Apple’s Favorite Anti-Right-to-Repair Argument Is Bullshit

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It’s so trashy that some of the most lauded “innovations” Apple brought to the tech market are actually renditions of the most despicable and destructive industrial practices. Brutal outsourcing, blatant and scorching programmed obsolescence, crunching and abusing employees… And people fall for this shit. Edit: As the article points out, one can add “cooky and abusive customer service” to that list


Let’s make a differentiation here though: intentional hardware design choices that make it hard (or impossible) to fix aren’t predatory. IE: LCD components glued to the back of the screen instead of held in place with screws (which may not be possible due to space concerns, etc). What IS predatory is making it so that the software doesn’t work if it detects a non-factory original battery/replacement screen/etc even though the hardware is good. Same with requiring a software key to open/replace hardware components. Right to repair might not mean you can replace JUST the LCD when your phone’s screen breaks. You may need a whole new display module that’s way more expensive than the individual component—simply because those can’t be physically separated after assembly. It WILL mean that if you buy a replacement battery your phone doesn’t initiate an auto-destruct because the new battery didn’t have the right IMEI-specific encoded software that the one from the factory did.




Know what’s fun? I still hold onto an 4s purely for my podcasts and MP3’s as the 4s is still relatively repairable compared to modern iphones and that way I don’t have to waste space on my work phone. After the updates were [supposed] to end, I upgraded my battery to a third party one once the official battery started to fail. After a year and a half, suddenly it’s getting prompts to update. If I update, it bricks unless I find the battery I swapped out and put it back in. No way to permanently disable the updates. It will prompt for this update that I have verified WILL BRICK MY PHONE for the rest of the time I own it. Unless I find an official iphone battery to jam into it while it updates. Fuck apple.


I’m really just in this thread to count the uses of the word “spudger.”