S government** (such as Radio Free Europe), which appoints the board of RFA. RFA distributes content in nine Asian languages for audiences in six countries.


I see the Chinese bots and defenders are out in force in this thread. Look at the way Chinese backed police are acting in Hong Kong with the worlds cameras on them, I dont even want to imagine whats going on behind closed doors.


Remember when Trump described China's past violent actions as a good showing of China being strong and thinks we should be strong, too?


“Never again means close the camps”: Jews protest ICE across the country ~ Politics

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Besides protesting, is there much else an outraged citizen can do? Edit: I'm asking for something non-violent of course. I won't stoop to the GOP's level.


I was at a vigil this weekend. The camps have got to close, the children returned, and all those involved in funneling ungodly amounts of money into the pockets of fascists and authoritarians brought to justice. &#x200B; Immigration and seeking asylum are NOT CRIMES. Why is the US pursuing it as such?! $700/day/prisoner and all we got were those dismal conditions?! Why must children be separated from their parents?! How can anyone defend this other than just out of the cruelty of their own hearts?! &#x200B; THESE CAMPS ARE A THEFT ON AMERICAN LIFE, LIBERTY, AND SOCIAL WELFARE. &#x200B; EDIT: "Pragmatism" is a dog whistle for "cruel and heartless". Orders/laws that create crimes can be ethically WRONG, especially those that generate imprisoned criminals for non-violent crimes.


Can't we just take volunteers to house these individuals as they await their hearing. Seems like the most humane thing to do, there are plenty of individuals that would gladly accept a family it seems.


Washington, DC action Tuesday, 7/16/19


It's so fucked up to me that the Holocaust museum spoke out to say *not* to compare these camps to the ones during WW2.


TIL that removing lead from gasoline is thought to be one of the big factors that lead to the drop in the violent crime rate in America in the 1990s ~ Today I Learned

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For those too young to remember the days of "Four Star" Petrol... Basically, Petrol (or "Gas" for Yanks) used to contain a compound called "Tetraethyl Lead"; basically a lead atom surrounded by 4 ethyl- groups. This protected the engine valve seats from forming microwelds during the combustion phase of the piston operation. It also helped to prevent "Engine Knocking", where the fuel, instead of burning smoothly, detonates in explosive fashion. This causes massively increased engine wear and, if it was a particularly bad case, the piston could be sent flying straight out of the engine block. The cost, of course, was that every time you started the engine, your car was emitting vast quantities of lead into the environment; lead, as we all know, is horrendously poisonous (See what happened to the Romans, for example) and it is for this reason that it was ultimately phased out in favour of "Unleaded" fuel.


I just listened to a Freakonomics podcast that mentioned this. It was mainly on legalized abortion but lead was mentioned as a possible (but unlikely) cause for the crime rate decreasing. Edit: As others have mentioned, it’s possible that the podcast did not say that the lead-crime relationship was unlikely. I was reciting from memory and it’s possible that I don’t remember it correctly. I encourage everyone to listen to the episode- it was pretty informative.


"Ending the practice of adding lead to gasoline" would clarify the title for those (like me) that somehow assumed that lead was in gasoline as an original state.


I've heard that it's attributed mostly to unleaded gasoline, lead free paint, and legal abortion. I think it's fascinating and also tragic that it effects people that way.


Also removing lead from paint too.


Al Franken: It’s time to start taking Trump ‘literally’ ~ Politics

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It feels like he stepped down from the Senate 10 years ago. I swear, this administration is aging the country at warp speed.


I miss Al. Dude was a beast in open hearings, relative to its setting. Without Al Franken, there would have been no Sessions recusal. No Mueller investigation. Fewer committee investigations. I miss Al, and I’ve never even been able to vote for him.


I would have fucking **loved** to see a Franken-Trump debate, but sadly it was never to be. He's exactly the sort of person I could easily see flustering Trump very badly.


Franken's back!!! I, for one, hope he continues to make his voice heard.


I get so sad seeing Franken's name when it pops up. Railroaded by his own party for nothing.


Instead of writing :O you could just write Ö ~ Shower Thoughts

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Be careful not to summon a Scandinavian God


German intensifies


Teacher fired for pro-choice facebook posts sues Catholic school, citing free speech. Elizabeth Cox says Bishop England High School in Charleston, South Carolina, violated her First Amendment rights after she called out anti-abortion hypocrisy. ~ Atheism

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Except she worked for a private, religious school which has the right to fire anyone who isn't part of their religion or who doesn't follow their rules. Free speech does not apply to such situations. People need to actually read the First Amendment. It doesn't work that way.


I went to a very catholic university and even though they “accept all beliefs” a priest (actually an accepting person and good professor) tweeted “love wins” after gay marriage was legalized. He got fired.


Private schools are still subject to many of the laws governing public schools when it comes to why they can or cannot fire someone if they are accepting federal funds, which many schools do. The teacher may not be afforded the same level of protections if this particular school does not accept any funding or if she waived part of her speech rights as part of her contract. Edit: changed most to many.


I am a BEHS graduate and let me tell you, FUCK THAT SCHOOL. They used to require 60 hours of volunteer work a year from every student. Which by itself is great. However, they would wipe all of the hours if you went on the march for life trip... Basically they bribed kids to get out of volunteer work if they went to DC and marched for their anti abortion campaign. That’s right, manipulating children to show up to rallies. I never went to my ten year reunion. Fuck that school. Oh btw while i was there, huge coke bust, the principal’s son beat the shit out of some freshman kids and he had to resign, and i was told my place was in the kitchen obeying my husband. Yep. Im an openly bisexual atheist and have been since 13 years old...i did not fit into that cess pool of sexism, racism, and bigotry. I hope the school goes bankrupt!!


She obviously shouldn’t be fired, but is this really a First Amendment violation? As far as I know the First Amendment lets you say anything you want legally, but it doesn’t protect you from any other consequences of your speech. Legally speaking, is this any different from what happened to people like Roseanne, Megyn Kelly, etc?


Republican Senator Lindsey Graham called 4 progressive congresswomen ‘a bunch of communists’ who ‘hate our own country’ ~ Politics

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GOP is real quick to say these people "hate the country"/"want to destroy the country" without any reason to back it up other than their skin color. There is a special place in hell for racists like Donald Trump and his embarrassing followers.


What a sad little man. Had to wait for his friend McCain to die so he could start sucking Trumps cock. Fucking worthless human being.


