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Looking for a job is about convincing a bunch of Mr. Krabs that you’re a Spongebob when you’re actually a Patrick, until you slowly become Squidward. ~ Shower Thoughts

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For me it's more convincing them I'm a Spongebob while actually being a Squidward and then turning out to be a Patrick once I start


I feel like I would understand the world better if more things were explained using Spongebob analogies.


The goal is to be like Mrs. Puff. Put in the hours , try to be nice, go home.


My strategy is to fuck Mr Krabs


After ten years I’m still a Patrick 😁


What was a huge trend that everyone forgot about? ~ AskReddit

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That weird time when everything was moustache themed.


Inflatable furniture was all the rage in the 90s


Water beds. Watching media from the ‘80s and you’d think they were in every home.


The Panama papers. EDIT: 1 gold and 2 silvers. ¡GRACIAS, AMABLES DESCONOCIDOS (con cuenta en Panamá igual de desconocida)! *Translation: Thanks, kind stranger (with a bank account in Panama as unknown as them).




Using “time outs” to discipline children is not going to harm them or your relationship with them, suggests new study of almost 1,400 families. Children’s anxiety or aggressive behaviour did not increase. In contrast, when parents said they used physical punishment, children became more aggressive. ~ Science

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Some studies also say making a child leave the classroom or sit in a corner has negative effects though, so Id assume it depends on the specific kind of time out.


Using boredom as a tool for discipline seems appropriate in an age of constant, instantly accessible entertainment.


It's important to note the appropriate length of time for your child as well. 10 minutes to a 5 year old will seem like forever and may cause them to act out. A good rule is 1 minute per year of life. For example, a two year old will get 2 minutes and a seven year old will have 7 minutes.


I’m a proponent of “Time Ins,” where parents give dysregulated children individual attention and teach them how to regulate their emotions with coping skills. Many children are not taught these skills, instead, they are sent away to figure it out on their own.


Are there studies that look at thresholds for physical discipline? For instance, consistent physical discipline vs intermittent vs rare vs just one etc? I’d be curious if it’s the constant threat of physical discipline or if one lasting instance can make a difference in the child’s long term growth.


TIL: Binghamton University researchers have been working on a self-healing concrete that uses a specific type of fungi as a healing agent. When the fungus is mixed with concrete, it lies dormant until cracks appear, when spores germinate, grow and precipitate calcium carbonate to heal the cracks. ~ Today I Learned

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"Continent covered in concrete as it grows like wildfire, its spread unstoppable." - news in 10 years, probably


Do you want Orks? Because this is how you get Orks.


Ironically (or not) Riverside Drive in Binghamton is home to the largest potholes I’ve ever experienced anywhere on earth.


This is one of those technologies that has been in development for decades.


Bearcats at it again


In a bold push for social liberties by young Saudis, rebel Saudi women stun onlookers by shunning the black body cloak and wearing Western clothes in public ~ World News

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This is great, I hope more and more women from this area of the world stand up.


All the old timer's heads will explode


I remember taking a flight out of Jeddah, Saudi Arabia to London Heathrow airport. As soon as the flight took off the runway and the seatbelt signs went off, all the ladies in abayas formed a line at the nearest toilet and one by one, abaya clad woman went in and came out in western clothing. It's like the crew from extreme makeover was in there transforming them all. On the contrary, a flight going into Saudi Arabia, girls in casual outfits would form a line at the nearest toilet and one after the other would go in and come out wearing abayas. Saudi men have really confined the practice of basic human rights.


You know how we often see post of Afghan women from the 60s or 70s wearing western clothes instead of Burqas? Hopefully 20 years from now we’ll be posting pictures of Saudi women wearing Abayas to remember what it was like. **Edit**: Spelling


as an arab myself saudia doesnt need reform it needs a revolution


What is the most extreme misuse of an everyday item you have ever witnessed? ~ AskReddit

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We weren’t allowed hot plates or microwaves in the college dorms, so one of the girls on my floor cooked bacon with a hair straightener.


I once had a friend casually say “you know how when you run out of toilet paper, so you just use a sock or whatever?” No the fuck I do not, Sandra, Jesus Christ.


Got a non-stick pan and metal utensils in the kitchen? Somebody, at some point, will misuse the fuck out of both at the same time.


Not really an everyday thing unless youre a tradesman, but ive seen wayyy too many people try to pound screws in with a hammer.


My friends kid decided to make a grilled cheese sandwich with an iron on the couch. Burned a nice iron shaped hole in the couch. Kid was 15 at the time.


NY finds $1B in hidden transfers by family behind OxyContin ~ News

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I expect a slightly stinging slap on the wrist.


So drug dealers made a lot of money sell addictive drugs to people. We should treat them as drug dealers because they are drug dealers.


Just imagine for a second how much they won't find. And then multiply it.


Does no one remember Panama Papers ? Every famous person in the entire world is running fake charities and funneling money out of their country to avoid taxes, it’s about time we start taking from these companies any way we can.


Setting aside reddit's typical pessimism, this is relevant for considering whether or not a 'piercing the veil' argument can be made. Piercing the corporate veil--i.e. holding corporate shareholders and officers personally liable for the acts of the corporation--essentially requires showing that the corporation was acting as an agent for the defendants. In New York, evidence of intermingling between personal and corporate assets can be used to show this, *Walkovsky v. Carlton*, 24 A.D.2d 582 (N.Y. Sup. Ct. 1965) (holding that "'the receipts, disbursements, assets and properties of the said corporations were interchanged and intermingled by the defendants as their own'"). Edit: citation


Osama bin Laden’s son killed in US operation, White House confirms ~ News

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Which one of the 20 or whatever?


That makes two Saudi Arabians who have actually suffered as a result of 9/11.


How long has the Rock known in advance this time?


Where's the picture of all gathered in Situation room? Watching intently.


Hamza had long been the top of Al Qaeda after his father, involved in attacks in Pakistan, writing jihad propaganda and issuing public calls for attacks in the US, UK, France and Israel. After his father was turned into chunky salsa, he issued a video declaring; >"We Are All Osama", he said "We will continue striking you and targeting you in your country and abroad in response to your oppression of the people of Palestine, Afghanistan, Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and the rest of the Muslim lands that did not survive your oppression" naw bitch, turns out you could have just stopped at 'We are all Osama' because you got that part right. Shame we didn't get to jettison him into the Atlantic


TIL in 2007, the Autralian Goverment spent $84 Million developing and launching an internet porn filter – only for it to be cracked by a 16 year-old student in less than 30 minutes. A second filter was released as a reaction, which was bypassed by the same teenager in 40 minutes. ~ Today I Learned

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“Are you 18?” Pops up. 16yo clicks “yes”. Guy that spent $84mil, hangs head in shame.


You'll never separate a teenager and their porn.


If there's one thing our government is good at, its taking ideas (good and bad) from other countries, then spending twice as much implementing a half arsed version. Oh look, Germany has multiple practical driving tests and lower road toll, let's implement a test on crash statistics that doesn't teach you anything about driving a car, only tests ones ability to memorise statistics. Oh look, many countries are building a public internet backbone using fibre, let's use copper wire for half of it to save money. Now Kazakhstan has better internet. Can't wait to see our $3 billion dollar rocket reach the lower stratosphere and explode.


Porn, uh, finds a way.


The article says absolutely nothing more than the title. Anyway, from another link, this tom _wood_ (hehe) seems also wise, other than capable: >The filters are designed to stop access to sites on a national blacklist, bar use of chat rooms, and can be tailored by parents to stop access to sites. >Filters 'don't address bigger issues' >Tom stressed the filters were missing the mark by a long way regardless of how easy they were to break. >"Filters aren't addressing the bigger issues anyway," he said. >"Cyber bullying, educating children on how to protect themselves and their privacy are the first problems I'd fix. >"They really need to develop a youth-involved forum to discuss some of these problems and ideas for fixing them." edit: seems like it was a local program, probably just used a proxy


TIL the common fitness target of 10,000 steps/day came from a Japanese pedometer company who gave their product a name that means “the 10,000-step meter” because the Japanese character for “10,000” resembles a person walking: 万. There is no known science behind a goal of 10,000 steps ~ Today I Learned

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But it ends up being a reasonably good day of walking around.


If you also do 100 Push ups, 100 sit ups, and 100 squats... You will lose your hair and be ridiculously strong.


If you look like 万 when you walk, you must come from the Ministry of Silly Walks.


Reminds me of “eight glasses of water a day”, a popular mis-approximation of the actual research.


There's a lot of cultural reasons why 10,000 is a talking point in Japan. The number 10,000 is supposed to signify long life in China and that kind of correlation went to Japan as well. And sayings like "Banzai" has its first character 'Ban' is a modified version of 'Man', which means 10,000. With the chant cheering for a long-life/victory.


Facebook removed doctors’ fact-check of false anti-abortion video because Ted Cruz complained ~ Politics

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This would be leas egregious if they had also removed the original video pending review of the fact check. But no. They kept the original video up while the fact check done by actual doctors is reviewed for accuracy. What the literal fuck?


Facebook does the Republicans' bidding, but they still complain they are persecuted by social media. It's hilarious because there are still Democrats who attempt to appease them when the only effective response is to laugh in their faces and tell them to go piss up a rope. You can't attempt to debate Republicans because they're experts at sealioning. You can only mock them and then tell them to get lost. Tell them to go piss up a rope then repeat the truth until the truth becomes the dominant talking point.


I'm constantly amazed at how people seem to think that their ignorance is as good as someone else's intelligence. Lila Rose's only qualifications for putting out a video are "Photogenic and Catholic". She's got a degree in history, not anatomy, not anything that has to do with reproductive health, not even kinesiology. Just history. My doctor says I have elevated cholesterol. I actually have my doctorate in Anthropology. You know what I do? I try to lower my cholesterol, because heart disease kills, and he knows better than I do. Think of how far we could go if not for the Dunning-Kruger effect. Edit: I said "she has a degree in history" after looking through everything I could, I can't find anything that says she has the degree, only that she studied it.


