TIL that President Grant in 1875 called for taxing Church property equally and wrote that its tax exempt status was “an evil that, if permitted to continue, will probably lead to great trouble in our land”.

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Presidents were a whole lot wiser back in the day.


Now, it’s TV hosts. Welcome to our lady of perpetual exemption.


Sure is a shame no one listened


They should be taxing universities as well


I have mixed feelings about this. I think it should really be on a case by case basis. My mother is a pastor. Her church feeds the community whether they come to church or not. The church is in a food desert where lots of people don’t have access to healthy meals. Nobody takes a paycheck, and all the tithes go to keeping the lights on and taking care of families in need in the community. She told me once that if the tithes were taxed it would hurt their ability to help people. Now faith healers and mega church charlatans need to be under heavy scrutiny. Any church that turns a profit should be taxed. Of course those slime balls would find a way around it.