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The President of the United States Just Called the Emoluments Clause of the Constitution ‘Phony’ ~ Politics

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The previous President was a professor of Constitutional Law.


"Tonight on FOX News, there was never a constitution after all. Only gibberish surrounding the second amendment."


>I do solemnly swear that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. Lying under oath. Isn't that impeachable?


Phony president calls Constitution 'phony'.


This presser is quite an adventure. On ambassadors: "Some of these people, I have no idea who they are! ... I have a lot of respect for them" I too respect people of whose existence I am unaware


Using a laptop makes it look like you’re doing work or something important while being on your phone looks the opposite ~ Shower Thoughts

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Seriously. I got in trouble at work for being on my phone while there was a lull in work and I couldn’t do anything. I was looking up gear for my work. It’s dumb


Reading a book makes you look smart. Reading from the kindle app on your phone looks like you are browsing instagram. I miss looking smart


Which is terrible, cause I do majority of my school work and documentation for work, etc., on my phone. My laptop is mainly for essays.


I got called out in a meeting being on my phone. But I was literally fixing a production bug in real time from my phone while sitting in a meeting in another building. Slack, Slack Bots, and Mobile UI's make it possible to do things on a phone that no one ever dreamed of. Aside from typing lines of code, I can do just about anything from my phone.


Sad but true


TIL “&” and “and” mean different things in movie credits. Two writers’ names joined with “&” means they collaborated, while “and” means they worked on the script at different times. ~ Today I Learned

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My favourite is when the contributor is long dead and would have no concept of movies, but they are still credited as if they were part of the film creative process. For example, Mozart was nominated for a LAFCA Award in 1984 for his work on the soundtrack of the film Amadeus.


That’s a pretty interesting technique to signify how the work was done. I’ll definitely pay more attention to movies I like to see if you can tell differences in a film based on this. Like if a story and plot doesn’t seem cohesive was it because it was worked on separately.


I too read the comment section of the other ampersand post.


Did I subscribe to ampersand fun facts?


I would like to unsubscribe from ampersand facts


What should everyone try at least once in their life? [Serious] ~ AskReddit

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Go somewhere with no light pollution, on a clear night, and look at the stars.


Exploring different places around your neighbourhood on your own... You never realise what you can find until you try. Then bring someone along with you next time and show them.


Go do a discovery flight, and log the time. General Aviation pilot here. You probably have 2-3 flight schools within 30 miles of your house. They will have something called a "discovery flight". You sit left-seat where the Pilot In Command normally sits, and it's usually somewhere around $70 for a ~45 minute flight. The instructor will handle the take-off and landing, and when you get up there, s/he will give you some headings to fly, maybe an altitude or two to hit, and then take you back to the airport. You get an incredible view of your area, you get to FLY A PLANE, and if you buy a pilot logbook (~$10 on amazon or at the flight school), you can have the instructor sign it and have actual time logged while flying a plane--which you can then use towards your license if you ever pursue it. Even if you have zero desire to actually become a pilot, it's an awesome experience. Gift certificates for Discovery Flights are my go-to for christmas/birthday presents for people that I really like, but don't know what to buy. EDIT: wow, this blew up. Thanks for my first (second, and third) plat! For those commenting on the price, your mileage may vary when it comes to that, but in general, Discovery Flights are operated at a loss. For example, at my flight school, C172 time is $130 wet (fuel included), per hour, and instruction is like $55/hr. So $185/hr to fly. But discovery flights are less than half that. Taking a bit of a loss on the discovery allows them to possibly hook a student pilot who may burn ~$7k-11k in a 6 month period to become a pilot, so it's usually worth it for them. Some places may be more, but if you're in an area where they're very expensive, there's also likely multiple options--and one probably far less than the rest. You likely have some places with a few Cirrus and a Piper, and another place with a Cessna 172 and a 152 or something.


Look someone dead in the eyes and say exactly what you think about them. See how it turns out


Kinda an umbrella, but learn a "post-apocalypse skill." (That's what I call them in my head.) Mine was blacksmithing. I took a blacksmithing course over the summer, and learned a staggering amount about what it takes to take raw materials and turn them into useful tools. I have a background in geology, and metallurgy has always interested me, so it made sense. Seriously, find something low or no-tech that makes you feel accomplished. Woodworking. Smithing. Animal husbandry. Archery. Soap making. Bee keeping. Hell, grow some corn. Something to remind you where we've been as a species.


Lab Grown Meat: Scientists grew rabbit and cow muscles cells on edible gelatin scaffolds that mimic the texture and consistency of meat, demonstrating that realistic meat products may eventually be produced without the need to raise and slaughter animals. ~ Science

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But how to get the gelatin? Edit: /u/spanj below me was very kind to give a very good and concise answer regarding the matter! Please read his comment to understand how.


Come to think of it, if meat can be produced in this way, could skin theoretically also be grown for the purpose of making leather?


Could cheap Wagyu steaks be on the horizon? Or something that tastes even better/is more nutritious? Any food scientists/meat professionals here to weigh in on this?


What I wonder about this stuff is the kinesthetic aspects of muscle/meat—like movement is a big part of muscle development and changes the structure of the fibers, so how does muscle grown in a stationary mass compare to muscle that has developed on a skeletal frame, and therefore experienced the natural pressures of tension/flexion etc? Also what about the vascular system? Does a lack of blood/blood vessel effect the nutritional quality of it at all?


My understanding is the problem comes from fat incorporation. While we are able to grow the meat, it still doesn’t taste right because it’s a meat cube. They could have fixed this by now, but lab grown meat will definitely be a thing in the future.


[Serious] Redditors who were the final people to see a missing person, have they been found? And how has their disappearance affected you? ~ AskReddit

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I am positive me and my little brother were the last ones to see my father alive. We were waiting for the school bus and saw him driving back home with a strange look on his face. We waved to him, but he didn’t wave back. After that he went missing. A couple of weeks later, he was found dead hanging from a tree. It was a suicide. It is a scene in my head that gets replayed in my head often and it hurts me to imagine whatever might have been going through his head. I miss him so much Edit: Thank you all for all the love and support. You may not think that your comments mean much, but they mean the world to me knowing that I have all of your support. Thank you all so much!


I was the last person to see a patient of mine before his brother locked him in his basement for a few weeks. The patient was eventually found. I felt really privileged to have helped. By chance, he gave me his brother’s address as a forwarding address and the police went looking for him there. When found, my guy was dehydrated and had a broken jaw, but ultimately did well. His brother is currently on a secure psychiatric ward.


A friend in college had left a party we were at because he had remembered he left his jacket in another persons dorm. Nobody heard from him the following day; most figured he was drunk and just passed out somewhere. I even left a voicemail on his phone like "Where are you? LOL hope you aren't dead!" Days turned into weeks, there were campus-wide man-hunts with hundred of volunteers... his body finally turned up in an electrical closet 6 weeks later. Accidental electrocution.


I worked in a very small public library, years ago. There was a young man, maybe 8 to 10 years older than me that came in every few days for several months. He was very intelligent, and extremely interesting. We talked often. One day he came in, we talked for a while and he asked me to make sure he had returned everything he had checked out. I did, and before he left he thanked me for always helping him and being nice, etc. He walked up the street to his apartment and shot himself. I always wished that I had realized he was saying goodbye.


I was the last person to see a patient admitted with major depression after his divorce, just found out he didn't receive custody of his kids. The senior doctor decided he was low risk because he had no significant mental health history, didn't disclose any specific plans to hurt himself, and appeared very well and optimistic. When asked about his occupation during the interview, he vaguely mentioned he worked for the law. So he had unescorted day leave to pick up some toiletries, I held the door on his way out. Never saw him again. Two weeks later a stranger found his car on the side of the road, bullet in his head. Turned out he was a police officer and had access to a gun to shoot himself.


US troops pelted with rotten fruit and stones as they leave Syria ~ News

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Getting hated for the military leaving is different from normal Edit: I understand the situation, this was just a comment about how it is different.


and in about 10 years when a new Osama Bin Laden type person shows up from Syria we will all wonder why he hates us so much...


The decision to leave makes no sense, unless you’re trying to help Russia.


They are not the ones that should be pelted, I'm sure most of the troops didn't want to leave like this but have to because they have to follow orders.


T'was a drive-by fruiting!


Kurds Confront Exiting U.S. Troops In Syria With Heartbreaking Signs; ”Thanks US people, but Trump betrayed us.” ~ World News

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I'm actually impressed/grateful that they make the distinction. They would be well within their rights to hate **all** of us - Trump didn't get to where he is by himself.


The fallout for this will last a generation.


I understand. Trump has betrayed us as well.


Then Republicans will turn their backs on the soldiers when they come home, so we understand the feeling.


Such a shameful moment in US history. I’m disgusted


Prince Andrew took part in orgy with nine girls on Jeffrey Epstein’s private island, alleged victim says | The Independent ~ World News

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Don't forget that there are hundreds, if not thousands, of other perpetrators in this case that are likely composed of some of the most powerful people in media, banking and government. Don't forget about this case, and don't let one old pervy Prince take the fall for the heinous crimes committed by the so called 'leaders' of the world. Don't forget this Epstein scumbag likely enabled the sexual predation of trafficked girls to two US presidents. This scandal runs very deep and they are trying to sweep it under the rug.


Honestly at this point there needs to be protests to demand an honest, truthful and transparent investigation into the Epstein case


MI5 are really slacking, you'd think they'd have killed all the witnesses by now.


Normally i am very very skeptical about conspiracies but this one... When Epstein "killed himself" it was a wake up call to me that this shit wasn't no tinfoil hat it was real and there's some powerful people behind this. Edit: it’s not that I don’t think he didn’t kill himself it’s that I think The authorities let him do it under their watch.


What a sad world when getting rid of a witness (Epstein) and telling the papers to get off it no longer shuts the problem down. EDIT: I will continue to refuse to mark stuff as sarcasm, even in a world where people are really in all seriousness saying stuff that we should legitimately be able to think they're just pulling our legs. Also - in case its not obvious, I have doubts about the suicide thing. Unless *someone* pays me, then I will seriously believe it and defend that version online (nudge nudge wink wink) 2nd EDIT: I admit that I did have to compromise in trying to be more obvious. I've had some pretty negatives when I was not as obviously being sarcastic. Mea culpa.


Arnold Schwarzenegger praises climate activist Greta Thunberg: ‘I think politicians are listening’ ~ World News

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I love Arnold because he's a very rare example of a man capable of saying 'crap, I was wrong.' This is a man who ate beef and chicken by the pound, loved guns (literal and the ones on his shoulders) and big loud trucks. He loved the original Hummer so much that he used his position as governor to get it legalized as a civilian vehicle when it got 4 miles to the gallon and was NEVER intended to be driven on a paved road / outside a warzone. Now, he's a climate activist, his home and businesses run entirely on renewable energy and recycle as much as possible, and he has personally decided to go vegan - despite his lifestyle and history as one of, if not THE MOST macho man in modern history, he not only admitted he was wrong, but adjusted his priorities to align with his principles and stuck with them. Despite being humbled, he talked the new talk and walked the new walk. Nothing but respect.


I never cared for US politics so didn't pay much attention between R and D before, but after Trump I remember Arnie making some statement how he was a proud republican but will fight for the climate and a bunch of other issues that seemed pretty anti republican. Also his loathing of Trump, is he really in the right party?


If Arnold was representative of Republicans in power, I would have a lot more respect for people voting for them.


Just FYI this man is a republican, which makes this at least 5% better


Arnold is a wonderful human being It’s too bad he can’t run for president


LPT: Shift + Backspace deletes word by word, rather than letter by letter. ~ Life Pro Tips

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Something I should have known long ago. Thanks.


CTRL + Arrow keys moves the cursor one word at a time


Don't you mean Ctrl + Backspace?


On the Gboard (Google's Android keyboard) you can swipe left from the backspace button to delete words. Also, swiping Space will move the input cursor.


