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Justin Trudeau moves forward with ban on LGBT+ conversion therapy across Canada ~ World News

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" He said the Minister of Justice and Attorney General David Lametti must work to ”amend the Criminal Code to ban the practice of conversion therapy and take other steps required with the provinces and territories to end conversion therapy in Canada”. " It's about shutting down the "pray away the gay" style camps.


Everyone involved in that shit or who sent their kids to it should be sent to prison


Glad the election went his way when you realize things like this don’t happen if it goes the other way.


Wow, look, a functional government!


That’s great. Can he also ban all the other pseudoscientific sham treatments.


70% of Americans would support a nationwide mandate requiring that solar panels be installed on all newly built homes. The survey showed that the support for this measure is highest among younger adults. ~ Futurology

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There has to be a tremendous flaw in this poll.. There is absolutely no way in hell 70% of Americans support this.


Supported by people who don't think that they'll ever buy a house?


"House prices are ridiculous! How are we ever supposed to afford our own home? Something must be done!" "What if you force homebuilders to add 10s of thousands of dollars in solar panels on them?" "Yeah, I don't see how that could be a bad thing."


Mandate? No. 100% tax deductible up to a certain value- absolutely. Free societies still need free will and incentivising good behavior should always trump mandating a behavior.


Why would you support a mandate like this in places where the peak sunlight hours are low? It's not feasible. The return on investment isn't there.


I used an amateur telescope to collect light from deep space for over 13 hours, revealing this beautiful pair of galaxies [OC] ~ Space

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Seeing stuff like this makes me sad I’m going to be dead long before humans fly out and explore these places.


Just the sheer size of it is enough to induce a panic and anxiety in me about the unknown. What a stunning capture.


How did you capture it withought all the clouds getting in the way?


Are the colors adjusted at all, or are we seeing here the red shift of objects moving away and blue shift of objects moving closer?


This is insane. There has to be life in one of those.


[serious] They say everyone we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about… so we should always be kind. What battle are you fighting? ~ AskReddit

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I don't know but I feel like I'm losing.


Diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer this year. And surgery, radiation. Starting to recover and figuring out what life will be like from here on out as I turn 40 in 3 months. Edit: woke up to so many encouraging words! Thank you so much. I’ve been extremely lucky with everything so far. I still have a lot to learn about my diagnosis of Mesothelioma and what it will exactly mean for me, but I’ve had a very encouraging result on my recent scan. Meeting with my oncologist this week and hopefully I will learn more.


My kid is dying. Incurable, fatal disease. My wife and I decided to tell no one, not even family, because at that point our little boy will find out, and why does he need to know? He just needs to be a little boy and enjoy the life he has. EDIT: Wow. I'm not a big poster and have never had a response like this. You all are awesome. Your kind words and thoughts mean more than you can imagine. He's 9 years old and has Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. It means his muscles are slowly dying. He's weak and continuing to get weaker. Typical progression is that he will be unable to walk and be confined to a wheelchair sometime around age 12-13, and then his lungs and heart will stop working sometime around 20-25. Right now he's a happy little guy who just seems like he's un athletic. We tell him he has sick muscles (we see a lot of doctors, he's been in clinical trials, etc). Sometime in the next few years it will become obvious and we will tell him what's really going on. Doesn't seem like there's any hurry on that though. Again thank you all. Just talking about it here is cathartic, and I am grateful for your love and kindness.


It's been a while since my husband died and no one talks about him anymore, it's as though he never existed but I still grieve for him every single day. Edit: GOLD Thank you kind stranger.


Going through methadone treatment while my two brothers are still using drugs. I'm clean now but it's still a tough battle, especially because we live together. I appreciate all the support and kind words reddit peeps. I'm in the middle of tapering down already, 30 mg left, and if anyone is facing a similar struggle just know YOU CAN DO IT! You're the master of your own destiny.


Greta Thunberg apologises after saying politicians should be ‘put against the wall’. ‘That’s what happens when you improvise speeches in a second language’ the 16-year-old said following criticism ~ World News

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**‘put against the wall’ is a common saying in Sweden which means to confront.** There should be news outlets that police news outlets.


The president of my country can't improvise a coherent speech in his first and only language. Those who live in glass houses...


Owned up to her mistake and miscommunication, clarified what she meant, and even APOLOGIZED for offending people despite that never being the intent? You'd think she was more mature than some people, especially those in power, who might resort to infantile tantrums, name calling, or victim blaming just to avoid admitting they were wrong.


Lol I am Swedish and at work I could easily tell my English speaking co workers that wee need to put someone up against the wall if he did something wrong. This is the first time I understand it sounds like I want to execute someone.


As many ITT have already stated, it's a stretch to conclude that her comments were actually calling for violence. The real violence will come with the resource shortages and refugee crises' brought on by climate change and overpopulation. These are consequences that many of us will start to see within our lifetimes. It's around the corner.


Researchers developed a self-cleaning surface that repel all forms of bacteria, including antibiotic-resistant superbugs, inspired by the water-repellent lotus leaf. A new study found it successfully repelled MRSA and Pseudomonas. It can be shrink-wrapped onto surfaces and used for food packaging. ~ Science

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Food packaging? Public buttons, door handles and toilet seats please!


Non-science person here: I thought copper did a similar thing and that's why they were popular options for door handles? Sorry for being dumb, but what more does this do that copper doesn't?


If you wrapped all of the surfaces in an area with this, wouldn’t it create a bacateria bouncey castle?


surgery rooms and hospitals seem more important than food for this application


I like the premise, but to be suitable for transmission of infection prevention it would have to be extremely tough plastic. All it would take is someone carrying their keys whilst opening the door and creating a cut in the plastic shrink wrap, thus creating access for the bugs to attach themselves to the door handle underneath. And even if it was tough enough to prevent cutting through the plastic, the way they describe it, the plastic is designed to be a certain shape at microscopic level. It’s not the actual plastic that repels it but the microscopic way it’s been built. If scratched, would that damage the very structure that the self cleaning surface is designed for? Would the plastic wear over time and need to be replaced regularly, thus creating an additional cost for hospitals and restaurants etc? I don’t mean to dis the idea and I do hope it works, but unless these questions are answered, I wouldn’t pay to put it on.


I’m not trying to pretend to be a fair juror here’: Graham predicts Trump impeachment will ‘die quickly’ in Senate “This thing will come to the Senate, and it will die quickly, and I will do everything I can to make it die quickly,” ~ World News

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Everyone needs to remember this shit. When the Senate trial happens, they will be sworn to act as fair and impartial jurors. These Senators that are making these statements in public are actively ignoring their oath of office to support and defend the Constitution.


“The President is merely the most important among a large number of public servants. He should be supported or opposed exactly to the degree which is warranted by his good conduct or bad conduct, his efficiency or inefficiency in rendering loyal, able, and disinterested service to the Nation as a whole. Therefore it is absolutely necessary that there should be full liberty to tell the truth about his acts, and this means that it is exactly necessary to blame him when he does wrong as to praise him when he does right. Any other attitude in an American citizen is both base and servile. To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is **morally treasonable to the American public.** Nothing but the truth should be spoken about him or any one else. But it is even more important to tell the truth, pleasant or unpleasant, about him than about any one else.” — The Kansas City Star, 7 May 1918


The problem with everything that's happening right now in US politics at a macro level is that people are blatantly violating laws, but the people who are responsible for enforcing said laws are **knowingly** refusing to enforce those laws. When the people who have the responsibility of upholding the law actively stop doing that because the people they'd have to charge are a part of the same political party as them, we have a *major* problem in this country, fundamentally. If this is how impeachment is going to be played at the Senate, then we need constitutional amendments putting impeachment in the hands of the judicial branch, where actual judges can make these decisions instead of bought-and-paid-for Senators who are actively saying they will not be partial. Either that, or when Senators make statements like this and then give their oath in the Senate, they are immediately arrested for violating that oath. EDIT: I've received a fair amount of replies saying "Well yeah but Trump is stacking the courts with Trump judges and that's just as bad, if not worse!", and I respectfully disagree with that opinion. There have been several instances where Trump-appointed judges have ruled *against* Trump in several cases, and generally I like to believe that is because regardless of who appoints them, the vast majority of judges *will* abide by the rule of law, whereas Senators have no such obligation (as we can clearly see). So, in the long run I would rather place my faith in our judicial system and judges than in Senators. Is this a perfect solution? Absolutely not, but to me it's 100% clear that our current constitutional devices are fundamentally broken.


Mr. Graham who is supposed to represent an entire state is now telling all of the people of that State that "juris prudence" is no longer a requirement. Remember that when people are sworn in to be a member of a jury: Mr Senator says that being biased is the best way to run the nation. WOW


I don’t live in South Carolina, but I have donated $ to Jamie Harrison’s campaign. Regardless of what happens with the impeachment or the 2020 presidential election, these guys who are putting party over country need to go.


Sunset on Mars by the Mars Curiosity Rover ~ Space

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It's cool that I get to see a goddamn sunset on another planet while sitting here, hangover in my dirty Pj


God just the thought that there are probably billions and billions of sunsets happening right now all over the universe right as I type this comment is just insane. Edit: As u/not_a_toad stated, there are probably more like a few hundred billion trillion sunsets happening right as you read this, so amazing!


Camera sensitivity going up or maybe the atmosphere is different on Mars. Hard to say. Never been there.


Sun sets red on the Blue Planet Sun sets blue on the Red Planet


I think the biggest thing that the people living in Mars a 100 years from now will really miss is the sun. You might be able to replicate a lot of things, but it will be a long time before someone can replicate that warm, bright natural sunlight everyone gets to experience on Earth.


Cryptocurrency tycoon died leaving $145M in limbo ~ News

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Didn't this exact thing already happen before? EDIT: It's actually the same case.


"died of complications in December 2018 arising from Crohn's Disease while traveling in India" Talk about living dangerously.


