Christian mommy blogger The Activist Mommy crusades to shut down Drag Queen Story Hour. After her involvement, the event becomes way more popular than ever.

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The Streisand Effect is real.


These happen up here in Toronto and it’s been a big success. Nobody cares.


Really stupid. Exact same thing happened in my area. Christians made a big stink about the event and all it did was raise awareness about it. I personally wouldn’t take my kids to it, but I think it’s great for people who want to expose their kids to that kind of diversity. And honesty most kids aren’t even going to know what’s really going on unless you point it out.


People are drinking bleach in Africa, kids are being molested by priests and books that don’t specifically attack religion(I.e science and Harry Potter) are being used as kindle and Christians want to make a stank about a man who dresses up as a woman that teaches kids social acceptance, tolerance and the fun of reading.


Christian persecution. You can decide who is being persecuted depending on which side of the fence you are on.