Pelosi refers to McConnell as ‘Moscow Mitch’

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How long until the first disengenous pearl clutching editorial criticizing her for lack of decorum. It will likely include some double standard applied to her and not to Trump, as so many right wing Trump apologists do.


Moscow Mitch and Putin’s Poodle. Do your job KY and vote your two Senators out.


Finally – a Democrat who understands the importance of branding


Sigh…. It’s the right move, but I really hate that 2019 has gotten us to the point where idiots like Trump have been so successful with their name calling that it’s now required politcally Edit: Please don’t be the 30th person to type a paragraph at me, I will not read it


Pelosi calls a shovel a shovel. ^(Edited to avoid using a sensitive term. See below.)