A new study shows that if every building in California sported “cool” roofs by 2050, these roofs would help contribute to protecting urbanites from the consequences of dangerous heatwaves. Coating roofs white or installing sunlight-reflecting tiles in urban clusters could be one solution.

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What happened to green roofs?


I’ve of thought about this, but since forgotten. Big thing about the polar melt is the light reflected into space is less, and with all the black tarmack and black tiled roofed, we are gaining more and more. #whiteRoofs


I just replaced my dark shingle roof with a white aluminum roof in Florida. It cost the same as any other color and keeps the house cooler, lowers the electric bill, keeps the solar panels cooler, and keeps the planet cooler. Win, win, win, win.


Solar panels too, I presume. Might as well make use of the energy hitting the roofs instead of reflecting it all back into space. Certainly painting white is a lot cheaper than installing solar panels.


Forget this, plant some damn trees and the temp will drop. Look at a heatmap of a city and you can see that streets with trees are significantly cooler.