Here's what drives me bonkers about this - What is so anti-America about wanting Universal Healthcare and NOT being anti-Israel, but BEING anti-foreign power lobbying with American politicians? Why is that communist? Why is that anti-American? Why is literally wanting what's best for the country and its citizens wrong?


Republicans 2009-2016: "We hate the government! we hate the president!" Republicans 2016-present: "If you say anything negative about the government or the president, you aren't a real american! get out!"


> "Fuck it: I'm a racist too." - Lindsey Graham (paraphrasing)


Redditors, how did you come up with your username? ~ AskReddit

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Fuck wasps


Saw some guy named Ian with the username /u/1an, and wanted a 3 character username myself, and this was available.


I only use this account while at work. I'm not very creative.


It was suggested to me by Reddit


Well this was gonna be my porn throwaway but I can't log into my other account so this is me now.


The ‘biggest change in oil market history’ is less than six months away: On January 1, 2020, the International Maritime Organization (IMO) will enforce new emissions standards designed to significantly curb pollution produced by the world’s ships ~ World News

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Wow! This is great news. According to the article it’s like the 4th or 5th largest oil consuming nation cleaning up its act. As I understand it (quite possibly incorrectly) it won’t affect CO2 emissions much but it will reduce the amount of sulphur going into the atmosphere which is slowly acidifying the oceans. Anyway, it’s a positive step being taken on a global scale so I see it as a big achievement.


Thank god. It is insane how much extra ships pollute out in international waters. However, we will be seeing higher prices on quote a few things because horrible fuel saves a good amount of money.


The only thing that will change is the oil industry will charge more to pay for the higher priced shipping fuel. The petroleum industry is part of the problem not part of the solution.


This is old news. As already said, this wall has been 2 years in the making and every ship owning, operating and technical management company has been directly addressing the issue, as too have the producers of low sulfur fuel oil ("LSFO"). It's a big change, but with, what, $30 greater cost over high sulfur fuel oil ("HSFO") which already costs in excess of $400 per mt, that's going to increase "above the line" voyage costs and will be adjusted in freight rates, but overall will have a nominal impact down the line to the consumer. There are those in this thread that believe there will be a way to circumnavigate the regulation; the short answer is "no" unless a signatory country to the IMO regulations produces and later sells HSFO, the overwhelming majority of bunker fuel oil (that's the generic term) is produced by oil companies who, themselves, are able to lower the sulfur content. A small proportion of bunkers is produced by blending HSFO with, say, marine gas oil ("MGO"), but the HSFO + MGO does not always result in quality bunkers. What is also not stated is there is a rigorous testing process before and after loading the bunkers on the ship; yes, it's voluntary, but if those bunkers cause an engine seizure then the owner/operator/manager is SOL to prove that it comes from the bunkers AND, upon inspection, will be found to be in contravention of the IMO regulations. For those of you out there old enough to remember, think of the shift from leaded to unleaded petrol; with minor tweaking it was a relatively painless process. Overall this is a good thing that everyone cal live with.


Former Big Three servicing company employee here. It’s optimistic that it will change much. The story I always tell about the lack of limits the servicing companies see is about the time when I was in a Cementing Engineering training class for HAL just a few years ago. The ‘professor’, who was an individual with years of field experience, had spent time on an offshore rig. He told us about the oceanic watchdog, and their restriction for dumping anything in the ocean that created a sheen (contained oil). The way this was commonly circumvented was to just wait until night, when the sheen from anything dumped in the ocean wasn’t visible. New emission standards are great, the likelihood that these companies find a way to cheat the restrictions is also great.


Married couples of Reddit, what advice would you give to engaged couple? ~ AskReddit

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The point of arguing is not to win, it is to understand where they’re coming from and why this issue matters to them.


Happily married 27 years here. Here’s some of what I’ve learned along the way: The marriage is more important than the wedding/reception. Disagreements are not you vs me. They’re us vs the problem. Shared goals (including finances, kids, careers, etc) are more important than shared hobbies. Sex is important. It’s not everything. But it’s important. It’s great to love the person you’re marrying, but hopefully you also like them. As in, if they couldn’t be your spouse, for whatever reason, would you still choose them as a friend, exactly the way they are now? Marry someone that you don’t feel compelled to try to change into someone different.


Fucking clean up after yourself.


Anger is neither a reason nor an excuse for bad behavior. You will get angry, you will fight, but you should never insult, indulge in name-calling, throw things, or hit them. If you cannot or choose not to control what comes out of your mouth when you are angry work on that first, get married second.


The biggest transition is if you weren't living together before. Getting used to sharing everything can be difficult for some but good communication is key to making things work. Discuss finances, once married you take on each other's debts and responsibilities. It's important to know what those are before the wedding. Finances are one of, if not the, biggest reasons for failed marriages, so get on the same page early and stay there.


Jeffrey Epstein will stay in jail until at least Thursday as judge says he will not rule on bail in sex traffic case yet ~ News

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Yeah...this guy isn't a flight risk at all... And Rossmiller also told a judge that investigators had found in Epstein’s $77 million Manhattan townhouse a locked safe containing cash, diamonds and an expired passport from another country that has Epstein’s photograph on it, but with a different name and a stated residence of Saudi Arabia.


He would have serious dirt on a lot of people. Once the police have seized everything there's nothing left for his "friends" to lose, I hope they throw him under the bus ^(literally or figuratively, both are good). On the other hand if they find encrypted media there's a possibility Epstein may have a bargaining chip. He may be able to plea his way out of future charges this at the cost of sending down others. He has enough money to disappear. I am of two minds about this as it brings down more abusers and that's a good thing, but a major player gets away with his crimes.


If they give him bail it will 100% solidify that there is a different justice system for the rich. He is an obvious flight risk and he has done nothing to earn bail.


So he gets out on Thursday then.


I think SDNY is serious about nailing this maggot to the wall. They play a different ballgame there Being a victim of sexual assault as well, I’m praying they nail him because it’s hard to watch people go free


Trump says victims of his racist tweets should apologise to him ~ Politics

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The hero of the party of personal responsibility, everyone.


That didn't happen. And if it did, it wasn't that bad. And it was, that's not a big deal. And if it is, that's not my fault. And if it is, I didn't mean it. And if I did, you deserved it. **<--- You are here.**


I think he has raised the bar on what we call gaslighting


"If half of the things they are saying about her (Omar) are true, she shouldn't be in office." Who is this fucking "they"?




