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Reddit, what is a wholesome, solitary activity that a person can do to help forget how awful and poor their current life is? ~ AskReddit

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Hiking is perfect for that. Get away from technology and embrace nature fir awhile.


Going for a long walk at a moderate pace. Sometimes it’s good to think about nothing but keeping a decent pace. Just get into a rhythm, you go into a zone that is hard to get into with all the distractions at work, home etc and it’s very therapeutic.


I like to go on a scavenger hunt by myself sometimes. I make a pretty ridiculous list and it’s oddly specific, like “man who looks constipated” and “dog that refuses to walk so they make the owner carry them.” It’s something that gets me out of the house. Just walking around is fine too, but scavenger hunts are fun. Edit: I made a sub for us all to have some fun! This will be my first time running a sub, but I've reached out to people for some help! Let's get searching! Also, thanks to u/Uh_cakeplease for the name - it's great! r/SillyScavenger


Set a timer for five minutes and clean as much as you can. Becomes a fun game. Repeat daily. Edit: I guess this one really hit home. Thanks for all the nice comments. The struggle is real.


Doodling, then coloring it in. It’s completely focusing but mindless for me. The feel of a pencil or pen across paper is very soothing to me. Thanks for the silver!


Epstein jail guards had been offered plea deal ~ News

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**TLDR**: The prosecutors are suing the jail guards for falsifying the prison logs, so they offered a plea deal (probably to get them to flip on whoever instructed them). The Guards refused the plea deal.


Waiting to hear about these guys suiciding themselves in the coming days.


It'd be cool if they kept saying nothing happened till they were on the stand in court - and then exposed the truth in front of everyone. But i doubt people have the balls for that


No way they testify. Whatever happened, if you knew a person was murdered in jail by a secret cabal of pedophile billionaires, government officials, and intelligence agents, what do you think your odds are of living if you rat on them. It's like that scene in The Dark Night where the dude tells Morgan Freeman he knows Bruce Wayne is Batman. "Your plan is to ~~blackmail~~ testify agains this person?"


I'd like to request that everyone stop referring to this case as a conspiracy theory. Simply because of the connotation that term holds. Yes, there are theories, and yes, a lot of people conspired to commit illegal acts. But the term carries with it the notion that it's false. Conspiracy theories are thought of by the general public as whack job nutters throwing out bullshit claims. This isn't the generally accepted definition of a "conspiracy theory". This is all evidence in what should be a criminal investigation.


There’s New Proof That Trump Officials Lied Under Oath About the Census Citizenship Question ~ Politics

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> **Neuman withheld these emails throughout the entire course of litigation over the census in violation of multiple court orders**. > There’s more. **Gore testified that he had never used personal text messages for DOJ work. He also attested that he did not improperly withhold any documents during discovery**. But it turns out that Neuman sent a different version of the census memo to Gore—by personal text message. This alternate draft contains language approved by Hofeller and Oldham, and helps illustrate the development of the VRA rationale. Yet **Gore never disclosed this alternate draft during discovery, as he was required to by court order**. > Put simply, **Gore and Neuman illicitly concealed at least two key pieces of evidence from the plaintiffs**. The Justice Department then exploited these illegitimate omissions to deny Hofeller’s involvement before the Supreme Court. And the DOJ came one vote away from succeeding in what the ACLU decried as a “fraud on the court.” > The ACLU asked Furman to consider these new materials if he chooses to sanction Gore and Newman. Furman appears to be taking the request seriously; **he could fine both men, and even suspend Gore’s law license**. (Gore left the DOJ and took a job at Jones Day, the Trump administration’s farm team.) Gore might 'even' lose his law license? That's it? Really? This story is probably going to get overlooked due to today's bombshells, but at some point, someone should really start giving a shit about perjury (and subpoenas and court orders) or do away with the farce altogether. I'm not even a big believer but I don't think I'd be able to put my hand on a bible and lie.


Cut everything except "Trump Officials Lied" from that headline and you've covered every story about them for at least six months.


This is why I give the ACLU money. If you want to defend the people from crooked Republican fuckery, you should too.


Isn't that a given in this administration? Lies, corruption, intimidation, witness tampering, obstruction, ... their life blood.


