How much would you value a shorter commute?

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As much as I hate commuting (but I suppose who doesn’t?), there’s no way an extra hour each day is worth a $30k pay cut. I’d rather take the higher paying job and look at moving.


If someone offered you 30k a year to drive a car for an hour, a days 5 days a week would you


My commute consists of a 2 minute walk across a city park, and I absolutely love it, but 30k/yr is too steep unless you are comparing jobs that are paying like $250k+. If you are chucking that 30k into retirement its a difference of like literally millions of dollars at retirement.


Try the longer commute during rush hour both ways. I had a 30 mile commute that was pure torture, and then I had a 65 mile commute that was smooth and painless. You should know what you’re getting into.


30 minutes with little traffic is an easy commute in the grand scheme of things. If it was a long commute, sitting in traffic jams, etc. that would be different. Take the 30k, get your salary up there, then your next gig you are starting from a higher salary point negotiating wise.