Kansas man who traveled to Philippines for sex with girls gets 84 years

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“Shultz also **produced child pornography of** **an 8-year-old girl** in the Philppines **by communicating on Skype with the child’s mother and directing the mother to expose the child’s genitals** and live-stream it on web camera,” a release from the Department of Justice said.   Umm . . . *Wtf*? This article just got worse the more I read it.


Not ‘for sex with girls’. It’s ‘to rape children’…words matter.


Yet Epsteins runs a Child Sex Trafficking ring and gets 18 months at a Country Club.


Maybe add that “underage” thing in the title…I was like “so what”…. But then read it (Reddit?), and yeah, way worse


He should be locked up for 84 years in a Philippino prison.