Comcast Loses Two More Cable TV Customers Every Minute – AT&T? Every Ten Seconds

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Seems like this might be the reason companies like Comcast are are against NN… throttle streaming TV and start charging “data fees” like crazy. Round and round we go!


You can watch the internet turn into the new TV in real time. Every company has their own “service” you need to subscribe to in order to get shows. They all have ads on them. The bills are going to end up costing as much as TV did or more. You can see it on YouTube with companies that are mostly on cable now pushing all of their shows on YouTube. Also, good. Fuck Comcast. Garbage service for horrific prices and terrible quality. I can’t even get the speeds I pay for let alone a nice symmetric connection.


It’s ok. They’ll just charge more for internet connections.


I signed up for Comcast and the price was like $90/month. Then the promotional pricing ended and it just kept going up. $120, then $150, then eventually $205/ month. My plan was $150, but with all of their bullshit fees and taxes it added more than 33% to the bill. Broadcast TV fee? Isn’t that what I’m already paying for? Regional sports fee? Regulatory fees? All made up. I finally had enough and switched to YouTube TV. $50/month advertised, final price $53 including tax. I am stuck with Comcast for internet, but it’s only $40/month with zero fees, final price is $40 for 150mbps. After a year it’ll go up to $70. After my mom came to visit she had finally had enough too. I showed her a good router to buy, showed her the Roku she would need to watch YouTube TV, and as soon as she went home she also cancelled. Neither of us miss traditional cable at all and I won’t be going back. The thing that pisses me off the most are the fees. It’s a completely unethical way to advertise a lower price and then gauge your customers with a much higher final bill. It should be illegal.


Im 33 and never had cable or sat TV, anyone I know my age never has either. They never included that in statistics.