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TIL A statistician spent years writing a science fiction novel to teach university statistics. Even though he didn’t know anything about writing fiction, he got an illustrator to create graphic novel strips for his story which contained the equivalent of 60 research papers ~ Today I Learned

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> *A statistician ... didn’t know anything about writing fiction* I’m going to have to call BS on that one.


I reviewed this textbook. I think it’s a subpar story, but a fantastic stats textbook


Is it any good?


"Contained the equivalent of 60 research papers..." No... it had the same word count as 60 research papers.


Who came up with the equivalency?


[SERIOUS] Historians, marine biologists, biologists and cryptozoologists of Reddit: As far as legends in history go, what legendary creature do you believe may have been real and probably existed in some way, or what supposedly legendary person in history was more than likely real? ~ AskReddit

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There are many diseases that the origin of the ‘Vampire/Vampyr’ myth can be traced back to however I think rabies fits it the most. In the olden days, people would tie those suspected of it to trees, in about three days time the disease would drastically change them. Extreme light sensitivity, paleness, aggression, excessive drooling. They could/would try to attack you and have bouts of either extreme slow fatigue or even adrenaline. Also, Rabies can be passed form person to person through a bite, not just an infected animal.


The Wendigo probably existed, just not as a creature. People in the far north who survived a brutal winter by eating a family member had a psychological escape hatch for the guilt and horror by convincing themselves they were transforming into a ravenous, murderous beast. Theyd continue killing and eating in a hysteric delusion that they had no control over it. Wendigo hunters would then have to come and kill them and perform a shamanic ritual to assure the rest of the tribe that the taint wouldn't spread. Its actually an incredibly fascinating study into culturally specific mental illness. The lengths the mind will go to in order to avoid dealing with a traumatic event are so extraordinary that in that culture they would actually continue to murder and cannibalize fellow tribe members under the delusion they had transformed into a monster.


The Māori people of New Zealand have long told stories of the Pouakai, a monstrous bird that was big enough to hunt and eat humans. Many believe that these stories are referring to the Haast's Eagle. It was the largest species of eagle ever to have lived on Earth, with weights of around 30 lbs and wingspans almost reaching 10 feet. It lived on New Zealand's South Island and primarily hunted the flightless moa bird, which weighed around 500 lbs. Given the large size of its main prey, it's likely that the eagle may have also targeted lone humans as well. Interestingly enough, the Haast's eagle went extinct around the year 1400, not long after the Māori arrived in New Zealand. It's thought that its extinction can be attributed to habitat destruction combined with the extinction of the moa due to hunting by the Māori.


The cyclopes of Greek mythology. Go Google up an elephant skull. There's this huge hole right in the middle of it looking to all the world like a single eye. Now add this to the knowledge that the Cretan dwarf mammoth left subfossil bones on Crete easily discoverable, was one metre at the shoulder, and could be more or less assembled into a giant humanoid.


The Luska, giant octopus. It supposedly lives in the blue holes of the coast of Florida and the amount of food and temperature of water both support the theory of an octopus living long enough to grow way larger than we expect based on our current records


It Looks Like We’re Heading For a Recession: Which Would Make Republicans’ Favorite Economic Policies 0 For 4 ~ Politics

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Every Republican administration ends in recession. This one is doing us the favor of getting it done early. Also: this is going to make impeachment sting so much more. Thank god Nadler acknowledged we’re going ahead before the crash.


Or 4/4 doing what they intended . it's a feature, not a bug


So the rich pricks can buy up their shit cheap and ride it out in style again. God I am so fucking sick of Republicans ruining everything for the vast majority of the country.


Seriously, how have those "fiscally responsible" voters not figured this out yet. Want better ROI? Pump money into the middle class. They're the consumer. Give money to the rich and they'll just squirrel it away. No sense investing in an economy you know is doomed (except to try n short it). Sure, they got some hefty index funds and 401Ks, but they also sequester money outside of our economy in off-shore tax havens. Good on them for being cagey with their money, but giving them more through tax cuts obviously isn't going to help the other 99% of people.


Can this be the time we finally agree that trickle down doesn’t work (as politically advertised, anyway) and stop trying to pretend it does?