I will say this a grown adult: I'm too fucking stupid to understand cryptocurrency Edit: Please, please stop trying to explain it. Everytime someone does it makes less sense.


Does the rule of DIBS still apply? If so then DIBS.


This post really buries the lede by omitting the demand for exhuming the body to prove its actually him.


What happened to that person that took your virginity? Where are they in life? ~ AskReddit

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She joined the circus. In an administrative capacity, but it's less fun to say that way.


He is now an OB/GYN.... sometimes it makes me laugh that he sees dozens of vaginas a day, but mine was the first.


It's very sad really, he's married to me.


She married some military dude, and had a hard life. Last I found her on Facebook she was promoting a GoFundMe so she could get new teeth. Had recently lost everything in a house fire. Has a couple of kids. ETA: I'm not entirely sure of her husband's military involvement, the pictures I saw could have been taken at a Halloween party for all I know. It makes sense though that a military spouse should not have to crowdfund a set of chompers. Also, she didn't lose her teeth in a fire. I'm pretty sure the tooth loss was a much more gradual process.


Laying here next to me 26 years later not wanting to have sex tonight Edit: Wow... That went off the rails fast! She did finally "give in" BTW... And no, this wasn't a /r/deadbedrooms thing.


If flying economy is one of the most expensive ways to feel poor, what’s one of the cheapest ways to feel wealthy? ~ AskReddit

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Ordering avocado without asking if it's extra, and when they say "that's an extra .50" say "i don't care".


Getting tickets to anything last minute during a snowstorm. I live in Boston, and you wouldn’t believe where you can sit at a Bruins game or an opera for next to nothing when all the folks from the burbs realize they can’t make it at like 3pm for a 7pm thing. Edit because of all the attention and questions, a clarification, this is secondary market (people selling their tickets because they can’t make it) on websites like SeatGeek, Stubhub, Ticketmaster, and Craigslist not primary market (venues generally doesn’t drop prices because it pisses folks who paid full freight and season ticket-holders off). Also this isn’t just a dusting, or even a normal snowfall that gets plowed quickly, it’s when local news starts talking about BLIZZARD, it’s when schools get closed, and more importantly it’s enough snow to make getting back to the suburbs a potential nightmare so people decide to stay home and get whatever they can for their tickets so they don’t sit on the highway for two hours. Also once you get in keep an eye out for empty seats and you can probably move to even better ones.


Tailored clothing. Taking in the sides of a shirt or pants is pretty easy with a sewing machine, some tutorials, and practice. I learned all the basic stuff from a YouTube channel called Stylish Dad.


Well trained wait staff can make you feel like a millionnaire. Paid a minimal amount recently to hear a talk and have lunch at a historical house hotel that is posh enough to host heads of state. For what we paid I expected lunch to be a buffet served in the cafe at the spa. Nope, two courses with silver service, served in a wonderful Georgian room looking out over the 15th century parkland. Treated as though we were the most important people in the world. The talk was interesting, but the hospitality was priceless.


Book a hotel in Las Vegas during the week. Pick like a Tuesday night. There is a big supply-demand problem in Vegas- they need enough rooms to host a ton of folks on the weekends, but weekdays are usually way less busy- so rooms can be had for pennies on the dollar. You can snag a five star hotel for 30-40 bucks, if you time it right, per night. Then, learn the $20 trick. For $58, I stayed in a penthouse suite in a 5-star hotel on the Las Vegas strip, and have had 100% success rate with the trick over multiple stays.


TIL that 95% of the world’s food needs are provided by just 30 species of plants. At least 12,650 species names have been compiled as edible. ~ Today I Learned

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All I need are PO-TA-TOES! Boil em', mash em', stick em' in a stew!


edible doesn't mean it tastes good or is easy to cultivate.


Great, now I'm trying to see if I can name off 30 plants.


I like the fact that the Wikipedia-page is called "Neglected and underutilized crop", as if it's shaming me for my undiversified plant intake.


Most people on earth have to rely on affordable basics to survive, such as rice, corn, wheat and potatoes. I underatand the point you're making here. But it's not that simple. It doesn't make sense (w.r.t. nutrition) forcing more people to eat useless superfoods.


If everyone on Earth believed in Santa Claus, no one on Earth would receive gifts from Santa Claus. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Not with that attitude...




There's 4 stages of Santa Claus: 1. You believe in Santa. 2. You don't believe in Santa. 3. You become Santa. 4. You look like Santa.


What are you saying?


That is the shit I don't get in Christmas movies. The parents are like 'Santa don't exist' but aren't at all puzzled that there are presents they didn't buy under the tree


A guy goes to Las Vegas to gamble and he loses all his money. He doesn’t even have enough for a cab, but he flagged one down anyway. He explained to the driver that he would pay him back next time and gave him his phone number, but the driver told him, “Get the fuck out of my cab.” ~ Jokes He walked all the way to the airport and got home. Some times rolls by and he decides to go back to Vegas again and this time he wins BIG. He gets his bags and is ready for the airport with all his new winnings. There are a line of cabs and at the very end he sees the driver from last time that kicked him out. He stood for a moment thinking how can he get his revenge on that driver. So, he gets in the first cab. "How much is it to the airport?" he asks. The driver says, "$15." "Great, how much is it for a blowjob on the way there?" The cab driver says, "Get the fuck out of my cab." So he goes to the next one and asks the same thing. "How much to airport?" "$15." "Great, how much for a blowjob on the way there?" And that cab driver also tells him to get the fuck out of his cab. He does this all the way down the line of drivers, each one kicking him out. He finally gets to the last driver, the one from his last trip. He asks, "Hey how much to the airport?" Driver responds, "$15." The guy hands him $15 and says, "Great let's go!" And so the driver leaves, slowly passing all the other drivers who are staring out their window while the guy in the back smiles back with a thumbs up.

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Plot twist: The first driver in the line replies "I'll give you $10."


Get revenge? On the cab driver who wouldn't give him a free lift? I'll say it, this guy is a cunt.


Plot twist. He takes Uber. Gets raped.


Why get revenge on a cab driver who didn’t want to give a free ride? I’m not hating the cab driver enough to want the man to get revenge.


This is great, but I think I enjoyed it a bit more the last 4 billion times it was posted here


Georgia youth minister, Thomas Callaway, 43, who slapped and groped reporters buttocks during live TV broadcast, arrested and charged with sexual battery ~ Atheism

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Dude, of course he’s a fucking youth minister.


I’m so glad she pressed charges. I hope he learns his goddamn lesson!


>Alex, I'm sorry. I did not mean to do this. >Yes, I touched her. I don't know where I touched her. Dude, you slapped her ass. Man up and say it.


Thoughts and prayers go out to him


I grew up in south Georgia. Youth pastors are the worst of the worst. They bang those kids all the time. The sociopath in my high school class (who even then had a weakness for much younger girls) went on to become an Assembly of God youth pastor. He got fired a few years later and it got super hush-hushed. I don't have any hard evidence there was sexual misconduct, but I went to a fairly small school with this guy for almost ten years. To quote Bill Maher, "I don't know it for a *fact*, I just know it's true." For those of you who don't know the finer points of evangelical nutballs, Assembly of God is basically Pentecostal. Both groups would heatedly object to that designation, *but to you and me* they're the same - speaking in tongues, running around, rolling on the floor, etc.


My older brother always tore the last pages of my comic books, and never told me why. ~ Jokes I had to draw my own conclusions.

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This is good


3 hours in and no one has said they have heard it ....Nice!


Sounds like you had a lot of issues.


Pshhh. Every comic book reader knows that you would tear out the first page of the subsequent issue to remove the conclusion.


Finally a original joke!


TIL of the Machine Identification Code. A series of secret dots that certain printers leave on every piece of paper they print, giving clues to the originator and identification of the device that printed it. It was developed in the 1980s by Canon and Xerox but wasn’t discovered until 2004. ~ Today I Learned

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No. Several of us discovered it in the 80's and made a huge stink about it. We were called conspiracy theorists and dismissed. Some of us went to enough trouble to prove it, comparing the yellow dots under microscopes/magnification and UV from multiple printers and multiple pages. We proved it. They lied and said no.


There's a black market for stolen printers in many countries (Africa is particularly bad) to get around the tracking code issue. I mean commercial printers like I use at work (as a printing business). We're talking about skilled technicians disassembling a multi-ton device that needs a crane and forklift to remove. Like in a hollywood heist movie, but for printing certificates. It's a waste of time copying banknotes, ID papers and vocational training and qualification certificates are where the money is. Been aware of this tech since the mid 90s. Yellow dot patterns because that's the human eye is least sensitive to.


And that's why you need cyan even if you only print a black and white doc.


That’s why you need to dump your printer after printing the ransom note


There is no way my printer does this. Despite not using it, it is always out of colored ink.


China Threatens Germany With Retaliation If Huawei 5G Is Banned ~ World News

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Yeah go threaten a leading member of the EU.


It seems to be really critical that their 5g is everywhere


>The ambassador said Huawei has no legal obligation to provide data to the Chinese government Bull-fucking-shit it doesn't.


The more aggresive China gets in pushing huawei 5G the more obvious how aggressively it needs to be resisted


Odd. I assumed China was a big fan of Germany considering they’re currently trying to bring the Holocaust back.


House panel asks Apple, Google if app makers must reveal foreign ties – It’s concerned TikTok, Grindr and other apps might pose security risks. ~ Technology

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“Might” hahahahahahahahahahahahha


LOL, including Grindr makes me think it's just some Congressmen worried about getting caught.


Why is congress asking this? Assuming this is a legitimate security threat and it probably is, they should be ordering them to reveal foreign government's influence.


Domestic apps also pose a risk.


What? How is this possible? Other nations using information technology to subvert and spy on the US? How did it happen that the US lost its sole privilidge to be the ONLY country in the world justified in spying on others! Outrageous!


