Dow plunges 600 points after bond market flashes a recession warning, Citigroup tanks 5%

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Rip mah gains again


Another Dec 2018 meltdown coming?


|Time to stock up on canned water and downloaded porn. I am investing in dehydrated water futures. Super compact storage, and extremely easy to rehydrate just by adding water. As far as the porn angle. That is easily covered with a 24pin Dot Matrix printer and a box of continuous-feed paper. When The Interwebs collapses shortly after the beginning of *The Recession*, only those smart people like me and others with their Hayes 9600b external modems will be doing any sort of ASCII Porn downloading and printing. Suckers.


> President just authorized a drone strike on … Fuck there’s going to be a war with… > the Fed. Oh.


Time to buy the dip