TIL that in 2016, the worlds tallest waterslide decapitated a 10 year old due to gross negligence and all charges were dismissed.

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The charges were dropped but his family got a 20 million dollar settlement.


I actually rode the Verruckt the summer it opened. My brother, our two friends, and I drove up to KC to ride it a few weeks after it opened. We waited in line for 3 and a half hours before getting to the front of the line. We were all split up and rode separately, so that our weight matched the needs for the raft. When I finally got to the top of the slide, I was surprised at how disheveled everything looked. The ride had only been open for three weeks, but it looked like it was a 20-year-old ride! The raft had duct tape holding it together and the employees didn’t look like they really cared. When I sat down and buckled myself in, there was duct tape all around the seat belt as well. I was concerned for my life, but I was already up there, so there was no backing down. Definitely not worth a 7 second ride.


His father was a senator that struck down bills that would have allowed the state government to oversee theme park inspections.


I remember when this happened, his father was a state senator. Surprised charged were dropped!


>They’ve all been completely wrong. Every bit of advice from the brightest brains and smartest engineers and mathematicians just have not been correct. Said the inventor of this slide when he was building it, basically saying fuck science I know better how to build this.