Fracking: A new study suggests that shale gas is a major driver of recent increase in global atmospheric methane

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To be fair, fracking has also released an incredible amount of cheap, abundant, low-GHG energy to the world. Energy that provides reliable power to factories that produce things like solar panels, batteries, food and basically every website you ever visit. People forget that cheap, abundant energy is the driving force behind the vast majority of the improvements that humanity has enjoyed over the last, say, two centuries. Poverty reduction, life-span increases, peace, health improvement, numerous scientific advances are all fundamentally driven by cheap, abundant energy. Yeah, let’s move towards renewable energy and let’s look to capture more the of the vented methane, but let’s also acknowledge that humanity owes a great deal to the energy industry and that a heedless drive to demonize hydrocarbons will mean real negative impacts to those least able to avoid them.


No! Really? Who would have thought.


>“This recent increase in methane is massive,” >Then, atmospheric methane levels increased dramatically from 2008–14, from about 570 teragrams (570 billion tons) annually to about 595 teragrams, due to global human-caused methane emissions in the last 11 years. I’m all for phasing out fossil fuels, but describing an under %5 increase over 7 years and then saying that it’s 11 in the next sentence isn’t proving your point that it’s massive or even factual.


wait until you are married before you Frack.


who cares if it grows gdp and keeps solar and wind aside