Two-thirds of Americans support assault weapons ban: Fox News poll

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Honestly surprised it is that high tbh. I mean it’s good, just surprising. >An overwhelming 90 percent of Americans support requiring criminal background checks on all gun buyers, based on the poll. The support is statistically equal between Democrats and Republicans.  Holy shit


Rifles of all kind are responsible for only 5% of firearms deaths annually – about 400 deaths a year. Pistols, by comparison, kill around 7000 people a year. The single biggest impact would be regulating pistols, not rifles. However, pistols aren’t used in mass shootings as often, and pistols aren’t scary, so there’s not the political mana to tackle them. The drive to regulate semi-automatic rifles is more the product of media than data. I’d start with background checks, mental health screenings, and character references. See if that does it.


But will Moscow mitch let a vote on the floor happen?


But the nra doesn’t and they own the Republican party.


>”Banning assault rifles **and semi-automatic weapons**” ​ Since nobody read the article I’ll put the question here. I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say they probably tainted the results for “semi automatic weapons” when they paired it with “assault rifles”. The pollsters should have known better IMHO.