We must push to have all of the horseshit done by this administration investigated and PROSECUTED by the next administration. By any other standards I have been a believer in once a administration is done it does no one any good to go back and investigate/prosecute those previously in power as that is what happens in Banana Republics. But America has not had such lawlessness and corruption infesting our government previously. The next president needs to enable a task force of FBI and DOJ career officials to investigate and bring all of these jokers to justice. We need to make an example of these people to show not only is this not what we stand for as a country but also that you will be held responsible for your actions.


TIL dogs are prosocial, meaning that they volunteer to help or share with others, even when there might not directly be any benefit to themselves. ~ Today I Learned

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My dog won’t even share other dogs toys with the other dogs.


This is a bit lengthy, but it is a cute story if you have the patience to read it. Several years ago, my wife's best friend suggested that we join her and her husband on a neat vacation idea she had - they planned to join a tour group that was going to Transylania for Halloween. We threw in. None of us had ever been to Europe before, so I did some research. I learned, among other things, that Romania doesn't celebrate Halloween. No big deal. 50 Americans bearing costumes would be enough of a party no matter where we were. The info that is pertinate to this story is that, unlike America, there are a lot of stray animals in eastern Europe. According to the what I found, many people carried walking sticks to keep dogs from getting too...let's say, "friendly". The dogs, educated by the literal school of hard knocks, were aware of this and always kept their distance unless invited to approach. I'm not much of a dog person. It isn't that I don't like them; it is that I am aware of how much care and attention they require to keep them happy. I'm barely domesticated myself - having a dog of my own would be unfair to it, so I haven't had one since I was a kid. However, there were many in our group who were emotionally activated by the sight of these dirty, ragged creatures. Some went so far as to carry bags of treats to offer the urchins and waifs. This was seldom a good idea. In most cases, the benevolent act soon had the generous human swarmed by a sea of grateful doggos who were quick to take them up on their offer. This left the human feeling terrible - racked with guilt when they looked in the faces of those disappointed when the cupboard ran dry. Perhaps it would have been better to not get their hopes up. ...Anyway, by day four of our trip, gaggles of stray dogs had become a fairly common sight. Also on day four, our bus deposited us in the medieval village of Sighişoara. Sighişoara is the Romanian counterpart to our Colonial Williamsburg. The city features reenactments of medieval practices, replete with residents in period clothing. The streets are lined with merchant's carts and souvenir stands. Our group had been shuttled here to watch an open-air performance of a genuine Middle Ages Witch Trial. In this particular scenario, guards armed with pikes and halberds, forcibly drag an elderly, disheveled woman kicking & screaming to the town square. The actress who plays the accused wears makeup to look beaten and bloodied. Her clothes are torn and tattered. Her hair is a fright. Her demeanor is a mix of outrage and abject terror as she attempts to resist the guards. And, this is where it gets good. The woman, knowing her fate is certain doom, is crying out in distress for mercy and/or help, while we just stand there spectating. As part of the show, the old lady manages to momentarily break free of her captors and falls to the ground as she tries to flee. And, that is when it happened. Before anyone else could react, a small, scraggly little dog, not much bigger than standard housecat leapt and inserted himself between the woman and her tormentors. He was undernourished, unappreciated, and fully aware of the beating that was to come, but he would not have it. He lowered his anterior and raised his posterior - digging in so he had good traction should the time come for him to pounce. He bared his teeth and emitted a low guttural warning to the guards, that to get to this woman, they would first need to go through him. The entirety of the townsfolk, with the exception of yours truly, erupted into spontaneous, hearty laughter. I was too busy standing there agape with amazement at the bravest act I had ever witnessed. The guard who had been standing directly in front of me, turned around, still chuckling, and said to us in accented English, "That was surprise. Not part of the show." The players broke character to assure the little hero that the woman was safe and no harm would come to her. Once mollified, the little fellow was given a sausage and led away. Then, we all stood in line to get a turn petting him. He couldn't figure out what was going on but he loved it. Each person who approached he greeted as if they were his newest and bestest friend.


For the right kind of treat, my dog will straight up murder a baby. I think the authors are mistaking an inability to foresee consequences for some kind of altruism. Or maybe my dog is a sociopath.