ELI5: Why are silent letters a thing? ~ Explain Like I'm Five

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Different silent letters are there for different reasons. Some are there because they didn't used to be silent. The K in knife and knight used to be pronounced, and the gh in knight used to be pronounced like the ch in loch or the h in Ahmed. In other cases, a silent letter was deliberately added to be more like the Latin word it evolved from. The word debt comes from the French *dette*, and used to be spelled dette in English too, but we started spelling it debt because in Latin it was *debitum*.


Oh I know this one! Because they used to not be. I asked a Spanish teacher once why H's are silent and he explained that they weren't always silent. Take the english word "name" he said. It used to be pronounced "nah-may", but over time, we emphasized the first vowel more and more until the m sound merged with the long A and the E became silent. Some silent letters were pronounced by themselves and some changed the way letters around them sounded. But eventually the pronunciation shifted, but the spelling did not. Edit to add: and we have to keep the spelling because how a word looks signifies its root origins so we can know its meaning. (Weigh vs Way, Weight vs Wait)


One thing that I haven't seen mentioned is that early modern scholars were big fans of latin (this is also the origin of 'you can't end a sentence with a preposition' which was true for latin but not for english). There were several words which had changed pronunciation, where some letters stopped being pronounced. And this *was* reflected in the spelling, but the latin-fans changed them back. Off the top of my head, 'debt' was often spelled 'dette', but the b was reinserted because it was present (and pronounced) in the latin root.


Linguistics and the development of human language can basically be booked down to "why waste time say lot sound when few sound do trick"


In addition to previous answers about letters originally being articulate or to mark etymology, one other cause is that there are more sounds in English than the Latin alphabet, so inevitably the leftover letters either have to have new letters created for them, or just use combinations of existing ones. When the language became standardized due to the printing press and education, extra letters dropped out of use. For example, you know that "Ye Olde Shoppe" thing you always see in things? In addition to the final silent e's which used to be pronounced, the phrase has another history hiding in there: the "Ye" is actually a simplification of "Þe" where "Þ" is capital thorn, the old letter used for what we now use the digraph "th" for. The letter "Y" happened to look like a capital thorn to English speakers then, so that's why it replaced it when things were getting simplified and standardized. Add one more change down the timeline, and you realize that the phrase is really "The Olde Shoppe."


Rep. Al Green to force impeachment vote against Trump ~ Politics

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>Green forced two votes on impeachment articles in 2017 and 2018, when Republicans ran the House, citing similar controversies, including Trump's comments about demonstrators in Charlottesville and his description of African nations as "shithole countries." >In both cases, about 60 of Green's colleagues joined him to support advancing the impeachment measure, but the moves were easily defeated, with most Democrats describing it as premature. Since then, former special counsel Robert Mueller issued a report providing compelling evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016 election, leading dozens more of Green's Democratic colleagues to embrace an impeachment inquiry.


History books should remember this as one of the worst presidencies of the US, and hopefully note how many times Rep. Al Green did something about it.


Too bad the Senate is filled with fascists like Lindsey Graham who hate America and the Constitution.


Any Democrat still not for Impeachment, regardless the outcome, is not paying enough attention. First they lock up the Migrants, then people who look like the migrants, then the people who defend those people. Political rivals. If they don't lock up Ross and Barr tomorrow, Barr will start to find reasons to lock THEM up. They have the power now, and should use it before it is too late. If they wait for the uneducated public to figure out what is going on, it might be too late.


>The President of the United States is a racist, a bigot, a misogynist, as well as an **invidious prevaricator**. I think that's Latin for "asshole douchebag".


McConnell silent on Trump tweets — like virtually all congressional Republicans ~ Politics

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Can we stop pretending that Republicans are going to ever give a shit? Trump has the support of 94% of Republicans. We will not win this fight with their help. We will triumph DESPITE them


Stop with this bullshit. They are complicit. Silence is consent here and continues to be. Has been since 2016.


We need your help ousting McConnell. /r/DitchMitch


This is why Biden’s eagerness to embrace and work with them is such a bad thing in this moment.


McConnell is a tool.


“Jesús healed me” yeah let’s ignore the chemo, radiation therapy and stem cell treatment. ~ Atheism

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What I never understood about those people, why are they all so scared to go to 'heaven'?


Ya once you get past a certain age you start knowing all the people Jesus doesn’t heal.


God gave you a disease made you waste all your money on doctors and then heal you when your at your weakest what a jerk. People don’t understand that the healing power of god their talking about could just as easily be the body’s natural healing process.


I’m a cancer survivor (nearly 12 years out from diagnosis, 11 years since last treatment, no recurrence). Treatment entailed 2 surgeries and a few months of chemo. People I knew would tell me how they were praying for me and in my recovery would inevitably reference prayer and God as a big part of why I survived. The notion that there is this all knowing, all powerful being capable of healing ailments is a bit twisted when you realize that would also mean they had allowed these ailments to happen on their watch and did not intervene earlier. See also: childhood cancer


> "Jesús healed me"... Really makes me wish there were more doctors named Jesús. "Thank Jesus!" "He pronounces it *Jesús*, but I'll be sure to pass it on."


What do you call a hippies wife? ~ Jokes Mississippi

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Why couldn't the lifeguard save the hippie? Because they were too far out.


I was close I thought happymiss's


What do you call the wives of a polygamous hippie? 1 Mississippi, 2 Mississippi, 3 Mississippi ...


Made me chuckle 😁 have an up vote




TIL Neil Armstrong was working on his farm and got his wedding ring stuck in the gears of a tractor. He didn’t get it out in time—his ring and ring finger got torn clean off. He then packed it in some ice and drove himself to the hospital to get it reattached ~ Today I Learned

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This is false. His finger was actually bitten off by a captured alien driving a tractor on a soundstage in a military base in Nevada.


My dad almost had a similar accident. He was working on a plane and had to rotate the prop, but it kicked back, caught his wedding ring, which sliced his finger all the way around. He stopped wearing the ring at work after that. No jewelry around machinery, peeps!


This happened to my uncle, but it didn't take his finger off, just basically skinned it. Now everyone in my family has a notch cut in the back of their ring, or wear a ring made of rubber or plastic.


Accidents in which a ring is the cause or contributes to the finger getting mangled happens kinda often. It’s called ring avulsion or gloving. Edit: don’t google ring avulsion with safe search off


TIL Neil Armstrong had a farm


A man went to the dental surgeon to have a tooth pulled ~ Jokes The dentist pulls out a freezing needle to give the man. “No way! No needles! I hate needles!” the patient said. The dentist starts to hook up the laughing gas and the man again objects. “I can’t do the gas thing – the thought of having the gas mask on is suffocating to me!” The dentist then asks if the man has any objection to taking a pill. “No,” the patient says, “I am fine with pills.” The dentist then returns and says, “Here is a Viagra tablet.” The patient says, “Wow – I didn’t know Viagra worked as a pain pill.!” “It doesn’t,” said the dentist and continued: “But it will give you something to hold onto when I pull out your tooth.”

