People who have been to highschool with pornstars, who was it and did you expect them to become a pornstar?

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I once found my employer’s daughter in a lesbo scene. Pretty awkward for him if he knew the guy who he just handed a paycheck to is going home to jack off to his daughter, munching rug.


I used to bar tend with Victoria Rae Black. I had zero idea that she was working in porn until I stumbled upon one of her videos and very nearly shat my pants when I realized it was her. Y’know how you daydream about that hot coworker? Wonder what they look like naked or how they’d be in bed? Well, I don’t have to daydream or wonder, and it’s *awesome*.


A high school friend of mine did pretty much everything related to sex work for a while—magazines, phone sex, I think some girl-girl videos, probably a few other things. She never became a well-known star though. This was before PornHub and cam girls and all that, so notoriety was probably harder to achieve. Now she’s a chef and nutritionist for super wealthy east coast elites. I never would have guessed her life would have taken her in either of those directions. And a college housemate of mine did some crazy and very questionable porn. She’s Asian and was in her early 20s and looked much younger—could easily pass for underage, like 14–16-ish. She’d had to leave Yale for lack of money and was doing porn basically for all the cocaine she could handle. We could constantly hear her having sex in her room, and when she moved out she left a mountain of sex toys behind. Last I heard she was living in Europe making a killing as an artist/painter. In summary, the people I know who went into porn are now much more successful than I am. I guess I’ve made poor life choices.


Went to high school with Mia Khalifa. I didn’t recognize her until someone said “dude that’s Sarah Joe”. I don’t think that’s her birth name either but it’s what is in our yearbook Anyway, she was really quiet and mostly kept a small group of friends. Never would have expected her to get into the porn industry edit: Yes, I’m aware of the recent interview she gave where she claims she only made 12k during her porn career. Not here to judge, just to answer the question


i graduated with andy san dimas. we didn’t hang in the same circle, but we were friends with a lot of the same people. she had a reputation for being an idiot. tbh, her doing porn wasn’t really a surprise, but i was a little taken aback with how violent the films she made were.