Islam is oppressive, it is sexist, it is racist, and it is the most close-minded religion in existence, and I, an ex-muslim, don’t want to be anywhere near these pieces of hypocritical garbage.

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Agreed. All religion is outdated garbage. Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Hinduism, they’re all trash that have no place in modern wocieties, and we should actively strive to accelerate their decline.


Yeah, that’s some serious warped thinking and bs. Sorry you have to live with that.


Fyi do not come out to anyone until you are financially independent also be super careful doing it in an islamic neighborhood.


Ya, it’s a dumbassed religion which needs to tossed into the trash heap of history. Glad you’ve gotten yourself out of it.


im sorry you had to go through that. at my school we do religious studies and literally the only religion we study, islam. if i were to point this out during one of those classes, i would probably be expelled for ‘hate speech’. thank god it isn’t mandatory after year 8