LPT When getting a 4 for $4 at Wendy’s electronic menu, you can change the Fries, Burger, Nuggets and Drink to the largest size and it will still be $4

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As someone who regularly upgrades the fries and drink, can confirm this is false as of last week.


How does the largest sized 5-piece nuggets compare to the normal sized 5-piece nuggets?


I went to Wendy’s drivethru last week (true story): “I’d like a jr. cheeseburger, and ….” “Do you want the %^&^&?” “The what?” “Do you want the )(&(*&^?” “The what?” … after 4 tries, I finally understand: “Do you want the fo fo fo?” “Oh, I don’t know what that is.” “Ok, well just order what you want.” …. Anyways, now thanks to this LPT, I know what the hell he was talking about. (Also it would go faster if they would slow down and articulate and explain.)


Wendy’s reddit ads so fleek dab.


*at the drive-in speaker* “Um, yeah, id like to order the 4 for $4 with the EXTRA LARGE JR. BACON CHEESEBURGER.”