U.S. Mortgage Debt Hits Record…

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US NGDP in 2008: ~$14.5 trillion US GDP in 2018: ~$20.5 trillion In a healthy economy, absolute debt magnitudes should *always* be setting records, as debts grow in line with the wider economy’s capacity to bear them.


Inflation adjusted would be what?


On the radio they had some big shot analyst on talking about this. And how he isn’t worried about the level of debt because the number of defaults is still very low. Like wtf, you need to worry before the defaults start happening en-mass or you are already screwed. Another interesting metric mentioned was that almost 45% of newly written mortgages were refinances. Which is much higher then “normal”.


I like how this is presented as a positive. Everyone relying so heavily on debt seems healthy for banks, but unhealthy everywhere else.


Lol do you work for a click bait company?