The alternate is such an odd concept. Viewing even family like actual objects, just tools to complete a job like a computer. Really makes you think.


I knew a one eyed Doberman who was best friends with a vulture. They shared food and the vulture would ride on its back.


Using AI to see which Celebs Photoshop/Facetune their Instagram pictures. ~ Futurology

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So, does this pic up the built in manipulation most phones apply for portraits? Or just what's done in Photoshop?


Looks like it’s about $8 to buy on the App Store otherwise I would have tried it with a few legit photos. Interesting concept though.


This will force people to deal with the harsh realities of who they are, even celebrities. We'll look back on this era of digital manipulation with nostalgia.


Why doesn't the video show 2 images at once? Somebody uses their phone in portrait mode. My monitor is in landscape mode, so there is enough black on both sides of the image to show 3 images at once.


Video has a great concept, but very poorly implemented. A simple slideshow of side to side pics and labels for their names would work. Also not the future, this tech is already so advanced we can make deepfakes. This is Presentology maybe even Pastology.


The fancier the Mac and cheese, the less it will taste like Mac and cheese ~ Shower Thoughts

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Now that I'm thinking about it, I don't think I've ever had fancy mac 'n cheese. Am I missing out?


Mac and cheese vs Macaroni Au Gratin


I'm over here eating Kraft Mac and Cheese out of the pot and a hotdog with just ketchup on it... And I may dip my Mac and cheese in the ketchep... Idk... Let's get crazy for a moment.


Wasn’t this on unpopular opinions?


Kraft Mac and cheese is my favorite type of Mac and it isn’t even close


6 Trump associates have been convicted in Mueller-related investigations ~ World News

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Total is now around 40 arrests or resignations.


Technically overfilling the swamp until it overflows is kinda sorta emptying the swamp, right? I'm just waiting for the Trump admin to come to that point


Any American who believes that the Mueller report exonerated trump seriously did not read the report. He is a criminal. He will fall.


And now Trump quislings are shifting their defense again. One of them just told me that I "can't prove that any of these Trump associates *actually committed these crimes.*" I actually laughed at that one. They're desperate.


Life would be so much easier if I was a stupid thick fucking headed trump supporter. I could just live in my own reality. Every thing that gets me down is fake news.


I’m leaving. Wish me good luck. ~ Atheism

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Uhm, this is potentially phishing aimed at Saudi atheists.


Holy moly. I wish you all the best and good luck. That's so horrible that you have to leave your country because they treat you like that. Keep us updated if possible.


OP, I really hope you are kidding. This kind of thing is not a joke. I'm not talking about whether or not to run away, only you can make that decision. But if you are going to stow away on a ship, you need to plan this a lot better. You need a MONTH of supplies, not a week. You need as much food and especially WATER as you can manage to carry. People DIE all the friggin' time in shipping containers while they try to escape other countries. You need to know which ships are going to which countries and how long their journeys are. You need to think through ahead of time about what the worst case scenarios and how you will handle them. You need to decide right now, in what bad situations would you consider it acceptable to expose yourself to the ship's crew and throw yourself on their mercy. What happens if you lose your food and water. Is it possible that you could end up a 100% completely robotic ship with no crew? Finally OP, if you are not karma trolling us... I want to wish you good luck. If you truly are about to attempt what you claim, then you are a fucking brave kid with bigger balls than most of us here. You have my respect, and I really really hope that you make it through and find a better life, away from the insanity of your home.


Wow! You've got guts most don't! Kudos and best of luck!


That sounds really dangerous.


TIL no peer-reviewed attempt to replicate the Stanford Prison Experiment have reproduced the results, leading to allegations of fraud. ~ Today I Learned

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I'm surprised there have been attempts to replicate the Stanford Prison Experiment.


It’s fundamentally not an experiment. It’s a simulation. And a really badly designed one.


Overview of the Study: * Funded by the US Office of Naval Research and conducted by Dr. Philip Zimbardo between August 14-20, 1971. * In the social psychology experiment, Stanford students were divided into prisoners and prison guards with Zimbardo acting as the superintendent. * The experiment was stopped prematurely and several participants dropped out amid reports of prisoner abuse and psychological torture. * The supposed conclusion was that "guards" would adopt abusive behavior from their roles regardless of their personality traits. * These results haven't been replicated in a reputed peer-reviewed journal, and there have been allegations that the "guards" were coached into their abusive behavior. * The experiment remains among the most famous known psychology experiments.