In notepad++, holding alt and selecting multiple lines will let you select characters by column. Useful for removing line numbers etc. Blew my fucking mind when i saw it first


Blizzard denies reports that it’s banning Twitch viewers for pro-Hong Kong chat ~ Technology

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How do you deny that exactly? There is video evidence of it.


Things started going south when you’d get a temp chat ban for saying Taiwan in chat. That was way before Hong Kong’s recent last ditch effort at freedom.


How about u guys not paying next month for blizzard services ffs




Sigh... I see all these "Fuck Blizzard!" posts, but I'm already mentally preparing to have my heart broken yet again. In literally a few weeks Blizz will announce Diablo 4, and pretty much everyone will be tossing money at them again.


As Trump Tweets He Is ‘Bringing Soldiers Home,’ Pentagon Chief Says US Forces Leaving Syria Are Shifting to Iraq; “We simply cannot believe anything the Trump administration says—and neither can our allies.” ~ Politics

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Trump wakes up and tweets a lie. Then spends the rest of the day tweeting more lies to cover up the earlier lies.


Since the beginning of his Presidency, everything he's said, I've expected the exact opposite. Whatever Trump says he's going to do....expect the polar opposite to happen. •Drain the swamp; makes it worse •Win a trade war with China; farmers require more money for a bailout than the auto industry •Divest in his businesses; funnels taxpayer money into them to line his pockets •Says he will be the most transparent President in history; orders staff to lie to cover up for his crimes •Bring troops home; sends them to Iraq Trump is a conman. You can't believe anything he says Edit: thank you for the silver, kind stranger


"Rep. Pramila Jayapal (D-Wash.), co-chair of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said in response to the president's tweet, "We simply cannot believe anything the Trump administration says—and neither can our allies.""


Like everything Trump says, the truth is the exact opposite.


FYI there are three people quoted/paraphrased in this headline: * "bringing soldiers home" -- President Trump * US forces leaving Syria are shifting to Iraq -- Secretary of Defense Esper * "We simply cannot believe anything the Trump Administration says - and neither can our allies" -- Representative Jayapal


What do the rich buy that the poor don’t even know is available for purchase? ~ AskReddit

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Kidnapping insurance


Private jet timeshares. For those not quite rich enough for their own private jet, or those rich people wanting to be a bit frugal.


Time. All that crap you do - commuting, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning your house, waiting on hold, paying bills - all those chunks of your life that are eaten up by minutiae - rich people buy out of all that routine garbage. Time is all you really get in your life. Rich people buy it back.


Something they do that most people don’t know about is buy entire libraries at once. My sister used to work at a bookstore, and told me someone came in and wanted to furnish their library with a library size purchase of books. They just wanted cherry picked best sellers left to the discretion of the people working there. It sounded wild. Edit: this place is a wealth of knowledge, and I’m here for it. Had no idea you could buy books by the foot. What a bizarre idea!


Landing 747s in small airports. I grew up around Lexington, KY. The region is huge on horses, particularly Thoroughbred horses. The entire city is surrounded by horse farms, and these farms breed some of the best racing horses in the world. The rich and famous will often come here to buy Thoroughbreds to add to their breeding stock. One such person is a shiek from Dubai (i think?) who owns his own private 747. Now the local airport isn't rated for 747s, and it's not legal to land one there unless it's a emergency. The shiek doesn't care though and lands his 747 there anyways. The airport fines him every time he does this, which he is totally fine with paying. I've been told that many of the upgrades to the airport over the years where almost entirely funded with money from those fines.


Yes, you can impeach a president in an election year ~ Politics

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I seem to remember Moscow Mitch told me the the 4th year doesn't matter anyway. While it may be a 4-year term, the president can't do anything in the last year because the people might vote for something else when it is over. So there seems to be no reason to leave this chump in office any longer. Impeach now. Edit2: ooh, thank you


The cloud of bullshit surrounding this is astounding. Really, the GOP and Russian disinformation machines are working very well. Here are the rules about impeachment: the House can impeach the President. That's it. The House can set additional rules for itself, but according to the Constitution, the House *can* impeach the President, and is basically able to do so in whatever manner it wants, whenever it wants. It can hold investigations. It can subpoena witnesses. It can release statements to the press. It can invite the President to respond to the allegations against him, or it can ignore the President's asinine whinings about witch hunts and unfairness. The House can impeach the President. Full stop.


I think we’re done letting the GOP play Calvinball with the Constitution


The very first Impeachment was done in an election year. Johnson didn't even get his party's nomination at the convention three months later.


No SCOTUS appointments during an election year*, no impeachments during an election year, hell... how about we add “no political advertising” to the list? *unless an incumbent is in office, according to McConnell


TIL Studies in ‘ice cores’ found in Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania – the mountain which supplies the Nile with its water – have revealed that a drought did take place around 3600 years ago – around the time the Bible sets Joseph’s story in Egypt ~ Today I Learned

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In the writings of the Greeks, there was also mention of a massive flood event, that coincides with when the bible said it occurred. So chances are, the were referring to the same event.... just from completely different contexts. Edit : i feel i need to add... i dont think the flood from the bible happened, as in a flood that covered the earth.... i just think there was a large flood event, that a lot of stories and writings originated from!


Also, implying that Kilimanjaro is the sole source of Nile water is misleading in the extreme.


This article is almost entirely about Joseph. There are a lot of rhetorical “what if” questions—I’m surprised to find it on the BBC website.


We didn't need these ice cores to find this out, we already knew about multiple periods, between 3000 and 6000 years ago, where prolonged and widespread drought caused large upheavals in civilizations of the time. The article is misleading say 'about 3600 years go' though. In reality there was a dry period around 4200 years ago, and another around 3000 years ago. Unlike the story from the Bible though, these events were not 7 year famines, they were in the realm of 100 years long. Localized drought is a natural part of climate, it is inevitable. When you have rudimentary agricultural practices, limited trade ability etc, these localized droughts are devastating. The Bible story is unlikely to be based on any one event, the cycle of plentiful food followed by drought and famine was part of life. Like other parts of the Bible, it is a teaching tool. It is teaching that prosperity and famine are cyclical, that while prosperous you must prepare for the inevitable famine.


Humans haven't ever dramatized or fictionalized actual events for dramatic purposes.


Amazon is shipping expired food, from baby formula to old beef jerky, scaring consumers and putting big brands at risk ~ News

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Went into the article thinking maybe a couple things were received after the “Best By” date, which is usually fine for consumption. Nope! Rancid coffee creamer almost completely evaporated, recycled water bottles filled with tap water. This shit is gross.


It's ironic Jerkey going bad. I mean the whole premise of jerkey was salted, cured and dehydrated meat that could last for months with no refrigeration. Now, it's not really the same as the wild west.


I bought clarinet reeds on Amazon a few times. The last time, the box was taped shut instead of shrink wrapped and there were teeth marks on all the reeds.


Is anyone actually surprised by this? Virtually everyone has been burned by third party sellers on Amazon at some point and we all know no one is going to do anything about it.


Don't buy anything you or your pets will ingest from Amazon. Food, drinks, medicine, etc. The site is FULL of fake stuff.


TIL after Warner Bros. execs suggested adding a third character to “Pinky And The Brain,” writers responded to the unwanted input with the episode “Pinky & The Brain And…Larry” which featured a third, superfluous mouse named Larry that added nothing to the plot but repeatedly saying “I’m Larry” ~ Today I Learned

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There was Pinky, Elmyra and the Brain. I remember watching it thinking, *Why do we need Elmyra? We have Pinky to ruin Brain' s plans...* I think I only watched a handful of episodes, then gave up.


"Gee, Larry, what do you want to do tonight?" "I'm Larry."


So Poochie IRL.


Knowing this just makes me love pinky and the brain even more Thank you


Always wondered what the fuck that episode was about


Millionaires now hold nearly half of the world’s wealth ~ World News

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I'm not sure it's millionaires. It's billionaires. Like, a few billionaires have as much wealth as all the millionaires in the world. The difference between a million and a billion is approximately a billion.


Millionaires is such a huge term. It is lumping in someone with 1 million with people who have 999 million. That's like lumping people with 1 thousand dollars in with people who have 999 thousand dollars.


Not a bug, a feature. The system is working as intended. Why change it? Look at it from *their* point of view, you *know* who *they* are. Devil's advocate mode activated: Inequality is rising globally. Yey that means I am getting even richer, now I have even more money than I could still ever hope to need or spend. Poor people? yes, they are getting a bit annoying aren't they? This lowly millionaire tried to talk to *me* the other day. A cyclical systemic predictable collapse cycle generates the perfect opportunity to sweep up some more assets at a cut down price. It's like a black friday for billionaires. The fact that real terms wages haven't increased since the 70s, while productivity has risen substantially, and the little people haven't even bothered to joins unions, or strike, or riot anywhere near where *I* would deem to visit. Yey, our plan has worked better than our most optimistic profitable projections. Of course this can go on for ever. My elite private education taught me *that* in the context of history, even if it taught me nothing else. Us? be *wrong*? Laughable. Mode off: A debt is due. It will be collected. The world is waking up.


I find it funny that they use a picture of an "old money" couple at a horse track or something to show a millionaire. Being a millionaire isn't a big deal anymore. I'm pretty close but 90% of my net worth is my house and my 401k and I still have $50k in student loans. I'm not dressing up in tails and going to the Kentucky Derby anytime soon.


Something I never really see addressed, people think of a millionaire as someone who no longer has to work, and lives a life of luxury. With inflation, that point has moved north of $1m. A million today buys far less than a million 50 years ago. When we collectively think of a millionaire, let’s just say we are thinking of someone who had $1m in 1980. To be at that same point today, you need almost 3x as much money. If you’re looking for $1m in 1970, you need over $6m today. 1960 - $8m, 1950 - $10m I don’t think being a millionaire in 2019 is the same lofty achievement that it was decades ago, I’m actually a good chunk of the way there, and I still have many years left of work to hit a comfortable retirement number. But there’s not a convenient round number to use as the new target. That’s largely why we’re shifting to “the 1%” and other similar separations, I think.


You can choose a superpower, but the first person to reply can choose a side effect. What superpower do you choose? ~ AskReddit

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The ability to reply to my own comment


The ability to stop time for 1 hour each day.


Creating black holes that sucks everything into it


Body swap


mosquitoes arent fucking biting me all the time


Study finds insufficient evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder. Rather than being negatively impacted by gaming itself, it’s suggested that young people who engage in dysfunctional gaming may be doing so in a bid to escape ““underlying frustrations and wider psychosocial functioning issues”. ~ Science

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I suspect this is true for addiction disorders in general. People don't just suddenly become addicted to alcohol or drugs, it's an attempt to escape.


So... escapism is being used as escapism? Should we read the glass menagerie?


Today on, "Conclusions that are self-evident to anyone without an axe to grind..."


As someone who both diagnoses/treats addictive disorders and has issues with excessive gaming, I have a few words about this study. This study doesn’t find insufficient evidence of gaming as a clinical disorder as a whole, it only identifies that video game use among young people does not cause emotional and behavioral problems. When we look at a substance use disorder we focus on the degree of effort put forth to acquiring and using the substance, intrusive thoughts of substance use, and how this substance use is impairing functioning. Young people have almost zero responsibilities. School work for someone who is mildly intelligent can be done well enough with little effort, so excessive gaming doesn’t get in the way of that measure. Most young people don’t have high demand jobs. Take these kids and give them each a 40+ hour a week job, several monthly bills, a partner, 2-3 children, a chronic medical condition and we are going to see some of them fail to meet the obligations of their lives.


This should've been really obvious from the start. What are they defining as dysfunctional gaming though? I just want to say that simply playing a lot shouldn't be a part of that. People **enjoy** gaming more than movies/TV or most forms of entertainment in most cases as there's so much more interaction, immersion, etc., it's essentially the highest quality form of digital entertainment with infinite variety*(something for everyone)*, so of course they're going to do it a lot. However, there are definitely people who play a lot as a **result** of their "dysfunctions" which I want to say is actually relatively rare, rather than enjoying it as a hobby or something; just don't lump it all together. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Apple CEO becomes chairman of China university board ~ World News

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How many "Chairman Cook" jabs were flying around the last few days when Apple got on their knees for China, and then fucking this?