As always, Fuck Ted Cruz* My top comment is about how Ted Cruz can go fuck himself; today is a good day


That's because Facebook is dependent upon the conservatives that still use the platform. Its come full circle and now they're the thing they were trying so very hard not to be - a social dead end comprised of the worst society has to offer. It fucking peaked 6 years ago. They might as well be called The Facebook again.


Physicists have ‘heard’ the ringing of an infant black hole for the first time, and found that the pattern of this ringing does, in fact, predict the black hole’s mass and spin — more evidence that Einstein was right all along. ~ Science

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It's crazy to think that Einstein never thought we would be able to detect a black hole. If I remember correctly I heard he thought it was just hypothetical at the time.


>If Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity holds true, then a black hole, born from the cosmically quaking collisions of two massive black holes, should itself “ring” in the aftermath, producing gravitational waves much like a struck bell reverbates sound waves. Einstein predicted that the particular pitch and decay of these gravitational waves should be a direct signature of the newly formed black hole’s mass and spin. >Now, physicists from MIT and elsewhere have studied the ringing of an infant black hole, and found that the pattern of this ringing does, in fact, predict the black hole’s mass and spin — more evidence that Einstein was right all along. >The findings, published today in Physical Review Letters, also favor the idea that black holes lack any sort of “hair” — a metaphor referring to the idea that black holes, according to Einstein’s theory, should exhibit just three observable properties: mass, spin, and electric charge. All other characteristics, which the physicist John Wheeler termed “hair,” should be swallowed up by the black hole itself, and would therefore be unobservable


Eli5 please. Whatd einstein theorise and why is this significant


I hate these "more proof that einstein was right all along". Literally nobody doubts any concrete aspect of general relativity .


Isn’t this kind of like saying you can understand the size of a rock based on the size of the ripples it creates in water?


70% of married women in Japan support same-sex marriage. ~ World News

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This is a curious demographic to use to show support for same sex marriage. But if it’s 70% for married women, I imagine in the general population it can’t be that low.


Huh... What a targeted demo to use for a statistic.


The problem with gay rights in Japan is that nobody cares. If you go around asking the average Japanese person here I would guarantee most would take a "sure, why not" approach to gay marriage. But gay marriage is so far from the public discourse that even if people nominally support it, there is never going to be enough pressure on Abe and the rest of the LDP to implement it. It's not that they hate gay people, they just don't care.


I'd be really interested how different the results are to married men


Won't they have to get a divorce first


How the U.S. Military Churns Out More Greenhouse Gas Emissions Than Entire Countries – The Pentagon is the world’s biggest consumer of fossil fuels—and agent of climate change. ~ Futurology

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You really don’t want to know how much gets spent on fuel in the military, annually. At one of my stations, it was nearly $3M a day, just for the aircraft. That’s over a billion a year and that’s not counting vehicles, generators, etc. At one base. Just for perspective: 1 million seconds is about 2 weeks. 1 billion seconds is about 32 years.


It is highly likely the US military churns out more greenhouse gas emissions than many medium size countries. But, I feel the root cause of much of the waste are bureaucratic process and policies. For example, many of the bureaucratic institutions facilitate waste. In the military, your typically commander is not rewarded for saving the environment or cutting costs. In fact, many commanders are chastised if their organisation doesn't consume all the budgets their predecessor may have requested. I saw this fist hand in an infantry unit. One day at the range, we had to throw over 100 grenades. After throwing about 10, you go into automatic mode. My arm hurt from throwing so many. So, I asked the Lieutenant "Why are we using so much ammunition in one event ?" The answer was "The ammo was ordered 5 years ago. It came late. We get in trouble if we don't use it up. And, this our last live ammo operation for the fiscal year. So, have fun blowing stuff up." Essentially, the leaders feel pressured to consume. The logic of being forced to use your budget plus some encourages waste. Until bureaucratic leaders are recognized for making savings, they will waste.


Are you telling me that the hummers we use, that run on JP8, essentially jet fuel, use a lot of fossil fuels‽ *gasp* /s


Yep, where i'm at overseas, every single meal is served on plastic or styrofoam, and every ounce of water we drink comes out of a plastic bottle. May not sound like much, but the same conditions at multiple bases, tens of thousands of meals per day. Good lord, I could go on for days about what a wasteful boondoggle the us military is. Source: 8 yrs of bullshit


One of the reasons Military vehicles cannot be sold surplus for street use is emissions. None will pass it.


Trump booed during military ceremony at Portland soccer game ~ Politics

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He better get used to that.


Anyone else think the title was saying Trump was there and booed in person and disappointed to find out it was just the mentioning of the president? Not that I don't find that still cool but I wanted that orange fuck booed to his face.


I boo in the most productive way possible: I vote in every election.


Fascist trash aren't welcome in Portland.


Cool. Cool. Cool. Cool.


You never recall memories to be darker/tinted when you were wearing sunglasses. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I don't even recall most of my memories from my own view. I usually imagine them from an aerial view


First truly mind blowing one I’ve seen here in awhile. That’s so true, and puzzling. Nice.


This. This is why subscribed to this subreddit.


Your eyes adjust when you put them on so you only notice the change (on-off, off-on). But there's plenty of sunlight on a clear day so with sunglasses on you can look around and it looks normal.


This deserves to become a top post.


There’s 662 episodes of the Simpsons, if you assume each episode represents a day for the Simpsons world then it’s only been a little less than two years since the first episode. This would explain why people seem to be the same age since episode 1. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Except for the number that show a day - night - day progression in a single episode.


Can you imagine having that many Christmases is a year.


Maggie would've atleast changed a bit..


There's time jumps. For example, when Apu had kids, they skipped nine months. I think the behind the scenes episode was great, with Lisa saying that Homer fed them drugs to stop ageing.


episode 666 is going to be wild


The US Has “Disappeared” More Than 42,000 Migrants. Where’s the Outrage? ~ Politics

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Slowly but surely America has normalized the kind of behaviour they used to blast authoritarian governments for. Everyone has been chanting “Freedom!” the whole time


It’s in the pile somewhere. Hypernormalization has made it difficult to keep up with what we should be upset about any given day.


The German public in the late 30s were also pretty silent on the disappearances.


It's absolutely unfuckingbelievable. Bill Clinton got impeached for getting a blowjob. This administration is actually killing people. I say, after they lose the election, we put the entire administration in cages. With webcams so we can all tune in anytime we want.


Notice how the press have just dropped the who concentration camp story? It isn't even on the radar anymore.


Magician: I can make anything disappear ~ Jokes Tom: ***holding cup*** do it to my tea! Magician: ***waves hand*** done! om: ***holding cup*** it didn’t work.

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Magician: I can make anything disappear Magician: I can make disappear


Magician: I can make anything disappear Punchline:


Doctor: We had to remove your colon. Patient Why?


O had to read that 3 times




TIL in Spain, a thief found child pornography on some tapes he had stolen from a 64-year-old football coach, among other electrical goods. He left the incriminating tapes in an envelope for the police to find, notifying them of where he had burgled them from, leading to the coach being arrested. ~ Today I Learned

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The coach had reported the robbery, but hadn't listed what had been stolen. There was a similar case in 2009 where two thieves turned in a laptop they had found child pornography on.


Good thief.


honor among thieves..


"Just because you are bad guy, does not mean you are *bad* guy."




Schiff accuses top intel official of illegally withholding ‘urgent’ whistleblower complaint ~ Politics

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>A Director of National Intelligence has never prevented a properly submitted whistleblower complaint that the [inspector general] determined to be credible and urgent from being provided to the congressional intelligence committees. Never," Schiff said in a statement. "This raises serious concerns about whether White House, Department of Justice or other executive branch officials are trying to prevent a legitimate whistleblower complaint from reaching its intended recipient, the Congress, in order to cover up serious misconduct." Ya think there might be some hanky panky going on here?


Hey look, another acting director of something acting like a complete coward working against the interests of the people.


> Schiff indicated that he learned **the matter involved "potentially privileged communications by persons outside the Intelligence Community,"** raising the specter that it is "being withheld to protect the President or other Administration officials." In addition, Schiff slammed Maguire for consulting the Justice Department about the whistleblower complaint "even though the statute does not provide you discretion to review, appeal, reverse, or countermand in any way the [inspector general's] independent determination, let alone to involve another entity within the Executive Branch." > > "The Committee can only conclude, based on this remarkable confluence of factors, that the serious misconduct at issue involves the President of the United States and/or other senior White House or Administration officials," Schiff wrote in a letter to Maguire on Friday. Wow. The contortions the GOP will have to do to defend this will be incredible.


>From initiating investigations urged by Trump, To threatening auto companies who dare embrace cleaner air than Trump, To twisting the law to serve and protect Trump, We see the slow unraveling of a once proud Department of Justice – And the interests of justice along with it. Schiffs tweet.


Damn, Open hearing you say? Thursday the 19th? Well now *thats* going on the calendar.


Microsoft President: Democracy Is At Stake. Regulate Big Tech ~ Technology

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Yes democracy is at stake and yes we can stop it. Allowing corporations to collect massive amounts of data about every aspect of our lives with virtually no regulation is exceptionally dangerous, yet people seem to not care. This will eventually destroy us if we don’t stop it.


It's a bold call. But my problem is, why are these callings coming out from people who're proponents to data collecting? Microsoft has done it. Facebook has done it. Twitter has done it. Google has done it. Anywhere else that you've signed up for probably has done it a time or two. Yet want regulations? Why, so they can bend them?


I know this comes off as very cynical, but one thing to consider is that regulation frequently benefits established players by creating barriers to entry for new players. It's not necessarily _not_ in Microsoft's best interest to recommend regulation.


In all manner of technological development, our government has been falling behind in its regulations. To a degree that would be comical if it wasn't also so damn abhorrent and disgusting. We still have politicians in office at the federal level who don't know how things like encryption work. We have politicians who don't know how to use a computer and have some misplaced, incredibly stupid notion that that fact is something to be *proud* of. We need to regulate quite a bit concerning the internet. From data collection by big companies like Facebook, Google and Microsoft to the worthless, parasitic asshole telecoms like Comcast providing it. There's way too much freedom for companies to abuse customers and users.


Why is it always tech companies and not Equifax...


