TIL animal life in Chernobyl is thriving, not because the radiation is gone, there’s still a lot of it, but because there’s barely any humans living in that area.

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I, too, would rather deal with radiation than most people.


The thing about Chernobyl is that it wasn’t completely radiated. Some places are normal, but the thing is there are sporadic hot spots where nuclear material gathered that would be too easy to stumble upon. It’s not like every square centimeter of land is irradiated. But those places that have a lot of accumulated nuclear waste are very radioactive. It’s closer to a nuclear minefield.


It’s almost as if humans were BAD for wildlife…


Honestly, the levels of radiation in the area aren’t *particularly* threatening to humans, regardless of TFA’s hyperbolic statements. Yes, there’s some small increased chance of cancer, but most people will be fine. I mean, if you have a choice between Chernobyl and an equally shitty place without elevated radiation, take the other option. But you’re not going to turn into Dr. Manhattan either way.


so humans are worse than radiation eh?