Satellite photos appear to show Chinese APCs near Hong Kong

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Well there’s already a bunch of videos on Twitter of columns of trucks and APCs on their way to Hong Kong.


This can’t be, China has no history of violence on any square or wheresoever, way before 1989. So, this must be your average field trip. Nothing to see, next post! But yeah, it looks like it’s going south real quick now. What can we do as average reddit-person? (Serious) next to exposure is there something we can do from the place where we live?


Doesn’t get more dystopian than armored personnel carriers parked in a modern and gleaming stadium, at the ready for crushing dissent.


Looks like they don’t wanna damage the grass of the football field, but they’re prepared to do some damage to the people in Hong Kong. Priorities…


>Chinese state media have said only that the exercises had been planned before hand and were not directly related to the unrest in Hong Kong. Lol. Sure…