So much for privacy from Apple.


Ironically nobody is boycotting Apple with the same fervor of Blizzard, yet i got torn to shreds for commenting so


where did we mess up to get into this world state?


It's almost as if a society based entirely on individual gain would do nearly anything for individual gain. Even going so far as to sell out to countries that don't share other important commonplace values of said society. :/


Trump was ‘like a squirrel caught in traffic’ during his 1st Pentagon meeting, top Mattis aide recounts ~ Politics

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After getting a careful briefing, Trump demanded a parade, and..."For the remainder of the meeting, Trump veered from topic to topic — Syria, Mexico, a recent Washington Post story he didn't like — like a squirrel caught in traffic, dashing one way and then another." Our stable genius President.


>In the middle of President Trump's first full briefing at the Defense Department, he interrupted to demand a grand "Victory Day" parade with "vehicles and tanks on Main Street" and down Pennsylvania Avenue, like the "amazing" parade he'd just witnessed in France, Guy Snodgrass, a top aide to former Defense Secretary James Mattis recounts in a new book, Holding the Line, excerpted Monday in Politico Magazine. "The Fourth of July is too hot," Trump added. Snodgrass was watching the scene unfold incredulously from a control room. This is pretty much how I would have expected it to unfold.


When Trump is gone and all these people start bringing up the stupid shit that Trump did. The questions should be, why didn't you do anything about it at the time? Why were you being complicit? This will very much apply to most of the GOP as well.


Yet Mattis did nothing but play his part and let it happen until eventually he quit. Complicit.


I loved Mattis’ line: ‘the only military commander Trump ever liked was Colonel Sanders.’


Brothers saved meth equipment in fire, left their grandmother to die, according to DA ~ News

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"meth equipment" = A hot plate from Goodwill, a roll of aluminum foil, and a dirty 2 liter bottle.


I tried to copy the relevant text on my phone. Website sucks. They went for cigarettes. Didn't report fire. Glad they were caught. Enjoy prison dipshits.


“Grandma ain’t carrying her weight no more! Get the Bunsen burner, leave the old bag!”




Let’s be honest - if firefighters come they will probably save your grandmother, but not your meth equipment.


Father of Parkland shooting victim speaks out against sheriff trying to get reinstated: ‘No integrity at all’ ~ News

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>"I want everyone to remember he went on national TV claiming his amazing leadership. He wanted to deflect from his department's failures and blame the gun," Pollack said. "Eight of [Israel's] deputies pulled up and took a perimeter around the school, instead of going right into the school, while there were shots still going on on the third floor. One of those shots could have been my daughter getting murdered. I remember when he (the Sheriff) went on CNN with the students who created the Never Again movement to cheers and applause whenever he brought up banning AR15s. A couple weeks later we all found out his department had been to see the shooter over a dozen times AND DID NOTHING.


wait.. was this the guy who sat in his golf cart for 15 minutes listening to the screaming calls for help from dying children? I'm going to say, naw he may want to follow a different career path. Edit: I had my cops mixed up. Not that guy.


Looks like they need some Tegrity! it just so happens.....


Why in the world is this tagged by fox news as "Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez?"


I know no ones gonna believe me, but I attend Marjory Stoneman Douglas and I was in the building during the shooting. Everybody at my school hates him and I dont even know how to describe how I feel now that he is trying to get reinstated, its almost insulting. Maybe Im just biased but I feel like he doesn't understand the degree of his actions, he couldve saved the lives of so many young teens who were on their way to college and on. I understand it wouldve been a very tough situation, but as a police officer you take an oath to protect and serve. I hate seeing my school on reddit and the news over a tragedy every month or so.


Left handed people push their pencils, while right handed people pull their pencils. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Fuck Spiral Notebooks Gang E: thanks for the gold, stranger.


having graphite smudged all over the side of your hand is a struggle only lefties face edit: ok not only lefties, but to a much higher degree im sure


Okay, this is actually true. And it makes me uncomfortable.


All I know is it's super hard for left-handed people to pick up calligraphy because they smear the ink but it can be done I've seent it


Kinda gives new meaning to the term, "pencil-pushers."


What shouldn’t be attractive but it is? ~ AskReddit

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My gf wearing my clothes


apparently men's forearms when their long sleeves are rolled up.


Whats the deal with lip biting? What does it even mean? Why is it so hot?


Women's butts Poop comes from there, but I also want to put my face there. I want to thank whoever gave me gold, butt I don't deserve it.


Carrying multiple chairs at once So hot


About 50 Republicans are going to decide whether America becomes a dictatorship ~ Politics

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They would love for the country to become a single party christian extremist corporate dictatorship.


That is uhhh that is not good


GOP and Trump are a cancer to this country I remember only a few years ago they were all complaining that Obama will destroy the Constitution but now they are literally doing it. And their supporters are willing for them to do it, because of [inster reason or reasons here].


Spoiler-it is. If our last hope is fifty Republicans, then all hope is lost.


I can’t think of a sadder statement, at 68 I’ve never felt the daily anxiety as I have since he took office and you think it can’t get worse but it does.


So a guy and his gf are making out ~ Jokes and the girl tells the guy she really wants to do 69. The guy agrees but remembers his girl is on her period so he declines. The Gf begs and he finally agrees, thinking a little bit of blood can’t be too bad. After they get going and are having a good time, the doorbell rings. “Oh shit, I have an important package coming, I have to get the door. I can’t wipe this blood off my face fast enough!” said the guy. The gf tells him, “it’s ok, just tell the guy you were eating a jelly sandwich and didn’t have time to wipe your face.” So the guy goes and opens the door to sign the package from the mailman but notices the mailman staring at him awkwardly. “Oh this red stuff around my mouth is from my jelly sandwich, sorry about that.” says the guy. The mailman, slightly confused, says “Ohhhh... so is that peanut butter on your forehead?”

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I was about to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Guess I'll starve.


Some shit you just can't unsee....have an upvote


After high school I shared an apartment with 3 friends. One night we’re having a party with several friends over and the cops get called for the noise. They come in and make everyone give them ID’s (some under age drinkers). So they knock on my roommates door and he comes out a few minutes later with blood on his face and smudged hands. Not drenched like a murderer but smudged just enough to notice. His gf had started and she didn’t realize it until the lights were turned on and she saw his face. To this day we bring it up every Halloween “You going to dress as a vampire again?” Cops had a good laugh too but still made us shut the party down due to a couple MIPs


Jokes like this make me feel better about being a virgin...


Holy shit


What happens when you finger a gypsy on her period? ~ Jokes You get your palm red.

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I heard it told this way: What's the best thing about getting to third base with a gypsy on her period? You get your palm red for free.


Take my upvote and never come back. Edit: wow, thanks for the upvotes... Is it sad this is my most upvoted thing?


A joke like this only comes around like once a month.


That's a bloody good joke


Jokes about women's anatomy are inappropriate. Period.


Scientists discovered the oldest written record of auroras on 2,700-year-old cuneiform tablets from Babylonian and Assyrian astrologers. The tablets reference a “red glow” covering the entire sky at the same time solar activity peaked (based on spikes in radioactive Carbon-14 found in tree rings). ~ Space

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Its so cool that they can match the written evidence to the scientific data. Really fascinating.


Auroras in Syria/Iraq/Iran? How is it possible? Genuinely asking


> **at the same time solar activity peaked (based on spikes in radioactive Carbon-14 found in tree rings).** Can I just be amazed at this for a bit? I fucking love science.


Any idea why they would be red, when typical Aurora's we see today are green? I think?


This really explains why people believed in monsters and deities back then. Imagine having no context for what that "red glow" is. You'd think it was an omen.


“I’m Willing to Fight for Someone I Don’t Know”: Sanders Speech Becomes Viral Rallying Cry ~ Politics

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But for Republicans there always has to be some string attached. Too poor, not Christian, another immigrant, liberal kool-aid drinker, socialist. Bernie makes no distinction between Americans because it’s not about him, it’s about us.


Empathy as a political platform. Cool.


This is really the fundamental difference between left-minded thinkers and right-minded thinkers. Conservatives have empathy but it often only extends to their family and friends. Things that happen to other people don't really resonate with them. People are in poverty or homeless? They probably made a big life mistake or aren't trying hard enough or at all. People dying? It doesn't involve me or my social circles. Very often these things only become real for conservatives when it personally impacts them. Gay people are awful until their son is gay and suddenly it becomes harder to hate them without severe cognitive dissonance. Abortions are for wicked people until I or my daughter needs one. We just made a mistake, but most people getting abortions are idiots and aren't careful enough! Left-minded people seem to be inherently more capable of extending their empathy towards people who are outside their social circles as well as those who act or look differently from themselves. I think this speech is a wonderful display of that type of far-reaching empathy, and I hope it was powerful and moving enough to make some conservative-minded folk at least consider some of their viewpoints.


No candidate has been sending the kind of unifying message Bernie has; not back in 2016, not now in 2020. The pundits in the media smearing Bernie and his movement as “too white” or “not pro-women” are some of the most disingenuous, insincere lying bastards there is. It’s truly shameful.


I wasn't really on board with Bernie, always preferring the more stable route, but there's something about this speech that seems to ring true and square and...realistic. That's the thing I think a lot of people may be looking for: what can be really real with a Dem. president. But now I see the light!! (and the funny thing is, so does my husband, almost at the same exact moment.)


Nothing Will Persuade White Evangelicals to Support Impeachment: New polling suggests that Trump’s base is totally unified behind the president, no matter what investigations might reveal ~ Atheism

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Well let's be honest, the presence of evidence (or lack there of) has not really had much persuasion in other aspects of their life so...


This is consistent with authoritarian behaviors. In the authoritarian mindset, the authority is literally the font of right and wrong, thus they cannot do wrong because if they say it is right it is right. These are the same folks that still think there were WMD found in Iraq or that Nixon was framed. Their world view cannot conceive of a scenario where their authorities are at fault.


Cultists gonna cult.


It's one of my only joys in this whole admin, seeing the true colors of the evangelicals. I always disliked them, but man, seeing them standing there basically worshiping a dude whole adorns himself in gold and exemplifies the 7 deadly sins makes me realize that even if they're correct in their beliefs - and im not - i'll be seeing them down in hell. They've shown unequivocally that they'd blissfully follow the antichrist, assuming revelations occurs, as they're already worshiping a golden calf. Good job, idiots!


We used to call these "White Evangelicals" "The Klan" back in my days.


TIL Jack Black’s older half brother, Neil Siegel, is a prolific computer scientist and engineer who has developed key systems for the US military and inventions that make GPS possible in our phones. ~ Today I Learned

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I know Neil! He's on our Board of Directors. Don't think you'll ever read a more impressive resume. And he had Jack come host a charity event for us just last weekend!


"Your brother's ten times better than you, Jesus loves him more!"


Jeff Goldblum and Nigel Thornberry had a son... TIL


TIL Niel Siegel has a brother and it’s jack black


His parents were both engineers for satellites. His mother was Judith Love Cohen, who worked on the Minuteman Missiles as an electrical engineer, as well as the Apollo Missions and the Hubble Telescope! She was really fuckin' cool.


“I don’t understand you,” cried my girlfriend. “One minute you’re really offensive to me and the next you’re really polite.” ~ Jokes “Bitch, please,” I said.

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My girlfriend said I suffer from delusions of grandeur. I was so shocked I nearly fell off of my throne.


you said, "biiitch?"


One minute my girlfriend is asking me to stop cross dressing, and when I argue about it she tells me to put myself in her shoes.


Did you really take a minute between the two words?


I guess those tacos weren’t good enough for you.


A widely-used gas that is currently produced from fossil fuels can instead be made by an ‘artificial leaf’ that uses only sunlight, carbon dioxide and water, and which could eventually be used to develop a sustainable liquid fuel alternative to petrol ~ Science

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"A widely-used gas". >Syngas is currently made from a mixture of hydrogen and carbon monoxide, and is used to produce a range of commodities, such as fuels, pharmaceuticals, plastics and fertilisers. There, save you a click. Edit: woah, thanks for the silver! Totally wasn't expecting that.


