More than half of world’s forest wildlife lost in 40 years

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Insect life collapsing. Ocean life collapsing. Forest life collapsing.


It’s almost if we’re in the middle of a mass extinction event.


Insect populations are worse off than 50% in many places, and that’s one of the biggest underlying issues. Insects are often overlooked, but they are a significant portion of an ecosystems biomass, providing many functions. The simple one is that they are often edible.Less food, less animals. People worry about climate change because it will shake our civilization to it’s core. The planet, man and the idea of life will survive that. My concern is pollution. Pesticide overuse in particular. Dosing our planet in poison constantly to control pest populations works wonders over time. Until the target pests adapt and then the poison just kills everything else.


It’ll grow back. We just need to die off a bit


And the right want to destroy even more so few billionaires can have a few more billion