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Turns out she was also cyberstalking me back at the same time, so we’re all cool. It cancels out. edit: Oh shit, this certainly blew up while I was at work. OK so, the broad strokes: Two utterly fucked up people fell lightning bolt strike in love with each other at the wrong time had a disastrous (though now that I know she has positive memories of it, very very fun) fling, were each other’s mutual rock bottoms, and then wound up furiously hating each other. Never speak to you again, ruined my life, etc. etc. This was like three and a half years ago. It all happened in about 4 months. She was a microceleb on a particular corner of Twitter. And I became that account’s most avid reader (though I didn’t interact). But that was the extent of it, I just read her public internet persona way too much. Even though it made me sad and I knew she probably would rather that I didn’t. Anyway I’ve gotten my shit together since then, and about a year ago I finally forced myself to start really getting over her and quit dwelling, and it seemed like she was also getting less online and moving in positive directions. We hadn’t attempted to communicate since shit blew up, and I sent a short apology & well-wish. No reply. Ah well, so it ends. I certainly wouldn’t say I was over her at that point, but at least I stopped having dreams where I was apologizing. Then two months ago I get an email from her out of the blue, saying she’s been meaning to talk to me for over a year, that she appreciated the message but didn’t know how to respond. She’s also turned her shit around. We’ve talked on the phone a couple of times, and it came out that she’d been steady googling me, looking at my social media, and asking friends details swearing them not to repeat that they’d been asked etc. Also, in the fallout of truly wrecking each other’s lives in 2016, we both wound up moving and bouncing between a few different places, and wound up 4 hours away from each other. We’re going to get coffee the next time she comes to the city. I’m hopeful but also wary of the whole thing. I’ll definitely “settle” for a friendship here. She’s the most interesting and smartest, (dear god, gob-smackingly smart. my plan for closure was to wait until she’d written a book and then send a letter congratulating her) person I’ve ever met. We had the hot fling, I don’t want a second one of those. If it feels like it could be a healthy real romantic thing? Well, we’ll see. It all feels vaguely like a Mountain Goats song.


When I googled “American nuclear power plant plans” I was just trying to find out if many new power plants were planned to be built in the US – I was **not looking for blueprints.**


If I saw it, you saw it too and you’re just as messed up as me.


You can’t see what I do in a private browser, right?


Sorry you have to stay up so late