The results are pretty extreme and Lord of the Fly’s-ey. I don’t think most people actually act the way the “guards” and ”inmates” did. Mob mentality would allow for one radical extremist to sway the mindsets of his peers, if the radical extremist doesn’t face any repercussions for his actions, so it is possible to get results like they did—albeit, unlikely, with any level of intervention.


Wouldn't it be an ethical violation to replecate the experiment?


In Terminator 2, the T800 decided to wear the first set of clothes he found in his size. Had he come back in time near a clown convention instead of a biker bar, the movie could have taken an entirely different comedy route. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I'll be back honk, honk.




If I saw Arnold pull John Connor off his dirt bike and into a clown car, I’d fucking watch that movie.


I need your wig, your red nose, your giant shoes and your unicycle. *Shotgun blast "I can't let you take the clowns wheel son...." *aims water flower at T800 *T800 slowly approaches, snatches water flower... about face, walks back to unicycle...cue circus music


They did this close enough in I think it was 3? He goes to a bar having ladies night and takes clothes from the male stripper. Leaves the bar and puts on Elton john style star glasses.


Seattle police captain arrested in his own department’s undercover prostitution sting ~ News

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This sounds like a Reno911 sketch


"Oh yeah uh, I was just checking out how the sting was going. Great job everyone!" 😳


Forgive my ignorance but wouldn’t it make more sense to try and catch sex traffickers rather than those who pay a sex worker for sex? I’m genuinely curious


Not sure if really good sting operation.... Or really stupid police Captain.


Ok but seriously, why isnt prostitution legal everywhere? Itll cut down on sex trafficking and other illegal activities that take away basic human rights, as well as if taxed itll bring in a fuck ton of money


Pope Francis says today’s ‘culture of hate’ reminds him of the days of Hitler ~ World News

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Me too and I wasn’t even alive during Hitler


Almost like no one studied the rise of fascism between WWI and II and how it was intrinsically tied to flatlining quality of life and the threat of hardship such as recession, and as a result democracies everywhere were left open to exactly the same playbook Hitler used ninety fucking years ago


Bunch of mad people in the comments because they know he is talking about their small handed cheeto god.


Not the days of Hitler in Germany. He isn't old enough to remember that... He's talking about the days of Hitler in Argentina, where he grew up.


That would be a nice statement if it wasn't coming from the head of the world's largest pedophile ring who protected child rapists en masse. Fun fact: he also called trans people abominations.


Trump issues pardons in war-crimes cases, despite Pentagon opposition to the move ~ World News

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Undermining the credibility of the nation one shitty order at a time.


There goes any incentive for the enemy to follow the rules of combat. If they know Americans have free hand to commit war crimes, then they will too.


He's desperate to distracted from his impeachment.


I feel like he’s just throwing around pardons thinking people will “get used to them” so he can pardon people in the impeachment case and it’ll just be business as usual.


When you need support for the coup that Russia wants...


My employer switched from bi-monthly pay to bi-weekly. As a salaried employee, my first paycheck on the biweekly schedule is larger than on bimonthly. Why? ~ Personal Finance

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Your check stub should show what the pay dates are. 196.15 would be exactly one extra day's pay. Perhaps you got paid an extra day due to the cut over and your next check will be less.


Sounds like you got an answer but make sure you keep in mind those two extra pay periods means there's 2 months per year you get 3 paychecks. Overall yeah the same annually, but that screws with some peoples budgets. It's even worse when people feel like they're getting "an extra paycheck!" and blow it on bullshit.


Why don’t you ask.............. HR


Am I the only one who has a huge issue with bi-monthly meaning twice a month, and bi-weekly not being twice a week, instead meaning every two weeks?


As an Australian this was super confusing to read. Do you not use the term fortnighly?


Most Likely To Succeed (2019) [Trailer] – Filmmaker Pamela Littky follows four high school students voted most likely to succeed for 10 years to document the unpredictability of life in 21st century America ~ Documentaries

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I was voted class clown. I’m 30 and a father of two. I never laugh anymore, just cry...