Opiate tycoons stashed $1 billion in Swiss banks amid probe: The Sackler family, which owns OxyContin maker Purdue Pharma, is believed to have transferred about $1 billion (€900 million) to themselves, including to their Swiss bank accounts, court papers showed. ~ World News

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Straight to jail. We'd all go to jail for that. They should too.


Worst part of being a drug dealer is what to do with all the money.


They should forfeit those funds to pay into rehabilitation programs to help the people they made into addicts.


During 2017, there were more than 70,200 overdose **deaths** in **the United States** and 47,600 of those overdose **deaths** involved **opioids**. More than 130 people **died** every day from **opioid**-related drug overdoses in 2016 and 2017, according to **the US** Department of Health & Human Services (HHS).Aug 28, 2019 It is as though they are at war with those who have less. An opiate genocide.


shouldn’t the FDA have some culpability in this as well?


Trump promised to get rid of red ink in 8 years. But the deficit just topped $1 trillion for the first time since 2012. ~ Politics

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He meant the Trump Company's red ink, not America's.


He also promised Mexico was gonna pay for the wall. Now he's raiding the Pentagon. So....


**Republican Sheeple;** "So? He has only had 3 years. This is just the first stage of his 8 year plan. You always get a mess when you change things around. This is like dropped wood and tools at a construction site"


Republicans only care about deficit/debt when Democrats are in office


Obama spent billions to save our economy. Republicans were very clear that this would “destroy our country and our economy.” Instead, Obama pulled us out of the worst recession in US history and eventually reduced the budget deficit from a high of 1.4 trillion to a low of 500 billion. Trump, on the other hand, was gifted an amazing economy. Trump has claimed repeatedly that our economy is “by far the best ever!”. Trump ran on being a fiscal conservative and financial genius. Nonetheless our national Budget and national debt have sky rocketed to the point of breaking multiple records. On top of that job growth is slowing, recession indicators are flashing, and wage growth is stagnant. Kinda speaks LOUDLY for itself.


we can totally prepare for the zombie apocalypse by tying people’s shoe laces together before we bury them ~ Shower Thoughts

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Shoelaces biodegrade. Zip-tie their ankles and make sure the plastic cuts to the bone.


Just cremate them, what's the zombie apocalypse gonna be if there aren't any bodies that are buried? An ash cloud?


Good idea, but cremation seems like the better way to go. Kill it with fire.


Zip tie their hands too! Don’t want them crawling. But what if they roll?


No. As everyone knows, the virus spreads amongst the living. Those that are allready dead and burried wont come back because the virus cant spread inside the body without a functioning bloodstream. Get your facts straight, Chad!


Saudi Arabia is shutting down half of its oil production after drone attack, WSJ says ~ World News

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This is why every other country should take note and understand the concept of energy independence.


How about ending the war in Yemen and stop starving millions of people?


**Yemen’s Houthi rebels have claimed responsibility for this attack**


Oh yeah I remember reading Saudi Arabia were hoping to raise oil prices. Weird way to do it.


Are we going to have a boom in US oil production again because of this?


How wiping out $1.5 trillion in student debt would boost the economy | Many American voters have come around to the idea that the loans are an unsustainable burden ~ Economics

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I would rather have the conversation about why college costs so much.


"for many borrowers, a large share of debt comes from living expenses, Looney noted" This is my biggest issue with forgiveness, is that many of these high debt individuals used student loans to pay living expenses for years on end. In my opinion, only borrowing for tuition helped keep my debt manageable and repayable. If we are going to start forgiving student loans, the first requirement should be monitoring how that money is spent. Edit: spacing


When I buy a car, the lender ensures I'm not a default risk and doesn't allow me to borrow more than what the car is worth. When I buy a house, the mortgage company has the home appraised to make sure they're not using a loan that exceeds the value of the home in case I decide not to pay. The same standard needs to be applied to student loans. If the government guaranteed auto loans, Nissan Sentras would start at $55k and everyone would be driving S-class MB's with $170k notes.


I feel the answer can be found somewhere in between. Interest-free loans backed by the government. There will still be student debt, but with a better chance of it being paid off. Tax dollar contributions justified as investments in an educated workforce. Students still have the responsibility to pay back what they use. Lending institutions no longer profiting from the assumed social necessity of having to go to college. I can't imagine what tuition costs will become (or billed) if government money is paying for it. Similar to what the medical industry is able to as for from insurance companies. Forgive debt interest, not principal.


I do agree that wiping these debts will improve the economy and wealth disparity, but as someone who funded my college education with about $60k in loans 20 years ago and then spent years sacrificing and being responsible to pay them off, I think there should be some kind of compensation for that behavior to keep things fair.


MIT Scientist Richard Stallman Defends Epstein: Victims Were ‘Entirely Willing’ ~ News

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> He has written dozens of posts on his personal website in favor of legalizing pedophilia and child pornography for more than 15 years. So nothing new for him. This guy has argued for the validity and legitimacy of pedophilia for over a decade. > "Epstein is not, apparently, a pedophile, since the people he raped seem to have all been postpuberal." The old pedophilia vs hebephilia defense. > Stallman currently works as a visiting scientist at MIT It sounds like that visit is coming to an end.


As a free software / open source fan for so long I'm used to seeing his name, just not in this context. Weird.


It's really dismaying to hear Stallman take this sort of position. He's the founder of the GNU project, which is the licensing and software ecosystem behind Linux, and the Free Software Foundation, which is one of the major advocates for net neutrality, and a major proponent of free speech on the Internet. He has always taken extreme and black and white positions, and is almost certainly Autistic. This position is simply put, abhorrent, and unbecoming of someone who otherwise has been a tireless advocate for basic human rights.


Ah Stallman, the O.G neckbeard.


Apparently emacs is so bad it will turn you into a sexual deviant.


We all make fun of Homer Simpson yet he has a loving wife, kids, two cars, a nice house and he just messes around at work ~ Shower Thoughts

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Its ones actions that define a human, not his possessions


Frank Grimes noticed


He lives in a castle, his son owns a factory, and his family has lobster for dinner!


People make fun of things he does more than of who he is


Yes, but he has no money and three kids, and he wishes he had 3 money and no kids.


Polson woman uses hair dryer disguised as speed gun to slow speeding cars ~ Not The Onion

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I first read this as "Poison woman...".


Is it really a disguised hair dryer? I don't think she's putting much effort into the "disguise" part.


“I didn’t know what else to do for her.” Maybe send someone out to use an *actual* radar gun, and write some tickets? Like, you know, your fucking JOB?


>While Baumgartner couldn't tell if her white hair dryer really slowed cars down, she plans on using the hair dryer again to bring awareness to speeding cars. please help, i can't tell if this is everything wrong or everything right with america.


*with a hair dryer in one hand and a drink in the other


German kiteboarder randomly films a meteor entering Earth’s atmosphere [at 1:10] ~ Space

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I'll never forget the massive one I saw like 6 years ago. I walked out the front door of my house and for whatever reason looked up, and at that exact moment a huge green fireball shot directly over my house.


What a find! My German is ‘nine’, but I’m guessing he didn’t realise the event at the time?


Seen it live from Spiekeroog, was quite unbelieveable. The following "boom" sound was the most unreal part of the event.


What part of the screen am I supposed to be looking at? I've watched it several times and could not see it.


I'm fairly certain that I saw this one myself, just barely and was not actually sure if just made it up until now. I brought someone to an appointment at the Hospital in Bremen and was waiting in a car in some residential area. I could just see a bright streak in the sky next to a building. Looking at it now in google maps, the street pretty much faces in the general direction of the other reports. Nice coincidence that I was parked in the Keplerstraße (Kepler's Street).


Drinking more coffee may reduce risk of developing gallstones, suggests new study in Journal of Internal Medicine (n=104,493). Those who drank more than 6 cups of coffee per day had 23% lower risk of developing symptomatic gallstones, with 1 extra cup of coffee per day linked with 3% lower risk. ~ Science

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OK, but then what am I going to use for all the tremors after six cups


That’s a hell of a lot of coffee for a modest decrease in the likelihood of a treatable condition.


Honestly the crazy part to me is out of just over 100k people enough of them drank more than 6 cups of coffee a day to make this statistic.


The incessant shaking probably breaks them up.


I enjoy coffee but 6 a day would make my intestines bleed from all da pooping


Parents of murdered Democratic staffer Seth Rich can sue Fox News: U.S. court ~ News

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One of the defendants is representing themselves in federal court, which is a very bad idea.


Presumably, Fox will jump to their typical legal defense- that they aren't a news network and thus can't be held to the same standards as an actual news network. That they're "entertainment".


Fox news and Republicans support harassing, stalking, and threatening the parents of dead children (sandy hook), so it's no surprise that they'll use underhanded and disgusting tactics to attack non- conservatives.


I'm just here to say that if you still think Hillary Clinton killed Seth Rich you should be sterilized and shipped to Borneo.


My biggest problem with FOX news isn't the spin, its exactly as stated in the article. They put guests and talking heads on to spout opinions as facts and news and then turn around and hide behind them as "opinion pieces" when they get in trouble. I hope they get buried under this.


Hong Kong enters 15th week of mass protests as unrest continues ~ World News

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rookie numbers!! France been at it for like 43 weeks straight!


Maybe China just ignores them until they go away.


Stand with Hong Kong




Redditors: Tanks any minute now!!! I promise!!!


Frat House (1998) unreleased HBO doc exploring the darker side of fraternity life. Filled with scenes of hazing practices, partying, and general douchebaggery at unnamed Northeast US Universities. Directed by Todd Phillips ~ Documentaries

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I feel like this is an under discussed topic with regards to our political and business lives. These people act like this, think like this openly but we tell ourselves that when they graduate and become lawyers, doctors, vp's and politicians that all the stupidity is behind them, they are better now. I submit to you the world we live in in 2019 as direct evidence to the contrary. They stay this stupid and they are in charge.


Well that was a trip. I wonder where Blossom is today?


The film was never released because it’s bullshit. Phillips paid fraternity members to pretend to be pledges and the hazing is re-enacted. Frat members were paid to create an outrageous environment and to ramp the crazy behaviors. The titties are real, though. Edit: it won the Grand Jury prize at Sundance then got the award rescinded when the accusations came out. Phillips stands by his work. Edit: thanks for the gold


My college is in this lol. I was in a different frat (not featured) and we watched this doc as sort of a “what not to do” guide. The frat in question was kicked off campus btw.


