The remains of a giant penguin the size of a human have been discovered in New Zealand. The fossilised bones are of an animal thought to have been about 1.6m (5ft 3in) tall, weighing up to 80kg (176lb).

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>”This is one of the largest penguin species ever found,” Paul Scofield, the museum’s senior curator, told the BBC. It was specific to the waters of the Southern Hemisphere, he added. >Penguins are thought to have become this big because large marine reptiles disappeared from the oceans, around the same time that dinosaurs disappeared. >”Then, for 30 million years, it was the time of the giant penguins,” Mr Scofield said. So large marine reptiles basically impacted certain penguins evolutional process.


If they are eyeless and albinoid…run. Run and never look back.


5’3 is a very dangerous size. My girlfriend is that size and she terrifies me.




Go Lovecraft literally wrote about this.