Air Pollution May Be As Harmful To Your Lungs As Smoking Cigarettes, Study Finds

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Is this like all those other similar studies that have been coming out every few months for, like, decades?


China is in for a harsh surprise cause they do both in excess.


“3 PPB increase in ground level ozone is equivalent to smoking a pack a day for 29 years.” How can this be true? Wouldn’t everyone in LA have emphysema?


I’m a passive factory worker


makes sense, smoking is concentrated but a small percentage of all breaths taken in a day. Air pollution is literally every breath. About 10 puffs per cigarette, would be 200 breaths smoking a pack of 20 a day. Say about 20,000 breaths per day lands you at about a 100:1 ratio of pollution to equal smoking. So pollution worse than 1% of smoking a cigarette would be worse for you.