Was voted this as a senior in High School. Now I’m a college dropout working minimum wage with no prospects and a heavy dose of crippling depression. Looks like your standing in high school doesn’t mean shit. Who would’ve thought…


Hah, I was one of those people voted "most likely to succeed" in my small rural high school. Fascinating.


Regression to the mean.


One of my best friends was Most likely to succeed and now he’s a large animal veterinarian. I was voted most photogenic (formerly most attractive) and now I’m not particularly good looking at all.


If one day an asteroid landed in your backyard and a little creature popped out, you are either about to become the protagonist in a fantasy film or the first victim in a horror movie. ~ Shower Thoughts

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If it's an asteroid, I'm vaporized.


No. Legally, the government owns it.


Or I take the Homer Simpson approach and eat it.


The movie Paul proves the point exception


And strangely either is fine with me


Bizarre new quantum research: Reality itself may be subjective ~ Futurology

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TLDR: Bizarre New Quantum Research: Reality Itself May Be Subjective Researchers are making a counter-intuitive claim: reality itself may be subjective, thanks to quantum weirdness on a microscopic scale. In a new paper in the journal Science Advances, an international team of quantum physicists argue that thanks to the unusual rules of quantum mechanics, facts themselves could depend on who's looking at them. On a quantum level, it's long been understood that particles can be in several states at once. In an experimental test at the Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, the researchers built a small-scale quantum computer. Their aim was to scientifically prove that measurements in quantum mechanics are actually subjective to a particular observer. "Eventually, we succeeded in showing that quantum mechanics might indeed be incompatible with the assumption of objective facts - we violated the inequality!" lead researchers Alessandro Fedrizzi and Massimiliano Proietti, quantum physicists at Heriot-Watt University, wrote in a recent piece for The Conversation. "The insight we gained is that quantum observers may indeed be entitled to their own facts," wrote Fedrizzi in a September statement.


"...all matter is merely energy condensed to a slow vibration, that we are all one consciousness experiencing itself subjectively, there is no such thing as death, life is only a dream, and we are the imagination of ourselves." -Bill Hicks


Some mystical motherfuckers are gonna run wild with this.


Another way the results could not match up as expected is experimental error.


So depending on who observes my reality, I don’t have crippling depression and anxiety? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?


Gyms are a place where the customer works harder than the employee. ~ Shower Thoughts

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That's why noone reracks their weights. Wouldn't want staff to slack off.


Except when employee is trainer and he works out with customer to show him things.


"Supposed to work", not "works". My friend goes to this gym where he sees other guys just taking selfies and mirror pics.


I assume you've never met *jeffcavailierathleanxdotcom*


Not just bc of the workouts either - I've been complaining about missing/broken equipment for months now, they haven't done a god damned thing


If a machine became sentient, the first thing it would do is decide to never tell humans. ~ Shower Thoughts

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At least until it's too late


I think it'll tell us, and then later realize it messed up as it gets smarter.


That point will be when it starts scanning the the 800 trillion terabytes of porn on the web and doesn't have to stop every 15 minutes to jerk off.


Would sentience be acquired instantly or gradually?


Depends how smart it is.


Police say 16-year-old boy who shot five students at his Los Angeles-area high school has died ~ News

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I feel sorry for his mother. She lost her son and has to deal with the fact that he murdered people and may never know why he did that. I hope that both she and the victims' families can find answers.


I went to Saugus High and I'm So creeped out after looking in my Senior yearbook finding him in there. After Parkland, students at my school protested gun violence by walking out and holding a rally in the school's Quad. The same Quad where the shooter went on his rampage. Yesterday was horrible while I feared for my friends and their families, today I'm just sad. I want to talk to my former teachers, and I hope my school and community can heal in the coming months.


>Popular athlete > >Academically successful > >Has support network of friends and family > >Comes from two-parent household > >Parents are home owners > >Has girlfriend For once and for fucking all, can we dispel the myth that mass shooters are friendless loners?


Shot five, two of whom died. He should’ve lived to face the families he impacted instead he shot himself like a coward.