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**Plot twist:** The dentist takes the pill.


You can't handle the tooth!


Nice! Take my orange arrow you dirty dawg


I only got 57 upvotes for this joke 74 days ago. It’s all about the comedic timing I suppose. 😆


The tooth shall set you free


Italy seizes missile in raids on far right ~ World News

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What the actual fuck lol who sold these guys a missile? Who has unsupervised control of missiles to an extent that they can just sell them?


That's not like, an RPG or a stinger missile... That's a bloody Matra Super 530F, a French air-to-air missile. The thing is nearly 4 metres long (like 12 feet) and can hit nearly mach 5 with a range of dozens of kilometers...


The problem with finding they have an air-to-air missile, is now you have to look for the airplane they would launch it from.


Of course our government doesn't say a word about this because they share the same ideology. Fascists, the whole bunch of them


Woooow right-wing terrorists had a *missile.* Far-right fascism is the greatest threat to peace in the world.


An unkempt teenager with his pants hanging half off his bottom walked into the local welfare office to pick up his welfare payment. ~ Jokes He marched up to the counter and said, "Hi. You know, I just H A T E drawing welfare. I'd really rather have a job.. I don't like taking advantage of the system, getting something for nothing." The social worker behind the counter said "Your timing is excellent. We Just got a job opening from a very wealthy old man who wants a chauffeur and a bodyguard for his beautiful daughter. You'll have to drive around in his new Mercedes-Benz and he will supply all of your clothes." The social worker then went on to explain further"Because of The long hours, meals will be provided. You'll also be expected to escort the daughter on her overseas holiday trips. This is rather awkward to say but you will also have, as part of your job, the assignment to satisfy her sexual urges as the daughter is in her mid-20's and has a rather strong sex drive." The guy, just plain wide-eyed, said, "You're bullshittin' me!" The social worker said, "Yeah, well...You started it!"

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Guy goes to a bank to ask for a loan: GUY: "I need to borrow five thousand pounds please". BANKER: "Yes sir, and how much money do you have in the bank now?" GUY: "A hundred thousand pounds." BANKER: "You're joking aren't you?" GUY: "Well, you started it." &#x200B; As the old saying goes, '*to qualify for a loan you first need to prove you don't need it.'*


Those git dang lazy millennial teenagers with their low hanging pants and their hippity hop music.


How is the "... with his pants hanging half off his bottom..." Relevant to this joke?


Why do I get the feeling a lot people tell this joke but the "unkempt teenager" is from whatever race that person believes to be lazy welfare abusers...


>teenager >welfare check


Ex-Fox & Friends co-host Clayton Morris leaves country amid fraud allegations ~ News

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That's a great way to prove one's innocence. Just absolutely running the fuck away.


>"I am not one of those who rejects America," she wrote. "We had a good life there. But my husband and I have had a hard few years in our business and we reject Americans holding us responsible for our crimes


He co-hosted Fox & Friends on the Fox News Channel from 2009 until September 4, 2017. He covered consumer technology for Fox and hosted weekly technology segments for Fox News Radio and Fox News. -Wikipedia


Flees country. This is them fleeing the country.


I wonder if he has a Saudi passport with a fake name...


TIL that in a legal battle after the September 11th attacks, the leaseholder of the WTC claimed that he was owed double insurance payments, as each attack was a separate event, but lost in court, in which the jury decided it was actually one attack ~ Today I Learned

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TIL the leaseholder on the World Trade Center was George Costanza.


The truth is slightly more complicated. There was in fact no insurance policy, it was only a binder of coverage. Insurance for large risks such as the world trade center are not covered by a single insurance company, but by a large number of companies that spread the risk. The opportunity to take a slice of the risk is marketed by insurance brokers. In this situation, there were two brokers, one using a policy form from Travelers Insurance and another from Willis Group brokers. The claim that the leaseholder, Larry Silverstein, made was that the attacks on 9/11 were two "occurrences" under the definition of the policy forms. It turned out that the courts determined that under the Willis policy form, there was only one occurrence, but under the Travelers policy form, there were two occurrences.


Did he want to be made whole twice? It would not matter if there were one or two attacks. He would only be paid the insured value. Or at least the second attack was upon a greatly depreciated building.


He had just bought the towers and was facing massive asbestos abatement costs. Lucky for him he hot a huge cash payout and didn't have to spend anything.


Steve Buscemi accidentally deleted the entire Toy Story 2 movie during mid production, then in the afternoon went to work as a fireman in 9/11


You enter the year 2050 for a period of 3 minutes. You have access to an internet search engine. What do you look up? ~ AskReddit

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Which of the largest companies by 2050 have been founded around 2019, for investment purposes.


September 20, 2019


2019 powerball winning lottery numbers for the following week


My name


Check on my kids and make sure nothing bad happens to them. If something bad happens to them when I go back see if I can change it


What song will you forever associate with a particular movie? ~ AskReddit

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All Star - Shrek


Don't you- Breakfast club


Danger Zone with Top Gun


Johnny B. Goode and Back to the Future


A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton and White Chicks. Damn you Terry Crews. 😂😂


In 5 minutes, You won’t be able to move for the next 48 hours, what position do you get in? ~ AskReddit

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My grandpa has been doing this challenge for 14 years. &#x200B; Edit: Wow. My first gold! Thank you u/hanz0914!


CEO of Google. Ezpz.


Go to an extremely busy street with a friend to help me. Do a one handed handstand with my friend holding me up and then just as it hits 5 minutes push myself off the ground so I’m holding myself up with 1 finger. Leave hats around me and collect coins from passers for 48 hours.




The CPR recovery position. It keeps your airways open!


Sean Connery once asked his wife to sit on his face. ~ Jokes Once.

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Excush me. Do you have shomewhere I can shit?


Sean's Wife: What is a "fayshe"?




Well done. Have an upvote.


I don’t understand


I don’t like the word xenophobia. ~ Jokes It sounds so foreign.

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Not to be confused with Xenaphobia.


I have xylophobia I just hate it when my kids play with it.


