Brownian Motion in Financial Markets

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I don’t believe in Efficient Markets because knowledge is always asymmetrical. There’s always someone you can pass the buck to, or someone with an authority who can abuse it. What are the implications of banks ‘rating’ certain stocks as buys or sells? This does nothing to the intrinsic value yet adds juice to the stock.


Asset prices switches between brownian motion and levy flight. The market is a discovery system, it moves the same way animals do when searching for food.


Informative, thanks šŸ‘


I am 19 and trying to get into the stock market, but I have no clue on what y’all are saying here. Wish me luck on reading up on stuff!


I found – in my MBA Master’s thesis – that the weak-form Efficient Markets Hypothesis applies to the Indian stock market, specifically the S&P CNX Nifty index. Also, I played a chaos game with the Index values & generated a Sierpinski Gasket!