People reject organs from suicide victims because they believe that negative or neutral (but not positive) traits of the donor could transfer to them after transplant. People overwhelmingly ranked a suicide victim as their least preferred donor, with accident victims being the most preferred donors.

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People before ever needing transplant: “I’d be REALLY picky!” Real patients on transplant wait list: “I’ll take anything, I don’t want to die.”


I’ll take suicidal organs over stupid ones.


There was a pseudo-documentary in about 2003 on people who got transplanted organs “inheriting” the personality traits and memories of the people who had died and donated those organs. It was idiotic. Guess they’d rather get a Pig heart or Pig kidney?


My preference is involuntary donors


This study was just on paper, it wasn’t done on actual transplant recipients. There’s a huge shortage of organs and long waiting lists. Transplant recipients do not get info on the nature of the death of their donor.