One of the richest people in Hong Kong has lost $1 billion over the course of the 10-week protests, and now he’s joining the chorus of wealthy citizens calling for the protests to end

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He really hasn’t lost anything. It is a paper loss, a reduction in the value of his buildings. The people losing here are those who get paid by the hour to work (or commissions), can;t work and are thus earning no cash earnings. Many of those people are protesting………so they seem to think the protests worth the hit to their pocketbooks.


So… Rich people complaining about losing a fraction of a fraction of their money V.S. Citizens protesting about losing human rights and freedom Edit: It’s the value of his assets dropping. So when can I complain about the almost-20% decrease in value of my £ saving?!?! Or am I not rich enough to make a fuss?


Nonviolent protests **only** work when they disrupt the lives of those you’re protesting against. That is the point, it always has been. Nonviolent protests work because they shut things down. Strikes work because they shut things down.


fuck this asshole.


Because one man’s earnings are more important than the freedom of thousands. This world is sick because of money.