I don't get it. What's the point of hanging out with a bunch of dick holes like that?


Boris Johnson cabinet minister says she would vote Remain in second Brexit referendum ~ World News

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Well, she won't be in post for much longer then once Prime Minister Dominic Cummings tells BJ to sack her.


She also said she'd never work in a Boris Johnson cabinet, so her word is worth nothing.


Just do the second referendum. You limey bastards risk dissolving your union if you leave, and everyone's sick of hearing about Brexit.


Just admit that you screwed up. Sounds a *bit* better than potential balkanization of the United Kingdom, isn't it?


I know it isn’t this easy, but wouldn’t it just be better if they got their heads screwed on straight and just did a second referendum with wording that wasn’t purposefully deceitful? Like, vote: 1. Leave the EU with no deal and start a zombie plague. 2. Leave the EU with some sort of deal and hear the word Brexit for the next three decades while our economy flounders and global power declines. 3. Remain in the EU and work to make it better. Zombie apocalypse not as likely. Then again, I’m American. We don’t have room to talk right now.


Facebook suspends Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu page for hate speech ~ World News

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Read the article. They suspended the chat for 24 hrs this really ain't news.


Every time Facebook does anything remotely good, I brace myself for the "but" in just a few days.


Think he'll play the antisemitism card?


Has he called Facebook anti-Semitic yet?


Good, fuck him


Donald Trump’s panic about vaping is a massive distraction from guns and politics ~ Politics

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His whole presidency is a giant distraction from real damage he is causing everywhere.


To distract from the gun debate after the last shooting. To distract from Sharpiegate. To distract from nuking hurricanes. To distract from buying Greenland. To distract from Epstein’s ~~murder~~ untimely death. To distract from the Epstein court docs corroborating Katie Johnson’s child rape claim against Trump.


5 have died from vaping so far 5 Americans die from gun violence every 72 minutes.


Banning fruit scented nicotine steam. Truly he is the bold leader the US deserves in these trying times.


Banning vaping will hurt him. I know a lot of 30 year old rednecks that l love their mods and lemon-blueberry juices.


In a bold push for social liberties by young saudis, women stunned onlookers by shunning the compulsory black body cloak and wearing western attire in public . ~ Atheism

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Good on her. But I’m preparing to see the backlash in 3... 2...


> Jaloud argued the abaya was “not linked to religion”. “If it was, Saudi women wouldn’t take them off when they go outside the kingdom,” she said. She's got you there... Stay safe.


Woman: wears normal clothes MBS: And for my next trick, I will make this person disappear!


women?? as sentient free-thinking *HUMAN BEINGS???* 😱 ​ oh, the horror! 🙄


I applaud her but I'm fearful for her.


Election 2020: A full year of Trump and Biden babbling at each other? Please, let’s not | Trump and Biden both sound increasingly incoherent. Democrats still have a chance to nominate someone else ~ Politics

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While it certainly would be *funny* to have two senior citizens with dementia try to duke it out while forgetting what it is they were talking about, the country really needs to do better. Biden should drop out. Edit: I can't words for garbage


ranked choice por favor


If Democrats get this wrong again and nominate another boring status quo figure in Biden then they deserve the loss that is surely coming to them in 2020 if Biden is heading the ticket. Have these people learned *nothing* from 2016?


Biden = Republican light.


Biden was really out of it last night it was kinda sad to watch


It’s amazing how many female singers dedicate entire songs to an EX to prove that they are over them. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Or how male singers dedicate whole songs to how great the sex was with an ex


Just 'females'?


Songs about romance, love, sex, etc. are universal and can be catharsis for some performers.


I mean, I dunno if you’ve heard any pop punk or emo songs, but it’s definitely not just women doing that.


> it’s amazing how many singers dedicate entire songs to an EX to prove that they are over them. FTFY


I dated a girl with a lazy eye once. ~ Jokes It turns out she was seeing someone else on the side.

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I dated an optometrist once. Nice girl, but really annoying in bed. She was always saying, “so, do you like it better like this... or like this?”


Just couldn’t see eye to eye, huh?


Fun note: This joke can't really be translated into French, 'cause the French word for "lazy eye" ("louche") already has an idiomatic use that means "can't be trusted". As in: "Il est louche." --> "He's crooked."


Was her name Sarah?


She was good at finding parking spots.


Facebook fact-checker finds UK Conservatives ran ads with altered BBC headline ~ World News

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A serious question here. What are conservatives trying to conserve? I mean, they spend money like my last ex while at the same time actively trying to change society into something that it really isn't. They want to tear down the government, crash the economy, kill the planet. Is there anything that they try to conserve? I find the term regressive to be a better indicator of their actual goals and a nice counter to the term progressive. Both want to change society into something that it currently isn't. Both also seek to undo the actions of the other. It's really a perfect term.


A government run by Boris Johnson did something dishonest? Completely unbelievable.


Tories trying to cut education funding by pulling the wool over the eyes of the British public? Just another day in the life of a Tory wanker. Fuck this right wing bullshit rising in the west.


Conservatives can't win without cheating.


“If conservatives become convinced that they cannot win democratically, they will not abandon conservatism. They will reject democracy.” Also:“The First Casualty of War is the Truth.“


If you want half a banana you also don’t want half a banana. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Problems arise when it's the same half banana that you want and don't want.


"Everything is either a banana or not a banana" Aristotle, 500 AC


Why are you singling out bananas? Doesn't that concept apply to ... (checks the math)... anything?


My friend asked me if I wanted a frozen banana. I said 'No, but I want a regular banana later, so... yeah.'


I'm gonna use that the next time my wife offers me something I want. "You want half a sandwich?" "No"


UPDATE: Accepted a job offer, less than 24 hours later another company offered 15K more. What’s the best way to negotiate ~ Personal Finance

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This is the personal part of personal finance. You need to make the right decision for yourself. Good job!


"I decided not to bring up the new offer from Job B and accept the offer I signed from Job A. I didn't want to start the job on a bad note. My word means everything to me." ​ Well dude 15k is peanuts to legal tech companies. If you feel happier with the lower paying job then you can tell them about the whole thing and ask if they can match it. If not, then you can just proceed with the old salary, it happens all the time in the tech world. Companies would feel that you are trustworthy bringing up that you have another offer, rarely do people only get one offer from one company. Everyone knows its unrealistic to have only one offer. I had to tell my company i got multiple offers and they matched it and guess what ? I'm running one of the companies projects despite being employed for 2 months.


Good. Being happy at your job is hugely important. The world is filled with people in high-paying jobs they hate.


It's not 15 k. It's 15 k times four years you are going to be in school. It's a 60k decision.


Can you link the old thread?


“Hated” (1993) Documentary on the notoriously extreme hard-core punk rocker GG Allin. Directed by Todd Phillips (The Hangover), this film examines GG’s family, friends, band mates and his rabid fans. WARNING: This movie contains graphic footage that’s not suitable for children and some adults. ~ Documentaries

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This dude was way out there. Some of his on-stage antics included cutting himself with broken glass, or shitting on the stage and smearing the shit on himself and throwing it at the audience. It goes beyond "punk rock" into some deranged form of performance art.


I was into this shit as a teenager. Thought this dude was the epitome of punk. As a 36 year old father, I now realize he was a mentally disturbed sadist/masochist abusive piece of shit. What a horrible person.


My friend Dennis Ferrier appears in the movie. He was a reporter who covered GG’s trial in Milwaukee. You can see him describing how GG took a microphone and smashed his own teeth out with it. Anyway, I asked Dennis what he remembered about covering the Milwaukee trial. Dennis said, “The smell. You could smell him WAY before you could see him. He smelled like shit, sweat and vomit.”


He didn't enjoy sex and would much rather someone pissed in his mouth.


Also, I read that he smoked marijuana


TIL that despite being universally considered part of Europe due to cultural and geopolitical reasons, the island of Sicily in Italy is actually part of the African Tectonic Plate. ~ Today I Learned

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>...due to cultural and geopolitical reasons No. It's because it lies just 2 miles off the coast off mainland Europe (Italy) but 90 miles from mainland Africa (Tunisia).


What do you mean "despite"? Continental borders are not based on tectonic plates.


Picture this, Sicily 1920.


its where most italian gangsters are from too


You missed the most important reason for Sicily to be considered part of Europe: the island is **geographically** closer to Europe mainland than Africa.


What made you unsubscribe from YouTubers that you used to love watching? ~ AskReddit

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Drop in content quality


"ok guys, Jimbobjoeschmoe here with my latest video, today we're gonna focus on making nuclear weapons, but FIRST guys, remember to SMASH that like button and subscribe! And don't forget to leave me a comment down below saying how much you want to SUCK MY DICK! Ok guys, just real quick, gotta tell you about this super awesome product placement. I can't tell you how much I love using dildos from Bobby's Dildo Co. They're so veiny and realistic! Ok, thanks Bobby's Dildo Co for making this video possible, anyway, now, where was I? Oh that's right! Making nuclear weapons! Ok, so I bet you're wondering what a nuclear weapon is! [5 minute description of the history of nukes] And I thought it was SOOOOO COOOL that my grandpa died by getting nuked in WW2, so I decided to celebrate his death by making nukes [10 minute history of some random fucking shit] [also at least 2 or 3 youtube ads too]. Ok guys, now, to the real part of the video. here's me making some nukes, see, you glue slot A into tab B and voila you're done! Alright guys don't forget to SMASH that like button, subscribe to my channel, and leave some comments down below how much you want to eat my ass. Don't forget to buy my merch too!" Repeat. **x100** I don't really like youtube anymore


A shift in focus that is no longer within my interests. It happened with Vsauce, which is a shame because all of Michael's DOT videos were super informative. Now those sorts of videos are called Mind Field and it's a premium exclusive, and at the time I unsubscribed, he's moved on to mathematical videos... which doesn't interest me much at all.


