Bernie Sanders can beat Trump

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**Bernie has my vote.** So does Warren. In fact, anyone has my vote besides Trump. But Bernie and Liz are the best.


Trump is a bully. His supporters are bullies. They are cowards who respect only strength and looking like you’re winning the argument. The democratic candidate needs to be someone who instead of getting flustered when Trump breaks the rules and bullies them is able to double down and really push him into a corner. The only Dem who I can honestly believe capable of that is Bernie.


Why is it that progessive dems are always expected to “get on board” and “temper expectations” when talking about a moderate candidate but when the shoe is on the other foot moderates wont budge an inch? How about all the moderates give bernie a chance this time? We went with their choice last time, look how that worked out?


If we had competent election security.


A lot of people who voted for Trump were considering Bernie because they wanted a change. Now they’ve seen with Trump it’s pick up the soap time for average folks.