Analysis of two U.S. states finds no evidence that ‘Death With Dignity’ Acts have disproportionately impacted disadvantaged patients – helping to allay the common criticism of the laws. Most patients who requested lethal prescriptions were elderly, insured, and had a terminal illness.

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I don’t understand how a country calls itself free yet doesn’t let people take their own lives. People need to come to terms with death. We all die. Suffering is optional.


My dad is dying right now. May take days or may take weeks. He will be miserable regardless. We treat our pets better.


Doesn’t this show that is does impact disadvantaged patients by showing that poor, uninsured patients are not getting the prescriptions?


My only problem with these laws is eventually there may come a day when an insurance company refuses to pay for treatment to a terminally ill patient that wants to fight, knowing the fight has less than 1% chance, having this option legally available to them.


If a person wishes to die, they should not be denied that right.