Hong Kong police fire tear gas as anti-government protesters gather outside Sham Shui Po station, pointing laser beams and chanting ‘black cops’ and ‘return the eye’: Protesters had gathered to burn traditional paper offerings to mark the Hungry Ghost Festival

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There was actually no protest. People were there for a traditional religious ceremony, burning paper offerings to appease wandering spirits on the street, only with an addition of a smallish laser show on the wall of a nearby police station. Then police moved in, and fired dozens of tear gas while moving alone in the densely-populated district where people lived in old buildings with open windows. There were no protesters, only journalists, local residents and passers-by. There were no clashes. The use of tear gas was totally unnecessary and unjustified.


My idiot news( in the Netherlands) said the protesters were ‘starting little fires’…


Why is it calling them anti-government protesters? They are pro-democracy, pro-human rights protesters.


The damage to Hong Kong is done, it will no longer will be a competitor to any other financial hub. The Communist party has chosen violent stability over growth & concessions. This is really tragic to what was a beacon island of hope surrounded by a evil dictatorship to fall as quickly within such a short time. I hope western governments offer refuge status to all Hong Kongers.


Neither tear gas nor lasers can repel the hungry ghosts. We need pac-man on the line.