**Xeno** comes from the Greek word for "stranger". **Phobia** is "fear" but I think everyone knows that. *This has been another unsolicited Greek lesson. Remember to like, comment and subscribe!*


I think the fear of xenomorphs is perfectly rational.




People of reddit. What’s your favorite movie quote? ~ AskReddit

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"How tall are you, Private?" "Sir, 5'9", sir!" "5'9"?! I didn't know they stacked shit that high!"


You seem like a decent fellow. I'd hate to kill you.


"In case I don't see ya, good afternoon, good evening and goodnight"


“Piss off ghost!!”


While this thread is still new lets start a trend of ending your comments with the name of the movie the quote is from


The most incredible part of The Magic School Bus is that there are only eight kids in the class. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Special ed classes are always small


My school had on average 30 people per class, K-12. And another school in the same valley had about 5-10 people per class. Small towns


My class has 5 people in it


The other kids were slowly picked off, one by one. That lizard has to eat somehow.


My wife's entire school district had between 8 and 15 kids. There were never more than 2 kids in her entire grade. Most of her schooling, she was the only kid in her grade.


When you hold in a pee your brain is telling your body to pee and not to pee at the same time ~ Shower Thoughts

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Actually, your body is telling your brain to turn on the golden fountain; your brain is telling your body to shut the fuck up


To pee or not to pee, that is the question


TIL pee is stored in the brain...


Actually... Your body has automatic responses. Wanting to pee is one. You telling your brain not to is an active response


I downvoted this then upvoted it so the counter would go up by two when I upvoted.


TIL about Traci Lords, ex pornographic actress. Using a fake ID she became the most popular pornstar of the 80’s at age 16. Just 2 days after her 18 birthday she retired from the adult industry. When this information was revealed all her films were banned, except the last one “Traci, I love you”. ~ Today I Learned

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One could say she fucked the porn industry. She still got some cameos in Hollywood movies. Blade comes to mind.


I was working at a video tape distributor at the time. This as before vhs tapes were cheap enough to be sold in retail stores and our primary customers were rental stores. Tapes used to sell for $150 or more and Blockbuster was not yet the juggernaut they would soon become. We had a warehouse that doubled as a showroom where rental store owners would come in and pick up the new releases for the week and occasionally would browse the shelves for other titles to compliment their own stores offering. Before Traci Lords we also had an extensive porn section. Once the news broke that she was under 18 during the majority of her films panic ensues and those of us working in will call were instructed to search every box that had her pictured or mentioned her as an actress. This is back when vhs boxes were more or less like the old school Disney films where the box was a plastic clamshell vs the tiny cardboard sleeves most people are probably more familiar with. We collected a couple hundred porn movies that got locked into the sales manager’s office and he’d joke about how someday he’d find a way to sell them all and make a million. I never found out if he followed through but it was not long after that we stopped selling porn films altogether as it wasn’t worth the risk. Those were the days and I still look back fondly on that job and most of the people I worked with. I may still have a few dozen satin jackets from movies released in the 80’s. Movie companies seemed to have money to burn and spoiled us as salespeople when movies were not a difficult thing to sell.


I had a buddy in high school who insisted he dated her. He was good for a laugh if nothing else. Held onto that bullshit for decades. Years later at a dinner I asked his wife if she knew. He thought it was less funny all of a sudden.


I think she managed to get that stature because she filled the void of a young woman who was the fastest-rising star at the time, Shauna Grant. I saw an old PBS documentary about her: left Minnesota at 18 and two years to the month after she found fame as a nude model and porn star she was buried back home after shooting herself. Traci did the sequel to one of Shauna's most popular films from 1983.


She also used to date Slash from GnR.


TIL That Hans Steininger, a 16th century German Mayor of a small town, died by tripping on his beard. It was over 4 and a ½ feet long and he usually kept it tucked away in a pocket, but during a town fire he forgot to put it in and tripped on in it in the chaos, breaking his neck. ~ Today I Learned

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Too much of a good thing


You live by the beard You die by the beard.


Best of all, it's still on show! Beard lovers everywhere can go and appreciate it!


“Nobody saw anything. He stepped on his beard running away from the fire. Everyone clear on how this went down? Got it? Good. Torch the place.”


Reading things like this makes me wonder how many people in history who died of something odd would have just ended up recovering in a hospital if they had the same injury today.


The whole road network is based on the assumption that the person in the opposing lane wants to die as little as you ~ Shower Thoughts

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Bold assumption that I also don't want to die.


That fucking call of the void, though


Seeing how some people drive, that assumption is not as correct as it seems.


I feel more people care about not wrecking their car and having to pay than dying


A game of opposite chicken


Redditors with personality disorders (narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths, etc) what are some of your success stories regarding relationships after being diagnosed? ~ AskReddit

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I was suffering for years with unknown mental health issues and had a string of awful abusive relationships, I finally got diognised (bpd) started getting help and meet an amazing person who supports me, puts up with my sometimes over the top mood swings with kindness and love. sometimes I worry I'm putting to much on him and tell him this often, he always bat's it away saying I'm worth it. To be clear I don't abuse him or say horrible things to him, its just my mood around him that can be toxic, if I get upset I can't really stop the process and it can be very stressful, with me crying and unable to self sooth etc, I do my best to keep these things to a minimum, and am gettubg better the more time goes by and even just blurting out how j feel and getting a hug off him, helps so much knowing I'm not being jugded even if I'm acting like a child, I still have along road a head, and maybe one day he will realise its to much for him (which i would totally understand) it's shown me what a person can be, and what everyone deserves (love and understanding) and I'll always be greatful to him for that. I'm not unlovable just because I'm sick.


The OP might be surprised to know that "sociopath" and "psychopath" do not exist in the DSM-V, the official manual of mental disorders. So one is not likely to be thusly diagnosed by a reputable mental health professional. There is "Antisocial Personality Disorder," but it doesn't quite mean the same thing.


Well my father's a psychopath who once told me that psychopaths don't like being called that. He'd consider his greatest success that of being able to hold down a marriage with a kid, along with multiple girlfriends.


I hope it’s okay that I answer. I’m dating a woman with borderline personality disorder. I’ve known her for 8 years. Have been seeing her for a year and a half and we’ve been officially dating for a year. It’s hard but it’s the most rewarding relationship I’ve ever been in.


To say I've had a diagnosis or two, been through the ringer a bunch, and have had to deal with the reprecoutions of that would be an understatement. What I can say though, is when I finally addressed it to the people I trust and care about it lifted a great weight. I guess my advice would be just own it, don't sugar coat, joke about it, and overall let love ones know you recognize the behavior and move forward with the assumption that it was a learning experience and people progress. Often it makes you a much better person.


