Europe has space for enough wind turbines to power the entire world, study finds – Europe could create 100 times the energy it currently produces through onshore windfarms

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Well shit. That must mean so does asia, Africa and the rest of the world too


What kind of dense study is this.. Of course you could. Europe is huge. And if you filled Paris with nuclear power plants you could probably do the same thing. It is equally irrelevant.


“So if we planted windmills on 46% of an entire continent then we create a lot of green energy” – woah what a conclusion! Problem is that these things are creating a lot of noise. The good thing is that they’re often planted in the sea, and other remote areas which is really nice.


There is a huge problem that prevents the replacement of “traditional” energy sources with wind or solar energy. This lack of “storage” of energy with a capacity of hundreds of gigawatts / hour. Without this, you can guarantee a stable supply of energy for the whole time. But when these super accumulators are created (I hope I will see it in my life), humanity will begin to use 100% renewable energy.


Australia has 1.8 billion acres, if it was all good land the entire world could live on 1/4 acre plots per person.