Leaked emails show GOP lawmaker collaborated with extremist gun group that was preparing for ‘biblical warfare’

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The thing I dislike about these stories is that they leave the fact that the person is a *state representative* out of the headline, rather than a member of the U.S. Congress. Becoming a member of a state legislature, and especially the house of representatives of that legislature, is often about as easy as becoming (and just as vetted and filtered) as becoming a local dogcatcher. It’s an entry-level elected position and it’s hardly surprising that nutjobs get elected (since people who have real lives don’t generally want the job).


so he’s a traitor.


Evil in place of power. It’s to be expected now. This country’s so-called democracy is just a thin veil for these fucks to hide behind. Don’t get me wrong, the democracy is still as effective as it used to be when it was established. The people vote other people that represent their views and ideologies into power. Which is how we end up with this shit. Sure, most people here would find this story appalling, but in the end, the evil Christain extremists and neo-nazis and their sympathizers have much more reason to vote for people they like. They know that they can use their eventual control to further their hate-filled agenda, and most people will just continue to support the democracy as it stands now, regardless of their personal opinions on the matter. They’d rather blindly believe that their government is almost perfect, with the occasional bad egg thrown in, instead of uncovering the fetid cesspit that it has devolved into. This has to change soon, or this kind of thing will continue to snowball until it’s an unstoppable avalanche.


That story is so BS. All made up. If it was true that would constitute 100% treason and such politician would be prosecuted to the fullest. Nothing will happen because it isn’t true.