YIELD CURVE INVERTS: Recession indicator flashes red for first time since 2005

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Now that I follow stocks more for over a year, it’s crazy how these articles pop up numerous times a week. It’s as if it’s a race for the first source to “predict” a downfall


I thought it already invented few months ago?


1. Its not even inverted currently according to rates so it must’ve been inverted for only a brief period 2. Do you want a recession, because big all caps siren headlines are how you get a recession


I have the perfect conspiracy for a recession now. You know Jeffrey Epstein pedophile island and the global elites who wants to have orgies with 14yr old kids? Presidents, billionaires and royalties all took part in this fuckfest. How do you divert the attention of the world with this child rape issue before they are part of the lynching? A good hard recession will give the public something real to worry about. Its gotta be big and bad enough where this pedophile case is no longer in the spotlight long enough for them to bury the issue.


Articles saying 2005, 2007, 2008. Get it straight. Clickbait fear mongering.