Trump official: Statue of Liberty poem refers to Europeans

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What year is it ? Why are these people still in charge in this day and age here ? My fuck ….


**From her beacon-hand Glows world-wide welcome.** Dipshit hasn’t read the whole poem. Buncha fucking amateurs.


Democrats: it’d be nice if people weren’t dying from lack of insulin since it’s so cheap to make Republicans: only those who belong to the European races have rights Enlightened centrists: i can’t tell the difference between the extremes on both sides!


What? Has this guy no sense of his own background? With a name like ” Cuccinelli ” he was one of those who the then predominately Anglo and German citizens referred to in highly derogatory terms based upon their darker Mediterranean complexions, dark eyes, black curly hair. Hasn’t he any sense on how low Italians were considered? He is spitting in his own soup, and stepping on the graves of those whose sacrifice and determination to overcome WASP prejudice allowed him to mouth off like an ignoramus.


This dude sucks so much ass. He goes to the same church as my family and acts so high and mighty, he’s even a Eucharistic minister. Our parish is majority Hispanic too. And then he turns around and spews this bigoted shit that’s the opposite of Christian morals Edit: oh wait it’s even better, I misremembered he’s not a eucharistic minister he volunteers as one of the people that picks up the collections LOL. Rich fuck loves taking other peoples money