Trump says China should treat Hong Kong ‘humanely’ before trade deal can be agreed

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It’s so fucking sad we live in a time when whenever the president says something that sounds remotely rational your first thought is, “Okay, what’s he really playing at and how does he benefit?”


He has no trade deal one way or the other, he is stalling for excuses on why he can’t negotiate his way out of a wet paper bag until after the 2020 election and this one is as good as any.


That’s the correct position to take, and economic pressure is the only realistic way the US can help Hong Kong.


*Hong Kong shit goes down* Reddit: This is awful! Someone needs to do something! *Trump encourages China to peacefully resolve situation* Reddit: FUCK TRUMP, THIS GUY IS AWFUL. ??????


A totally reasonable comment(Trumps comment), yet this will spark outrage and somehow turn into a completely different headline by websites to push their “everything’s racist” agenda for more clicks.