People always make fun of the “Have you tried turning it off and on” method but in reality it actually fixes a lot of issues. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I’ve worked in IT for 6 years now and it’s just annoying how often I get phone calls that are no more than that quote, I’m considering making it my voicemail message...


It's the first question because it fixes literally 90% of IT calls. It's not a joke to people that work the help desk, it's just sad.


I think sleeping is the human version of turning it off and back on again.


I just try to be more diplomatic “When was the last time this was powered down?


One of my old 1SGs always thought of me as tech savvy. I would hear him yelling and cussing at his computer from my office. I would walk in and ask was the matter and he would just start complaining about his computer. I would tell him to go take a smoke and I would have it figured out. He would leave and I would just restart his computer. I never told him this was all I was doing. All he knew was I was doing him huge favor with all this "knowledge" I had.


I captured a Tornado on the Sun from my backyard. It lasted for 2 hours before it vanished. ~ Space

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Anyone have any idea how fast that gas is moving?


Nothing like a Jupiter-sized tornado to make me feel tiny.


It's almost scary to look at as I sit and imagine the incredible power of the forces at work that are creating a sun tornado lol. Awesome.


Jeez, I didn't know that level of detail would be possible without using high grade equipment from an observatory. Great work!


Worth noting that this tornado is bigger than earth. Really cool.


This alleged Bitcoin scam looked a lot like a pyramid scheme. Five men face federal charges of bilking investors of $722 million. ~ Technology

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The scheme appears to have started as a relatively modest scam and spiraled dramatically in ambition. Internal messages between the conspirators give the impression of growing glee at the ease of taking advantage of investors, referring to **“building this whole model on the backs of idiots.”** The men allegedly described their victims as “**dumb**” investors and “**sheep**.” *“They were not wrong,” Emin Gun Sirer, the CEO of blockchain startup Ava Labs, quipped on Twitter.*


Remember: when you do your criming, be sure to write all the details of your criming down in emails and text records for future historians.


Wasawasawasawasawasuuuuuuuup bitconneeeeeeeeeeect


This wasn’t a bitcoin scam. It was a mining scam. If you take money from people, saying you’re investing it in gold mining equipment and gold mining activities, but you instead spend it on buying gold or personal assets, they would call that a mining scam. Bitcoin wasn’t the offering. The opportunity to invest in expensive bitcoin mining rigs was the offering. Bitcoin mining is expensive because “mining” means using enormous amounts of computing power (and electricity) to generate the next bitcoin (which involves very complex algorithms and a peer network that your average PC can’t do on its own). Some people legitimately pool their money or computing power to participate in mining. In this case that’s what was being offered, but the people running the pool were just taking the money and not using it to mine bitcoin.


Cryptocurrency is a ponzi where everyone involved already knows it's a ponzi. Change my mind.


PSA: If you are compelled to deny medical services or medication to people based on your religious beliefs, stay out of the medical field. ~ Atheism

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Can you imagine going to the grocery store and having the cashier refuse to allow you to purchase a steak because he is a vegan? What if you went to a restaurant, and the server refused to bring you your meal because it's Ramadan, and he is a practicing Muslim? Would you be upset if the Starbucks barista gave you a decaf soy latte instead of your actual order because he is a lactose intolerant Mormon? Basically, if your personal belief is incompatible with your occupation, and you are incapable of providing the service you were hired for due to this belief, find a different occupation. And employers, if you discover an employee refusing service on the grounds of personal belief, fire their asses. Yes, religion is a protected category, but refusing to do the job you pay them to do is not.


They think they are doing the Lord's work by actively doing this. It won't stop them.


> The United States of America isn’t shifting towards a theocracy; it’s shifting towards more social freedoms. And because of this, the religious are demanding their OWN "freedom of conscience" which is a euphemism for "freedom to discriminate without suffering any consequences." Asshats.


I had a co-worker who refused to be the primary nurse in therapeutic abortions because of religious reasons. This individual was the coordinator for the service line of obstetrics and gynocology at the hospital I worked at. I never understood how this person got away with that. I always had to be the nurse for that procedure because I believe in providing unbiased care for all. This person is retired now.


I'll never understand the arrogance of the religious that get into a career then expect that job to change to suit their beliefs. Just pick a different line of work. I'm an atheist, so I'm not going to set out for a career as a preacher, then insist that I shouldn't have to actually preach a holy text because I don't believe in it.


Colorado woman gets revenge on porch pirates by stuffing decoy boxes with garbage ~ News

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Not bad, but still not as good as the guy who filled his with poop.


I liked the guy that rigged up the 12 gauge blanks to go off when the box was picked up, probly made some garbage junkie clown people shit their pants


Why don’t the police do this with a tracker ?


They are 'thieves'. If that isn't sufficient, 'scum' is also acceptable. 'Porch pirates' sounds cutesy. It minimizes what these assholes do.


Mark Rober did do one and made a video. He also gave a package to his friends. Later it was found out that some of the friends may have had known about the prank already which made the video kinda questionable. Still great idea but it wasn't completely unexpected.


Climate change: Major emitters accused of blocking progress at UN talks ~ Futurology

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What I don’t get is why the bbc would write an article like this but use this ridiculous picture as the thumbnail. It’s like they don’t want people to take this seriously.


Climate change would have too big an effect on those countries economies to want to do anything about it. Appealing to their sense of helping humanity isn’t helping so how do you get them to change their stance? Or how do we side step them eg trade embargoes


""Brazil, Saudi Arabia, India and China were "part of the problem". "" So is Russia, one of the top five that as far as I know is doing nothing. But China more than any other needs to be brought onboard. In the last eighteen months China has developed enough coal station power to provide all the energy requirements of 31 million homes. In the pipeline are a further 148 Gigawatts of coal power. They are also building coal power stations outside China at something like a 25% discount. People who constantly campaign in the US and EU need to wake up to the fact that the world could go carbon zero except for China, India and Russia and CO2 output would stay at 40% of what it is today.


How much of an asshole do you have to be to be filthy rich and still want to burn the world down to be a little richer (which will have no effect in your life because of how rich you already are).


Implies the UN is capable of making progress in anything.


What just makes 0% sense in 2019? ~ AskReddit

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The fact that some people dont vaccinate their kids


Indian people polluting their most holiest river Like why? If you think it is holy, then why are you throwing trash in it?


People. someone on linkedin messaged me regarding a job role (IT), we spoke for 2 hours I gave my cv, asked requirements etc. only to at the end hear "are you a born British citizen?" to which I said no but i lived here for 13 years... "Oh sorry we only hire British born citizens"


Bad CCTV footage. HD cameras are so cheap nowadays and the storages is pennies, you can get a decent low cost CCTV system.


Having to dress up and drive into an office to do a job that could easily be done from home. I get it, you want to make sure your employees are actually working. But fucking seriously... wouldn't you KNOW by seeing the work hasn't been done? Why do I have to waste gas and time when the internet... you know... exists


TIL about Patton’s Prayer. During The Battle of the Bulge, clear weather was desperately needed to advance. He asked a chaplain to write him a suitable prayer. The chaplain complied, and the ensuing prayer was handed out to the troops. The weather cleared, and Patton gave the chaplain a Bronze Star. ~ Today I Learned

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This is the prayer: > Almighty and most merciful Father, we humbly beseech Thee, of Thy great goodness, to restrain these immoderate rains with which we have had to contend. Grant us fair weather for Battle. Graciously hearken to us as soldiers who call upon Thee that, armed with Thy power, we may advance from victory to victory and crush the oppression and wickedness of our enemies, and establish Thy justice among men and nations. Amen.


I knew this fact but I love it so much. The reason being the battle of the bulge was so rough as far as weather goes as it got in ww2. If it had been any worse we wouldn't have prevailed. There were americans fighting barefoot in that battle ffs. As a veteran of afghanistan it almost makes me not consider myself a veteran. I've been on the receiving end of fire and fired at enemies. The men in the battle of the bulge are absolute fucking troopers. I dont think men of that caliber still walk the earth. At least as much as they do now per capita. I've been through some shit. Battle of the bulge nibbas earned the eternal triple og status. For eternity.


And then he slapped him for good measure.


So what would he have done to the chaplain if the weather sucked?


TIL the US army still had sorcerors in its employ and rewarded them for the success of their magic spells in 1944.


Mass grave containing remains of 643 civilians discovered in Iraq ~ World News

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These are gonna be popping up for decades to come...


>A mass grave dating back to 2016 has been discovered in Iraq containing the remains of 643 civilians believed to be victims of the Saqlawiyah massacre, about 5 kilometers north of Fallujah, in Anbar Governorate. >An official source said that all of the victims belong to one tribe called al-Muhamdah. They had disappeared since 2016 and no one knew anything about them since. >Iraqi forces and the Iranian-backed Shia Popular Mobilization Units militias (PMU - known as Hashd al-Shaabi in Arabic), had liberated Fallujah and its suburbs in the same year. >Skulls, human bones, civilian clothing remains, including those belonging to children, traces of holes and handcuffs suggest that a massacre occurred in that place, according to sources from the Forensic Medicine Department in Ramadi. >The mass grave was discovered near the connecting road between Fallujah and Baghdad, specifically near the road leading to southwestern Fallujah. >Government officials said that the area was under the control of the PMU militias and ISIS had not reached it, which raises questions about an ethnic cleansing crime that may have taken place in Fallujah by the PMU militias.


The discovery is similar to an incident that occurred a few months ago, in which another mass grave was found in the north of Babel governorate. It was estimated that more than 200 bodies were found. The government never revealed the circumstances and details of the crime.


Sadam would not have killed so many people in his most wildest dreams as many that were killed after United States invaded the country and "democratized" it.


Quite a lot of anti-usa sentiment here but was this caused by the US directly?


Humans ‘sole culprits’ in US parrot extinction ~ News

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Don't worry. We've introduced invasive exotic parrots to make up for it. And more cats.


They've been replaced by monk parakeets, the second greatest export my country has to offer.


