Warren calls for probe into whether FTC ‘misled’ Americans into thinking they’d receive $125 from Equifax settlement

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The FTC website literally had me enter my name, then it told me I do qualify for $125, then asked if I wanted it as a check, then asked me for my address so they could mail me a check. I’d say that’s, at the very least, incredibly misleading


The form literally said 125 dollars. What else were we supposed to think?


so i guess i’m not getting my $125?


Uh, yea they did. If you do the simple math of $125×147,000,000 and you get a figure of $18,375,000,000. That $18 billion is just slightly larger than even the sum of the entire settlement of $700 million. So I think it’s pretty obvious that Equifax and the FTC were misleading people.


It’s beyond understanding why Equifax or the FTC would think that Americans would want credit monitoring from a company that compromised 150 million Americans personal information in lieu of what really is a pittance of $125. It’s also a bunch of bullshit that Equifax still exists as one of the major credit bureaus after this shitshow. Government once again sending the message that there are plenty of shitty entities that are “too big to fail.”