22 people have been hospitalized with vaping-linked breathing problems. Doctors don’t know why.

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Bootleg liquids are almost always shitty.


This thread has me feeling grateful that Washington has legal weed stores everywhere, with brand names and receipts and shit.


Worked at a vape shop and was a ten year smoker before I used vaping to quit and then quit vaping. Been going on five years clean and I can tell you: this wasn’t the fault of vaping, this – like everything else – is a user error. Never get knockoff tub-brewed juices made by flea market vendors, or buy cheaply made units. Blaming situations like this on vaping is like wondering why you’re fat from eating McDonald’s instead of cooking at home. If you’re stupid enough to buy it, you get what you paid for.


Jeez maybe just MAYBE it could be some undisclosed chemicals in the vape juice? Not subject to regulation because reasons?


Possibly a bad batch of liquid, it happens. Like food poisoning or product recalls, theres probably a common denominator here. Yeah , they were all vaping but it doesn’t give particulars – same liquid? Same shop bought from? Does the ingredients list match the contents etc etc….. The same with any other tainted product, it can and does happen. No need for scaremongering