From the article: Scientists sequenced the genome of a stuffed Carolina parakeet held in a private collection. The colourful bird's DNA showed none of the signs of inbreeding characteristic of animals that have been in decline for many years. Instead, its genetic sequence suggests populations were buoyant until the expansion of European settlers.


bummer. I wasn't aware parrots or parakeets were ever indigenous to the continental united states until today


Sad fact time: part of the reason they got killed off so easily is that they flock to their dead. Someone would shoot at them when there were a bunch in an orchard or something like that, the other birds would surround it, making it really easy to kill the parakeets in massive numbers. Check out David S. Wilcove’s The Condor’s Shadow if you want to read more about them.


TIL that Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman are separated but no divorced due to how close they still are ~ Today I Learned

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She's probably sticking around because of his magnum dong.


Well he doesn't know how many years on this earth he has left. He's going to get real weird with it.


They played husband and wife in Matilda. Had no idea they were married in real life.


Why are they separated then? Genuinely asking


Just do like in the old times with 2 seperate beds. Close, but seperate. Perfect harmony.


It’s that time of year where the clock can read 5:00 and you can’t tell if it’s morning or evening based on sunlight. ~ Shower Thoughts

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In some places


Laughs in 24 hr clock


Unless you live the Southern Hemisphere.


Military time gang! It's currently 20:10. I know exactly what time it is.


that shock of waking up from a nap at 5 and not knowing if you slept through to morning or what the hell is happening


You’ve been recruited for a heist – what special skill do you bring to the team? ~ AskReddit

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I'll be the guy the leader shoots first to show he's not messing around


I can knit everybody some nice gloves, that way we will leave no fingerprints


Im a trumpet player, I could play the Mission Impossible theme while the heist montage is taking place.


I’m a recreational pilot, so I guess I could fly away...?


Meet The Distraction


TIL the word “Apple” didn’t always refer to the specific fruit. As late as the 17th century the word was used for all fruits that weren’t berries. ~ Today I Learned

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Pomme de terre = apple of earth, French word for potato


Bonus TIL: **corn** was the same thing for vegetables.


The irony being that apples are berries.


This means the forbidden fruit in the Bible isn't an apple as European drawings depict.


Does this imply that ‘Eat an apple a day...’ refers simply to fruit? Any idea when that particular saying got popular?


LPT: Dont treat other people’s family dynamics like you treat your own, especially during the Christmas season ~ Life Pro Tips

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Hello and welcome to r/LifeProTips! Please help us decide if this post is a good fit for the subreddit by up or downvoting this comment. If you think that this is great advice to improve your life, please upvote. If you think this doesn't help you in any way, please downvote. If you don't care, leave it for the others to decide.


Thank you for recognizing this, I've personally had to go no contact with a large majority of my biological family. I'm not affected by comments like this, but I'm grateful that others see how damaging it can be to expect or pressure someone else to tolerate toxic family.


Thanks for posting this. I made the choice to not have any contact with my abusive mother after many, many years, but for some reason people don't get what a deliberate and final decision it was. I am kind of tired of continually explaining and justifying that decision. Most people act as if it was some flippant, rash choice that I'll eventually 'get over'. The reality is that it was a choice I made after YEARS of deliberation and hesitation that took me a lot of effort to make, and is not a decision I am planning on reversing I know I'm not the only person out there who has gone through this painful experience, so on behalf of all of us- thanks for saying something.


So was Kevin McAllister wrong when consulting with Old Man Marley?


Especially since the person saying "talk to them" have no knowledge of why there is a strained relationship in the first place. No Janice, I do not have to explain to you why I don't have any intention of interacting with my sister on any level.


Scientists built AI to predict lifespan of different animals, by training it on known genomes of 252 species from five classes of animals, including mammals, reptiles and fish, and their maximum lifespans. It estimated that woolly mammoth could live up to 60 years and Denisovans, for about 38 years. ~ Futurology

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The article also said it predicted that the maximum lifespan for humans was 38--the same as Denisovans. Edit: a word


> The formula was off by around four years on average, when compared with animals that we know the maximum lifespan of. However, it also predicted that the maximum lifespan for humans was 38, suggesting the results should be taken with a pinch of salt. This is the part I was interested in. Four years sounds good. I'd like to see how this error breaks down across various known/predicted lifespan ranges, as well as confirm that these errors are calculated from species not part of the training set.


Having a thing made to and be filled with the ideas of another thing is just a thing fulfilling a thing.


Scientists build statistical model = not sexy Scientists build AI = sexy front-page news


Curious study but useless without environmental factors.


China’s CCTV cancels Arsenal game after Ozil’s Uighur remarks ~ World News

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Fuck China


What a fucking regime omg Some soccer player around the globe made a tweet and they decided to shut the game for a million. All this for a tweet, while they act like the people dont know how fucked it is.


Wouldn't it be interesting to see what happens if every single company coordinated to make some comment. What a clusterfuck that would be


Proud of Ozil


when did china become such a whiny little bitch?


Merkel faces backbench rebellion over Huawei – In a blow to the German chancellor’s authority, backbenchers from her own party and her main coalition partners have united to block the controversial Chinese telecommunications company from the project. ~ World News

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It would be pretty careless by Germany to give Huawei access to this critical infrastructure.


If Huawei has no connections to the Chinese government, why is the Chinese government threatening retaliation if Germany chooses not to do business with Huawei?


Trudeau and his party won’t block Huawei either. Also voted to block the establishment of a committee on China’s threat to Canadian sovereignty just a few days ago. Makes me wonder..


Good, she's shown her true face after supporting a communist government with who is committing genocide, threatens the sovereignty of other nations, and infiltrates other governments all while championing their racial supremacy.


I like Merkel, but there is no other option. Letting China get even the slightest hand in a country's telecommunication after what has been revealed about Australia is absolute madness


Unexpected $2000 hotel charge ~ Personal Finance

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I work in front desk management. The simple truth is that the squeaky wheels get the grease. If they’re unresponsive to you behaving like a decent person, get shitty with them. Start complaining your ass off. Claim that wasn’t anywhere in the confirmation from your third party and you believe it’s a deceitful business tactic (It honestly is-I work in a luxury hotel and we’d NEVER up-charge like that). Threaten bad reviews on all platforms (reviews are EVERYTHING to us). Eventually they should realize the up-charge isn’t worth the headache and anxiety every time you call down.


Did you show them the email which confirmed you paid for 4 adults?


Tell management it’s fine and you’ll put the kids in a motel 6 and they won’t be staying with you. Are they going to follow you into your suite? Put a camera in there?


Looked up the Hotel online - they seem like they care about reviews etc with someone signing off as the owner on each one - atleast on google. Like the others have said, make all the noise you can first via the booking site, then review platforms and then via the card. Absolute robbery in a time when business in TH is really down for a lot of these resorts. You booked a room for 4 adults. Instead they are making it look like you booked just for 2, trying to add 2 more at $125/person. The extra charge alone exceeds the cost of a luxury room in Khao Lak.


Since you have already booked it as 4 adults you shouldn't have to pay the extra $125 per kid. ​ Make sure that they understand this point. The booking is already done for 4 adults.


What’s something that everyone, absolutely everyone, in the entire world can agree on? ~ AskReddit

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#The Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell


Every 60 seconds in Africa, a minute passes.


cancer fucking sucks


Clean water is good


swallowing too big a piece of chip and having it slowly scratch it’s way down your throat is *not* an enjoyable experience edit: ‘crisps’ for all you chaps across the ocean


TIL an alligator can go two years without feeding by burning fat reserves at the base of it’s tail. ~ Today I Learned

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I wish I could live off of ass for two years...


A hangry gator that hasn’t eaten in two years is not a gator I want to be around. Or any gator for that matter.


Interesting. Word on the street is that alligators are so ornery because they got all them teeth and no toothbrush.


Fat people can go quite a while too so long as they have water. Not two years.. but a while.


I read this is why they survived mass extinction too! Pretty tough gators


TIL when Hurricane Harvey hit in 2017, multi-millionaire pastor Joel Osteen initially refused to open the doors of his megachurch as a shelter, instead offering prayers. When criticized, he claimed it was inaccessible due to floods, despite dozens of pictures proving otherwise. ~ Atheism

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Joel is a fuckstain. The man is all about money and completely ignores what the Bible says about the church being charitable, especially towards anyone who’s isn’t rich/white. He’s a plaid suit away from being a used car salesman.


Piece of shit


What did you expect? He's so full of shit he can't open his eyes.


All megachurches are proof that organized religion should be taxed. I don't care about your little small-town church, but any place bigger than a high school with jumbo-trons is excessive as all hell.


A liar and a thief, like most of them.


TIL that the dust storm that sets off the events in the film “The Martian” isn’t plausible because the atmosphere on Mars is about 1% as dense as Earth’s and the winds in the strongest Martian storms top out at about 60 miles per hour, unlikely to tip or rip apart major mechanical equipment. ~ Today I Learned

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I think Andy Weir has stated that he knows the storms wouldn't be like that on Mars, but he needed the plot device to get things going. I think he said that was the weakest point of the plot.


Plus Sean Bean survives to the end, that movie is full of scientific impossibilities


>Mars' dust storms aren't totally innocuous, however. Individual dust particles on Mars are very small and slightly electrostatic, so they stick to the surfaces they contact like Styrofoam packing peanuts. > >The possibility of dust settling on and in machinery is a challenge for engineers designing equipment for Mars.


TIL The Martian isn’t a documentary.


you're not plausible shut up I love that movie


What is your most embarrassing moment from high school? ~ AskReddit

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Ripped my shirt off after our varsity squad won an important basketball game, & threw said shirt into the opposing crowd. This was in a very conservative community close to the Amish. I had to be escorted out of the building.


I accidentally sat in someone else’s car after school, thinking it was my moms car. I even buckled my seatbelt before looking to my right and seeing a baby, and looking to the front and seeing a horrified woman. I apologized quickly and ran out only to see that my moms car was the one behind it..


