Ethiopia launches national plan to end child marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) practices within the coming five years period

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Ethiopia doing a beautiful thing!


I feel a certain amount of skepticism is justified in respect to the announcements coming from Ethiopia. Actions speak louder than words, and Ethiopia has a lot that it would like to bury “after the fold”.


Btw in Ethiopia, Kenya, and other African countries countries boys are basically kidnapped and bussed to centers where they’re circumcised without their or their family’s consent, oftentimes without any proof of the medical qualifications of the one doing it. In some Muslim-dominated countries men who are found out to be uncut will sometimes be held down and have it done to them. But the majority don’t give a fuck. Wish we could end ALL circumcision when unnecessary.


Oh boy, every time FGM comes up the convo gets derailed. Bruh, I get it, no one likes non-consensual mutilation done to them, but for the love of god this isn’t about you, please start your own thread.


In before redditors turning this into a discussion about boy- oh too late.