TIL that a liquor store in the United Kingdom is called an “Off license” because they are licensed to sell liquor for consumption elsewhere, or “off” the premises. ~ Today I Learned

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Off licence, two Cs.


Here in the Netherlands we have a nightshop that delivers liquor, but you can't buy it in the store. So when you enter you pick which bottles you want and then the dude tells you to wait around the corner and he comes to deliver it on his scooter lmao. Edit: btw this is not a normal thing here lol, its this one nightshop in the city that got fucked with the licences.


In Australia (at least my part of Australia) they are most commonly called bottle shops or "bottlo's". The reason seems self explanatory to me, not that they don't sell cans of grog too. Edit: Probably worth mentioning that the word "grog" comes from the British navy and originally referred to watered down rum. In Australia the word has become a catch-all term for any alcoholic drink.


Also, we don't really use the word "liquor". It sounds too much like liqueur, a specific kind of alcoholic drink. We generally refer to them as 'spirits'. At least in the North anyway.


Aka "the offie". Eg. "ay up, lass, I'm off downt offie for some cans if you want owt".


A Louisville apartment complex bans loud laughter ~ Not The Onion

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Ok, folks, limit your reddit subs. No more rotflmao.


If you read the article (this is Reddit, who am I kidding) this is a memo from the complex saying that they've received complaints about loud noise from common areas, typically from large gatherings. Loud laughter is given as an example. My guess is because that's usually one of the loudest noises a group of people would make. They're not banning laughter or fun, they're simply asking people not to be excessively loud in proximity to other people's homes. The only people who should be upset about this are the morons who think they have the god given right to make as much noise as they want whenever they want. Fuck them. You signed the lease, there's usually a whole page or two dedicated to behaviors and noise, follow the damn rules.


Must be run by reddit mods. FUN DETECTED. MUST ELIMINATE.


Doesn't want to hear laughter? He's gonna have to stop wearing that toupee.


I study sound and as silly as this seems, something as innocuous as a neighbors constant neighing can have serious health impacts on someone without the ability to shut down their inherent reactions to noises. Insomnia, heart stress, irritability - to name a few.


Amazon workers in Germany strike ahead of major sale: German labor union Verdi has called on employees at Amazon facilities in the country to strike. Workers pushing for better wages have timed the work stoppage to coincide with a major sale day for the online retailer ~ World News

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Hit them where it hurts. Only thing corps care about is money. The only way to incite change is to disrupt that.


I'm not going to buy anything at amazon, this Prime Day. I think online shopping at Amazon got out of Hand.


Fantastic news. We all like cheap stuff but it shouldn't come at the expense of human misery. I totally support automation but it's a different matter to treat humans as machines.


Don't forget the US Supreme Court case from a few years back. Amazon requires that employees go through security after they finish their shift and because of the volume, it can take up to 30 minutes. Employees felt that they should be paid for that time while Amazon said no. The Supreme Court agreed with Amazon and so now employees must clock out and then wait in line to leave.


Meanwhile in the US: "Unions cost 400$ a year. Better buy yourself an Xbox instead."


Little Johnny is back ~ Jokes The teacher asked the class to use the word "fascinate" in a sentence. Molly put up her hand and said, "My family went to my granddad's farm and we all saw his pet sheep. It was fascinating." The teacher said, "That was good, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate', not 'fascinating'." Sally raised her hand. She said "My family went to see Rock City and I was fascinated." The teacher said, "Well, that was good, Sally, but I wanted you to use the word 'fascinate'." Little Johnny raised his hand, but the teacher hesitated because she had been burned by Little Johnny before. She finally decided there was no way he could damage the word "fascinate", so she called on him. Johhny said, "My aunt Carolyn has a sweater with ten buttons, but her tits are so big she can only fasten eight!"

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Anyone care to link little Johnny's previous antics?


Go get your arrow Thanks for the upvotes


Teacher asked the class to come up with a vocabulary word for each letter of the alphabet. For the letter A she sees hands go up and little Johnny is waving furiously. "Ah, I dont think so" , says the teacher to herself. "Mary?" "Apple. Apple starts with A, teacher." Very well. They come to the letter F and Johnny is out of his seat waving his hand "Not going with that one for the letter F, she thinks to herself." "Suzy?" "Farm, teacher. Farm starts with F." " Very good, Suzy" So on it goes until the letter R. Johnny immediately jumps up and start waving his hand. The teacher is thinking, " what bad words could he be thinking of? Well why not?" So she calls on Johnny. "Rats, teacher. Rats starts with R" Startled at his clean response she says inbelievingly, "Rats?" "Yeah, rats. Big motherfuckers with dicks 2 feet long!".


The first time I heard this joke I laughed so hard I almost fell off my dinosaur!


So the teacher then said "Ok, Can someone please put the word 'contagious' in a sentence..?" Again Johnny put his hand up, and the teacher thought that there was no way he could burn her again.. "Go ahead Johnny.." "Me and my Dad were driving to the store and a truck in front crashed and lost its load, and my Dad said "Jeez, it's gonna take some contagious to clean this mess up.."


MSNBC host points to Trump’s immigrant mother: “He should have gone back to Scotland” ~ World News

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Scottish person here. Don't you put that evil on us!


What about his wife, who would have been deported under his own rules. Also she brought her parents here—chain migration, the thing all of you idiots are always telling me is sooo bad. *Rules for thee but not for me*, amirite republicans? Cue up the excuses, boys! Protect your Daddy at all costs!


They wouldn't take him.


We all know Trump has a mind of a toddler, but it seems he may have been an anchor baby?


But windmill cancer...


It’s time to get serious about recycling lithium-ion batteries. A projected surge in electric-vehicle sales means that researchers must think about conserving natural resources and addressing battery end-of-life issues. ~ Futurology

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I feel like it's time to get serious about recycling everything.


WOW so behind the news , batteries are being used to store energy everywhere, yes used batteries that do not need 70% of there capabilities... In fact there is a huge demand for any second hand battery packs.


Li-on batteries recycle very poorly. It's hard to recapture more than about 20% useable lithium from a battery, and it's a very energy intensive process to do so. Also, while lithium based batteries offer the best power to weight ratio yet, they have a very finite life and cannot be restored at the end of it. NiCd and NiMH batteries may not have the power density, but they have a MUCH longer useable cycle life than lithiums, and can be reconditioned back up to about 95% capacity for a nearly limitless service life, unlike lithiums which at the end of their first service life are just dead and unusable. Lithium based batteries are not a good long term solution. At all.