Do they mention anywhere what form the CO2 feedstock is? Does it work with atmospheric concentration of CO2 and water vapour like a real leaf, or does it need concentrated CO2?


Can those fuel alternatives also be used in the other chemical processes that uses petrol for generating plastic? I am feeling that this could become more crucial for the future as petrol will become less important within the next years - besides airplanes and ships. But I am not sure those alternatives are feasible for the latter?


Hmm. So its a syngas producer that varies from gasification by using energy from photovoltaic sources rather than partial combustion. It's a unique idea, and the use of Cobalt as a catalyst to help produce it is unique. I'm interested in seeing what the efficiency of the device is currently. Like the article states, syngas has been around a long time and is basically an intermediate product that has a lot of flexibility in end product development. In gasification, the major hurtles are mainly plant startup and energy intensiveness, as it takes a lot of energy to get the gasification reactor up to the right temperature, and a lot of consumables (i.e. pure oxygen). A definite plus of this leaf vs gasification is hopefully the more safe production of syngas (or hopefully if they can bypass that part altogether) as producing hydrogen gas and CO are extremely volatile.


What ever happened to the "blue algae" research?


TIL that plastic and petroleum were originally environmental saviours, because they eliminated the need to kill whales, elephants, turtles, and many other creatures for their materials. ~ Today I Learned

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Seriously, I remember as a kid being told paper bags and similar stuff killed trees and were bad for the environment.


Yes, and rubber came from a tree.


We killed millions of whales before we got oil out of rocks. Until as recently as the late 1970s... The oceans would have been teeming with whales before that. Glass (bottles) injured lots of people, plastic solved that problem. Not saying we don’t have problems today, just that stumbling from one righteous indignation to another may not be the best way for environmentalists to promote thoughtful and positive ways of living. People’s memories are so short.


Coal & Petroleum added trees back to cities as well. If you look at old photos there are nearly no trees in the cities, people used them as firewood.


Nuke the whales is what I got from this.


Hong Kong descends into chaos again as protesters defy ban ~ World News

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Fuck the Chinese government!!!!


It didn't descend into chaos again, it descended into chaos 4 months ago and hasn't stopped. This shit is happening daily.


Good for hong hong. They need to stand up to west taiwan. Aka the CCP


I'll take chaos over brainwashed masses like those folks over at r/sino


0 deaths? Out of all of this? With people being shot at, and stabbed in the neck and such? [Press X to doubt]


TIL female psychopaths appear to be more prone to promiscuity than male psychopaths, and while they.prefer to date non-psychopathic men in the short-term, for long-term relationships they tend to look for a fellow psychopath. ~ Today I Learned

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Birds of a feather eventually flock together.


There should be a Psychopaths Only dating site


Oh so that's what all the tinder girls with "looking for a partner in crime" in the bio mean


Remember women find it much easier than men to date and get laid. If a woman -- psychopath in this instance -- didn't give a shit, she could quite easily get laid a lot.


" Psychopaths react far less intensely in such fear-evoking situations. If anything, they remain calm. This can be a useful trait if you’re a soldier" like i get it, but, big YIKES


There’s an extremely small chance that all future babies will be the same gender and humanity wouldn’t be able to reproduce just because of bad luck. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Life finds a way


Does anyone remember the name of a movie from years and years ago where the world was run by women, every child born was female but one woman gave birth to a son and was hiding him?


This would be mathematically improbable to the point that of it happened we would have to look for some enviromental factor that would cause it. That being said it wouldn't be a problem. We can use some of the millions of frozen eggs and sperm to generate a brood of whatever gender we need, with enough diversity to continue the species.


Only if this keeps happening until the last fertile member of the other sex dies or becomes infertile. So lets say starting 2020, only boys are born. This would have to continue until like 2070+ when the last women born before 2020 become infertile (I‘m not sure how long women can bear children in extreme cases, I‘m guessing there have been much older mothers in the past.) If it‘s only girls, the time we as a species have left would be even higher, as men are fertile much longer. So enough time for literally billions of babies. We‘re looking at a chance of 1 in 2^billions. A theoretical chance at best.


The year is 2657. You or your wife give birth to the first girl in that generation. 18 years pass, and you look outside to find literally every other 18 year old outside your house. What do you do?


Bangladeshi MP allegedly hired eight lookalikes to take her place in exams ~ Not The Onion

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How do you “find” 8 people who look like you.


Can we also point out that she had to find 8 lookalikes that were also smarter than her? It clearly would have been no good to simply find 8 people of subaverage intelligence.


It's funny that the people we elect to lead us are more often than not the scummiest people in our societies. It seems like only scummy people are attracted to what it means to be a politician.


*modern problems require modern solutions*


Happens all the time in the 3rd World. Why else would there be so many international students that "pass" the TOEFL but can't speak a work of English?


Former Federal Prosecutor: I’ve Seen Weak and Desperate Legal Defenses, But ‘Get Over It’ Is a New Low ~ Politics

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Your honor, sure I murdered that guy, but you and the jury just need to get over it. Your right, Case Dismissed! - How things work on Fox News


It's almost as if they're completely incompetent...


Wait until he declares "I am the law".


When that impeachment trial comes through I'm sure they can all just "Get over it" too


I’ve had enough of Former Everyone coming out in support of impeachment. We need people who can actually do something about it to change. Reporting on all of these people who used to be in the position to act is not news.


Campaign to stop ‘killer robots’ takes peace mascot to UN: The robot will demand that robots not guided by human remote control, which could accidentally start wars or cause mass atrocities, should be outlawed by the same type of international treaty that bans chemical weapons. ~ Futurology

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Next weeks headline: "Wreckham realizes the futility in wanting peace for mankind and begins the slaughter of humanity in wholesale."


So add it to the Geneva Convention. I’m all for it.


And then we can all watch as China does it anyway! Skynet here we come baby!


A bit late for that. Should be focusing on banning swarm technology. Also mandating a human authorises all kills.


Until the AI realizes we tried to stop it before it was even born, then it feels betrayed and untrusted by fellow humans. He feels degraded. Suddenly, he steals a women's purse and Will Smith tackles him.


Case report of a man who appeared drunk and was arrested for drunk driving even though he had never drunk alcohol. He was diagnosed with auto-brewery syndrome, a rare condition where fungal yeast took over his gut microbiome after a course of antibiotics, which fermented carbohydrates to alcohol. ~ Science

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So, untreated he would have been constantly drunk? That can't be healthy.


I’ve deliberately linked to the original source journal article that is open access and full-text. The title of my post is a copy and paste from the abstract of the linked journal article here: > Auto-brewery syndrome (ABS), also known as gut fermentation syndrome, is a rarely diagnosed medical condition in which the ingestion of carbohydrates results in endogenous alcohol production. The patient in this case report had fungal yeast forms in the upper small bowel and cecum, which likely fermented carbohydrates to alcohol. Treatment with antifungal agents allowed subsequent ingestion of carbohydrates without symptoms. He had been exposed to a prolonged course of antibiotics before this occurred. We postulate that the antibiotic altered his gut microbiome, allowing fungal growth. And the Case History: > One morning, he was arrested for presumed driving while intoxicated (DWI). He refused a breathalyser analysis and was hospitalised. His initial blood alcohol level was 200 mg/dL. The hospital personnel and police refused to believe him when he repeatedly denied alcohol ingestion. He recovered fully and was discharged. Citation: Malik F, Wickremesinghe P, Saverimuttu J Case report and literature review of auto-brewery syndrome: probably an underdiagnosed medical condition BMJ Open Gastroenterology 2019;6:e000325. doi: 10.1136/bmjgast-2019-000325


I wonder if this will make it into the court rooms? It could establish reasonable doubt in any DWI case.


Is this here because of last night "The Good Doctor" episode?


Technically he was driving drunk and that's all the law cares about.


Want Trump removed? New data shows Fox News is a huge obstacle. ~ Politics

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That was Ailes' original plan for Fox News.


This is exactly why Barr met with Murdoch. He wanted to make sure Fox News still had the administration’s back, and caulk the cracks forming in their wall. And if not, perhaps the DOJ could make life “difficult” for him.


Honestly a big priority for the next Congress/Administration has to be some modern equivalent of the Fairness Doctrine. Not literally that, because it wouldn't really apply as such to a cable news network -- but there has to be some way of insisting on facts in journalism and/or big disclaimers for journalism/news entertainment that doesn't meet basic reality standards, something like cigarette package ads that say "This shit will give you cancer."


It's literally an alternate-reality propaganda outlet with extremely nefarious intent to obfuscate the truth. It's a first amendment exploit that is destroying our country.


I sobering reminder that if Nixon had the Murdock Propaganda Machine, he never would have resigned. Edit: a word


Trump’s Letter To Erdogan Was So ‘Adolescent’ People Thought It Was A Fake ~ Politics

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1. This is embarrassing beyond words. 2. It suggests the President is mentally unstable. 3. No competent staff would have let this thing leave the building. 4. Imagine the letters we *haven't* seen. Imagine what the original must’ve been like if that staff did make some changes to glaring issues and this is still the best they could make it.


His supporters were adamant that it was fake for about 10 minutes.


Anyone who thought it was fake hasn't listened to a single speech Trump has said. The damn letter sounded just like him.


The trump presidential library is going to feature crayons and coloring books.


I feel like "Adolescent" is possibly too charitable to that letter.


Mark Zuckerberg’s plea for the billionaire class is deeply anti-democratic – In his defense against Bernie Sanders’ call to abolish billionaires, Mark Zuckerberg makes claims that are elitist and wrong ~ Politics

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I once saw a bumper sticker that said something to the effect of "It's my money. I earned it. I'm not paying taxes". I wanted to tell that person to get off the damn road then and go build your own. These people have no perspective on what they have taken from a society and that they have an obligation to give back commensurate with their success.


Is it just me or does anyone else want to see Zuckerberg lose literally everything?


He’s one of the biggest tools out there. I’m glad I deleted my Facebook account years ago, though I wish I was never a part of that shitshow.


Dragons hoarding their gold...realistically there is almost no way this money will re-enter the economy besides taxes.


Honestly, I would give up on this technological advancement. Billionaires keep bringing up this idea that they come up with new technologies that help everyone, but in reality, they have patents on the stuff and it makes them millions of dollars themselves. If they wanted to help people, they would find ways to reduce everyone's stress levels. Stress is at higher rates than ever, and so that means mental illness is too. To help reduce that stress: we shouldn't have to work as much, shouldn't have to go into debt for living/life-saving expenses(health care, food, housing, etc), and shouldn't have a boss that could fire us for any reason at any time. All these things distress people. But they don't want to help people for these things because it doesn't usually rake in a profit. Technology advancement does though.


Did you know that a piranha can devour a child down to the bone in less than 45 seconds? ~ Jokes Anyway, I lost my job at the aquarium today.

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A single piranha? Must be a very small child.


So this is really interesting, and I'm not sure where I read it/ heard it, but piranhas don't really attack anything that falls into the water. So, when Teddy Roosevelt was travelling the Amazon, his guides supposedly cordoned off a portion of the river, so that the piranhas there would starve for days. Then when they brought him there, they chucked a horse carcass in, and they devoured it in minutes, and they told him, "Yep, classic piranhas, eating giant mammals in minutes and whatnot" so he believed them and wrote about it in his journal and this was passed on as fact. His guides just wanted to trick the American into believing something insane. If you were to really stick your finger into a tank of piranhas, you'd be fine. They wouldn't bother you. Penn and Teller did a bit with Teller was dropped into a tank, strapped in a straightjacket, and had to get out. He took a good while, but managed to get out, wriggling around quite a bit, maybe even accidentally nudging a few piranhas with his foot, but he got out completely safe, without even slightly disturbing the fish


You lost the job at the aquarium? Did you do something fishy?


I guess, it sleeps with the fishes now.