I'm sure this happens everywhere on YouTube but the makeup community on YouTube when someone gets too much fame all they do is make stupid sponsored videos and you can't trust them anymore. then they start showing off their huge houses and cars even tho no one asked for it and they just change as a person so I unsubscribe when I sense that. Jaclyn Hill is a great example


Onision. After growing up a bit, and realising asshole humour was just being an asshole, I cant watch him. Thank god I realised this years ago


3 guys are on a boat with 4 cigarettes but nothing to light them with ~ Jokes …so they throw one cigarette off the boat to make the boat a cigarette lighter

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What's the difference between a hippo and a zippo? One is really heavy, the other is a little lighter.


Google is useless I tried to look up lighters and all they had was 33,90,00,000 matches


Every time you light a lighter, the lighter gets lighter until the lighter is so light that it will no longer light


Never heard it. Thx take an upvote.


Wasn’t this used by The Riddler on the pilot episode of the Adam West Batman?


Whenever a person speaks a foreign language in a film and it’s not subtitled, it becomes an Easter egg for anyone that can understand that language. ~ Shower Thoughts

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In Saving Private Ryan, some of the “Germans” are Czech and are yelling about how they didn’t shoot and were conscripted. Then some of the main characters shoot them and mock them.


It's a mixed blessing. If the speaker is native, the movie gains credibility, if she isn't, the movie loses credibility. Imagine watching a very accurate and detailed Russian movie about USA military but then some high ranking American General says - zee missiles waz lunched. Suspension of belief gone.


I always get super intrigued by these scenes and think I'll look it up after but then always forget. Damn it.


The show Friends has a few moments where they (pretend to) speak Dutch. Gunther is supposedly Dutch and tells Ross he’s an “ezel” (donkey) to which Ross later replies with “jij hebt seks met ezels”. Also, when Ross tries to get an appartment from an old Dutch woman, he brings her some “bloemen” (flowers)


We can do it here too. 한국인들 있나요


What is a fact that the general public typically believes is true, but is in fact completely false? ~ AskReddit

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That fish would get scared and swim away if you talked while fishing. Turns out my dad just wanted me to shut up....


You can't declare a person missing for 48 hours. Do NOT follow that. What happens in TV shows isn't how the real world works.


Brushing your teeth twice a day is all you need to prevent cavities. Actually, it's just as important to always have saliva in your mouth.


Cracking your knuckles causes arthritis


Cutting an earthworm in half won't make two worms. It'll just give one worm a very good reason to be angry.


TIL that human brains are specialized for face recognition while chimp brains are specialized for butt recognition. ~ Today I Learned

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TIL: I have a chimp brain.


Not sure if relevant but I did witness a chimp eating ass at the Milwaukee county zoo a few years ago


“Hey Larry!” “I’m sorry, have we met?” *turns around* “Craig! How you been, man?”


Is nobody going to talk about them saying human faces became more behind-like? Did this paper just say the faces of the entire human race looks like ass?


Sir Mixalott would like to respectfully disagree


LPT: If you’re going on a lunch or dinner date, eat a little bit of food before you head out. This will help you to stay in a good mood and continue to be sociable while you wait for your food to arrive ~ Life Pro Tips

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Or just drink a bunch of beers as you first arrive at the restaurant.


Do… do people not talk if they’re hungry while waiting for their food? Do they not want to be hungry to eat the food that they’re paying for??


What? Is this a joke, or is this for real?


This is why americans are overweight lol, going to dinner, better eat before I go so I don't feel hungry waiting for food, better store emergency chicken wing in car for the drive over.


Fasting improves health, I think you can go without additional food for an hour or two before getting to eat tasty, expensive and professional food.


Worms fail to thrive in soil containing microplastics: Finding could have implications for farming – as worms are vital part of farmland ecosystem ~ World News

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Read a national geographic article about soil a few years ago. Ended with something like “if we want to keep benefiting from soil we have to stop treating it like dirt”


>Scientists found that worms placed in soil loaded with high density polyethylene (HDPE) – a common plastic used for bags and bottles – for 30 days lost about 3% of their body weight, compared with a control sample of similar worms placed in similar soil without HDPE, which put on 5% in body weight over the same period. Without them saying anything about just how much plastic was in the soil they used, I can't use this article for anything. If it's half plastics, half soil, it doesn't tell anything about anything that could happen in real fields, and the article would be pointless...


It's almost as if the planet and humans are intertwined biological entities. Who would have thought?


I used to laugh about Elizabethan ladies poisoning themselves with lead make-up. I mean, how could they be so dumb? And yet conceivably we could be wiped out by the microbeads in St. Ives Apricot Scrub.


This would only affect the planet if plastic was found everywhere, like mountain tops in the arctic. oh wait The next thing people are missing - Plants and animals cannot survive in elevated heat and humidity during peak breeding and plant grow out seasons. Some species of songbirds in England were lost during a two day heat wave during nesting. One day tons of sound, two days later, silence.


Study says renewable energy power plants will overtake natural-gas plants by 2035 ~ Technology

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Not soon enough


It’s happening already. Solar plus storage cheaper than natural gas in some parts of the US.


The sad thing is there are people who are so staunchly conservative that they are opposed to t his. As in, they are so politically minded that they are comfortable saying "Renewable energy is trash. We need to burn more finite resources that can't be replaced." Not in those exact words of course, because they fundamentally lack the understanding necessary. But that's their argument. Like this guy I work with who uses this paraphrased argument as to why solar shouldn't be used. "Solar panels don't just grow on trees. They have to be manufactured. Manufacturing increases the carbon footprint. They should just burn oil and get it over with, rather than burn oil to create solar panels, that produce less energy than burning oil." He fails to realize that you burn oil once, but solar produces energy indefinitely, until the apparatus is physically destroyed by some external force.


I hope we are not a barren wasteland by then


Still will be useless. Nuclear is the future.


TIL of Edith Garrud, a 20th century suffragette who knew Jujitsu and was one of the first female martial arts instructors in the West. She taught the “Suffragettes Self-Defence Club”, and was an instructor for “the Bodyguard” a 30-women unit that defended fugitive suffragettes and fought the police. ~ Today I Learned

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The press called her and other fighting suffragettes, "suffrajitsu". They also disguised themselves and escaped from police on a number of occasions. Edith died in 1971, at the age of 99.


One of the lesser known parts of the suffragettes struggle was the sexual assaults they faced by arresting officers. Protesters were often seen as fair game for groping as well as being beaten up.


The narrative game r/Storyscape has a Titanic title where you play a suffragette and can in fact learn and use jujitsu. Edith even has a cameo for the training scene.


Many suffragettes were beaten badly by the police once in jail, so self-defense was extremely important to say the least.


Fuck up da police


Which side of the war did the American Mafia support? If either. ~ History

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Mussolini and the fascists had no love of the Mafia and drove them and like-minded organizations out of Italy. There is even Italian Propaganda that portrays American troops as gangsters. The Mafia actually helped provide maps for the Allied invasion of Sicily, and at least put a hold on strikes breaking out during the war.


They supported the Allies and helped with the infiltration ahead of the invasion of Sicily. Other than American patriotism, this was because Mussolini loathed them. I believe it was called Operation Husky and Operation Underworld, which was using control of the waterfront much in the way it was used by Bush Jr. There's no contradiction with Michael serving in the U.S. armed forces. Most Italians had already assimilated and were willing to fight in both theaters of war. Only fascist Italians, those suspected of being fascist (and some un-naturalized who were singled out) were sent to the camps. Most of my uncles served in the war, and they were first generation Italian.


The Mafia collaborated with the allies during Operation Underworld and Operation Husky. This gave the Americans a stream of interpreters and information in exchange for clemency on prisoners captured during prohibition. The Mafia and U.S. government would later collaborate again on other occasions, such as the Trafficante family involvement with the attempted Castro assassinations. This isn't a unique relationship, as over various periods the U.S. government has established relations with various criminal groups and worked in tandem both domestically and abroad. Of course this should not be taken as political alignment. The Mafia also aided smugglers running guns to the fledgling Israel after the war on moral grounds, supplying weapons and fuel on at least one occasion, while these smugglers were punished harshly by the U.S. government when caught.


“I may not make an honest buck, but I’m 100%american!” Fires Tommy gun*


I can supply some personal experience. My grandfather was an Italian immigrant and a small time bookie in Philadelphia. Him and his friends loved Italy but were fiercely patriotic. Many of his friends served and he volunteered but was turned down. I can remember as a kid (in the 70s) groups of guys sitting at the dining room table reminiscing about those days and ribbing my granddad. His (and their) loyalty was to the US.


If the World grows to accept more than two genders, learning French will become an incredibly difficult task. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Germans already have to deal with 3 (masculine, feminine, neutral). Poor them.


We already have three in greece. Male Female and Neutral. Now they prolly wont add more since the language is already complicated as is


Try taking Latin.


For those who only speak English, it's important to note that there is usually no correlation between human gender and word gender. Think of it like this; words have gender, people have sex.


Spanish too, words are either male or female in Spanish


You have been given the opportunity to safely enter Area 51. There’s nothing of real interest (aliens, crazy technology, etc.) in there. However, they tell you that you must let everyone know about one non-existent thing in Area 51, that is the most believable. What are you telling the world? ~ AskReddit

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All there was, was a sign that said - "None of our alien technology is here. Think about it, why would we keep alien tech in a facility that is famous for people believing there are extra-terrestrial artefacts kept there. Try Area 52 maybe, no ones heard of that"


that the guy that posted the area 51 raid petition works there


Hoverboards But they don’t work well on water unless you have power


That one fucking dentist holding out on recommending a toothpaste


they got 6G wifi


YouTube’s algorithm promotes fake cancer cures in a number of languages and the site runs adverts for major brands and universities next to misleading videos, a BBC investigation has found. ~ World News

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If you want information that has been verified on some level, then you should look at traditional news sources or topical publications. YouTube is not in and should not be in the business of journalism or vetting sources


And the DJT ads are getting ridiculous, I must be labeled as a swing voter in some algorithm somewhere. He’s starting to slur his words in them as well. Super weird times were in.


Wait wait wait.... so you’re telling me YouTube doesn’t care about facts, but only promoting whatever bullshit people will watch to keep making money? Colour me shocked!