If we put solar panels above parking lots, then our cars wouldn’t get hot and we would have a lot of clean energy. ~ Shower Thoughts

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I've seen plenty of parking lots like this in California.


They did this where I was stationed for boot camp, of all places.


It's better than trying to make roads paved with solar panels. We can barely maintain our roads as it is, even if you could boost the toughness of a solar panel by a hundred it still wouldn't last under the constant weight and flexing of road traffic


The problem with solar energy isn't the lack of space to put them, it is that they cost too much and we can't store the energy cheaply. The first problem is almost gone. Solar power is already cheaper than retail energy and getting cheaper. And we only need batteries to be about 10-20x cheaper for the second problem to be solved.


And charge our EVs with that energy


EVANGELICAL ‘CHRISTIANS’ WORST NIGHTMARE: Judges Rule Trump Has To Give Caged Kids Soap, Sleep, and Toothpaste ~ Atheism

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Toothpaste? Next they'll want food...


It's amazing how the supreme court even had to make the decision that you have to give children basic amenities.


We f$@#ing needed a legal opinion?


Humph... what’s next? Human rights too?


This means that Trumps administration was arguing against providing basic hygiene to children and adults in detention centers. Let that sink in.


VA wrongfully denied $53 million in veterans’ medical claims in one 6-month period, says report ~ News

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Had a pretty serious accident a few years back and racked up about 80k worth of medical bills in 4 days which I was liable for. VA denied my claim, after about a year my lawyer (for the first time ever) recommended that I call my congresswoman. Three days later my claim was miraculously approved. Fucking rediculous


The service you get from the VA depends on where you live I guess. I've never had issues with my VA.


VA sucks. Fold the medical care portion of VA benefits into Universal healthcare. I have service connected disability and get free care from VA... I pay for insurance out of my pocket for the times when the VA just is not getting the job done, which is often.


Screwing over soldiers never has consequences, just ask the Emperor of Rome.


But we love our veterans right?! Endless eyerolls


BBC is increasing its shortwave radio shows to get past the news lockdown in Indian-controlled Kashmir ~ World News

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I remember playing around with Short and Long Wave frequency radio back in the mid 90's. It is astounding just how far you can get a signal via this method. It the conditions were just right I could get the radio from Papua Nuigini in Victoria, Australia. That is a good 3800km on a single signal. For all the modern digital technology we have it is good to see that some of the older technology can still fill gaps when the new stuff fails/gets shutoff. In this case, just to keep people informed!


India is looking really dictatorish right now.


Makes me wonder how many people in China, NK, etc. listen to short-wave to try and get news outside internet restrictions.


This crazy executive zeitgeist is getting depressing.


I love the BBC! It's amazing what a simple tax can do for the public good.


I just read this quote of Marcus Aurelius… ~ Atheism

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But the biblical God has named himself a jealous God, and seeks retribution against the unbelieving. Which makes him unjust, and not worthy.


It's actually apocryphal. It's commonly attributed to Marcus Aurelius but it's not found anywhere in his writings. It is, nevertheless, a marvelous quote.


this is my all time fav quote. after i read it, it changed my life.


This is called apatheism. The argument from irrelevance. A just god will give you a just afterlife, and an unjust god will be unworthy of your praise, so whether god exists or not nothing about how you should live your life changes.


Religious Revenge from Reddit ~ Atheism

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And he said onto them, "if OP does blaspheem, cast down votes upon OP, and upon OP's wife and children, down vote his cattle and his ox" "Oh and cut off his foreskin too while you're at it! For I am Yahweh, the giver and taker of Karam!"


Ssshh they’re watching 👀


I've had that happen to me before too, although not quite to your extent! I often find that you can be having a nice discussion with a thiest, but as soon as you get to a question they can't answer, or point out a glaring logical flaw in their beliefs, it's not uncommon for them to suddenly get very angry, stubborn and surprisingly abusive! In my experience, theists sometimes seem very emotionally tied to needing to be right, and you can see a very ugly and aggressive side of them by just asking questions.


Have an upvote I guess.


Your discussions must have somehow either confirmed or upset their firmly held belief that atheists are morally degenerate menaces to society.