LPT: Almost every curious child will eventually ask you “Why?” repeatedly until you start to feel annoyed. Never stop answering!

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lmao the timing of this post ๐Ÿ’€ i just had a little kid do this to me


The correct answer after a few back and fourths and โ€œWhy do you think?โ€


Teach your kids to ask low quality questions, and they get low quality answers. You ask, “Why?” I say, “because”. Ask me, “Why did the dog bark?” Now we’re talking.


LPT = LowkeyParentingTip?


Why? Because some things are, and some things are not. Why? Because things that are not can’t BE… why? CUZ THEN NOTHING WOULDNT BE. YOUD HAVE FUCKING GIANT ANTS TAPDANCING WITH TOPHATS