I had to have a lunch date in front of the entire school with a random girl . Two names picked out of a hat.


I was sixteen, and I had recently starting dating my first "real" girlfriend. Now, granted, I'd had other love interests before then, and some of them had even referred to themselves as my girlfriends, but it wasn't until age sixteen that I actually starting *sleeping* with my romantic partner... and let me tell you, the mind of a sixteen-year-old who has just been granted access to sex is a force to be reckoned with. It didn't matter where I was, what I was doing, or what the circumstances were: If I was with my girlfriend and we had fifteen minutes to spare, we *would* find a way of getting it on, no matter what extreme steps we'd have to take. This led to a number of borderline absurd scenarios (and quite a few questionable choices), but for the most part, we escaped from our liaisons unscathed. Then, one day, we somehow got it into our heads that it would be a good idea to fool around in the women's bathroom of a park we used to frequent. Honestly, we should have seen the problem coming from a mile away. As it happened, though, we were both too preoccupied with the idea of having uncomfortable sex to think to ourselves, "Gee, I wonder if anyone else will want to use this single-stall restroom at any point?" Needless to say, someone else did. By the time my girlfriend and I had finished, a line of about five women had formed outside the bathroom door. Upon realizing this, I started to panic, wondering if I was going to get arrested for having been in there. There were no windows through which I could make an escape, and it wasn't as though there was anywhere that I could hide... but then, a solution occurred to me. See, at the time, I had *very* long hair, and with a little bit of creative clothing rearrangement, I could give myself the appearance of having breasts. True, my face wasn't especially feminine (and I was already over six feet tall at the time), but I figured that if I just *rushed past* the line of waiting women, I could be home free and no-one would be any wiser. It might have worked... had it not been for the fact that one of the people in the line turned out to be our school's counselor... and she recognized me. The following Monday, I got called to the office for "a little chat." **TL;DR: A cross-dressing sex romp in a single-stall public bathroom.**


Not high school but in middle school I told everyone I got signed by Nike.


LPT: if your high school GPA and extracurriculars aren’t up to par for the university you’re interested in, attend community college for two years and save some money whilst boosting up your stats. ~ Life Pro Tips

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Hello and welcome to r/LifeProTips! Please help us decide if this post is a good fit for the subreddit by up or downvoting this comment. If you think that this is great advice to improve your life, please upvote. If you think this doesn't help you in any way, please downvote. If you don't care, leave it for the others to decide.


HOWEVER, check with the college(s) you want to get into and make sure that they will accept the credits from that community college. It seems obvious that they would, especially if they were in the same state, but it is not always so. (my pain, your gain.)


A lot of community colleges are offering free tuition to students who qualify too. I see the signs when I ride the bus. Sure wish they’d give me some money to finish at NYU...


Do this anyway Source: have a mountain of student loans debt because I didnt do this


remember: there is absolutely no shame in starting at community college!


DOJ report ranks Ohio ‘high’ for sexual victimization in juvenile detention facilities, despite overall decline ~ News

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Lady here, spent time in juvie in Ohio, can comfirm. I had to do weekly supervised drug screenings, and a middle aged female corrections officer told me in the creepiest voice possible that I was wearing nice panties that day. I was grossed out beyond words. I was also strip searched by a male police officer, along side my even younger friend. Ohio sucks.


I was in juvie facilities as a kid. I've never really gotten the impression that a lot of care is taken in hiring staff. Juvenile systems, in particular, should be seen as a location for high investment, having high quality staff should be important.


Gym “Pervert Watcher” Jordan’s home state, what do you expect?


People here just commenting on guard-inmate abuse, note the article refers to inmate on inmate abuse as well: > More than 15 percent — or about one in six — of the 140 surveyed youth held in Ohio juvenile correctional facilities reported being forced or coerced into sexual activity with **other youths or detention staff** in 2018, compared to 7.1 percent nationally. These stats are horrific, even nationally. 1 in 6 in Ohio reported sexual abuse and just over double that nationally.


I wonder what Gym Jordan thinks about this.


Men of reddit, what do women do during sex that is an instant turnoff? ~ AskReddit

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Lay there like a fuckin starfish.


Try to sound like a porn movie. I appreciate it, but usually it just makes me have to try to not laugh.


Be upset if I didn't cum. My medicine makes me into a marathon man, but it also makes it hard to get off. You are beautiful. I like you, and I wouldn't be having sex with you otherwise, so believe me when I say it's my medicine.


Complain about their body.


Had a girl that squeezed my junk like she was trying to choke a baby ....definitely killed the mood, but 5 second later I forgave her....because I'm a guy and wanted sex


TIL about the heroism of Teddy Sheean, of the Australian navy. During WW2, his ship was torpedoed, and Japanese planes shot at survivors in the sea. Sheean strapped himself to an antiaircraft gun on the sinking ship and fired at the planes, downing at least one. He was still firing as he drowned. ~ Today I Learned

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'Fight on' is the Motto of the Submarine named in his honour. HMAS Sheean.


His family has been campaigning for years to have him posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross but it hasn't happened yet. A couple of kids I was at school with are related to him


There's a reason they're referred to as 'the greatest generation.' The more you read up on WWII the crazier it gets.


So brave


He was still firing *as he drowned*? I don't understand that claim.


#BoycottHallmark trends on Twitter after Hallmark Network caved to anti-LGBTQ group ~ Atheism

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I don't get these people who are anti-gay marriage and abortion. It doesn't affect you personally so why can't they live and let live.


Aaaand fuck Hallmark now. Was gonna swing by later for Christmas shopping but that's a hard pass for me now.


*Now that I'm done stuffing my face for dinner* This was a perfect opportunity for Hallmark to show this bigoted anti-LGBTQ group that we're a nation of progress, but instead caved. They deserve what's coming to them. Edit* a letter


Pretty sure that most people who would join this boycott don't watch that channel anyways.


"*What else could I say?  Everyone is gay…*" -Kurt Cobain


TIL Backstreet Boys and *NSYNC were established by the same financier, Lou Pearlman, who, among numerous other schemes, infamously classified himself as the “sixth member of the band” to siphon profits away from the artists. ~ Today I Learned

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The man forms the Backstreet Boys, makes shit ton of money, realizes that the market for boybands is still not saturated, forms another one to make even more money, all the while defrauding both bands lol.


Wow - didn’t realize how many fragile little egos would come defend the convicted felon just so they could drop a “hurp durp stupid boys aren’t artists, they had no TALENT- I’m happy they got defrauded because my middle school crush loved them and not me!!!” Sick dunk bros


This was common knowledge 20 years ago.


He also managed LFO. Rich Cronin did a great Howard Stern interview about him once.


There’s a really great episode of the podcast “Swindled” about him. Dude was quite the con man, I highly recommend giving it a listen.


TIL Julia Louis-Dreyfus once parked in Tom Arnold’s parking spot on the CBS lot. He left a note on her windshield that read “How stupid are you? Move your f–king car, you asshole!” She later found “a Polaroid of someone’s buttocks left on her windshield and the word ‘cunt’ written in soap.” ~ Today I Learned

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It's not often Tom Arnold comes up, so this seems like the opportunity to say he used to smoke meth with my disowned grandmother back in the 90s. His sister was a meth kingpin (queenpin?) in Iowa back then. Not the best people.


Whoever wrote “cunt” and left the butt pic probably thought it was Tom Arnold’s car. It’s just a coincidence that she was parked there.


Tom Arnold is a fucking piece of shit. Also .. Julia is 5000 times a bigger star than him.


Tom Arnold's a piece of shit, he offered Julian $10,000 to bang Lucy and Ricky got pissed.


Consider what a class act he had to be to actually get married to Roseanne, and that’s all you really need to know. The character he played in *True Lies* is literally as charming as he can get.


If your dick made a sound when it gets errect what sound would it make? ~ AskReddit

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Just a slide whistle going up


the THX sound


The door stoppers that be like, “bououououoing!” When you kick them.


Lightsaber sound


Careless Whisper sax solo


What’s worse than raining cats and dogs? ~ Jokes Hailing taxi's

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Being alive.


Stepping in a poodle


That would be uber bad!


Shitting porcupines.


Ok fine have an upvote.


Cries of abuse in Catholic Church start to be heard in Japan ~ News

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My guess is that this news is only going to be spreading from country to country wherever the Catholic Church is active. They’ve created a culture where they are just shuffling pedophiles from church to church, city to city and country to country. The US isn’t the only place this is happening, we just hear about it due to our press and it’s freedom.


Looks like it is time the Japanese kicked the Catholics out, again.


Whaaat, really? There's got to be *some* way to spot in advance which people are willing to violate sexual boundaries... Why does this keep happening?


For St. Mary’s students of that era there is still no satisfying solution to abuse that children underwent there. The pope is said to have met with the St.Marys representatives but they haven’t announced any results. The way it’s been handled is really silent actually.


Dang, those small kids are loud.


Supreme Court leaves Kentucky’s ultrasound law in place ~ News

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A law that serves no medical purpose, served up once again by the allegedly limited government right wing. Don't want the government getting between you and your doctor though!


I’m trying to picture California or something coming up with a law that you have to watch videos of graphic mass shootings before you can buy guns. What a ridiculous law.


The party of small government.


Let's make it a requirement for women who *want* to have kids to have to visit a children's home and make eye contact with all the children up for adoption! They should really be made aware of the reality of the situation before they choose to bring another child into the world. This idea is just as ridiculous as Kentucky's ultrasound law.


Bit by bit, they keep chipping away until, eventually, *Roe v.Wade* will be moot and they won't even have to repeal it.


Atheist reaches settlement over religious objection to mandatory AA ~ News

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>That includes step 3 - to make "a decision to turn our will and our lives over to the care of God as we understood Him" and step 11 - to seek "through prayer and meditation to improve our conscious contact with God, as we understood Him". >The Lord's Prayer, a Christian devotion, usually closes a meeting. That's pretty fucking religious my dudes. >While AA maintains it is spiritual and not religious, cases in both the US and Canada have centred on whether the programme is incompatible for atheists and those whose faith could be seen as inconsistent with its vision. It is. See if you read the article it does say he offered to attend an alternative programme.