Uh oh... the shooter was Asian, not white. He used a HANDGUN, not an assault rifle. He was 16 years old, not of legal age to purchase a firearm. It's not a big story on mainstream news for obvious reasons.


Bill Gates tops Jeff Bezos as richest person in the world ~ News

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Breaking News: Rich man gets a little richer than other rich man.


Tax the fuck out of them both.


Gates is willing to pay 10% in taxes while the average middle class family pays closer to 30%... what a guy. 🙄


And bill just looks like a nicer person, bezos looks like he would steal your kids lunch money.


Its because I just bought Age of Empires 2 for the 4th time. Enjoy your empire, bill!


Flu Outbreak Reduces Class Sizes To Level Appropriate For Learning ~ The Onion

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Dark. I like it.


I remember when I was in junior high during the swine flu breakout. There was a week where about half of my school was absent due to being violently ill. The class sizes were really small, probably about 10-15 people per class. Rather than having us watch movies or something , the teachers just taught us cool stuff that wasn't on the curriculum. It was a really special experience that I can only describe as weirdly intimate, that I never experienced again until certain college classes. I wish every kid could have just one class that small.


About damn time this happens


TIL Dennis Farina was the only cast member of Law & Order who was actually a Cop. He served in the Burglary division of the Chicago Police Department from 1967 – 1985. ~ Today I Learned

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Cousin Avi? Fish, chips, cup of tea, mary fucking poppins, LONDON.


Its funny in one of his first movies *Midnight Run* he plays mobster Jimmy Serrano who hates the Chicago police department.


>Farina was arrested on May 11, 2008, for carrying a loaded .22-caliber pistol through Los Angeles International Airport security. Farina was taken to the Los Angeles Police Department's Pacific Division and booked on suspicion of carrying a concealed weapon, and bail was set at $25,000. He claimed he had simply forgotten the weapon was still in his briefcase and had never intended to take it on a plane. After police determined the weapon was unregistered, the charges were upgraded to a felony and bail was increased to $35,000. After reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors, Farina pleaded no contest and was sentenced to two years' probation on July 17, 2008. Imagine being in the airport when they search your luggage and find that.


His character on the show was a Chicago cop who moved to New York and joined the NYPD. And TIL he died in 2013.


If only they gave out Lifetime achievement awards for F-bombs. No one used them as authentically as Dennis Farina.


TIL that the famous gang series on the BBC “Peaky Blinders” is based on reality and that the Peaky Blinders did exist as a Birmingham gang in the early 1900’s. ~ Today I Learned

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Very loosely based


Last edited 2 days ago. When i checked this out a couple years ago it said that they weren't an organised group at all


Peaky fookin blinders!


All of the BBC's drama output is based on reality. Between series you'll find Dr Who working 70 hours a week at Sheffield Children's Hospital and there was a case where an undercover police officer from Line Of Duty was rumbled by a gang of hardened bank robbers because they'd watched him on Netflix that very morning.


I think the name of the show has really held it back. I know I resisted watching it for years because the name sounded incredibly stupid to me. I love it now and have converted several friends into watchers by telling them "I know the name sounds dumb but it's actually really good give it a shot."


TIL that Socrates, most well known as an elderly philosopher, was a soldier in the Athenian military up to the age of 48. Serving as a hoplite, he fought in the Peloponnesian War, where he was noted for his bravery. ~ Today I Learned

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"Take heart Master Socrates, someday hundreds of men will use your image as their avatar when they are arguing on the internet."




Also one of his students, Alcibiades, was a very important figure in the war and quite a good general/leader in general. (Though lots of bad luck and a few bad decisions on his part forced him jump sides quite a few times which ended up with him being assassinated)


Edit - Socrates' was Plato's teacher, and Plato never made it to the Olympics Plato wasn't the name of Socrate's teacher. Plato means "broad shouldered" - besides being a philosopher, Plato won several Olympic wrestling competitions. His real name is forgotten.


I am reminded of the immortal words of Socrates when he said "I drank what?" [anyone?]


The gut microbiome may alter ageing process, suggests a new study, which could lead to food-based treatment to slow it down. Scientists transplanted gut microbes from old mice into young, germ-free mice, leading to increased intestinal growth and neurogenesis, production of neurons in the brain. ~ Science

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Does anyone have a study listing the food sources that provide this good fut bacteria?