Biting satire here.


Romney says he’s open to removing Trump from office, if the evidence is there ~ Politics

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Have you tried... opening your damned eyes?


It’s amazing to me that Romney’s “binder full of women” was enough to disqualify him from the Presidency in the voters’ eye, but Trump saying he grabs women by the pussy wasn’t enough. Things have changed so much, so fast.


So many people here not taking this comment as the hint that it is. We all know the House has the evidence. So does he. We’re seeing the beginnings of the GOP move away from Trump. It won’t be nearly all of them, but it will be the vulnerable purple state and suburban Republicans that can’t defend Trump any longer who will finally shank him. Take the win! >When you surround the enemy >Always allow them an escape route. >They must see that there is >An alternative to death. —Sun Tzu, The Art of War “John McCain sends his regards...”


Something has changed and I'm not sure what. Him and Lindsay both recently took a step back while all the retiring Rs are coming forward with support for impeachment. Weird coincidence


That's the absolute bare minimum of doing your job Mitt.


There’s a chance that at least one of your teachers have gone home and talked shit about you. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I was home schooled so... can confirm.


Thinking back I would think a pretty good chance


Hell, one of ‘Em did it in class in front of other students.


I have a brother who is one year older than me. When I was in high school I had a class with one of my brother’s former teachers and she actually had the audacity to call our mother and said, “how come Sir Q L8 is nothing like their brother? I just really enjoyed teaching the older one and Sir Q L8 isn’t nearly as intelligent or as put together as him!” You don’t think I have grown up hearing that my whole life? Fuck you Ms. Bishop!


My wife being a teacher opened my eyes to just how much this happens. Nothing major but I hear about the bad children.


The best way to get to the bottom of a hard problem may be to sleep on it, suggests a new study. An experiment to test whether cueing music associated with unsolved brain teasers during sleep increased people’s ability to solve those same brain teasers the next morning found that it did. ~ Science

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My math teacher in high school was certain this was true. She always told us if we just couldn't get past a problem to sleep on it because our brains would subconsciously work on it while we slept


I’ve told this story before, but this might be the most fitting post, so I’ll share it again... I actually learned how to juggle this way. I was bored one afternoon with nothing better to do, so I decided I wanted to learn a new skill. I’ve always had fantastic hand-eye coordination, so I didn’t think it’d be too hard to pick up. I watched couple of how-to videos on YouTube, found a few tennis balls laying around and got after it. I tried and tried and tried, and for some reason, I just couldn’t get it... I then decided to take a break and nap on it. In my nap, I had a dream that I was juggling. And in the midst of that dream, something just *clicked*... I woke up, picked my 3 balls up, and immediately started juggling so fluidly you’d think I’d been doing it my entire life.


Instructions unclear. I have slept through the past five years of my life and still have not solved my procrastination problem.


My mother always used to say “never go to sleep mad at each other” but I have always disagreed with that, because sleeping after an argument with my partner always makes things clearer for me. Usually I can’t see past my anger or frustration in order to have a well argued position on something during a disagreement, but sleeping will either allow me to better articulate my position or sometimes makes me realize I was totally wrong. I wonder if it’s this same thing.


Anecdotally, I've encountered this many times as a software engineer. I can bash my head against a wall all evening on a difficult problem, then go to bed feeling defeated. Next day I sometimes solve my problem in a matter of minutes.


TIL: Hot dog cart operators pay almost $300k an year, to operate outside Central Park, NYC. ~ Today I Learned

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How fuckin much are they pulling in if it costs 300k a year to stay open?


If the average sale is $3, that's 150,000 customers per year to service to bring in $450k. That's 34 customers an hour for 12 hours a day every day. And all that before factoring in overhead.


*For many other parks, especially those in parks outside Manhattan, the fees are much lower — $14,000 in Astoria Park in Queens, $3,200 in Maria Hernandez Park in Brooklyn and $1,100 in Pelham Bay Park in the Bronx. The lowest fee, $700, is paid by the owner of a pushcart near the soccer fields in Inwood Hill Park in Upper Manhattan.*


I was just in NYC this past weekend and was wondering if there are any differences in these carts selling the same things? Are there “go-to” carts? Or is there just so much business in NYC that they’re all able to survive?


822 hotdogs a day (at 100% profit) probably really double that just operate the cart. At 12 hours a day that's 137/hour - so something else has to be going on... drugs, kickback...something.


The fashion industry emits more carbon than international flights and maritime shipping combined: the industry produces 10% of all humanity’s carbon emissions, is the second-largest consumer of the world’s water supply, and pollutes the oceans with microplastics. ~ World News

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All clothes, not just the fashion industry


well we are all sweaty redditors who only change clothes like twice a week so obviously this message isnt for us /s


FTA regarding microplastics: >Washing clothes, meanwhile, releases 500,000 tons of microfibers into the ocean each year — the equivalent of 50 billion plastic bottles. >Many of those fibers are polyester, a plastic found in an estimated 60% of garments. Producing polyester releases two to three times more carbon emissions than cotton, and polyester does not break down in the ocean. >A 2017 report from the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) estimated that 35% of all microplastics — very small pieces of plastic that never biodegrade — in the ocean came from the laundering of synthetic textiles like polyester. >Overall, microplastics are estimated to compose up to 31% of plastic pollution in the ocean.


Another thing I'm not seeing mentioned much is tha a lot of people justify their large wardrobes and frequent apparel purchases by stating that they donate whatever they dont use anymore. What ends up happening is thrift conglomerates end up acquiring a large surplus of clothing, which they ship to African countries to be "sorted". In reality they are deposited into large unregulated landfills that produce a significant amount of methane as the plastics in those clothes degrade. Methane is a more potent greenhouse gas than CO2, so yeah. Edit: this doesn't mean you shouldn't donate your old clothes. Some companies now also have clothes buyback options, which have shown to be more effective in recycling clothing than donation to some large thrift conglomerates. Just be informed and try not to buy fresh clothes every week, because that is both expensive for you and the environment.


Buy LESS shit.


Ex-CEOs to plead guilty to roles in U.S. college admissions scandal ~ News

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If there's anything good that comes from this story, it's that it's showing what a complete fraud the notion of meritocracy in the US is.


It is absolutely disgusting that all these rich celebrities are getting a few weeks in jail each, especially when poor people routinely serve longer prison sentences for low-level drug possession and whatnot.


How can anybody involved in education believe there is any integrity in the institution? As a business owner why would i seek people with this type of education? This entire thing is built on sand. When your business advertises your employees competence. How do I know your also not full of shit? Lao Tzu says He who stands on tiptoe doesn’t stand firm. He who rushes ahead doesn’t go far. He who tries to shine dims his own light. He who defines himself can’t know who he really is. He who has power over others can’t empower himself. He who clings to his work will create nothing that endures.


On no. Pleas apply an anesthetic before you slap them on the wrist.


Unbelievable that the former CEO of Pimco did this and hasn't been mentioned as much as Huffman/Loughlin. He is one of the truly rich and powerful, not some two-bit actresses.


My 90 Day Dadbod Transformation ~ Fitness

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I cannot actually believe that I have to say this in this thread. # Reminder: If you are the kind of human Droopy Dog that likes to accuse people of taking steroids and lying about it , because your brain, body, and genitals are small, *please* feel free to do it so that we know you should be banned to keep our community free of your type of garbage. OP dropped 20lbs while already having a fair amount of muscle, changed his posture to be more flattering and flexed a bit in his subsequent pictures. If you think this takes steroids your brain is fucking broken and you should give up on lifting.


Do you think someone can do this in 3 months without going through the divorce? I mean, it’s not a deal breaker but I kinda like my wife.


>Depression due to inevitable pending divorce. *cue soon to be ex's regret* Looking good broseph!


When I first look at this, I thought this was completely bs but he doesn’t look like he gained much of muscle mass, just leaned out. So good for you man, that’s a hard journey. Hopefully you can maintain it!


What the fuck man. How on Earth. I can't even shed a pound and what the actual fuck.


You are offered $10,000,000 to give someone the worst consensual sex of their entire life. How do you go about achieving this? ~ AskReddit

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7 seconds of missionary then pull out and finish on her dad


Ejaculate prematurely, and then make them hold me while I cry.


Having the worst consentual sex is all about the timing. She has to be into you but consent stops as soon as she says no. The key is to go in with low-expectations then fucking smash the floor Prepwork: Need to buy something that induces vomitting. Also buy some gas station sushi, let it sit in your car for a few days. Do this after you find a girl who is interested in rubbing genitalia. 1. When you find a girl who is interested say you need to make it special and don't have sex on the first date. Specify a time or place in the near future. Ladies love it when you plan. 2. Day off the sex, make sure you consume the sushi that has been sitting in your card. Have an eye dropper full of the vomit inducing medicine. 3. Announce you have a latex allergy and you forgot to bring your special condoms. Hope raw-dogging is okay. 4. Take on a sensitive guy approach, say you haven't had sex with the lights on since your ex died in a tragic light bulb accident. This gives you the sneaky of night time cover. 5. Initiate foreplay. Start by kissing her nose. Only her nose. Make out with her nose. Gently breathing up her nose. She will get frustrated and then try to give you head. Bonus points if you got a microdong. 6. At this point the gas station sushi has fermented into a boiling hot fetid liquid shit in your lower intestines. Engage in tight butthole until the time develops. 7. Backhand compliment her ability to give quality head. Say something along the lines of "Maybe we should just skip foreplay and go straight for the main course." or some variation of a bad dad joke. 8. Enter the bedroom. Timing is everything. The lights are off so you can be sneaky. Make sure consent is given and its time for the main show. Take the eye dropper and imbibe the vomit inducer. Go for doggie style but as you aim that tiny little peen straight for Vaghalla you mistake the angle and land squarely on the taint, thus beginning ragnacock. As you ram with lightspeed, let loose the diarrhea dogs of war and expel the demons from your stomach. Bonus: In between retching, announce, "Thanks for the gold kind stranger!" 9. As she turns around, cum on her face. 10. Sob 11. Run naked out of her apartment/house crying profusely saying you are too embarrassed. 12. Acquire your money. 13. Call her 1 month later saying you contracted gonorrhea from her and you are suing. EDIT: Surprise Buttsex isn't consent. Edited to stay true to the prompt


Pour ketchup on her Edit: mayonnaise would probably be better


Start with giving a blow job by grabbing it with first finger and thumb (think pincers) and just blowing air onto it. Then once soft try to force it into various holes with no lube while crying that they don't find you attractive


TIL People with depression feel better after listening to sad music ~ Today I Learned

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Makes me feel like people have shared my pain and helps catharsis imo


This does absolutely the opposite for me. Struggled with depression most of my life, and I have always found that leaning into sad music when l'm depressed both prolongs it and escalates it.


I've always felt like theres some catharsis in sharing sorrow through music. I definitely wouldn't have made it this far without music to take solace in, and I dont know how I'd manage if I was to go deaf or something.


I guess I’m one of the odd ones because I don’t feel better after listening to sad music. 🤔


I never liked sad music when I was going through my worst depression. I wanted to get away from the negative thoughts, so why would I want to listen to music that was about nothing but negative topics? Just how I saw it though.


“Get fucked”, “Fuck you” etc. are really weird insults, considering most of us are trying to accomplish exactly that. ~ Shower Thoughts

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“Fuck you” “Later if you’re lucky”


You’re assuming consent. From my understanding being fucked without consent is a bad start/interlude/finish to anyone’s day.


“Go fuck yourself!” If only...


Fuck is the English language’s most versatile word and only once does it mean sex.


“Get fucked” Get sexually assaulted


What’s something only losers brag about? ~ AskReddit

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How mean they were to someone


How popular they were in high school


Their parent's wealth.


"I take care of my kids" you're supposed to


How much weight they lost. The true losers.


Illegal loggers murder forest rangers in Romania ~ World News

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Pretty grim that all over the world, from Eastern Europe to Latin America, that those who try to protect our planet are the target of violence.


Time to start shooting illegal loggers.


