This plane can fly 500 miles, powered entirely by hydrogen. It’s the largest zero-emissions plane to ever fly without any fossil fuels.

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Great development. I read a lot of hate on hydrogen, and I understand: 95% is made by steam methane reforming. However, these developments are necessary and stimulate development into water-splitting and finding new hydrogen production methods. With planes like these, we are creating a market here to stimulate more green hydrogen. Batteries will not in a thousand years be able to power a boat or plane with their current densities. Hydrogen is one of our very few sources with enough energy density to tackle one of the world’s biggest polluters.


> Planes equipped with the new technology can begin to connect smaller regional airports that aren’t often used now, which could have advantages for travelers. “Your wait times are shorter,” he says. “Your security lines are shorter or nonexistent in the smaller airports, and that contributes to the better experience as well. A hydrogen powered airplane isn’t going to increase travelers to a municipal airfield any more than a jet A fueled airplane.


hydrogen is a long way from zero emmission, the primary source is hydrocarbons and most of the fuels transportation is petroleum based


I hate when hydrogen is called “zero-emission”. A power line doesn’t have any emissions either. It’s about where the energy comes from. I could make lots of hydrogen using electricity generated by burning fossil fuels and that surely wouldn’t be “zero-emission”.


That’s 800 kilometres, for those who don’t use a measurement system based on barleycorn.