In the Bible, Satan Seems Like the Good Guy

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He’s kind of like the uncle that is there for the kid who has an abusive dad. I agree


Dude, that cheesy show Lucifer goes exactly into this point. I’m addicted to it and I’m only mildly ashamed to admit it!


I use this line of logic against thesists when they piss me off. Watch them GTFO fast. LOL


Agreed, he’s also charged with punishing the wicked.


Actually, we’re not even certain that it was Satan in the Garden. After all, if the serpent was Satan, why was it described as a “beast of field” — the same terminology used to describe the other beasts of creation? And why were all serpents punished in perpetuity if it was another being altogether? From the Genesis story, it seems it was simply a snake — inexplicably, a *talking* snake, but not Satan.