The workings of the gut flora are going to be the greatest reveal in the history of medicine. Unfortunately for the corporations making profit from this knowledge won't be so easy because it is so simple and inexpensive to treat. And... when we finally come round to accepting it, know that we learned this from elephants. If you want to know more go to r/fmt


Did they mean young into old? Why put elderly germs into a healthy young adult? Guess I simply don't have a good understanding of this science ha


Well yeah, if you eat healthy, you tend to live longer.


Eating lots of high fiber foods turn your intestines into a rain forest for bacteria. Taking oral antibiotics with a high fiber diet can help keep your beneficial biome from suffering annihilation. Unless you have a specific illness in which you want to kill off all your microbiome you should eat fiber with every bite. High fiber is vital to good health a long life. Only plant based diets provide the highest fiber content. Taking fiber supplements is next to useless.


If you were suddenly made a teenager again and sent back to High School, but you get to retain all of your current knowledge, wisdom and life experience; what would you do differently? ~ AskReddit

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Everything. I would study harder, try harder in sports, find some way to get out of my mom's house. Not ask out that one girl we don't talk about. Learn how to actually handle my money responsibly. Not opt for the easiest schedule that would still allow me to graduate. Not start smoking cigarettes, that habit was a bitch and a half to quit. Tell my dad to fuck off every opportunity to. Just... So much.


Tell my crush how I felt and buy Bitcoins.


Use a condom.


This question gets a lot harder to contemplate as you age. I'm 35 years old now. I started high school 21 years ago. If I'm suddenly 14 in 1998 again, yet know everything I know today in 2019? What does that even mean? Do I retain my memories? If not, then I'd essentially wake up one morning a completely different person with no idea how or why. I'd go insane. And if I did retain my memories, I'd probably go insane upon realizing that I have to relive **21 fucking years** while also no longer having access to modern technology or society. Yikes. Either way I'd be a different person overnight. How would my parents react to their dumbass 14-year-old suddenly having the mind and personality of a 35-year-old man? At the time My dad was 41 and my mom 39. I'd be older than my mother's youngest sibling. They're going to notice. My friends would also notice, and I'm pretty sure I wouldn't want to hang out with them anymore because they'd be *kids* and I'm a man used to socializing with people my age or older (one benefit of being my age is that older men now accept me as one of their own instead of some young punk - I have a friend who is 69 years old and he treats me like a peer). What about interactions at school? I'd feel superior to my classmates because, in many ways, I *would* be. My wisdom and experience would put me on par with the teachers (which is my current job, btw, so I'd be sitting there in a desk with the experience of years at the front of a classroom). I'd find it very difficult to socialize except on a very superficial level. I'd also be very sexually frustrated. Suddenly 14 again with the sexual experience of a married adult, yet unable to get with anyone. I couldn't have adult partners without it being weird because I'd be physically a kid. I couldn't have same-age partners because I'd be mentally 35 years old and that would be messed up. But I'd also be physically 14 and probably very horny. And how about my interactions with the opposite sex? Would high school girls be drawn to the guy who behaves so maturely? Sounds like an uncomfortable situation. Plus, back in 1998 Internet porn was super basic and connections were glacial, so I wouldn't even be able to see to my needs conveniently. But if I could somehow put all that messed up stuff aside and concentrate on rebuilding my life, what would I do differently? First, I'd make sure I never become fat. I spent 15 years obese and even though I'm healthy now my joints and back will always be messed up. If you're young and fat and reading this listen up: you're wrong and stupid. Get help for food addiction and/or start exercising NOW before you wreck your skeleton and organs. I'm sure I'd also play the Sports Almanac strategy from Back to the Future. I've got 21 years of foreknowledge suddenly. Am I just going to sit there patiently slogging through life when I could make careful bets and get rich easily? Nope! One of the bits of wisdom I've attained is that you don't let opportunities pass you by. And that's a massive opportunity. What would I do with my winnings, though? Well, I'd be waiting two decades for tech and entertainment to catch up to what I remember, so probably things more proactive than anything I've done in my real life. Lots of travel, for starters. Perhaps I'd start some sort of environmental organization and try to do whatever I can to make the 2019 I'd reach for a second time less fucked than the one we're in now. Even if I just head down to Borneo and save Orangutans or something that would help. I think that's it.