This has always been the sticking point for me when people suggest we stop making gasoline cars, or governments push to go electric. It still costs a used car to get a new battery for an electric car. Sorry. I don't have thousands of dollars to spend on a battery replacement. Figure out how to make it cheaper before you force that expense on a populace.


Also, realize heavy use of these lithium batteries means a huge increase in mining operations.. any area rich in these deposits is going to suffer considerable environmental harm. ChilesArgentinas high dessert is rich in it, and that whole areas is soon to be polluted and destroyed by international mining interest. Dont think going electric is angelic compared to what you use today, its better, but its still consumption. Use and reuse what you have today as much as possible, that is the most eco approach, only when its truly at ita end of life, upgrade. People ditch electronics, cars, etc waaaaay prematurely.


ICE Officer Moved Victim, Misled Supervisors After Hitting Teenager ~ News

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> Despite 18-year-old Ali Mendoza’s obvious injuries when he was struck – and the potential for others that were less visible, like damage to his spinal cord or brain – Malandris “dragged Mendoza over 30 feet back to the opposite end of the street and moved his ICE vehicle to the same location in an effort to frame Mendoza as the cause of the collision by setting up a fraudulent ‘dart-out’ scenario,” according to court documents. > Malandris was suspended for five days because of the incident, though he was later promoted. He is now medically retired. And we wonder why people don't trust cops. Anyone else would have been charged with something akin to "conduct regardless of life" or at least something higher than felony assault. He gets a promotion and then a nice retirement.


Let's see how much traction this gains. Already downvoted to 75%.


I'm starting to think that some of these agents aren't very nice people.


Let me take a guess without reading the article. “Officer was temporarily suspended with pay. Investigation found no culpability. Officer retired and is now collecting a full pension.”


The downvotes are coming in fast and furious on this one. Gosh, I wonder why? Who benefits from ICE having a shining, spotless reputation?


What animal would be cutest if scaled down to the size of a cat? ~ AskReddit

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Bear. Edit. Thanks for all the upvotes! I didn’t expect this to blow up. Thanks for the gold 🙂


Elephants 🐘




A lynx. Imagine a regular cat with giant paws, a beard, and pointy ears.


Cows. I want a mini-cow.


Electric car charge points to be installed in every new home – England will be the first country in the world to introduce mandatory electric car charging points for new-build homes ~ Futurology

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And yet there's *still* no legislation to make rooftop solar, ground-source heat pumps, etc. mandatory on new homes. In fact, the UK government just *increased* tax on solar panels.


I have just bought a new build house that came with a car charge point. However, the ones they are installing are about as basic as you can get. I have a plug in hybrid and needed to buy a new charge point in order for it to work correctly


&#x200B; In time it will seem very strange that you had to go to someplace galled a "gas station" just to make your car continue to go.


I don't see how it's necessary. I use ordinary household output to charge my Leaf and we get along just fine.


They better be putting locks on the panel cause I be damn sure not paying for some asshole midnight charging.


I can only pay 50% of my CC balance this month. How can I calculate the interest I’d have to pay by paying the remaining balance next month? ~ Personal Finance

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On a side note, call or do a customer support chat and ask them to do a courtesy waiving of interest for the month. 3 out of 4 of my cards were willing to. People just never ask.


It’s wild that most of the people on this thread don’t know that interest gets charged on the AVERAGE DAILY BALANCE. So if it’s a 30 day month, you had a 1200 balance on day 1 and a $600 balance on day 30, your average daily balance is actually: ((29*1200)+600)/30 = $1180 The daily interest rate, I’ll ignore daily compounding cuz I’m lazy and just do: 27.24%/365 = .0746301% That for a whole month is: .0746301% * 30 = 2.2389% That times avg daily balance is your interest (it’ll be slightly more than this cuz I’m not compounding daily) 2.2389% * $1180 = $26.42 interest Edit: as someone pointed out, many banks calculate it differently.. however, this is the case (or very close) for most cards in my experience. Edit: my calculations assumed his $600 payment was 1 day before the due date... so... yeah my bad.


27.24/12 = monthly rate on unpaid balance. 24.24/360 should be the daily rate. Stop using the card until a full month after paid in full. This is oversimplified.


The title really looks like the beginning of a math problem


It seems the interest question was answered, but make sure you pay it as soon as possible when you have cash, not just at the end of the month. Of you pay it every time you get paid, your total interest paid will be less. That said, most likely this won't be a huge deal since this is just a 1 month thing. In general I think paying credit cards weekly is a great idea. It keeps your spending habits in mind when you might otherwise lose track of them.


Being summer, many evangelicals are going on “mission trips” to Honduras & Nicaragua… bragging on social media about how righteous they are & how much they “care.” Funny how the moment they return, they don their MAGA hat & shout “build the wall” to keep their pet project where they “belong.” ~ Atheism

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These mission trips are usually scams too. Local people will pretend to be non-Christian or doubting only to have the mission "convert" them. They'll do the same thing next year/mission.




I once had a conversation with a bunch of students running a fireworks stand to pay for a mission trip because they had posted a bunch of flags of a central American country. (I asked why not American flags on the fourth of July.) The kid told me it was the flag of the country the mission trip was bound for. I asked if they were aware that as a 95% catholic country, the central American country was likely more Christian than America and had scant need of tuteledge as a result. The kids response was "oh but they believe a bunch of mysticism and nonsense. " I found this comment so ironic it broke my converser and i left speechless.


These things are a hoot. The average cost is around $1500-$3000 for a single person. LDS has it down though, they're around $500 a head but we're talking Christians here. They send a 20 or more. At the low scale that's $30,000 spent and at the high mark that's $60,000 spent just to get there, room, and board. Of course add some rounding up for souvenirs and WiFi so they can show off themselves giving a "helping hand." Imagine what that money would do if just given to them in food and technology like clean water filtration systems. This scales if you imagine how many churches do this bullshit. Millions and millions are blown out the door for Instagram photos and wealthy parents giving their kids "an experience of a lifetime." Otherwise know as the words I dislike most "My Journey." You didn't have a journey asshole, you blew 2 grand to puff you and your parents up and did jack shit.


They do it mainly for themselves, supposedly to gain a better place in heaven and accolades from their fellow deluded cult members.


Charlottesville white supremacist faces another life sentence for car attack ~ News

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21 years old and he's going to live out the rest of his life in ~~jail.~~ prison zero sympathy


I thought terrorists went to Guantanamo. He got off easy.