They should be referring to better evidence-based programs anyway. The emphasis on quit dates and clean time is counterproductive to those coping with relapse. A person who has relapsed after years of successfully abstaining is shamed and made to feel ruined, rather than drawing on the demonstrable success of those years.


The higher power ideology of Alcoholics Anonymous is a turn off to many people. I wish the group could go back to its roots of using psychedelics like LSD 🙂


I sympathize. Quit drinking completely on my own because after a bunch of research I couldn’t find any good programs nearby that weren’t religiously affiliated. It’s bonkers to me that AA could be mandated by anybody like an employer or court. It’s very explicitly a Christian program. Wish there were more programs out there for people who want help and don’t want to go to a church-related group.


It is a religious cult, no doubt. Always boggled my mind how courts can order attendance at meetings. That being said, much of the discussion at meetings and those surrounding recovery is focused on negotiating the religious bullshit in “The Book”. In 2019 close to nobody can stomach the religious babble. So there’s high attrition. Close to 99% Even worse is “The Book” was written by some layman with zero physiological background on addiction or scientific methods used when developing the 12 step program. It’s simply a method for desperate men to replace addiction with a commitment to god. Out dated and defunct. And AA has never had a rate of success higher than 5%.


Record-setting 75-foot-tall wave recorded off California coast ~ News

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Learn to swim, see you down in Arizona bay.


Bodhi called it... the "50-year storm".


How often are waves like this responsible for ships that are said to vanish without a trace do you think? And how frequent are they? How big of a wave does it take to capsize a ship?


That's some Godzilla level waves there


moms gonna fix it all soon. mom's coming round to put it back the way it oughta be


Chilean military plane ‘disappears’ with 38 aboard ~ News

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If they went down off Antarctica I'm not just worried for the people on board, I'm worried for the people who will have to search for the plane. That's dangerous work.


How terrible for the families with love ones aboard. Hopefully this is resolved quickly.


My best mates working in Antarctica at the moment gonna have to ask him about this one.


Why was the plane going to Antarctica? Was it a mission?


Must have hit the ice wall.


A mother is concerned that her son isn’t making enough money on his own, so she asks what he will do for a living ~ Jokes And he says he won't have a real job, but he has found a legal loophole to take advantage of the sketchy business practices in his city; he discovered many of the repossession companies in his city didn't fill out the proper paperwork before taking a car away. So he would buy a new car on loan and intentionally not make the payments. When the repossession company would come, he would let them take it, and then threaten to sue them in court. He would rough himself up a little bit, and the company would settle outside of court; they would pay for the car to avoid getting a negative reputation. "That's smart son, but what makes you think you'll be successful here?" "That's easy. Repo sting for car, ma!"

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The ways of a Redditor. Good.


> Reposting for karma If you're slow like me.


Adding this to my list of signs of aging; 1. Not knowing what the current popular music is and not caring. 2. Having no idea what the latest memes are and not caring. 3. Having to think and re-think about jokes to get puns.


This. This is the best pun of 2019




RIP would work instead of goodnight. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Saying this to my grandmother tonight.


Whispering it should also be more soothing but does the exact opposite for some reason.


A safe bet either way


Joke's on you, I work night shifts.


Additionally, "My bad" and "I'm sorry" usually mean the same thing; unless spoken at a funeral


Research on UMass Amherst course shows resilience can be taught. The ability to persist through challenges and recover from adversity – is no longer considered a character trait by researchers but a practiced interaction between person and environment ~ Science

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// Resilience – the ability to persist through challenges and recover from adversity – is no longer considered a character trait by researchers but a “practiced interaction between person and environment,” the study points out. “Negative thoughts stick to us like Velcro,” Chandler explains. “We have to train our brain to hang on to the positive things. We are experts in stress, so we need to practice building up the calm side of the brain, the focused side.” //


Resilience, persistence, and grit are qualities that are in **high** demand in the workforce. You would not believe how many good jobs have new workers that leave within the first week.


Clearly, this is part of the program of training for most, if not all, the world's special forces units.


When it comes to studies like this I’m always curious about the SES of the participants, as well as the translation of the study into real-world access to appropriate resources. What nature vs nurture practices are at play that causes certain people to benefit more from a “resilience” workshop? Being a college athlete already requires a certain level of discipline - how well do these techniques translate to people who aren’t in college, or aren’t athletes? Legitimately curious as to how we can increase resilience in everyone else, or how to reduce the need for resilience intervention through a better balance of psychosocial and economic activities?


Low resilience has not been considered a character trait for decades. Resilience is a social/emotional skill that can be taught explicitly. Resilience training is already part of the available SpEd services (for children and adolescents) in many areas, and there are specialized boarding schools that focus on building resilience in and out of the classroom for children with greater needs.


24 year old Alana Chen found dead from apparent suicide after suffering 10 years of abuse from the Catholic Church she attended in Boulder, Colorado. ~ Atheism

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Knowing Catholic Church, those priests are about to be covertly reassigned somewhere else, and the family will be asked by some bishop to "best forget about it".


I'm sorry for the family and your sisters loss. Truly. This is something that should never happen. I hope someone is held responsible. Not sure about your laws.


So much money ,but morally bankrupt


Rest in peace. My condolences. The catholic church has been the largest and most dangerous criminal organization in action in the world for two thousand years. I wonder how there are catholic fathers and mothers who still have the courage to raise their children within catholic churches, living with priests, bishops, religious, nuns, cardinals, popes, and the devil!!! Catholics must go to masses armed with firearms!!!


My condolences to friends and family. It may legally be suicide, but I would call it indirect murder.


This is Greta Thunberg’s favorite subreddit. ~ Jokes She's very appreciative of our commitment to recycling jokes.

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*sees all comments getting downvoted into oblivion* Me to me: choose your words very carefully my guy Me: TOP TEN N WORDS Me to me: close enough


How dare you!


I am teenage who actively working on getting your joke.


She's always looks at the biggest joke in the world, tweaks it slightly, and gets all the karma. (Trumps Twitter)


But is she really autistic?


Bathroom sign says employees must have ‘smell check’ to ensure ‘not sitting on phone’ for too long ~ Not The Onion

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Do your coworkers a solid and leave a floater behind so they can enjoy their phones with out suspicion.


In related news, sales of liquid ass have skyrocketed.


My former roommate had some sort of weird condition. His farts and shit literally had no smell. Like, you hear the horns of hell blaring, and hear demonic grunting, and expect the top layer of your skin to peel off if you enter the bathroom after him, but nothing. But he shits like 5 times a day and he says it is a high pressure liquid blast. Like he could shit through a screen door without hitting the screen, and tag someone across the street. We all just assume it is ass cancer. Doctors have not figured much out. So people like him would be screwed over by the smell test


An article about a Reddit post, literally just a picture of a note that's probably made up to begin with


Protip: Intimidate coworkers and effortlessly pass your employer's smell check by using your turd as a bit of war paint under your eyes.


LPT: Every time you talk to someone, regardless of how long you’ve known them, try to learn something new about them. This will train you to be a better listener and to ask open ended questions with greater frequency. ~ Life Pro Tips

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That's a lot easier said than done, could you please elaborate on that and how I should improve?


Ok, great tip. How do you actually do that?


I think this is good advice when you want to get to know people better but not while chatting with a complete stranger you’ll never see again. Nor would I break this technique out right away even with someone you want to see again because it’s bound to make some people, especially women, uncomfortable (i.e. “why does this person want to know about my family? Am I in danger?”). And I say this both as a woman that has been made uncomfortable by such questions and as an attorney that uses open-ended questions on a regular basis.


I try to do this with my boyfriend. We’ve been dating for most of this year.m, but there’s still so much I feel I have to learn! Open-ended questions definitely help!


As some of you may know, the Conservative Australian Government is trying to pass a bill that will *FREELY ALLOW ANY FORMS OF DISCRIMINATION*, as long as it is under the guise of “religious beliefs”. This bill will take the country back centuries, and set precedents for other parts of the world. ~ Atheism

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Someone there should start a new "religion" where the main tenant is that they don't have to pay for groceries.


The same thing is happening in the us


Most normal Aussies are pissed off at this bill. I have contacted my MP to see how her party will be voting (they hold a portion of the balance of power)


Death to religion


> A doctor may tell a transgender patient of their religious belief that God made men and women in his image and that gender is therefore binary (EM) Hermaphrodites exist. Is god incompetent or was the kid so evil in the womb that this was their punishment? There's homosexuality throughout nature. > A single mother who, when dropping her child off at daycare, may be told by a worker that she is sinful for denying her child a father (Public Interest Advocacy Centre) For not giving it up to adoption to a couple, or for not marrying someone? (And marrying who? Gets a little harder when you come with a kid.) And this from the government who wanted to fine or arrest people who claimed to be "Jedi" for a religion. So if you're a religion you can discriminate, and we decide who gets the passes to do so...


My school teaches us that Mother Teresa was a “Righteous Servant of God”, I told them otherwise ~ Atheism

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Quite right. Horrific human being.


And that teacher's name? Albert Einstein. While I defend your views on Teresa, the way you express them makes me thing you are embellishing too much this story.


Hitchens has a lot to say on her. Look it up.


>I immediately raised my left middle finger so the class would know, This is the cringiest thing I've ever read on this sub. Being the angsty atheist teen is going to do nothing but make people begin to dismiss you completely out of hand. You'd've been better served asking questions to get the teach to say the things you were screaming about. And why'd you just straight to "NOR IS SHE INDIAN IN THE FIRST FUCKING PLACE!" Did the teacher even mention that? I've never seen anyone claim she was, and I went to Catholic school for middle and highschool. It's Mother Teresa 101 that she's Albanian. I'm not defending her at all, pretty much everything you said was/is true. However, the way you claim to have gone about this seems unnecessarily antagonistic. I'm sure many of your classmates could be open to hearing about the "truth" that the catholic church doesn't present, but you risk coming off as a crazy conspiracy theorist/contrarian/someone that is just looking to rile people up if you do things the way you described.