Incoming youtube sweeping changes to tackle this issue that are equally or even more unpopular that will enrage reddit and the media. I think we should push rewind on youtube and go back to 2015 or even 2006 the golden era when viacom was the main villain.


Youtube's only job is to increase view count so it can sell more ads. Sensationalism achieves that quite nicely. Win-win! /s


Since we have a continuous hole from mouth to butt, we are a donut. ~ Shower Thoughts

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A chocolate filled one.


Does this make straw a donut as well?


Not "are" but topologically equivalent, yes.


What about kakyoin, abaccio and the others?


What about our ears and nostrils


Man burns McDonald’s employee with hot coffee after getting mad at it being “watery” ~ News

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>That's when the man became angry and knocked over a large cup of coffee on the counter without a lid. The hot liquid poured on another employee and left visible burn marks on her arm. Ok. Reading the title i assumed he threw it in her face. 59 year old dude charged with assault. Hopefully more will come out of this. But i don't assume prison unless he has a lot of priors.


the coffee there is really watery, but that's not the employees fault


Honestly I would not wanna be the prosecution trying to convince a jury that what this man did was assault. "Usually, a person cannot be convicted of a crime based on an act that is accidental. Rather, the prosecutor must prove that the defendant acted intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly." Knocking over a hot coffee wouldnt pass my views of an old man assaulting someone.


I know a girl who worked part time at a Whataburger. She had coffee thrown in her face once by an angry woman. Fortunately it wasn't hot. The woman was never charged because they never found her. She was also slapped in the face by a homeless man. It was a Whataburger in a poor area. The girl is mentally handicapped so she did stick around at the job. I know she eventually quit. I feel bad for her. She doesn't qualify for disability money because she is able bodied enough to work, but she has a learning disability which makes her less desirable by employers. I actually was her employer at a retail store. She was recommended by a current employee who knew her story. I don't work at that store anymore, but when she worked for me, I could really only schedule her 1-2 of our biggest days of the month to help clean up because she wasn't good at sales and was too slow on the register. She's part of the reason I think we should have UBI. We still need people like her to work at fast food places, but I don't think she deserves to live in the poverty that she lives in because of her limited job opportunities.


Why are fast food joints magnets that attract mentally ill homeless people?


Uncle Wong, 82: protecting Hong Kong protesters with his walking stick ~ Uplifting News

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Uncle Wong is fucking awesome.


Absolute legend. This can work because in some areas of Asia (specially with Buddhist majority or influence), the respect that the young show to the old is something hard to explain to a westener, so he knows there's a minimum time he'll have to talk with cops


God bless Uncle Wong!


Like the old guy that trained Matt Murdock, Stick.


uncle wong got me crying


France and Germany agree to block Facebook’s Libra ~ World News

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Facebook can't even manage to keep their data from being exploited. The last thing anyone should do is trust them with a currency.


Facebook needs to be shut down. It evolved from a poor social network into a straight up data mining operation.


Not only will it be blocked by many countries but I doubt that many users will trust FB with their money.


Was this a popular trend of significance like Bitcoin? Barely heard of this e-currency.


sell sell sell


Sky News: Julian Assange to be kept in prison after sentence ends due to ‘history of absconding’ ~ News

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he WikiLeaks founder was sentenced in May to 50 weeks behind bars for skipping bail and hiding out in the Ecuadorian embassy in London for seven years to avoid extradition to Sweden over sex offence allegations. Assange entered the embassy in 2012 and stayed there until he was dramatically dragged out by police in April. He was due to be released from HMP Belmarsh on 22 September, but a judge at Westminster Magistrates' Court told the 48-year-old on Friday there was "substantial ground" to believe he would "abscond again".


What’s even worse is they won’t let him have pieces of wood trim in his cell either, due to ‘history of wainscoting’


I made this comment elsewhere, but fuck Julian Assange. He started out with noble intentions, or at least appeared to, but when your goal is to release the truth to the world, you don't release just some of it, selectively, so things swing the way you'd like them to.


Truth is treason in an empire of lies.


He is going to get absolutely railroaded and most likely get the Epstein treatment.


Jean-Marie Le Pen, founder of the French far-right National Front, was charged with “embezzlement of public funds” over allegations he illegally claimed money from the European parliament to pay France-based staff ~ World News

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Fascists are crooks.


rigthwinger: EVERYBODY ELSE BUT ME IS CORRUPT! 2 months later: gets caught being corrupt Every. Single. Time.


sounds about right for most "right" organisation. they are right, they can't go wrong.


The right wing is a cancer on this planet.


Maybe his daughter can join him in jail, once they investage her campaigns loan from shady Russian bank. Although, it might be hard since the bank supposedly went out of business after she lost.


Saudi Arabia Shuts Down About Half Its Oil Output After Drone Strikes ~ Investing

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Shocked I can't find anything about this on, this is major news, no?


The target of the drone attack is the jugular of Saudi power and the biggest crude purification plant in the world; it's not a refinery but a much more important piece of the puzzle in commercialisation of hydrocarbons. Crude needs to be stabilized and the sulfur needs to be removed before transportation to a refinery where the ~~fracking~~ *cracking *takes place. It doesn't matter how much oil SA can pump from the ground if they can't ship it. And the House of Saud might not have sufficient funds and time to repair it. It will take years to back up if the initial reports of damage are correct. Last time it was attacked in retaliation to the airstrikes (with no operational damage), price of crude went up $2 on the same day. This time it happened over the weekend, but I am sure Monday is going to be wild in the stock market. Unless they have a magical spell to back up production (they don't, nobody is even remotely close to the production volume of that plant and again, it need to be close to the wells) the entire global economy is going to suffer greatly, especially India, Japan and China, whom are fully dependent on Arabian oil. Right now crude cannot be loaded into the tankers, they are just going to pile up outside the plant and disrupt the distribution network globally. The HC distribution network has virtually no reserves (relying on JIT delivery) to deal with such a sudden -∆ in production, and increasing in other sites takes years and might be impossible altogether. This is why the plant has always been considered one of the most important strategic targets in the world, along with the Araxa mines and other RE deposits, and at a much higher position than military and political command centers. I don't want to sound alarmist, but the Saudis and their clients are fucked if they can't either get ~80% production or prove to the markers, beyond any doubt, that they have a backup plan. Also, where is China going to get their oil this week, this month, this year, next year?


>According to Richard Mallinson, geopolitical analyst at Energy Aspects, any reaction on Monday morning is likely to be muted, as markets are less worried about supply than demand at the moment, due to slower global economic growth and the ongoing trade war between the US and China.


Interesting. Two days after Bolton steps down, drastically reducing the probability of war with Iran, and oil prices dropping as a result.


Wow... Had just dumped some money into XOM and RDS/b the other day.


Yes, Priests Air-Bombed a Russian City With Holy Water to Stop All the “Drinking” and “Fornication” (It did not work.) ~ Atheism

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Extreme religion continues to seem like mental illness to me.


Of course not. Your “magic water” has no special attributes.


These guys have been doing it wrong. All they had to do was ask god for the drinking and fornication to stop... in secret. Instead they are out there praying in public and air-bombing Russian cities. Simples. > Matthew 6:6 6 But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.


That was just the cover story. He is actually a high ranking solder in the Vaticans secret war against vampires. He basically firebombed a city that had a massive infestation.


They should have tried that over Notre Dame.


Why do I get exhausted faster while doing deadlift? ~ Fitness

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it’s a taxing move with a lot more muscles involved it’s odd that you can bench the same weight you deadlift


Squats and deadlifts should feel more tiring than bench, more muscles recruited etc. Deadlift should only be mildly more exhausting than squat, and I would guess an element of that is how much stress on your CNS a deadlift inflicts.


Most people do. Deadlifts are very demanding of the body. So are squats, but typically people squat lesser than what they can deadlift. Bench press works a lot fewer muscles. It is really odd that you can bench more than DL though. Watch YouTube videos from Mark Rippetoe (author of Starting Strength) on doing it properly just to make sure you're using the right muscles. If you round your back or involve biceps, you'll lift way less and injure yourself and that might be contributing to tiring. Most of the power comes from the hams.


You just started deadlifting, so that's going to happen no matter what. If I haven't deadlifted in a while and I do it again, it basically kills the rest of the workout because it's so draining. It'll take you a few weeks before you're conditioned enough to do other workouts after the deadlift with conviction. I would also recommend making sure you're breathing deeply between each pull. Holding your breath for the duration can cause light headedness, which might be some of the fatigue you're feeling. Also, make sure you've got some carbs in you before going to the gym, make sure you're hydrated, and a little preworkout never hurt. On deadlift days, I make sure to eat a really thick peanutbutter sandwich a half hour before going to the gym to get some bread and fat into me for energy, then I do some preworkout or drink coffee. I usually avoid sugary drinks before workouts. Hope that helps.


Some great powerlifters and some coaches say it's rare for someone to be great at all 3. The common situtation tends to be if you're great at bench, you're shit at the other 2, if you're great with squat and deadlift, you're probably shit at bench lol


Report: Every Potential 2040 President Already Unelectable Due To Facebook ~ The Onion

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I know that satire but well you know that’s not far from the truth.


Yep. This will literally become a thing in the future.


Not if Trump's any indication


Most of the Ivey league crowd isn’t on social media for this reason. My step sister that went to Yale had a kid and I had no idea.


Motherfucker, we elected Mr. Grab her by the pussy. All bets are off. My money is we have a registered sex offender president before 2040.


The curve on TVs got reversed since they were first invented. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I'm waiting to see an ad saying how great a convex screen is.


Happy cake day.


My father once said that.


Happy Cake Day!!!


i was the one thousandth upvote, you're welcome


A dad is lost in the Dad Joke Hall of Fame… ~ Jokes He's looking around when he comes upon a hallway full of people. At the other end of the hallway he sees a boxer just knocking people out one at a time. So, he quickly pushes past all of the people and asks the boxer, "Excuse me sir, is this the punchline?"

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Good dad.


***this is REALLY good***


"No, sir -- the punch line is in there. (*points to door labeled "JONESTOWN"*)"


Tfw I was imagining a giant pair of underpants and it took me a minute to realize you meant boxer as in a person who boxes


I was at the beach on the weekend when I saw a queue for a puppet show. I asked a lady at the back of the queue; 'excuse me, is this the line for Punch and Judy?' She replied, 'no sorry, this is just the line for Judy.' ... ... Oh, there's no punchline.


