Emergency Fund FTW

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I love the fact that you framed your post in a positive manner. This ordeal can easily become a very negative post. Glad your insurance is involved and covering a good portion of the repairs. I’d also suggest that you reach out to the inspector’s insurance to file a claim for the portion that your insurance doesn’t cover.


and nothing beats being safe in your own home. Glad everything worked out OP!


Hey good job. Great emphasis on the importance of an emergency fund especially with a house. Personally I find keeping the emergency fund in an online savings for 2%+ is the way to go. You have the safety net and the interest to at least keep with inflation that way.


Thanks for the story. I’m really glad you had an emergency fund!


We are currently dealing with the hardwood flooring(and who knows what else) in our brand new built in 2017 home rotting. Insurance says its an “act of god” because its from rain water pooling in the backyard. We say its the builders fault because ours was one of the last built in the neighborhood and they graded our yard so that all of the water from the houses surrounding us drains into our yard and pools there(neighbors yard behind us sits maybe 2ft higher than ours and there are drains in the retaining wall into our yard, but no drains from our yard to the street). Insurance says we have to get at least 2 experts to say this could have been prevented by the builders properly grading and installing drainage in the yard and not something that would have happened either way, before they will even touch the issue. And of course this wasn’t something we even knew was a risk, let alone knew it was a problem until we’d had a lot of rain over a period of time, and noticed that the floors looked a little strange.