The UK wants to put electric car charging points in all new homes to support EV adoption – Electrek

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In Ireland if you buy an electric car the electricity company will immediately install a charge point in your home. You can get a grant for the installation, I have seen a deal currently you can get it installed for €149.


Isn’t the bigger problem in the UK that not enough new homes are being built, which has led to the housing affordability crisis?


Is the UK building that many or even any single family housing these days? What about apartment complexes?


Correction: The UK wants to force people to pay for an electric car charging point in their home.


New builds in 2019 amounted to the highest annualised rate in 12 years, but totalled just 43,000, so about 140k per annum given seasonality. Britain has 28 million households, so that’s 0.5%. Roughly half of these have kerbside parking without rights to a given space, so that’s just 0.25% that could have dedicated charging points. (The UK population is largely urban: 82% live in cities, mostly at high densities.)