FBI investigates payroll company accused of stiffing $35M from small businesses ~ News

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Wage theft in the US outnumbers all other forms of larceny combined by a huge margin


Someone should absolutely go to prison for this


THIS is why a small business should never rely on someone else to make their payroll payments. Get someone to calculate and generate forms? Sure. Actually pay your employees? No way. Many of these small businesses will suffer long term damage from this.


Small payroll company fucked my boss out of 300,000. He relied on them to make his payroll tax payments, never followed up to make sure they were(they weren’t). He got notice saying he owed $100,000 in payroll tax from the IRS. He said huh that’s odd I paid 100,000 to company x to take care of that. Now he’s out the 100,000 he paid to company x, 100,000 HE STILL NEEDED TO PAY THE IRS, and another 100,000 in penalties and fees to the IRS. He still owes 90,000. It’s been HELL. Company x also gave incorrect information on payment policies to another company like ours and cost that business owner 320,000.


I think one of the people affected by this had a post in /r/legaladvice


We get angry when the person we’re talking to doesn’t follow the script we gave them in our head. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I don’t relate.


Fuck you how didn’t you know I had no milk. Also happy cake day


You need to manage your expectations. I talk to people and genuinely want to hear what they have to say.


No, we really don't. You might.


An old 12 stepper once told me, that expectations are just preconceived resentments, generally anytime you expect something of another person, you will be let down.


Bonobos – the ‘it ain’t natural’ homophobes worst nightmare ~ Atheism

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And yet, as far as we know, there are no Bonobo homophobes.


That will not work with many. Now that it has been demonstrated that it is entirely natural, they have moved the goalposts to them being lesser animals than us and therfore do not know any better. No matter what we do they will keep moving those goalposts.


if we come from gay apes, why are there still gay apes?!!?!? checkmate atheists!!


> Obviously, these monkeys are obsessed with Satan.




How were the front-men chosen for the Boar Snout formation during Anglo-Saxon/Viking warfare shieldwalls? ~ History

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One thing people rarely consider is how short the fighting actually lasted in these clashes. The idea being the shock of having the most dangerous warriors pointed directly at you caused a fairly quick retreat which broke the integrity of the line and would lead to flanking/envelopment. If this didn't happen and the line held then you'd either end up with a typical line fight as the warriors behind the tip of the snout spread out to find space to fight, or the attack would be repulsed. It's a similar idea with cavalry charges. A shock tactic designed to overwhelm another force quickly rather than to get stuck in.


People who are generally very experienced + willing + heavily equipped = less likely to die.


If you put reluctant or poorly equipped men at the tip it would never work. Combine this with the fact that leading from the front was very much a thing, it would have been the job of experienced men.


In laymen's terms: absolute units. And interestingly the hyper aggressive nature of this tactic likely lent to the warrior's survival. We tend to think of medieval battles in Hollywood terms but the casualties rarely went above 15 percent. Check out On Killing by Grossman for the psychology of warfare.


There is no evidence that such a formation was ever use by Saxons or Vikings ... it’s just a dramatic addition in stories written long afterward. The Romans used a wedge shape but only after a targeted bombardment in the area they were attacking. But to answer the essence of the question, the leader and best troops would be in the center of a shield wall; it’s quite possible that the weaker troops on the outside would begin to lag behind.


“Son, you’re just not cut out to be a mime” ~ Jokes "Was it something I said?" "Yes"

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That's what happens when you think outside the box


But son, I feel you have the potential to be a Living Statue. Dad, your support has moved me.


😢 My dad said the same to me. It left me speechless.




Upvotes @ 420 and holding...


Climate change: Electrical industry’s ‘dirty secret’ boosts warming – It’s the most powerful greenhouse gas known to humanity, and emissions have risen rapidly in recent years, the BBC has learned. ~ Technology

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From the article: • Across the entire UK network of power lines and substations, there are around one million kilograms of SF6 installed. • A study from the University of Cardiff found that across all transmission and distribution networks, the amount used was increasing by 30-40 tonnes per year. • This rise was also reflected across Europe with total emissions from the 28 member states in 2017 equivalent to 6.73 million tonnes of CO2. That's the same as the emissions from 1.3 million extra cars on the road for a year. • Researchers at the University of Bristol who monitor concentrations of warming gases in the atmosphere say they have seen significant rises in the last 20 years. • "We make measurements of SF6 in the background atmosphere," said Dr Matt Rigby, reader in atmospheric chemistry at Bristol. • "What we've seen is that the levels have increased substantially, and we've seen almost a doubling of the atmospheric concentration in the last two decades."


Get outta here with that click bait title.


> Just one kilogram of SF6 warms the Earth to the same extent as 24 people flying London to New York return. Do they mean 24 planes? Because way more than 24 people can fit into a standard commercial airliner that will obviously produce the same amount of emissions whether 1 person is on board or 331 people are...


SF6 is heavier than air. How is it contributing to the greenhouse effect when that occurs in the upper atmosphere?


Can't we use another gas?


God enters the real estate game, tells pastors to buy a $1-m mansion ~ Atheism

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Wow, how lucky for them that god told them to do this, and not to sell their possessions and go to Africa to help ebola victims, which they would have definitely done, of course. God’s will and all. Lucky, lucky, lucky luck luck.


> I distrust those people who know so well what God wants them to do, because I notice it always coincides with their own desires. Susan B Anthony


Reminds me of the fuckstick pastor that was saying god wanted him to get a new 2nd private jet. In all honesty, the people stupid enough to believe them and give money, are beyond any reasonable discussion about why they shouldn’t.


God always seems to order people to do what they wanted to do in the first place.


Remember that these con-men priests are taking money from elderly and disabled people and on Social Security, probably making about $800/mo. They go without so that they can get into heaven. That's the real tragedy here. If these con-men priests wanted to scam rich people, I wouldn't give a shit. But no, grandma sweats it out in 90+ degree weather because she can either afford A/C or heaven.


The most unrealistic part of high school in TV shows/movies is the fact that all the major friend groups are in the same class and not one of them is missing. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Especially when the class has the really smart kids and the dumb kids


And classes last maybe four minutes.


Yeah in my 4 years I only had 2 classes with both of my best friends in it


That is true


Don't forget that the high school kid is probably being played by someone who is 25


Kenya becomes third African nation to introduce malaria vaccine ~ Uplifting News

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America will probably overtake Africa in malaria deaths pretty soon


wow even the usa is not that capable.


yay... wait.... just now ​ well time for a population explosion, gotta fight chinese somehow


African rates of Autism will skyrocket....And thus they will build the first space elevator and take advantage of the full resources of space.


I'm glad to see Kanye in the news again out West!


Math can be low key fun if you know what the fuck you doing. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Yeah it can, but at the same rate it can be frustrating as fuck if you don't


I think most people who hate maths, hate it because it's taught horribly in schools. It's presented as a bunch of disjointed problem-solving activities that require you to memorise and apply a set of instructions. "I have an angle and two lengths, therefore use cos. Why cos? Because sohcahtoa, that's why." Or "This is a quadratic equation, guess it's time to regurgitate the quadratic formula and plug some numbers in". There's no sense of a cohesive whole, how it all fits together, or why it works the way it does.


Please define key, low.


We put the fun in fun-ctions


agreed m8. its like a puzzle game, except i rage quit when the puzzle is too hard


In First, California Would Require Public Universities to Provide Abortion Pills: The bill, if signed by the governor, would mark a new way of giving women access to abortion as conservative states tighten restrictions ~ Atheism

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Crap journalism. they aren't abortion pills. They're morning after pills.


Not sure what this has to do with atheism.


We need this in WA


Thank goodness for California.


Theists ignore the reality of over-population and actively promote policies to make the situation worse. They also promote the subjugation of women. The morning after pill should be immediately available to any woman who needs it, free and no questions asked. This is not abortion. There is no fetus. Great harm to all of society comes from forcing women to have children. Wrong-headed theists with an apocalyptic end times fantasy should not be allowed to make rules for everyone. It's like handing over the car keys to an impulsive toddler. We're all going to die in the crash that inevitably results.


“Up” and “down” are opposites, but being up for something and down for something are the exact same thing. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Yes but being tied up and tied down are two completely different things


Same with 'the alarm went off, so we had to turn it off'. Vsauce did a video on it when he still did videos


And yet being up ON something is different than being down on something. Land of contrasts.


Being up for something usually means that its high effort while being down for something means that it's low effort?


I disagree with this. Maybe it's just how I use it. If I say I'm up for something, there's usually more effort involved to actually do it, so I'm not really up for it, but I'll do it anyways. When I'm down to do something, it isn't an effort to do it.


Australian School forces a teacher to say marriage can only be between a man and a woman. Same sex marriage is legal in Australia. ~ Atheism

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Religious schools are bad folks.


I wish her luck with the law suit. Seems to me that civil law should take precedence over school policy. Also, I can almost hear the sound of Christian heads exploding if a court rules they have to hire gay atheists that teach real world science and ethics and law.


Didn’t multiple Kings in the Bible that were blessed by god have multiple wives and concubines?


It's a christian school. Christian schools thrive on indoctrination- that's their purpose and the main problem with them. You can't expect them to give the teachers freedom to dissent.


If you sup with the 'devil' don't be surprised if you get burnt.


Aldi has 10lbs of chicken leg quarters on sale this week for $5.49. Stock up! ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Honest question.......... I don't get how meat is so cheap. I know this is a special case, but how in the heck is it economically possible to sell meat for $3/lb (let alone 50¢) when a pound of spinach costs $4??


Saw Aldi, thought Europe, but I don't have a large freezer. Oh, Europe.


None here in the west coast. Oregon at least


whaats the easy lazy way to make these? i usually just get chicken breasts only since theres no bone and skin to deal with


Where does this chicken come from that it's so cheap? The cheapest I can get chicken here (in Japan) is probably 1lb for about $5.


My girlfriend told me to go out and get something to make her look sexy… ~ Jokes So I got drunk.