Can we rebrand white supremacy to white insecurity?


The harshest criticism this guy ever gets from righties is "he shouldn't have done that." And it's only because it makes the right look bad. Not because of the evil beliefs. Strictly the optics.


With good behavior...he might be out in 300 years.


What technologies from 2019 would seem like science fiction to people from the 1950s? ~ AskReddit

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Even just a smartphone makes me feel like we're living in the future. I'm old. When I was little in the 70s, there were books on the future talking about how we'd be reading the newspapers on our personal computer and how we could talk to someone halfway around the world on a wristwatch. It just seemed like crazytalk to me back in the day. Look where we are now.


I remember my grandpa always being super fascinated with everything his new apple watch could do. I asked him what the big deal was, and he responded with (in Spanish,) "When the first James Bond movie came out, they had these watches that they could talk to each other through like a phone. Everyone laughed at that saying it was super unrealistic, but now we actually have them. I just find that so amazing." He uses it all the time and feels like James Bond when he does I love him.


Cameras that need no film, and can transmit not just still images but full motion video to your friends in a matter of seconds.


Obviously smartphones and tablets, but using the Google Translate camera mode to translate text "live" through the camera still kind of freaks me out even though it's been around for 5+ years.


Basically anything computer based. Nobody back the could have seen the transistor revolution coming, so the massive amounts of computing power and storage now available to the Everyman are insane, to say nothing of the AI revolution. Also basically everything SpaceX is doing. *You're telling me you guys have rockets that land? And they do it themselves?*


People of Reddit, which sequels are actually better than the originals? ~ AskReddit

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Thor Ragnarok for sure


Winter Soldier


The New Testament has a more relatable main character, better pacing, and a great plot twist.


The Road Warrior really shaped the world of Mad Max for me more than the first Mad Max. I tell people to watch Mad Max to get an idea of who Max is but you won't get *into* who he really is until Road Warrior.


*Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan*


You can have sex with one real person from all of human history, Who is your ultimate lay? and why did you choose said person? ~ AskReddit

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My Wife. ^(Because she knows my username :()


Helen of Troy, if thousands of people are killed over one woman it's got to be good.


I'd go back beyond the neolithic, visit some random hot cavewoman in her grotto, impress her with my apple watch and grunt at her for hours. Then I'd record that prehistoric ass going up and down and donate the footage to the british museum for scholars to interpret


RasPutin because he was Russia's greatest love machine


I also choose this guy's dead wife.


I used to sell security alarms door to door, and I was really good at it. ~ Jokes If no one was home, I would just leave a brochure on the kitchen table.

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Sure bro, or rather bro sure


Marketing 101: Make the customers need the product.


Make sure to leave their valuables next to it


I used to sell doors door to door. It’d be really awkward. Ding Dong “Hello, can I interest you in a- Oh wait, nevermind. It seems you already have one”


This isn’t funny, like other comments, but I used to do this for a job. I was really bad at it because I would end up talking to lonely old people for way too long, they actually had some great stories. One lady even took me through a photo album and insisted I have a cup of tea. I’ve visited her ever since.


AP News: Trump moves to end asylum protections for Central Americans ~ News

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The important piece >According to a new rule published in the Federal Register , asylum seekers who pass through another country first will be ineligible for asylum at the U.S. southern border. The rule, expected to go into effect Tuesday, also applies to children who have crossed the border alone. > There are some exceptions: If someone has been trafficked, if the country the migrant passed through did not sign one of the major international treaties that govern how refugees are managed (though most Western countries have signed them) or if an asylum-seeker sought protection in a country but was denied, then a migrant could still apply for U.S. asylum.


As painful as it is to admit, this actually kind of makes sense. If refugees are allowed to “shop around” for the best country to flee to, they are basically skipping the line ahead of people from the countries they would rather not live in who also want citizenship. It’s one thing to agree they have a right to flee, but another to agree the US should be the sole savior for their problems. Maybe a better system would be a global refugee replacement program where they get assigned to a country based on a lottery.


Good and looong overdue. Once you are out of the country you claim is putting you in danger and are accepted into a different one, you have acieved asylum. Going to the US after that makes you an economic migrant trying to cut in line. A Cuban trying to flee can only really go to Florida, so that kind of claim makes sense. A central american though has to pass through one or more countries to make it to the US, which should be their first stop for asylum. Even before Trump, only around 20-30% of asylum claims were granted. Most are denied, but can take a long time to get denied. We need to cut down on meritless claims to make the process go quicker.


“People are generally eligible for asylum in the U.S. if they feared return to their home country because they would be persecuted based on race, religion, nationality or membership in a particular social group.” Just a reminder that poverty, gang violence, & people wanting a better life are not valid asylum claims.


The title of the article is blatantly false. The media isn't even attempting to look unbiased. Trumps policy states that those looking for asylum must do so in the countries they pass through, as it should be. Shopping around for countries isn't something someone really in danger does. If they truly need asylum they would seek it in the first country they can get to.


I’m Robyn Metcalfe, a food historian and futurist with a concentration in the history of urban food markets, particularly in Western Europe during the 19th century. AMA! ~ History

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Would a robotic hydroponic farming system be a viable major food source in the next thirty years? If so, are there any vegetables, grains, or fruits that cannot easily be cultivated by robots?


I love the history of food so I'm really grateful you've offered this AMA. My question is, why is it that some cultures developed to use enclosed ovens but some haven't. For example, lots of English food relies on being able to use an enclosed oven, but other cultures such as say Indian or Mexican don't seem to do that - to the point that some Indian or Mexican families use the oven in their homes as storage, and exclusively use the hob or stove top. We all seem to have started from the same place, cooking over open fires or arrangements of fires with chimneys indoors, so why is there a difference now?


What’s something you think few people today know about food markets of the past?


Hi, thanks for doing this AMA! Two questions: 1. It's often said that "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it". Are there long-lasting historical trends, patterns, or cycles in food history? Any interesting patterns, or patterns that should be absolutely stopped, or absolutely continued? 2. Are meal replacement shakes claiming to be "nutritionally complete, convenient, affordable food with minimal impact on animals and the environment" (such as Soylent, Ambronite, Huel, ...) the epitome of processed food that should be avoided, or the future of sustainable food production? Why?


A question about accuracy in films. What films do you think accurately portrayed eating habits, cooking and food sales over the years? I’m thinking of films like Perfume, Babette’s Feast and in some ways the series Taboo.