Jeffrey Epstein Death: 2 Guards Fell Asleep, Failed to Do Checks

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I feel as if I am being mocked.


Now the guards take the fall, their names are never released so no one call follow up, and the DOJ sweeps it under the rug. Fuck this shit.


Every LAPD officer can tell you, guards in their jails make the rounds with an electronic key that must be tapped on check points throughout the jail on the regular. Bill Barr is a cover-up henchman


Funny to see Barr step in so quickly on this one… Almost like he is afraid of another agency finding something out šŸ¤”


That’s why many jails and prisons have buttons that have to be pushed or keys that have to be turned at various spots. It forces the guards to actually do their rounds rather than just pencil whipping some paperwork.