China’s solar power is now cheaper than grid electricity, scientists reveal

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In a sensible world, some basic decency and good manners like “keeping the planet habitable for the future generations” would be enough, but in our twisted reality, it’s profit and costs that drive all changes, and thus, “solar is cheaper” is as good as it gets for an argument to drop coal altogether. Great news.


Next Trump quote-“China is stealing our sunlight!’


Electricity in China is stupid cheap. My very spacious 2BR apt in Beijing ran me ¥100 per month or about $14. This was with 2 computers, 2 tablets, a phone, Nintendo switch, a TV, electric stove, a gigantic refrigerator, 2 electric motorbike batteries, etc. Even here in Thailand it’s nowhere as cheap.


You can always subsidize it till it is cheaper than grid, or even with negative costs.


Haven’t you got the memo? Reddit hates China