A major impeachment development: Court may order McGahn’s testimony

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I should hope that the judiciary branch confirms the oversight powers of the legislative branch


From the article: >The complaint also makes clear why the committee has engaged, since it served its original subpoena in late April, in extensive, laborious attempts to accommodate the White House’s concerns and to obtain the information by other means (e.g. trying to compel other witnesses’ testimony). This is critical because without this negotiation — about which many Democrats and pundits complained — the court constitutionally could and would not consider the case. (Courts don’t like to referee fights between the two other branches when they might resolve matters themselves.) Not that that will stop the *endless fucking bitching* and wild fantasies about the Sergeant at Arms mounting up Capitol Police and storming the beaches of the White House. This is fucking *legal shit* and legal shit is *slow*. Fast legal shit is legal shit someone almost certainly fucked up, which means it’ll have to be redone and *take goddamn longer*.


Good, lets have it on national television as soon as possable. Also, lets have hearings on national television about those Deutche Bank documents that the House now has!


The court may uphold the law against a Republican. Let that sink in. Its a fucking “maybe” that republicans are accountable to the legal system. ​ All conservatives off all courts. There isn’t a single fucking one that isn’t a partisan ideologue. It is the only defining feature of American conservatives.


The only saving grace for me is that trump probably couldn’t remember the codes needed to launch an attack. Impeachment and removal and prosecution is coming.