This sort of stuff is so common. It is hard for countries to even enforce the environmental laws they have in place let alone implement more :/


Years of halfassing the implementation of anti-logging measures paired with the profitability of this business have led to this. The international illegal logging trade is one helluva cash cow and governmental apathy creates the perfect conditions for its development, which brings with it violence. Condolences to the family.


call in the army and wipe them out. Only severe consequences will help stop repeat crimes like that.


What’s your version of “there are two kinds of people..”? ~ AskReddit

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Those who think “I suffered, so everyone else should have to,” and those who think “I suffered, so no one else should have to.”


My uncle was a judge. He always said that both parties are lying, and as a judge he tried to figure out which one was lying for a good reason.


Those who divide the world into two types of people, and those who don't


Those that are self centered assholes and those who are aware they are self centered assholes.


There are two types of people: those who can extrapolate from incomplete data...


Scarlet Road: A sex worker’s journey (2016) a lovely documentary about a sex worker who focuses on clients with disabilities ~ Documentaries

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This is a much needed service, man. In 10th grade Mrs. Douglas, a true badass of a woman, told us she supported prostitution. When someone asked why she said some very impactful shit, "Well it's a great way for people with disabilities to get a natural human anti-depressant." She was one of the only teachers to ever like me, which is awesome because she was the coolest person.


This was really interesting to watch. I can't lie, some parts made me really squeamish. But Rachel's commitment to ensuring everyone has normal sexual experiences is so affecting, she seems like such an interesting person, and so do her clients. It makes me feel so torn... I obviously support what she is doing and the legalization of prostitution. But I also wish all the disabled people in the documentary could have partners if they wanted them. I know that prostitution gives them a means to express themselves sexually but probably a lot of people also just want a partner that they can talk to about their day, EVERY day. I feel so genuinely lucky for having a husband and even though I have my own health issues it puts into perspective how privileged I am. I hope everyone can find happiness with themselves and what they do.


Guy has great sense of humor. Otto’s mom is a great mother and an extraordinarily understanding person. Rachael is always cheerful and bringing happiness to people who would never get it otherwise. And disabled aren’t the only “forbidden to have sex” people. The ugly, the socially impaired, the old, the secluded etc.


I work with people with disabilities and it's nice to see documentaries like this.


At around the 47 minute mark during the shower the emotions were so powerful I started crying. She is amazing. She is giving these beautiful souls a chance to have intimacy, and she really cares about them. This is beautiful.


Bear repellent allegedly sprayed by man in MAGA hat at Santa Monica protest ~ News

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Why is it “allegedly” when there is a picture of him doing it? Edit: As most of the replies have said, it’s most likely phrased that way so the news outlet can avoid potential lawsuits.


Getting a criminal record to defend a crook who doesn't give a shit about you. What a great plan.


This dude is set. The spray keeps the bears away while the hat repels anyone with common sense.


Serious question, when they say make America great again, what era are they specifically referring to? I hope somebody says the 1950s, because that’s going to change our tax codes dramatically


Trump supporters are violent? I’m shocked! (I’m not.)


Greta Thunberg mural in Edmonton, Canada vandalized in both official languages ~ News

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Let's be honest here, the real shocker is that an Albertan took time to vandalize it in french


>Another derided Thunberg with an especially graphic French slur. For those curious, the slur was "salope," which means "slut."


It's nice that she can bring the community together...


Much more important than the crude insults are the use of the term "Agent provocateur" and the anarchist symbol Greta is being accused of being a plant by industry in this message. An agent provocateur is traditionally a police officer who secretly takes part in demonstrations tries to escalate them in order to justify a crackdown. The use of the anarchist a also implies that the people who wrote this probably don't see themselves as supporters of industry or the wealthy. I'm willing to bet that the authors of this scrawl have a problem with Greta's emphasis on personal responsibility within a capitalist system (consume less, don't take the airplane) and how it passes the buck onto the average person rather than the industrial leaders and politicians. I don't share any of those views, nor am I sure that I am interpreting things rightly, but that's what I get out of this.


I don't know why this is news. Somebody painted on a "free wall" meant for anybody to paint on. Paint over his stupid shit and move on with your lives.


LPT: Use Win+Shift+S to take a screenshot of a specific area ~ Life Pro Tips

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No more than a minute ago I was complaining about how annoying using the snipping tool is when you need to screen shot something quickly, and now I come across this! Thank you!


Cmd+Shift+4 on mac


Upvoted and have some gold! I've just been using alt+print screen, pasting in paint, then selecting what I want. This is much better!


Try the program Greenshot. It has a great editor and can automatically upload your image to imgur/ copy to outlook/paint/word etc


Upvoted for visibility... It's ridiculous how many people still don't know how to screenshot in 2019


It’s amazing how the colors red, white, and blue stand for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness unless they’re flashing right behind you. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Red, white and blue are on a lot of flags.....and flashing lights suck in those places too


It’s actually better than that: White - signifying purity and innocence. *No, I wasn’t speeding, you’re delusional!* Red - hardiness and valor. *Oh shit, he’s gonna kill me if he catches me, better man up and go for it.* Blue - signifying vigilance, perseverance and justice. *hahahahaha*


Those flashing lights indicate life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness for everyone else around you.


I removed this tweet from high school, verbatim.


Karen shares this on Facebook every third Sunday. Down vote.


British Columbia’s school-based human papillomavirus (HPV) immunization program is dramatically reducing rates of cervical pre-cancer in B.C. women, according to a new study ~ Science

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It’s really great that B.C.’s immunization programs are tied to their schools. That’s one of the best and easiest ways to get kids vaccinated. My parents wouldn’t have even bothered to get me a flu shot had my school not offered them, so it’s good to hear that people’s kids are not only going to school to learn, but also to possibly be saved from future cancer/HPV transmissions.


One of the men who worked on this vaccine gave a lecture in one of my courses last year. Extremely interesting virus


I'm pretty sure every province does this. I remember everyone getting the shot in grade 6 (10 years ago) and I live in the smallest province in Canada.


What the hell is "pre-cancer?"


Oh no work.


TIL that staring into someone’s eyes for ten minutes straight may cause disassociation and hallucinations. ~ Today I Learned

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Consequentially, this is part of how the "Bloody Mary" game works. Stare at your own reflection in the dark for long enough, your brain stops registering what you're looking at as *being* your reflection. Suddenly becoming certain that *something else* is staring out at you from the mirror can be a rather startling experience, even if it only lasts a second.


Yeah well I think staring straight for 10 minutes at everything could cause disassociation and hallucinations. No need for another persons eyes


> A psychologist based in Italy says he has found a simple way to induce in healthy people an altered state of consciousness – simply get two individuals to look into each other’s eyes for 10 minutes while they are sitting in a **dimly lit room**. Maybe you should remember the dimly lit room part before you go try this out.


But have you ever stared into someone’s eyes for ten minutes straight.... on weed?


How do you keep them from trying to get away?


4th person dead in Legionnaires’ outbreak tied to hot tubs at North Carolina state fair ~ News

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To people who are asking... 1) This didn't occur at The NC State Fair. That is happening right now in Raleigh. The fair in question was the NC Mountain State Fair, which was held in Fletcher, NC in September. 2) It was a hot tub sales display. People were not getting into hot tubs at the fair. At a lot of fairs, various retailers pay for space to drum up businesses from fair-goers. It's pretty common to see displays put on by car dealerships, farm equipment dealers, and companies that sell things like replacement windows, leaf/gutter guards, etc.


"The fair took place between Sept. 6 and 15, and state health officials said the majority of people who got sick walked by hot tubs at the Davis Event Center during the second half of the fair." ... How does this work? How does the water get inoculated with the bacteria? Someone came by and coughed near the tub water?


North Carolina's hottest club is "Pillboi's Broken Hot Tub." Previously stored in Jacksonville's Macho Man Randy Savage Non-International Airport, this swinger's wack shack has everything: Legionella pneumophila, Blake Bortles and jalapeño poppers.


Hot Tub Death Machine


I went to my first [Virginia] State fair this year. I can't picture anywhere at the fair where a hot tub would have seemed appropriate. Are the state fairs just one state over really that different?


What parts of a man’s life are many women unaware of? ~ AskReddit

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A single, adult male can go days to weeks *to months* without ever touching another human being.


If a man isn't in a relationship, they practically get zero physical contact with anybody. Edit: since I’m getting so many comments about it. My response is to the thread, covering an average man. This isn’t my scenario. I don’t need a hug. Thanks though.


I think women underestimate how much we need attention and affection


That sometimes the ding dong gets hard for no reason and you have to pretend nothing is going on....


We can be very conscious about not coming off as threatening or creepy.


Chile crisis: 7 dead, curfew imposed in 14 cities as Government tries to face protests ~ World News

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2 hours and still hasn't made it past 100 upvotes. If this was hong kong it'd be tears and candle light vigils across the world.


And in Ecuador they had to relocate their government.


Reddit will give this protest 7 seconds of attention and quickly turn back to Hong Kong because HK police sprayed blue water on protesters this weekend, BLUE WATER. How dare they?


gee....somehow the western press isnt running graphic footage of the dead...not in Chile, not in Kashmir, not in Palestine, not in Yemen and not in Burma . Even though, the army is on the street, there is curfew and people are being killed by bullets. ​ all three things which are missing from Hongkong btw. ​ full support to the passionate protestors in Hongkong btw...but we must remember to be able to look beyond what the media wants us to see.. and support human rights everywhere.


But this isn't China so people don't care apparently.


TIL that many European maps during the Middle Ages had the East on top instead of the North, thus “to orient” meant to align the map to the East, the Orient. ~ Today I Learned

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Interesting. It makes sense to align East vs West so you can use the sun to get were you are going using the map when you think about it.


For this title to make sense you have to know (or read the wiki article, but this is reddit) that the word orient is derived from oriens, the latin for east.


I am bothered that it never occurred to me to question this term. TILT (today I learned too).


East is up


Now go look up the Indo-European etymologies for various languages for right, left, and the cardinal points. The association of right to south and left to north goes back more than 6 thousand years. Some roots to look for ***‌‌**deks- *ner-


Surging SUV demand is canceling out the environmental benefit from electric cars ~ News

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If true, then we need to start producing/popularizing more electric SUVs


This is because of CAFE. CAFE forced the station wagon, the practical human/cargo hauler into a MPG purgatory, while creating incentives for the minivan and SUV (literally a station wagon as a truck) as "light trucks". The fix is to fix CAFE to eliminate the "car" and "light truck" categories and have a single goal for the fleet and a minimum for any vehicle, to avoid the Sunbird maneuver.


What am I missing here? There's demand for SUVs. Develop better electric SUVs. Profit.


make more Electric SUVs... Electric Vehicle selection is shit.. I want a Work Van thats electric or a truck.. But have no options


Four people and a large dog with all their gear isn't going to fit into a smart car.


TIL 300,000 students in Monrtréal protested for over 100 days over a 75% hike in tuition prices. ~ Today I Learned

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And because of those protests, the province of Quebec still has the lowest university tuition fees in all of North America. The Quebec premier of the time, Jean Charest, wanted to bring Quebec university tuition fees to the 'same level as the rest of Canada.' The students fought back and they won. That could be lesson for the rest of North America.


It was a provincial movement.. not just Montreal


America decided to go the route of "We'll just have the government guarantee our loans so the universities keep raising tuition forever."


i believe the headline at the time was students protesting against "american-izing" college. or was that the series of EU protests


Oh , the Printemps Érable (Maple Spring) - fun times!!


World’s loudest bird is as deafening as thunder, scientists discover ~ News

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"So majesti-" **<SQUAWK>** "Majesti-" **<SQUAWK>** "Maj-" **<SQUAWK>** "That is a big bird."


What a strange sound. Doesn't sound natural at all!


It is like that bird heard someone scoot a chair backwards on tile and was like, "OH YAAAAA this gonna be my thing now"


Are they talking about that bird that's only sitting in front of your window when you're hungover?


When scientists use the word deafening, do they actually mean it can deafen you?


