China has reached a tipping point where home-generated solar is cheaper than electricity generated from the national grid. The research, conducted by researchers in both Sweden and China and published in the journal Nature Energy, mark an historic moment in the drive to ditch fossil fuels.

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“But something, something, nuclear is better… What? No, I don’t know what to do with the waste for the next million years.”


So is this what they call “grid parity”, or is this “god parity”? I forget.


What “drive to ditch fossil fuels”? How is this evidenced? However, reading this paper it is based on costs derived from semi-statals which grossly over invested in solar capacity and are now dumping their panels. China’s coal-based power stations were thrown up at the rate of three a week in the early 2000s, use grossly inefficient underboiled steam raising and are owned by people who do not want their statistics to be reported fully. So the researchers use grid prices, which are set by these same organisations rather than arrived at through market forces. In a world of distortions and false statistics, they may be right or they may be wrong.


And yet they are still trying to push for 200 new coal powered plants over the next few years. I believe anyways


Only when the sun is shining. The article in doesn’t even mention storage.