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* If you have **lower back** issues that make squatting and deadlifting painful, try front squats and sumo deadlifts. They allow for a more vertical torso position which reduces the shear forces on your lumbar spine. * Do your **cardio**. It won’t kill your gains, in fact it will probably increase your work capacity over time, as well as making you healthier. Increased work capacity => more volume => more progress * **Quit drinking**. Or at least scale back dramatically. You’ll be amazed at how much of a difference it makes for your training, and how much easier it is to control your diet when you are hydrated and don’t have those wasted calories * Drink more **water**. Unless you make a point of it, you probably are slightly dehydrated. Staying completely hydrated will help you stick to your diet, will improve your strength, and endurance.


Consistency. Be consistent. Be disciplined.


Discipline and consistency. Stop fucking overthinking everything. Seriously – stop it! Go to the gym. Eat well. KEEP DOING THAT INDEFINITELY. You’ll improve. No secret hacks necessary.


If you have to ask the question “Is my program good” to anyone but yourself, you will probably be better off running a proven program instead.


Weight loss should first be achieved through a caloric deficit over energy expenditure. General rule for weight loss would be to eat in a minor caloric deficit, lift heavy weights (to maintain strength and muscle), and add moderate cardio. Do this consistently for weeks until goal is met. This sounds simple, because it is. It just takes a lot of hard work and discipline to accomplish.