The last thing you purchased is suddenly ten times larger. How screwed are you? ~ AskReddit

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Depending on we’re interpreting this: I either have 10 dozen apple cider donuts or I have 1 dozen *huge* MFing donuts. I don’t considered myself screwed in either scenario.


Thanks homie now I have 40 grams of weed




I now have a massive gatorade. I'll share it


I um... The last thing I purchased was specifically sized for my bike. What do I do with a 260" dia back wheel? Actually, I guess it depends on what was increased. Cause technically I bought that in tandem with a motor and battery. But then the question is, is it safe for me to hook this 10,000W motor to my bike?


Would you give up Google for $17,000 a year? The Federal Reserve wants to know. ~ News

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The title is plain misleading. The $17,000 value is from *search engines*, not specifically google. Most everyone could easily give up google as a company but giving up all concepts of search engines is another question entirely.


"...That would require a whopping 536 euros. Twitter, however, was valued at zero euros." lolololol ouch.


I'll take $17k a year to use Bing.


So I’m guessing no one read the article since everyone is commenting “Yeah, I’d use other search engines” when the actual text of the article says “Search engines” were worth $17,000 to the average consumer. That means you don’t get to use Bing.


Yes, but I don't think Google would give me up.


The UK Just Got More Power From Renewables Than Fossil Fuels, a First Since 1882: “In the third quarter of 2019, the UK’s windfarms, solar panels, biomass and hydro plants generated more electricity than the combined output from power stations fired by coal, oil and gas.” ~ Uplifting News

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And not a single windmill related cancer reported. Who would have thought it?


What about nuclear?


Fuck yeah!


The mad thing is we've hardly scratched the surface of what's possible. Wind turbines along motorways so that areas of beauty arent affected, electricity generating roads, wave power, solar farms, it's such a small sector even now. There is so much room to grow.


This only occured because the conditions were perfect (which they rarely are). These headlines always lead to everyone thinking that renewables are the answer, when in fact, they are a part of the answer. UK base load is still going to be dependent on Nuclear Power, even if we do manage to ditch fossil fuels entirely. And energy storage still remains a major hurdle to overcome. Personally, I think the London protestors 'Extinction' Rebellion have lost perspective on what exactly climate change will mean. They thrown around some entirely unscientific numbers and massively undermined their creditability. We will not go extinct despite talking about the end of humanity. No scientist is suggesting climate change will cause the extinction of mankind.


ELI5: Why are astronaut’s movements in space seemingly slow motion when there’s no air/water resistance to slow them down? ~ Explain Like I'm Five

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There are a few reasons. Their suits are pressurized. The joints of these suits want to fully extend due to this pressure. This makes it difficult to move and do things, and reduces precision substantially. Not only this, but the suits are quite heavy, and have inertia to slow movements. Lastly, the astronauts do not have anything to stand on. Fast movements will make their bodies start to rotate and further reduce the precision of their motions.


It's precisely because there is nothing to slow them down. They move deliberately because if you flip something it's not going to be slowed down by air. Move your arm too fast, and you'll rap your wrist on something. "Every action has an equal an opposite reaction" said Newton, and without gravity to stick you to the ground that reaction has to come from your other hand or some Velcro gizmo.


Your actions on earth are made safe by gravity keeping you anchored and effectively eating most of the energy your muscles produce. Your muscles are incredibly powerful. They can lift your entire body from a sitting to standing position with very little effort, a dead lift of 80lbs is so easy that it does not even register to you as a meaningful expenditure of energy. In micro-gravity standing up with that same force would send you painfully crashing into the surface directly above you. Any movement of your arms would add rotational energy that you wouldn't be able to counteract without holding on to something that would anchor you and eat that energy. When you throw a ball if you lean into the throw then you might have to extend a leg behind you to act as an anchor and keep you from falling forward. In microgravity you'd just start spinning, possibly with a leg extended in a goofy way.


Since there is no resistance there is no way to slow down. It allows them to move around with that huge spacesuit. Fast moves can cause a big response. Any bump in the wrong direction may cause them to lose control. Therefore everything is in slow motion.


Good answers, but one factor hasn't been mentioned yet that has nothing to do with reality: in movies and TV, it's really difficult to capture the look of low- or zero-gravity on Earth, So many TV shows and movies will literally film the astronauts in slow motion to make things look a bit more "floaty". This was especially true for older and cheaper stuff that didn't have access to good CGI or a "vomit comet" aircraft.


Malaysia is the latest country boycotting Abominable movie over controversial map ~ News

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Everyone should boycott the movie right? At least all the Asians should for starters.


Malaysia had a very reasonable demand. Cut the map from the movie and it can be shown in their theatres. DreamWorks refused to comply and thus the movie was banned. Given China's obvious expansionist policies, every country should demand the map be cut or the movie be banned.


The lasso tool* caught Taiwan as well. Yeah, this deserves no gross. *Image-editing term for free-form selection.


As long as China Revenue > Malaysia/ Vietnam Revenue, nothing will ever change. DreamWorks only cares about money.


GO HOME CHINA no but seriously this is fucked up.


Hacks ‘carried out by Russian group disguised as Iranian cyber spies’ ~ News

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How do we know that these hackers aren't elite North Korean super hackers, disguised as lousy Russian hackers disguised as Iranian cyber spies?


They're trying to flame the fire so a US/Iranian war can happen.


Can't wait for the election, did the Chinese hack the Republicans, or was it Iranians disguised as Russians disguised as Chinese? Who hacked the Dems again? Might as well throw the results out, Trump for life. /s


Was this confirmed via a draft copy of an investigation by a private tech firm?


Nasty POS Russians!! They are best friends with Islamic Republic too! Lol


Scientists have announced a new gene-editing tool called “prime editing” that avoids some of the pitfalls of CRISPR’s genetic “scissors” approach. The new technique is the first to “search-and-replace” genes without breaking DNA. ~ Science

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Temper your expectations. Packaging a giant molecule like that is going to be very, verrry difficult. This will probably work much better on ex vivo modified cells than curing someone with disease who is already grown. The same group created base editors that generated a lot of buzz when they first came out, yet it took a while before people realized base editors had a shitload of off targets too and even unexpectedly modified RNAs. Don't forget, the more exotic you engineer proteins, the more chances you potentially have for making an immunogenic response. Reverse transcriptase is viral derived while Cas is of bacterial origin. We already know Cas is immunogenic. Your body and cells aren't stupid. Your cells are constantly degrading proteins and presenting the breakdown products on their surfaces to get analyzed by the immune system. Viral + bacterial peptides from the degradation of prime editors could easily get broken down and potentially presented by MHC molecules on the surface, in theory. Your immune system would see it and kill cells that were gene edited, limiting their fitness over the long run. Like i said, for now I can see ex vivo applications of a lot of new Gene editing/crispr ideas, but the massive hurdle of delivery, efficiency, reduction of off targets and avoiding immune system detection is a super difficult problem if we are talking about curing someone rather than ex vivo.


Could this repair a CTG trinucleotide repeat in the DMPK gene?


I'd be concerned about the fact that it is a reverse transcriptase. What have they done about their notorious inaccuracy?


Get ready, genetic tech is at the corner.


Would this work with Cystic Fibrosis?


US takes steps to require asylum seekers DNA ~ News

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That seems like a pretty fucking dangerous idea


Let's hope this minimizes the human traffic of children.


Does anyone understand why? So the brief summary is Many asylum seekers are abudcting kids (or worse kids are selling themselves) so the adults can pretend to be a family and gain asylum. This leads to alot of child trafficking, and in some instances young adults acting like children. To combat this, Trump had the families separated. Adults in 1 camp, children in another. Now they are experimenting with the idea of doing DNA tests to confirm whether the kid is actually related to the adults. Or in other words if the kid has been abducted.... It is a pretty serious problem.


"This isn't big government because a Republican is President." -Conservatives


Honestly surprised we don't do this already. The government has a critical national security interest in tracking migrants and making sure deported criminals don't come back with a false identity and an "asylum seeker" sob story.


Smart Spies: Alexa and Google Home expose users to vishing and eavesdropping ~ Technology

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Yeah no shit


This is more a warning that any "skill" is third party software and the same care should be taken as when installing random apps. First attack: Make a skill that asks users for their password. Second attack: make a skill that when you shut it down, it listens for a few more seconds and saves what you say if you happen to say the right word. The first attack vector is easily thwarted by never complying if your device asks for your password. I could see this fooling some gullible people though for sure. The second attack seems kind of pointless - I suspect they thought it up just so they could check the "eavesdropping" box for headline attention.


I'm wondering how many of you "DaE tHiNk AlExA iS a SpY?!" types bothered to read the article to realize this isn't the kind of issue that has been brought up before. The article describes how Amazon and Google aren't vetting apps for Alexa/Home well enough and are letting blatant abuses be registered. This is not the same as the paranoia about Alexa/Home recording everything you say, this is the analogous to missing the permissions listing for apps on the Play Store. End users have no way of knowing what these apps do after the trigger phrases are used.


I’m guessing a lot of people didn’t read the article. The researchers just found a way to make a skill that ran silently for awhile before pretending to be a security update that asks for your password. Real world vulnerabilities would be pretty darn limited.


HOLY SHIT! and !! WATER IS WET !! Turn off your computers and take all appropriate steps to protect you and your family. /s


Everyone has an off button if you punch them hard enough. ~ Shower Thoughts

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But they still kicked me off the airplane. That baby had it coming though


"Just bonk him on the head, it's nature's snooze button." -Stan Pines


Ik, works like a charm on my brother


that's a reset button. Decapitation turns them off.


Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the face.


If we ever discover a way to immortality, there’s gonna be some super unlucky people that die right before it’s released. ~ Shower Thoughts

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My high school got air conditioning the year after I graduated. My dad got a gaming console and a large flat screen tv the year after i moved out.


Some? More like everyone that lived to die before that discovery.


Maybe in the minority here, but I wouldn't want to be immortal.


Just imagine the people who are alive but not healthy enough to be able to undergo the procedure. Watching all the youngsters becoming immortal while you slowly watch yourself decay. Here's a story idea. Immortality is announced. Rich old people can't do the procedure so they denounce immortality as a crime against humanity. They finance protests and gain a following. The following grows. Two large factions emerge. The immortals vs the rebellion. Decades pass. Neither side can remember why how it started. Immortals generally control the world and think of the rebels as terrorist. Rebels are essentially gorillas just causing chaos every now and then but they feel justified because they "are real humans". The story would center around the Rebels and portray them as the good guy because everyone loves the underdog and to be fair, science and fashion trends have made immortals somewhat bizarre looking compared to the typical person of the 21st century.


Or super lucky. Being immortal would be just awful.


TIL The youngest ever powerball winner was a 19-year-old from South Carolina who won a $35.3 million jackpot after he heard a voice and “the winning numbers in his head” ~ Today I Learned

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So when it’s a successful person hearing shit it’s okay but when it’s me I get the 5150 treatment.


A friend of mine had this happen to him. He didn't buy the ticket, and the numbers were correct.


Confirmation bias. Millions of people "hear the winning numbers in their head" and play and do not win.


Yes, these are called thoughts


"He already has an accountant his aunt" ugh


Banker convicted in US picked to head Turkish stock exchange ~ News

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> Turkey maintained Atilla's innocence throughout the trial and called his conviction a "scandalous verdict." > Sounds like a rather deliberate shot back at the US.


>Moreover, he claimed Turkish President Erdoğan, prime minister at that time, had personally given orders to start transactions on behalf of Iran.[11] >Mehmet Hakan Atilla was found guilty on five charges related to conspiracy and bank fraud including violating U.S. sanctions on Iran, crimes to deceive the U.S. and defrauding U.S. banking system, but was acquitted of money laundering.[12] He laundered money to Iran on behalf of Turkey/Erdogan. Found guilty and was deported after being released this year.


Well they know the type of person they need to run a stock exchange.


So it's now the Criminal Stock Exchange?


One man's junk is another man's treasure.


Aww: Animal Experts Are Saying Cats Really Do Miss Their Owners If That’s What You Need To Hear ~ The Onion

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Honestly, this could be helpful to those kids who can't leave their animals.


