16 million Americans will vote on hackable paperless machines – Experts agree that paper ballots are needed, but eight American states will use completely paperless machines in the 2020 elections.

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The states are Texas, Louisiana, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kansas, Indiana, Kentucky, and New Jersey for those who are curious.


I know paperless machines can be hacked, but can’t ballot boxes be stuffed illegally if only paper ballots are used?


Come on guys, can we actually post stuff about the damn future here? This shit belongs in r/politics or something goddamn


From Mississippi here. In our recent local elections our identity was checked electronically, we used fill-in-the-box-style paper ballots, and our completed ballots were then scanned electronically, allowing for both electronic, and physical records of the votes to exist. While we did use electronic voting in the previous election, this new system seemed to work just fine. I would imagine that would be what would use moving forward. While Mississippi is backward on many issues, in my opinion, it isn’t a state consisting entirely of redneck idiots. So, comments like “Not surprised” may get you a few internet points, but it doesn’t reflect the reality on the ground.


The odds of Trump getting a higher vote total than the exit polls show – by MORE than the margin of error? 100% Just like last time. And his ENTIRE run through the primaries.