Kids with strict parents are more likely to survive horror movies because they know how to listen for footsteps.

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Can confirm I also know exactly what it sounds like when a car pulls into or out of our driveway or in front of our house, I know exactly where all the creaky spots in the floors are so I know how to get around silently or incredibly loud, I know everyone in the houses sleeping schedule ie. If they fell asleep before or after me when anyone’s alarms goes off, how to pretend to be asleep for extended periods of time (max. 3 hours), how to open and shut the microwave silently, how loud I can have the tv before someone wakes up and what all the doors in the house sound like. Oh and I can tell who’s walking through the room im in based on the amount of pressure and weight they use to walk with. And probably more but that’s all I can think of right now, anyways point of the story kids with strict parents might just be great spies.


But most likely to survive are ones that jerked through their teenage years in room without lock?


Then why is the black kid always dying first?


And they wouldn’t be allowed to go into some lonely place with their friends in the first place


Yall ever lived with rage filled alcoholic dads? I am ready to take on some dorky knifeknuckled-rotten faced-movie serial killer anytime.