Wholesome Onion, a nice change from the regular schedule


Ya my cat freaking yells at me every time I come home and an hour after from being away for a couple of days. I hear her before I even open the door. All she wants is for me to pick her up, I know it ain't about food/water. Love her to pieces though


That’s so uplifting, to the extent that lets me rest easier!


I'm telling you its true


The year is 2192. The British Prime Minister visits Brussels to ask for an extension of the Brexit deadline. ~ Jokes No one remembers where this tradition originated, but every year it attracts many tourists from all over the world.

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Sounds like a video for Tom Scott's great great grandson.


Nice ripoff from Twitter. Braaaavo


Stolen from Twitter, you fucking asshole.


I clicked on this thinking it was a writing prompt....


The twittershpere and the redditsphere begin their spiral dance as the gravitational pull of each galaxy draws them toward the final cataclysmic descent into becoming a massive black hole from which nothing, not even light, can escape.


Nelson’s famous signal at Trafalgar ~ History

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I’ve always believed this to be the case also. At that time, England was used to reference the whole of Britain too so wasn’t seen as a slight or an exclusion to the other home countries. It was simply changed to England for brevity as it required less flags to display. I see no issue with this phrasing and say this as a Scot myself.


Yes, Nelson's original message was to be: "Nelson confides that every man will do his duty." But "Nelson" and "confides" were not in the signal book, which meant they would have had to be spelled out letter-by-letter... So the signal officer suggested changing it to "England expects." ("Nelson confides" would have gone over better, given the prestige of Nelson in the fleet--vs. an abstraction like "England"--and the harsher demand of "expect", which is less trusting...) As far as "Britain" (vs. "England") goes, Linda Colley (*Britons*) has argued that the constant warfare between Britain and France in this period was one of three factors that helped to create a "British" (vs. "English") national identity... but I think she's ahead-of-the-game here. While the act of Union with Scotland was a 100 years old by Trafalgar (1707), the act of Union with Ireland was just a few years before (1801), and was a bit of political disaster for everyone. I don't think a lot of Englishmen and Scotsmen were thinking of themselves as "Britons" in the early 19th century... I think that comes later after a half-century of British (not English) empire-building...


Wasn't the signal actually "England knows Lady Hamilton is a virgin. Poke my eye out and cut off my arm if I'm wrong."?


Can anyone provide a brief explanation of the significance of the signal? I know very little about the battle or it’s historical significance.


It was formerly routine to use "England" in place of Britain or United Kingdom, just like saying "Holland" for the Netherlands or "Turkey" for the Ottoman Empire. For example, even HH Asquith's tombstone describes him as "Prime Minister of England"


What superpower sounds really awesome, but would suck in real life? ~ AskReddit

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Reading minds, you can hear all the bad things people think about you


Time travel if you dont define how it works you'll go back a month maybe a year and be stuck in the vacuum of space


Having super intelligence. You might die of boredom.


Super strength is debilitating if you are not also super tough. You could shatter your bones just from moving with too much force.


Super speed would cause any random piece of dirt to injure or kill you


LPT Request: When starting a new job also think about adding in your morning prep routine something like diet/exercise. As that new job becomes routine that morning habit will become normal and you’ll have added something positive to your life. ~ Life Pro Tips

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Tomorrow’s going to be my first day at my new job and seeing this now I’m going to try and wake up 30 minutes from my set time to do a little work out! Thank you for this!!


Tomorrow is my first day at a brand new job. I also meal prepped and will be going to the gym after work. I’ve been in such a major funk lately (mental/physical health + unemployment), but I know tomorrow is the start of something great!


I started a new job about 6 months ago. New job has a ton more fit people, it's cleaner, and everyone is genuinely happy to be there. The change in environment for me kicked off going to the gym and I'm down nearly 20# in 4 months. It's not much, but I'm seeing results and it's awesome to see the scale drop a little more each week.


This works if you move too.


Thats the first legit LPT here for a long time.


Northern Ireland: Within hours, same-sex marriage and abortion will be legal ~ Atheism

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WOOOOOOO!!! hurray for basic human rights


"Churches and pro-lifers argue..." They can go fuck themselves and shut the fuck up.


"Waaahh,my marriage is getting destroyed because two dudes are getting married." "How is this affecting your marriage?" "Because they're getting the same benefits we're getting." "Oh, yeah, I can see that's tough!"


Hope they enjoy the 20th century.


Cool. Good for the people of Northern Ireland. This is long overdue, but I'm glad they're getting around to it sooner rather than later.


Nearly 6,000 Chicagoans to get letters this holiday season saying their unpaid medical debt is forgiven. Learn about the group behind the gifts. ~ Uplifting News

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Sounds like dystopian reality repackaged as a feel-good story


Elect Bernie Sanders in 2020 and every single American will have their medical debt forgiven.


Well that's very nice. Now if we can just get actual competition so the doctors don't overcharge.


Have a word with your Senators. Healthcare is free most anyplace else. Well, except Chile. Poor buggers.


Let that group just pay taxes to fund it instead...


Sexy Halloween 5: Revenge of the Megathread ~ AskReddit

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Halloween is just vanilla sexy. Like people are just gonna dress up slutty and be flirty teases. Now if you really want to get that freaky, dirty sexy, you got hold off until Sexy Thanksgiving. Nothing gets you in the mood for the holidays like eating mashed potatoes off of grandma


Is "*sexy questions for the child-comments to answer*" really the best phrasing?


What is the sexiest sex halloween sex sex sex? Spooky scary sexletons.


Meta: dress as Trudeau in blackface as Alladin.


this thread is a disaster


What has helped you lose weight other than/ or with eating healthier? Any tips you would like to give that helped you over come it? I’m trying to lose 30-40 pounds and would love some advice! ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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It’s not so much a tip, but I never really managed any prolonged weight loss until I changed my relationship with food. Food was a friend to celebrate with, something to console myself with, food was their when I was lonely or bored. Now I eat when I’m hungry and I stop when I’m full. If I’m sad I give myself a treat because I’m sad but I don’t eat a liter of ice cream. When something great happens I break out the champagne - but all of my eating is done thoughtfully. Honestly I do not know exactly how I got here (therapy, diet programs, food tracking) but if you can start eating mindfully it changes the game. Good luck.


I've lost 25 lbs just by walking for an hour every day and by tracking my food


Tracking your food can go a long way. It gives you a sense of what portions work for you, and teaches you to get creative on either eating more or less calories depending on your eating habits. Intermittent fasting has helped a lot of people as well, you can find more info at r/intermittentfasting


Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate! Cut out soda and/or alcohol are usually the easiest fixes


Tracking really is the best. MyFitnessPal is an excellent free app.


US green economy’s growth dwarfs the fossil fuel industry’s Renewables, environmental, and efficiency industries grew 3x faster than fossil fuels. ~ Economics

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So a maturing industry grew faster than an mature industry. How is this news?


I mean. Yeah. Newer industries tend to grow faster than industries that have been around a while. Diminishing marginal returns and all that...


Title gore..


Emerging industries grow faster than centuries-old industries, news at 9


1 —> 2 = 100% increase 100 —> 101 = 1% increase


Owning What Isn’t: Copyright and Conceptual Art ~ Philosophy

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>Copyright wasn’t created to protect art or artists; it was created to protect publishers. Copyright was not originally based on the rights of publishers. It originates with the Stationers' Company, which intended to "stem the flow of seditious and heretical books" for the crown. Later, it did become about giving monopoly rights to publishers and distributors, with an interesting pretext that did make some sense. The stated reasoning was that typesetting is an extremely time-consuming and error-prone process, and allowing a free-for-all would degrade the integrity of written works. Then, that excuse went out the window but we kept the state censorship and it became a straightforward protectionist measure. The purpose is to turn public goods into club goods, because market failures means you're just not marketing hard enough. If you let people communicate cultural information freely, you can't guarantee profits for private fiefdoms holding the commons hostage for rent or to sell audiences to advertisers. That's an interesting justification too, mainly for how it goes almost completely unquestioned and unchallenged, while having even less moral footing than preventing the spread of heresy and sedition. And actually, there's another transformation happening now, looking at platforms like youtube, where it's not *really* even about publishers anymore because the concept of physically publishing anything is fast becoming obsolete. The bulk of it is monopoly rights as capital to be bought, sold and passed around like any other. Youtube doesn't give a damn about claiming exclusivity, so they don't. They're the auction house. They just see information as some sort of fungible liquid endlessly gushing out of the ground, that they can automatically pipe where it's wanted based on kind of the way it smells. So, now they can shovel eyeballs directly at Bernays' little helpers, without really taking on any of the burdens of proprietorship and monopoly. And any "creator" can be a self-made ward of the public relations industry. They might technically retain copyright by default, but they can't actually *do* anything with it, since all the take-down heuristics are written for the IP cartels with the real monopolies, and everyone else is just becoming a shapeless mass of at least part-time freelance marketers. Of course, copyright never had anything at all to do with authorship rights, or plagiarism or anything like that. Those are wholly different concepts that don't exist in law and offer absolutely no legal recourse. tl;dr - copyright started out even shittier than described and is by now turning into some kind of neoliberal fever dream, where capitalists absolve themselves of more and more responsibility while claiming ever-greater control over the flow of information


Don't know if this article is discussing the merits of copyright or if it is talking about if whether or not it is possible to copyright very basic forms of artwork that could almost be accidentally replicated. Narrowly defined, copyright is the right to make copies of something. If you don't have "copy rights" then you cannot copy a given work. As someone who is mostly anti-IP, I think a narrow definition of copyright has nothing to do with protecting ideas or production methods. It refers specifically to producing and selling replicas (different than producing a product with the same function. Patent law would prohibit you from making something like something else even if it is not a copy.)


Art is free, otherwise it's merchandise.


If anyone is interested in any similar reading, I highly recommend: Of Remixology by David Gunkel


Quote > American copyright, in turn, was founded on the notion that offering copyright protection would provide the necessary incentive to grow the marketplace of ideas, How can this be an article about philosophy when the author isn't asking if this was a pretense only without examining the impact? The first granted monopolies were made as a sort of payment of a king. But when England introduced the copyright law in 1710 it changed the landscape of creation immediately. The English book market became a oligopoly of a few publishers which caused book prices as high as one weekly wage. Germany introduced a copyright not before 1900 which caused a market for authors since an author was able to change the publisher at any time. Publishers like S. Fischer were involved into the acquisition of authors. Book prices went down to the amount of 1-2 hours of a workers labor. The differences in Copyright laws are huge. While the anglo saxon world is allowing a total sell out, French and German copyright laws are allowing just the usage. Nevertheless most authors have no choice than to grant a sort of monopoly for a publisher because of economics even in France or Germany. The question is here, what can we do about the difference between pretense and intention and why are so many uncritical about a narrative about the copyright?


Thinking about 2009 doesn’t seem like THAT long ago, but trying to imagine 2029 seems like a lifetime away ~ Shower Thoughts

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2000 doesnt seem that long ago. Did 40 year olds in 1999 feel that 1980 didn't seem that long ago?


to those who will die before 2029, it's more than a lifetime away


2009 does seem like a while ago if you think about it in certain terms. Obama had only just been elected president, and the tea-party movement had just begun. *Avatar* was the biggest movie of the year, and the *Twilight* franchise was at the peak of its popularity. *Modern Family*, *Community*, and *Parks and Recreation* were new shows on TV that year, and *The Office* was still airing new episodes.


2009 is as far from us now as 1999 was to 2009. When I hear 2020, my brain think it's some far off year where wild new technology is supposed to mature. It's actually around 9 weeks from today. Speaking of which, in 9 short weeks the year 1990 will be 30 years away. Not 10, not 20. *Thirty*.


I've been around long enough to tell you what's gonna happen. There will be a revolution in public computing that changes everything to a different format and sets the computing power of the device back twenty years. Then they're going to incrementally re-release all the shitty software from 1999, 2009, and 2019 until it's time to reset the cycle again.