> maybe I did overreact If your post is reflective of what happened you ranted and swore. Definitely not a good look for your position and only strengthens the convictions some people have that she was a good person. Next time keep your calm, don't use any foul language (not even hell) and then you may be able to get people to listen. Know your audience.


A Netflix Show Featuring a Gay Jesus Has Outraged 1.5 Million Christians ~ Atheism

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We all remember the bible verse that commands Christians waste their lives policing the morals of others. Or was it to judge not unless you wanna be judged. I get so confused with all the judgments flying everywhere.


Well he did hang around with 12 men.


Well I’m off to watch “The first temptation of Christ “ thank you for the recommendation!


Remember how China put people in camps? I somehow doubt 1.5 million Christians were as outraged about that as they are about this.


Of that 1.5 million, how many are outraged by the priest who are raping real kids?


Identity stolen. How do I protect myself for the rest of my life? ~ Personal Finance

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Check out - it has a nice guided interview on steps to take when your identity is stolen. The reality post-Equifax breach is that your Social Security Number is already exposed to bad actors. Since this person used access to your mail, you should also take steps to secure your mail, like getting a locking mailbox, or using a PO box.


Besides the other advice I'm sure you will get, I'd buy a locking mailbox and if that's not an option switch to a PO box. Credit freeze is always top priority.


Set up a home camera and arrest the theft (file police report and give video to police, do not engage the theft yourself!). **Stealing postal mail is a federal crime**.


You can call the companies that control the three different types of credit scores you have and have them freeze your credit, that way no one can open any new credit cards or take out any loans in your name, there is also just checking your account frequently. ​ You can easily **freeze your credit** with Equifax on **their** website, or via an automated **phone** line: 1-800-685-1111 (1-800-349-9960 for New York residents). If you'd rather talk to **a** human, **their** customer care **number** is 1-888-298-0045. In case you need this.


>Is this a fundamental flaw in our current society? Yes. At some point we are going to need a system change to how we give out credit, and how we verify identity of the people doing so. I hope they catch the person that did this, unfortunately it's probably someone you know or a neighbor.


The Orion Nebula, 4 hour exposure captured from my backyard. ~ Space

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It always looks like a beautiful watercolor painting. I just wish I could go out and see more of the universe


I have never tried to do this, special hardware?


Beautiful photo. Anywhere we can download at full resolution?


Yeah, pretty sure that's a shiny Gengar or something.


I painted a Juno image of Jupiter in oils with a fun twist ~ Space

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pretty awesome I like it a-lot. The perspective at the top is messing with my head a little though.


Looks good to me, except I was expecting “send nudes” message as a twist. I’m completely redditized.


What weighs more, a gallon of water or a gallon of butane? ~ Jokes The water. Butane is lighter fluid.

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Good one! Take it r/dadjokes. They'll love it over there.


Well, the density of water is 8.345 lbs/gal and the density of butane is about 4.82 lbs/gal, so OP is in fact correct. Well done.


Heeey! That was smooth af.


Heres one for the Americans: Which is heavier? A kilogram of steel Or A kilogram of feathers?


Seven years to the day of the Sandy Hook shooting, Newtown High School won its first state championship in football since 1992. ~ Uplifting News

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Seems kinda strange to associate a football game with a school shooting.


Sandy Hook was 7 years ago? Holy shit


This is a great comeback for a school ravaged by violence. Glad to see they pushed through


How is winning for the first time in 27 years related to the shooting? Why bring that into a story about football?


I don't see how these two things correlate. "They were only losing because of the shooting, now they're winning, they are better now." Seems what the article suggests. Whatever.


A guy walks into a store with his dog. ~ Jokes The manager sees him and says, "Hey, you can't have your dog here, you have to leave!" The guy replies, "Oh, don't worry, this is a talking dog, watch. Hey Rusty, how does sandpaper feel?" The dog says, "ruff!". Still, the owner kicks them out. On the walk back, the dog says, "Fuck, I should've said 'like sand'."

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I've heard a longer version of this joke: 'What does sandpaper feel like?' 'Ruff' 'What covers a house?' 'Roof' 'Who was the greatest baseball player?' 'Ruth' Dog and owner get kicked out, dog says 'Should I have said Gehrig?'




I hate sand.


My Grandmother bought some stocks for me in 2006, but I have no idea where they are or how to access them. ~ Personal Finance

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If the brokerage firm just shut down there may be news articles about them. Or even their web site may mention what you should do to find assets. There should be some kind of representative with the assets now.


Google the company and terms like “sale” “Closure” “merger” and other like terms. They may have sold the portfolios of their customers before the closure.


Contact the stock transfer agent. More than likely Computershare. The transfer agent should have record of your ownership, even if owned book entry at the now defunct brokerage.


Every publicly traded equity (stock) has a CUSIP # assigned to it. This number and your title of the account (assuming it's your or grandparents name) is registered with the company. If you can remember the company name then you can find where your shares are kept..


Do you have a billing statement of some sort, hopefully with an account number? It can show what kind of account it was. I had stock from a relative but it was in something like a "transfer on death" type of account that ended up in my mother's name, and she eventually transferred it to me. If you can show it should be yours, you might be able to get an active brokerage to pull the assets into a current account. If it was in your Grandmother's name but intended for you, it's going to be a little harder. You don't mention if your Grandmother passed, but your having to do this yourself leads me to believe she did (sorry) which means the unclaimed property might be in her name. I'm not sure how it plays out in this scenario, but probate lawyers might have to be involved. Another scenario is that it has for whatever reason been sold since that letter and there's nothing to find. Best of luck to you.


New Orleans mayor declares state of emergency after cyberattack ~ Technology

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sounds like some ransomware. i love it! incompetent IT manager is about to get *fired*


Give me 1 million dollars or everyone will see your micro penis. Do it now. Time is ticking. LOL


Smartphones have come a long way! ~ Space

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The three stars are so beautifully aligned with almost the same brightness. Also makes an incomplete 5, so as a kid, I always referred it ironically as the 5 star. It also features in the movie 'The Fountain' by Darren Afronsky.


Are you saying your phone came from space, because I don't think that's true.


It took me a while zooming to recognize, there is not a mobile phone in outer space...


I tried doing long exposures with my Galaxy S7 but you can’t turn off the optical image stabilization so it was pretty much useless. Thanks Samsung


Bro go get an Apple phone instead. Samsung and Android phones are plebeian shites


LPT: Don’t beat yourself for being awkward. Other people often see a little awkwardness as endearing ~ Life Pro Tips

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Some people are cool awkward some people are annoying awkward just depends on the person


I don’t trust people who aren’t just a little bit awkward. If you show no small sign of awkwardness, I see you as fake.


Idk about endearing lmao people don't see it as that at all


Also, when you self-flagellate for it, it tends to increase awkward behaviors whereas owning it actually tends to reduce it. Often awkward behavior comes from anxiety. When people beat themselves up for saying weird things or not knowing what to do, anxiety pattern increases and it self-perpetuates. I like the internal coaching of "well that was weird, oh well, who cares." To help move past it.


The Next Nuclear Plants Will Be Small, Svelte, and Safer ~ Technology

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> NuScale uses a light water reactor—by far the most common type of reactor in commercial nuclear power plants—but that’s about where the similarities end. NuScale’s reactor is 65 feet tall and 9 feet in diameter, and is housed in a containment vessel only slightly larger. About the size of two school buses stacked end to end, you could fit around 100 of them in the containment chamber of a large conventional reactor. Yet this small reactor can crank out 60 megawatts of energy, which is about one-tenth the smallest operational reactor in the US today. ~10 times more efficient, it seems. The company can also ship them to pretty much anywhere, and because of their size, they don’t need the usual 10 mile buffer zone. Now to get people to stop shitting their pants over nuclear It’s still in the review process right now, but they might be able to start distributing power by 2026 if all goes well


> With the price of renewables like wind and solar rapidly falling and ample natural gas available, smaller, svelter reactors may never find their niche. This is the key sentence in the article.


The biggest challenge will not be the technology, but the political climate. Our current nuclear reactors are decades old and so tightly regulated that innovation at these plants has been relatively minuscule.


Will it be profitable?


Excited to build like 40 of these for my next megalopolis in Sim City!!


SpaceX to Make Starlink Satellites Dimmer to Lessen Impact on Astronomy – Future batches of the satellite will have a special coating to reduce their reflectivity ~ Technology

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Spray up some Vantablack!


I’m love imagining astronauts on space walks essentially tagging satellites. spaaaacceee!


Won't Anodising work? I have no understanding of the effects of the vacuum or radiation on an Anodised part but I would have thought that it would be a quick and easy solution.


Anyone else think that the astronomy community is going at this the wrong way. From what i understand the atmosphere is the biggest hurtle in astronomy and that space based is the way to go. After they spread out its not easy to see them at all with the naked eye so that shouldn't be a problem. Shouldn't they be making a deal with Elon like "Hey your blocking our view but how about you send this massive telescope to space instead as penance." I mean a 100 ton space based telescope much better then any ground based version that currently being built. It seems like they are just wasting money on ground based when the option for space based large telescopes are going to be possible within the next couple years with Starship and New Glen. I'm glad that the reflectivity question was asked but i see the advantages out weigh the limited future of ground based astronomy.


So why are they darkening 1 satellite, but not the rest 59 in that group?