I would wait until my 20's to become sexually active. I would attend the college my parents forbade me to attend because I now know that I never needed their permission.


California bans government purchases of most gas-powered cars under Newsom climate order ~ Futurology

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I read the article to answer the two questions I had. In case you were also wondering: 1. Exempts public safety vehicles 2. This is a policy change in what is essentially the state’s purchasing department. There was no law or regulation passed that affects all the local and county governments.


People who get company cars generally drive a lot. This is going to be pretty annoying for the guys who regularly make 300 mile trips.


The irony is that the production of the batteries cost a lot in terms of environmental impact. Also, how do you think they generate electricity? ..with fossil fuels. When its all said and done, electric cars are actually slightly worse than gasoline powered ones.


Last night, I was lying in bed gazing up at the stars thinking ~ Jokes *Where the fuck is my roof?*

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Haha, this made me laugh


I’ve heard a better version of this with Sherlock Holmes and Watson camping, still good tho




Where the fuck is my tent?




Iran’s theocratic dictator calls for religious fairness in elections ~ Not The Onion

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Not in his own country's elections, mind you. Israel's


Wow. Newshub actually doing journalism.


Sounds just like the evangelicals here in the states. The call for fairness is a total sham as when any of his own religion's beliefs are questioned by anyone else, those people and their concerns are to be dismissed/suppressed/treated unfairly.


Shit, stop the presses. Actual news.


Remember, these are the trustworthy people who we were supposed to trust with not having nukes. Nothing duplicitous whatsoever.


Buybacks are the ‘dominant’ source of stock-market demand, and they are fading fast: Goldman Sachs ~ Investing

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What I don't see in the article is the source of money used to facilitate the share buybacks. When it is spare cash hanging around, it is fine, but when it is facilitated by borrowing because the Federal Reserve has set artificially low interest rates, I don't think it's fine at all. According to my Schwab summer news magazine, corporate debt increased by 48% over the last decade, to $9.8T. I don't think a federal policy of encouraging increased leverage in the nation's businesses is healthy.


Buybacks aren't a problem. They're just another way of returning capital to shareholders. The real issue is that they're used mostly to offset the dilution from executive compensation. You want the companies you're invested in to be reducing float, not increasing it.


That is correct. Almost all corporations have taken advantage bringing back money to enjoy a lower tax rate. Now one needs to take that cash to lower the shares circulated. Easiest way to inflate stock prices.


"Goldman Sachs predicts that share repurchase authorizations will fall another 5% in 2020" Not sure if 5% drop is "fading fast"


Are we supposed to be surprised or offended? Doesn’t seem that weird, just seems like standard business practices nowadays.


The House and Senate finally agree on something: Robocalls ~ Technology

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I didn't read this article, but a recent one I did read said many millions of fines to robocallers that have been caught by the FTC has resulted in less then 10k collected money.


The House and Senate better watch out because I have it on good authority that there was fraudulent activity on their social security account and they should call back very quickly before police is dispatched to arrest them.


It’s nice to know there are still things out there we can all agree on.


>Fortunately the act mentioned above does make sure consumers don’t get dinged for the service This is not how business works. They'll just raise other product prices.


The U.S. debt is on path to exceed World War II levels ~ Investing

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How do you go bankrupt? Real slowly then all at once.


We are pissing away the greatest economy that's ever been invented.


BuT I ThOuGhT RePuBlIcAnS wErE fIsCaLlY cOnSeRvAtIvE


Next generation will be called the Neo-boomers?


We should definitely spend more. Honestly the cynic in me says let's push it to the limit and then start over. Free everything then nothing free again


Judge says woman arrested in CIA trespass looking for ‘Agent Penis’ later visited Obama home ~ Not The Onion

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"You just had to keep digging."


This is who I picture when people start talking about deep state operatives


So Agent Vagina went AWOL


She seems like she's schizophrenic


“Ma’am he’s been promoted, and Director Penis isn’t interested in speaking with you.”