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But now see her twice as bad


Beauty is in the eye of the BEERholder


"trust me, you also look better when I don't have my glasses on"


You posted this while drunk too I'll bet


She told me I had to quit drinking beer so we could save money. Then I caught her spending half a paycheck on makeup. I confronted her and she said the makeup was so she’d look good for me. I said that’s what the beer was for.


A guy walks into the bar of a restaurant and goes to the bartender and asks “how much for a beer?” The bartender replies “$1”. ~ Jokes The customer completely amazed, orders a beer then asks the bartender "Well then how much for a NY sirloin, with side of mashed potatoes and salad, and an entire cheesecake for desert?" The Bartender reply's "$5". The guy still amazed then orders everything and after he is done eating his meal then says "Wow, this place is amazing, I really wish I could meet the owner of this place". The bartender then says "Oh well, he's upstairs in his office with my wife". The guy looks all confused then asks "What is he doing upstairs in his office with your wife?" The bartender then says "The same thing I'm doing to his business".

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Building a loyal customer base?


Lowering profitability?


Working for no pay?




good name


A brain-machine interface may improve life for amputees. Existing prosthetics approximate “natural” leg movement but don’t convey complex information about pressure, angle and position. A small trial gets around this problem by linking the prostheses to the tibial nerve via multichannel electrodes. ~ Futurology

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This whole area is still in its infancy. We will need AI design and manufacture prosthetics individually. Then things will start picking up. One needs about 100,000 sensors per limb to make it feel 100% real, not some single sensors somewhere. Some 20 years from now people will be laughing at what we are having today.


Just one step closer to having the matrix, I cant wait. No sarcasm


are they able to feel pain the prosthetic limb since it connected to nerve?


The annoying part is when your prosthetic leg falls asleep


ok mr house (I'm sorry this is actually epic but the moment I read brain interface...)


You can tell how dehydrated you are by how nice tap water tastes. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Does tap water near you taste bad?


What? Tap water tastes awesome no matter how hydrated I am


In Western Europe, tap water always tastes nice 🙂


The tap water at my house is possibly the best tasting water on the planet


Definitely isn’t the case everywhere but most people I know prefer tap water. Especially with most bottled water coming from municipal supplies anyway (at least in my area)


Salad with boiled egg, cherry tomatoes and croutons is really good ~ Eat Cheap and Healthy

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Replace the cheese with fresh mozzarella, add some olives and bum, you are in heaven. 😀


Last night I had a salad with avocado, corn, and seasoned tofu for dinner. With some protein and carbs, salad can be quite filling.


I’m really into a chicken, strawberry, lettuce mix, Caesar-seasoned croutons, cucumber, shredded cheese and homemade-ranch salad. All of these ingredients can be left overs, especially the chicken!! Chicken nuggets are also great in this when cut up.


I toss all that and some cut up bacon and goat cheese crumbles... mmm. If you want to experiment, try blistering your cherry tomatoes. Makes them caramelize and toast up for a more dynamic flavor *chefs kiss*


Pre cut and sliced nuts can be found in the baking isle cheaper than whole and make awesome additions to simple salads. Sliced almonds, sunflower seeds, or walnuts are some of my favorites with ranch or poppy dressing.


What do an alcoholic and a necrophiliac have in common? ~ Jokes They both like to crack open a cold one

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Not necessarily. It's quite common to place the body in a nice warm bath first.


Well done!


They both wake up and feel like fucking death


Not just one.


Not just one.


When you’re raising a son you only have to worry about one penis, with a daughter you have to worry about all of them. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Maybe just don't think about childrens genitals so much.


But your daughter can get pregnate once in 9 months. How many women can I penis impregnate in the same amount of time?


*homosexuals have entered the game*


“When you’re raising a daughter, you only have to worry about one vagina. With a son, you have to worry about all of them.” See how sexist and stupid that sounds? Glad we had this chat


What if your son likes penis?


Humanity will never even explore 0.000000000000000000000000000001% of space. ~ Shower Thoughts

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Not with that attitude.


Just as well, it's 99.9999999 percent empty


Never is a very long time


Can you even give it a percentage if it’s infinite


Not even half of that!


A Hippie sits next to a young Nun on the bus and asks her if he could have sex with her? ~ Jokes The Nun, very upset, says “NO! I am married to God!!" and gets off the bus disgusted. The bus driver sees all this. He tells the hippie “She prays every Tuesday night at midnight in the graveyard... why don't you dress up in a hooded robe; go to the graveyard and tell her you are God and demand sex?" The Hippie tries this and to his surprise, the nun says “Yes but only if we have anal sex as I want to keep my virginity" They have passionate anal sex and when they are done the hippie throws off his robe and cries “ha ha, I'm the Hippie”. The nun throws off her robe and cries out “ha ha, I'm the Bus Driver!!!"

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This joke is posted more than the hippie's ass


Is it weird that my friend told me this joke before


Why is it a hippie and not just some regular guy?


Good old #2


And the bus driver's name? Albert Einstein.


Southern Baptists are a cult ~ Atheism

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How are all religions not cults?


Living in the bible belt as an athiest is painful.


Due to their decentralized nature one might even say they are a confederation of cults. This distinction on their structure is quite important. For the Catholics and JWs, it turns out the centralized hierarchy with attendant bureaucracy provides an interesting target for evidence of sexual and other child abuse. It is my understanding that the Southern Baptists experience some reasonably high rates of abuse, but that it is hard to come across tranches of documentation because it is all localized within the local orgs. That is going to a really heavy lift in terms of legal process, generating all those subpoenas, and as soon as you hit one the others will start destroying any records they have (also a crime).


They're a cult that conveniently forget that they formed in support of slavery, no less.


Southern Baptists exist only as a religion to justify slavery.


In 50 years, the grandpa/grandma gaming streaming market will be quite competitive ~ Shower Thoughts

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I can’t wait to see 50 year old grammas and grandpas playing competitively


15 years, more like....


That's going to be me with any luck.


I can play Skyrim on my Pacemaker!


Competitively trying not to have a heart attack! I feel like I might while playing sometimes...I’m 28.


My mother gave out my Social Securty number, along with my name, address, phone number and email ~ Personal Finance

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Immediately notify all credit card companies and banks that you have and account with and tell them what happened. They should be able to take precautions to stop anything out of the norm to go through and stop new accounts being opened up. You should also be able to contact the three credit bureaus and tell them about the incident. That should also help make sure no new accounts can be opened in your name. Other than that, your info could already be on the dark web. I'm so sorry dude.


The site most likely just exists to rip people off for $50 for something they can do themselves for free. They *probably* aren't trying to commit identity theft, but maybe they are and even if they're not they probably have really shitty security (as does the unencrypted email your mom sent with your PII in it). Assume that someone who wants to commit identity theft has your information and act accordingly. Check your credit reports with all three bureaus to be sure nothing has already been opened in your name. If it has, dispute it. Then freeze your credit with all three bureaus so that no new accounts can be opened in your name. There's also an identity theft guide in this subreddit's wiki; you should read that and follow it.


Going forward, keep your own documents. Nothing about this sounds safer or easier.


> Is there any chance that this would be legit and they won't be stealing my, my mom's and my dad's identity for the rest of our lives? Maybe they're just scamming people out of $47 to do something they could do for free? It's possible, but I wouldn't count on it. Unfortunately you're not going to be able to find out much about this website, because it was just created about a month ago, and was registered through a proxy.


Small fireproof safes are not terribly costly. I got one for each of my kids when they moved out. That or get a safe deposit box. There's no reason why your mom should have ANY of your info, imo. Hope it's as others have said and just interested in ripping you off for the 50 bucks.


Sulphur hexafluoride, or SF6, is widely used in the electrical industry to prevent short circuits. Levels are rising as an unintended consequence of the green energy boom. It has the highest global warming potential of any known substance. It is 23,500 times more warming than carbon dioxide (CO2). ~ Futurology

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I’m going to have to look at some of my one lines when I get back to my office, but I’m pretty sure they use either air or vacuum bottles in their LV and MV distribution systems. That has been pretty consistent for US land based wind farm installations. The only time I see sf6 breakers is in the substation where they step it up to high voltage. Which would be the same amount for a fossil fuel installation. If you are going to blame an increased sf6 gas I would be looking at big data. In eastern Oregon there are substations popping up like daisies for data centers and they are all redundant. edit: I have other issues with the article as well... >Electrical company Eaton, which manufactures switchgear without SF6 Eaton also doesn't make a High Voltage circuit breakers at all. It doesn't have a product that could replace the HV sf6 breakers in use. I don't think they are the best people to be talking to about this problem. >Louis Shaffer, electrical business manager at Eaton, said: "The newer gear has very low leak rates but the key question is do you have newer gear?" If it is a renewable installation you have newer gear. They didn't go into the used market and buy up used gear for a brand new wind installation. You know what doesn't have new switchgear? fossil fuel plants that are decades old. They also don't do an apples to apples comparison. The 1.3m cars a year sounds scary but I want to know the co2 equivalent of extra sf6 breakers from renewables vs the co2 if we used fossil fuels to generate that same electricity.


The title is very disingenuous. They say that new Wind installations do not use the gas, but rather that old installations don't want to switch to the alternative. So it's the established grid of current fossil fuels and coal that is standing in the way of a transformation of the grid, to phase out this gas. Wherever lay the fault, it seem that a legislation forcing the use of alternatives on new installations seems to be the solution.


Isn't that the gass that makes your voice sound deeper when breathed in?


Isn't sulfur hexaflouride heavier than air? How does its distribution affect earth's infrared albedo?


Carbon pricing fixes this. A well designed carbon pricing bill (like H.R. 763 in the US Congress) will put a fee on greenhouse gas pollution in proportion to each gas' greenhouse effect. That includes SF6 and others. Companies will then be financially incentivized to use methods of production with the lowest global warming potential.


Painless, safer mammography tests developed by team in Japan. ~ Uplifting News

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"One drawback of the microwave technology is that it can only be used to detect breast cancer." What? Were they hoping it could heat up a cup of coffee too?


It’s about time, if true.


Please let this be common all over the world by the time I am old enough. PLEASE!


Bring it Denver forthwith


The ones now seem like a tourture device, I hope this is mainstream by the time I have to get one.