American trash: How an e-waste sting uncovered a shocking betrayal ~ Technology

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The US has been doing this for years now but not many people have known about it until now. The problem is is that computer aren't meant to be recycled. The parts tend to be unique to themselves and are hard to take apart in the first place (component by component). The battery is easy to recycle but everything else is a hell of a job to recycle. For example the circuit board or PCB has to go through a de metalling process (usually hydrometallurgy or pyrometallurgy) where you cut up the PCB and then sort out stuff you don't want. Then you have to either burn it or put it in a liquid which leaches the metals of the boards. And then since there are multiple metals, you have to separate them using certain chemical compounds and purify. This all takes lots of energy and time. Just for a PCB or circuit board. There are many more examples out there but we really need to change the way we build our computers. Also correct me if I am wrong on the PCB part.


> People in the recycling industry and in the community continued to support Total Reclaim, reasoning that Lorch and Zirkle [our villians] had learned their lesson and would keep doing good work. As part of the sentencing hearing, they produced reams of signed letters explaining what their lives and careers had meant. > In court, Puckett [our hero] looked around and realized how the community had come out in support of Lorch. They had mutual friends in the industry. Suddenly, Puckett was standing alone with the prosecutors, while on the other side of the aisle were his friends. “Culturally, that’s my people, over there,” Puckett thought. This is what pisses me off. These guys committed fraud for *years* all while getting accolades and business for being ethical, and their *friends* support them. Fucking dim-witted sheep. This lustrates that biggest problem in this country. It's not about red or blue, conservative or liberal. It's people not the moral backbone to stand up for what's right.


LCD monitors don't have mercury anymore. The mercury was in the CCFL backlights. Backlights are all LED now. I'm not at all surprised this stuff went to near HK (Guangdong province presumably). Nor that the recycling was nearly completely fake. FR4 just isn't worth anything. And it makes up perhaps half (by volume) of the stuff being disposed of. It has to go somewhere. Of course the companies are dumping it. Likely illegally, because that's the cheapest way.


not going to ready an article about garbage with a "shocking betrayal" in it. Click bait titles lose all credibility


60 Minutes did this story almost two decades ago, almost verbatim. It will be, as it has been, until we use different materials.


Feds Break Up Illegal Streaming Network That Dwarfs Netflix and Hulu Libraries ~ Technology

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The proliferation of streaming services has re-created the problem Netflix solved in the first place.


Phew! Feds sure saved the day by stopping sites that offered a whole lot more content for nearly nothing. Now Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Apple, HBO and Disney can all offer exclusive, expensive subscriptions to that you'll never be able to watch what your friends are watching without paying them all. Hooray!


This instead of investigating a world wide pedophile blackmail network.


I feel safer!


Looks like the war is heating up again. This is a result of the broken and fragmented streaming offerings. I am now paying more than I ever have to get all of my content legally. And they all still want me to look at ads. Fuck em. I've moved onto iptv. For 20 bucks per month my household has thousands of live channels and movies at their fingertips.


ELI5: How can sperm whales dive so deep and not suffer from the pressure? ~ Explain Like I'm Five

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Whales have numerous adaptations to help deal with pressure. Firstly, they have a reduced number of sinuses and air cavities compared to land dwelling mammals. Where they do have cavities, these are heavily lined with blood vessels, which fill at depth, blocking the airspace completely and preventing its collapse. Secondly, their lungs can collapse without suffering damage, due to reinforcement. This has the added of effect of preventing gas exchange with the blood, which prevents nitrogen narcosis and 'the bends'. This naturally also means that they can't get oxygen from the lungs too, so they have evolved changes to their blood and muscle to cope. Whales have a lot more blood per kg than land mammals, and much more haemoglobin, which stores oxygen, in that blood. They also have much more myoglobin, the protein that makes red meat red, in their muscles. This again stores oxygen.


What if they grab a squid at depth and beeline for the surface? Can squid survive the decompression?


Sperm whales in particular have a thick, milky, substance in their head that helps them deal with the pressure. When whalers cut them open it would pour out onto the deck and (not sure I would tell a 5 year old this, but...) it resembled ejaculate, hence where they got their name, the Sperm Whale.


Reading the composition and wording of this title, I was almost positive it was posted on r/jokes. 😂


One million people sign petition against Netflix comedy depicting Jesus as gay ~ Atheism

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One million people who need to get over themselves.


Why are people mad about a fictional tv show that depicts a fictional character


All jokes and jabs aside, I resolutely HOPE (And tentatively expect) Netflix to ignore the backlash. Religions need to stop being taken so damn seriously.


Neat, wears dresses, hangs around with men exclusively. Just sayin'


I’m pretty sure the controversy has already guaranteed more viewers than it would have had otherwise.


Market expects Trump to win reelection: Jeffrey Gundlach ~ Stock Market

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Market knows better than media. Always


Help us all of he does. Not from a market standpoint but from a society stand point.


Am I the only one looking forward to the end of the rip off health sector? And big oil? And big war?


A lot of people are probably going to start getting really nervous in about 3 1/2 years


Coming from the guy who said he didn't know if trump was even going to run for reelection earlier this year. The guy's discredited just for thinking that was even a possibility.


I do not have much in the way of fancy equipment, but I still wanted to catch the ice rings on the moon the other night. ~ Space

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And that you did. I’d forgotten how enchanting they are. Living in Australia, it’s too hot to have a moon. At night, we just have another sun.


I got a picture of this as well. What are ice rings though?


Where was this taken, I'm a tow boater on the Illinois river and saw the same thing. We were around St. Genevieve when I saw it.


I saw one once that looked like a whole other planet next to the earth, with a bright center. Pretty amazing, the most impressive thing I've seen, until a meteor went directly overhead while I was out in a boat in a bay, at like 2:00 am with zero light pollution.


What this country really needs is freedom from religion ~ Atheism

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Australian politics are completely fucked at the moment. My town has literally been burning for months and our fire department is running out of funds and we're all running out of water (the local dam will be empty in less than 6 weeks if we don't get rain), and in other parts of Australia, the government has give a new coal mine unrestricted access to billions of litres of water on an area that has been declared in a drought for hundreds of kilometres around. But our politicians don't give a crap about anything to do with the people anymore. It's all about pleasing their coal buddies in the mining sector so that when they go through the revolving door into a job there they get paid a lot and avoid their taxes. Sorry for the rant, I'm just really frustrated.


I'll laugh when they die


Literally arguing in favor of something described as a "discrimination bill" should really give you an "Are we the baddies?" moment. Imagine looking at the world and thinking the problem is minorities don't have it rough enough.


"Religion Poisons Everything" No truer words were ever spoken.


Im not austrialian, but this is still a huge problem around where i live.


Quick Timelapse of Aurora Borealis over a Waterfall in Iceland [OC] ~ Space

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Seems like a dumb question but I’m being serious. Is that a small waterfall or is the camera just really high up?


Volkswagen Group and Qatar have agreed to develop a public transit system of autonomous shuttles and buses by 2022 for the capital city of Doha. ~ Futurology

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VW buzz 2022 (or at least some time shortly after) confirmed. That’s amazing


Similar to the Tesla manifesto from a couple of years ago. Green Competition is good.


Can DuckDuckGo replace Google search while offering better privacy? | Technology ~ Technology

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I wish but no. I’ve been using DDG for about 2 years now. I hardly ever use google but I’m a realist and I know google has more than 90% share of the search engine market


No. Bing's search results, delivered via DDG, are terrible if you are looking for anything remotely esoteric or academic. If you have to type -g after every search, why use it at all?


I use DDG as my primary and for very specific search results it’s far more accurate than Google ever has been. I truly prefer DDG’s search over Google’s, by results only. The privacy is a benefit.


If you live in a non-english speaking country, it's definitely not possible. Trust me, I tried too many times.


Nope. I would love that to be the case, but DDG simply can't match Google for anything but relatively common searches. And this is coming from a guy who switched to DDG on all of his browsers six months ago. DDG isn't _bad_, though. In fact, I'd classify it as "very good". It's good enough that I haven't switched any browser back to using Google by default since, well, 95% off my searches get me the results that I'm looking for. It's for that remaining 5% that I keep going back to Google for since DDG just can't get to that level and Google simply does.


18M 5’11” 128lbs –> 175lbs 1.3y Progress ~ Fitness

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You made awesome progress mate, keep going at it! Volume is a wonderfull thing, i love volume training a lot.


Twig to branch good job man


You learned how to take a negative life event and better yourself from that point. Biggest gain a man can make.


Why'd you put a jump scare as your first photo I nearly shit myself


Awesome pics. Great size. Look thick. Solid. Tight. Keep us all posted on your continued progress with any new progress pics or vid clips. Show us what you got man. Wanna see how freakin' huge, solid, thick and tight you can get. Thanks for the motivation.


Mass baby bat deaths threaten forests’ futures as effects of drought, bushfires mount. Between the drought and bushfire damage to their habitat, bats are having to travel further in search of food, meaning the mothers themselves are exhausted and malnourished. ~ Futurology

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I'm going to mention again something I've posted about before: it should be possible to create static infrastructures that permanently reduce wildfire risks through creating damp patches of wilderness. Automatic moisture harvesters that will operate for decades can be built in the wilderness. Although they cannot of themselves provide a forest with true drought resistance (creating only an oasis under drought conditions), the moisture harvesters themselves could be built to resist fire damage completely, while the well-watered plants in their immediate vicinity would have some resistance. A few of these in a line would tend to stop the spread of wildfires. They'd draw animals in to the water source as well. Seeds would tend to be distributed in the vicinity of the water harvesters, eventually creating new food sources for herbivores, and predators would notice the herbivores going for food and water. All of this would boost the ecology around the moisture harvesters.


Ok, biologists have just released a study saying any kind of light, say shown on wind turbines and buildings the bats can detect and void. For birds, a 2017 study indicated that we use infrared lighting for wind towers and buildings. On forests, even the nasty little girl, Greta's order, that we plant mangrove forests off the coasts for the tropics and sub topics could do the trick! If we do plant more deciduous forests, we must manage these (Unlike the aholes in California who used to do it, and now have 2 firestorms, per year).