Dozens of child sex abuse victims sue Catholic Church in New York after change in law

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It’s not just in the Catholic Church, it’s nearly everywhere. When are we going to realize the pedophilia is a massive problem?


People are losing their shit over Epstein’s pedo island but the churches have been doing this for so long in our own cities that we’ve become desensitized to it.


There’s a great movie about the Catholic Church and their sex victims, called Spotlight


Just heard some talking head on the tube saying he was anxious to hear the presidential candidates weigh in on the sex abuse scandals within the Catholic Church and the BSA. That ought to be interesting. Everyone’s quick to condemn a creep like Jeffrey Epstein (after the checks have cleared and the guy’s dead, of course) but I wonder how many are going to speak out against institutions with deep cultural roots which will inevitably cost them votes. I predict some very fancy footwork ahead.


Why is pedophilia so common? Should we be investing resources into this and figure out if it’s a mental illness that can be treated or better yet prevented? It’s far too common to just keep letting these things happen.